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Free Season ticket for OAP or Concession

Author: Brian Duncan Date: Sunday, 5th Aug 2012

In June 2008 we had a lifelong Pars fan offering to buy a ticket for a Pars fan and DAFC.net would again like to do the same again this season.

Since all the furore with the `newco` saga Dunfermline Athletic were asking Pars fans to support the club as best they can. DAFC.net is also looking at ways of how we can help and with our Player Sponsor being well taken up we are now offering to support one other fan to be able to attend home games this season.

Update Fri 10th August: seems like this story has touched quite a few fans, as I have had further enquiries from Pars fans abroad wishing to get involved in this scheme and proposing to repeat this offer - so we will have a number of season ticket son offer, so far at least 4. Please ensure that if you know of anybody worthwhile who would benefit from a season ticket at East End Park for the coming season then please get in touch by Tuesday [deadline will be extended - brian]!

Note also that we want to give these tickets to people who need them or perhaps who are not normally able to get to matches, so please tell us the reason you are suggesting somebody.

As mentioned we have done this before with the help of Charlie Butler, a lifelong Pars Fan in Perth, Western Australia - [ click here] . I honestly can`t believe it has been 4 years since we did that and surprised we have not thought about doing it since then.

Please email us through our Contact Us link - [ click here ] and let us know who you are proposing (you can propose yourself!). This closes at midnight the 14th August 2012 so we can get time to pick a winner and get the ticket arranged. NOTE only 400 characters can be typed in so make sure you fill in details.

Also, if you would like to help with this initiative then please get in touch.

Also note the other initiatives such as the Crossbar Challenge which should add to the excitement throughout the season.

I`d also like to take this opportunity to mention that I am rather disappointed with the use of the forum at times.

Already we have seen some people - who may think they are entitled to their opinion - they come on and seem to moan continually about the team, specific players or the situation we are in. I`d just like to remind them that this is a Pars supporters forum, lets try and use it for that.

With the drop down to the First Division we need to rebuild and strive to get back into the SPL. We need to get behind Jim Jeffries and his team.

Unless these people have missed something Jim Jeffries` plans for the coming season were put into total disarray with the Rangers fiasco and so it was going to take some time to get in players and get a settled team.

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