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Dundee Post Match Interviews

Author: Stuart Meldrum Date: Monday, 24th Mar 2008

Highlights from interviews given by Alex Rae, Jim McIntyre, Scott Thomson and Iain Williamson after the game against Dundee at East End Park.

Alex Rae
Alex thinks it was a hard fought game from both teams and he pays tribute to his back line for being the foundation of the team. He admits he has had a go at the players in the last couple of days but believes that his lads responded fantastically to get back to winning ways. On, ex Pars player, Freddie Daquin the Dundee manager was pleased with the way he approached the game and was delighted that he got his name on the score sheet.

Jim McIntyre
Jim thought that his team had the better of the first half but that they never looked like scoring a goal before losing a poor one at the other end. He rubbishes questioning of his players will to go out and play week in week out now that the season is effectively over and explains that each of them is a professional and wants to win. The real issue that McIntyre can see is that in recent weeks the team has failed to create as many chances as previously in his reign but it is something they will work on. On Calum Woods` injury, he has taken one to the ankle but also nicked an artery so may be out for a bit.

Scott Thomson
Scott was pleased to get into the team when Woods came off injured early in the game and he just wants to keep playing to earn a contract either at Dunfermline or else where, but after 10 years at the club he is hoping to remain at The Pars. He isnt phased by the fact that it was Daquin that got the winner as its always a blow to lose a goal regardless of who the goalscorer is. The main aim from now on for Nipper is to work hard and try to excite the crowd in order to bring them back next season.

Iain Williamson
Iain speaks of the injuries that have kept him out of the squad of late and is very happy to get back into the first team after a few reserve games. Watching from the side-lines he thought that the team had the better of the chances early on. He enjoys to play upfront or out wide in midfield but it probably happier in the midfield and hope to impress with a year still on his contract.

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