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 Highlights Morton + James McPake + Michael O`Halloran
Topic Originator: brian  
Date:   Sun 24 Sep 10:47




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 Re: Highlights Morton
Topic Originator: wee eck  
Date:   Sun 24 Sep 11:15

Lovely stuff!

1st goal - for some reason Chalmers hasn`t been hitting as many corners into the 6-yard box as he did last season but this one was perfection and Wighton did the business.

2nd goal- brilliant build-up play from Otoo and Edwards and an easy finish for McCann.

Morton goal - Muirhead miscontrolled the ball and it fell nicely for Crawford. I doubt Sharp got much of a sight of it.

3rd goal - another nice build-up involving Moffat and Summers and a well-judged assist from Jakubiak; cool finish from O`Halloran.

I thought Morton might have had a penalty when the ball struck Fisher`s arm. We immediately broke away and Wighton laid it on a plate for McCann whose finish was horrible. With a wee bit more composure that boy could be a goal machine.

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 Re: Highlights Morton
Topic Originator: Raymie the Legend  
Date:   Sun 24 Sep 11:17

That’s how I saw their goal. Crawford gambled and sclaffed a shot past an unsighted keeper.

It's bloody tough being a legend
Ron Atkinson - 1983
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 Re: Highlights Morton + James McPake + Michael O`Halloran
Topic Originator: USMac  
Date:   Sun 24 Sep 20:39

Some of the one-touch play was superb and there`s some real understanding developing between players. Thanks for posting the highlights.

Before the second goal, as soon as Summers played a back pass to Chalmers, Otoo makes a run forward. Chalmers sees the run out of the corner of his eye, opens up his body and plays a one-touch diagonal that puts Otoo and Edwards in 2v2. Edwards makes the run and Otoo splits the defenders. Then, Edwards instead of rifling the ball into the box plays an accurate ball on the ground outside the GK`s reach and McCann does the rest with a perfectly timed run.

LOL, what was the defender thinking letting the ball bounce multiple times with McCann closing? McCann pinches the ball, finds Wighton who plays a perfectly weighted one-touch layoff and McCann causes the bar to experience some pain.

I can understand the comments about so many players having a good game. The highlights were an absolute pleasure to watch. COYP.

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