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 Dissertation research on DAFC fans!
Topic Originator: er124  
Date:   Thu 21 Sep 11:16

Hi everyone!

I’m a university student who grew up in Dunfermline and I`m writing my dissertation on Pars fans and the community! I’d love to hear your favourite thing about being a fan of DAFC and why you continue to support!

Just use this forum as a place to share some good memories and why you`re a fan!

Thanks :)

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 Re: Dissertation research on DAFC fans!
Topic Originator: Bandy  
Date:   Thu 21 Sep 11:37


Would be cool to get an idea of the dissertation title.

My story is similar to many, I`m primarily a fan because the pars are my local team and growing up in the time before football was ubiquitous on the TV going to games was only way to watch it live.

Looking back, I`ve got a lot to thank (blame) my dad for - he`s not from the UK so football wasn`t in his blood like it is for those who are born and bred here. He did however recognise that following your local team was part and parcel of being part of the community so subjected himself to East End Park whilst dragging his football obessesed 5 year old son with him. He`s a fully fledged Pars fan now though.

Since I`ve moved away from the town I`ve found being a Pars fan is really important - it gives me a link to my `home`, but it`s also a really good icebreaker when meeting new people - it`s quite unusual for people to support `provincial` clubs these days, so my support for the Pars becomes something of a talking point (everyone else supports clubs in the English Prem).

Some of my happiest memories as a child were from EEP, most notably.

1. The Goal (obviously) - even as a kid the emotions I felt that day were something else.
2. Allan Moore banging in an extra-time winner against Hearts in a Coca Cola cup game.
3. Faulconbridge.

I`ll hold those memories forever.

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 Re: Dissertation research on DAFC fans!
Topic Originator: red-star-par  
Date:   Thu 21 Sep 14:07

The Goal is a fantastic memory Bandy. I`m convinced something outwith normal situations was happening there. It was as if the will of thousands of people was channeled into the foot of Craig Robertson and he was the conduit for our collective power. The power of positive thinking. It was some kind of transcendental experience
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