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Pars Trust Meeting 8th November 2012

Author: Lorna Morton Date: Thursday, 8th Nov 2012

A warm welcome to everyone and many thanks for attending this meeting. Apologies for the last minute change of venue - this was done by the club and out of our control.

In attendance: Margaret Ross - Chairman of the PST, Stephen Taylor - Treasurer of the Trust, Gordon Milne and Drew Main - Board members of the Trust, Paul Goodwin - Head of Supporters Direct in Scotland, Ailsa Horne and Bob Barkway - DASC, Pete Campbell and John Smith - Centenary Club, John Burt - Lothian 68 and the Young Pars program.

MR takes the floor - We understand there are financial problems which are very serious and need to be addressed urgently. It is an open secret that the Club has been living beyond its means in recent years in pursuit of success.

I should emphasise at this point that the Supporters Trust is NOT taking sides with either party. Our sole interest is the survival of Dunfermline Athletic Football Club. It is important that we can see the club becoming self sufficient financially and has a clear policy going forward of living within its means.

There was an immense reaction from the supporters on the floor tonight and the end results :-

the structure of a steering committee, with names and email addresses being added to a list post meeting. At the last glance there were over 40 name on it, which may have to be whittled down (or left as it is). These are people who want to be actively involved and have the time to do it. Ideas of fund raising were taken from the floor and will be duly noted and passed to the steering committee; the reason being is that the PST want a smaller group of people who can put everything into the one table and for matters to be taken forward from there. Ideas of fundraising from all pars fans are actively encouraged, through Facebook (Pars Alive) or otherwise, Twitter, DAFC.net, non online fans - and we need to get the message out there to everyone who supports the Pars;

fundraising ideas;

the immediate thoughts on the monies due to HMRC - not sure what the result of this question was (sorry).

Lorna - Once I have a confirmed steering committee line up I will post it here.

If you would like to have your voice heard by the PST and the steering committee - this is not just a PST effort, it`s for ALL dafc supporters and supporters clubs - please contact Margaret Ross at parstrust.co.uk.

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