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 3 Hampdens Tour
Topic Originator: SusieQ  
Date:   Sun 17 Sep 17:28

Took a trip through to Glasgow this morning with the Dunfermline TA to take part in the walking tour of the 3 Hampden Parks.

Starting at Queens Park Recreation Ground, we learnt about the origins of the modern game & how Queens Park came about, before taking in the first Hampden at nearby Hampden Bowling Club.

The landscape has of course changed greatly now & it was because of the railway line extending from Crosshill to Mount Florida, that the move was made to nearby Cathkin Park.

The tour takes in this area with a lot of historical facts including where we Scots took the game to the world - anyone travelling to Seville for the upcoming Scotland game may be interested to hear that Sevilla was founded by a Scot.

We moved of course, finally onto the present day Hampden Park where more facts & figures were revealed before we finished for the day.

The tour is finished for this year, but I would recommend it to anyone - the walk takes roughly 2 hours but there is plenty time spent at all venues and the tour guides, Graeme & Lindsay are excellent knowledge wise and encourage you to interact, eg guessing scores etc throughout the stories.

Hampden Bowling Club in particular is in danger of being lost & it would be such a shame to lose such a historical site(.
I used to drink there pre & post Scotland matches with a group of friends before the fixtures moved to mainly midweek, so already knew of the link to our national stadium.

It`s an excellent couple of hours, even in the rain!!


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 Re: 3 Hampdens Tour
Topic Originator: veteraneastender  
Date:   Mon 18 Sep 08:47

Did you go to the SFA Hall of Fame - where at one time they displayed a Pars shirt with a totally wrong background description ?
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 Re: 3 Hampdens Tour
Topic Originator: Playup_Pompey  
Date:   Wed 20 Sep 14:11

Mad that south americans celebrate and know more about those that created the game in this country than we do.

Well worth a visit "if you know your history" indeed...


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