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Date: Wednesday, 28th Dec 2022

The Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust have, for a few years, fun over the festive period, this year is a bit special. They are compiling the best XI to have played at East End Park, with some of the best footballers ever to play in the potential lineup.

Vote for your best players to appear in the final XI : DAHT Facebook Page

From Christmas day until the 7th of January they will be running polls for you to vote on the DAHT Facebook page, vote for your choices to get them in the final XI

Once all is revealed they would love to hear about your own best XI as there really is too much to choose from.

Whilst none of these players were Pars players the DAHT have just published a database, with almost every post war player that has played for Dunfermline, on their website DAHT.org.uk

The first poll was three goalkeepers including the first player to reach 1000 appearances in English football. Please vote on the DAHT Facebook page :

DAY 1 : Goalkeepers - Pat Jennings, Gordon Banks, Ivo Viktor

DAY 2 : Goalkeepers - Pascal Zuberbuhler, Bruce Grobbelaar, Kasper Schmeichel

DAY 3 : Defenders - Severino Reija Vazquez, Georges Heylens, Ladislav Novak, Svatopluk Pluskal

DAY 4 : Defenders - Oelg (Oleh) Kuznetsov, Terry Butcher, John Greig, Tommy Gemmell

DAY 5 : Midfield - Ryan Giggs, Trevor Brooking, Jean Tigana, Stillian Petrov

DAY 6 : Midfield - Josef Masopust, Jim Baxter, Roy Keane, Ray Wilkins

DAY 7 : Midfield - Jon Goikoetxea, Sigfried Held, Patrick Viera, Martin Peters

DAY 8 : Forwards - Paul Gascoigne, George Best, Wayne Rooney, Steve Archibald

DAY 9 : Forwards - Denis Law, Ferenc Bene, Geoff Hurst, Billy Bingham

DAY 10 : Forwards - Siggi Held, Paul van Himst, Robin van Persie, Kenny Dalglish

DAY 11 : Forwards - Henrik Larsson, Savo Milosevic, Nwanko Kanu, Thierry Henry

The next phase is the play offs and populating the XI, the goalkeeper play off is happening just now first place will be in the team the second will be on the bench.

DAY 12 : Goalkeepers - Bruce grobbelaar, Gordon Banks, Pat Jennings, Kasper Schmeichel

This will repeated for the other positions until there is 15 players, the formation they are looking for is a 3-4-3 with the realisation that some players won`t be in their more natural positions.

Next final is for the defenders, Pluskal is through outright so who joins him...

DAY 13: Defenders - Georges Heylens, Severino Reija Vazquez, John Greig, Terry Butcher

two groups of midfielders
DAY 14 : Midfielders - Stillian Petrov, Jean Tigana, Joseph Masopust.
DAY 14 : Midfielders - Jim Baxter, Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs.

With the game tonight off let`s finish off the best XI by your votes, Dalglish and Law are through but a few places remain. Who makes it?

DAY 15 : Henrik Larsson, Thierry Henry, Wayne Rooney, George Best

I think that looks like the final poll

Information was correct at the time of writing some players shortlisted are still playing, this is just for fun!

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