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3 New Directors at East End Park

Date: Saturday, 10th Nov 2012

The Pars have three new directors while John Yorkston will be standing down at the end of the season to take up his new post as Honorary President. Rodney Shearer will take up the post of Chairman as of 1st June 2013.

After the recent changes at the boardroom Dunfermline Athletic have indicated that tough financial times exist but they hope the new directors, Bob Purvis, Jim Thomson and Bob Garmory will be the people to lead them through this period.

As £81,000 paye and vat bills have to be paid in the coming weeks there is no real statement yet as to whether this will be met in the short term.

Fans are rightly concerned about the current situation and driven by the Pars Alive group and Pars Supporters Trust hope to get more involved in the club. Check out what`s happening on the [ facebook page ].

DAFC is delighted to announce that Bob Purvis, Chairman of the Purvis Group, Jim Thomson, Managing Director of Purvis Group, Bob Garmory Chairman of Carnegie College will be joining the board.

The new board will focus on the restructuring of the Club`s activities into two distinct groups.
1. Football operations - managed by Black and White Limited
2. All non-football operations - managed by East End Events Ltd

Both companies are 100% subsidiaries of DAFC Ltd and overseen by the main DAFC board which has complete budgetary control.

Black and White, chaired by Craig McWhirter, will concentrate on developing a strong youth led football strategy. Black and White will focus initially on the U17`s with phase 2 bringing the Community under their wing and ultimately all youth and senior football operations will fall under their remit.

Meanwhile, East End Events Ltd, headed by Karen Masterton and Tracey Martin, will be responsible for delivering a meaningful and increasing profitable contribution to the Club, mainly through its events activities.

Further changes to the DAFC board include Rodney Shearer who has been appointed Deputy Chairman of DAFC and will assume the role of Chairman from 1st June 2013 replacing John Yorkston who will take up the role of Honorary President. John will also serve as Chairman of the Club`s charitable entity, The Pars Trust.

Jim Leishman has been appointed as an Honorary Director of the Club and will continue to apply his vast footballing experience to the benefit of the Club. Jim`s main focus will be fund-raising, growing DAFC`s main corporate events through all Jim`s contacts, and acting as a key liaison point for DAFC supporters groups

Karen Masterton and Tracey Martin will step down from the Board of DAFC on the 1st December 2012 enabling them to focus 100% of their effort on building a successful East End Events Ltd.
Commenting on the changes, Gavin Masterton said: "All new Board members are highly successful professionals who are willingly giving their time and energy to take the DAFC overall team forward in the future on a sound and secure basis.

"We would like to pay tribute to John Yorkston under whose stewardship over the last 13 years has taken the Club to Hampden on many occasions for Semi-final and Cup Final events. We are delighted he will continue to play such an important role in DAFC going forward."

Bob Purvis added: "Purvis Group believe that DAFC has a bright future and we are looking forward to being a part of the Club as it strives to return to the SPL. We are confident that we can add a new dimension to the business and look forward to joining the current directors in making all the facets of the Club successful."

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