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Author: Stuart Meldrum Date: Monday, 10th Dec 2007

Highlights from interviews given by Jim McIntyre, Jim Hamilton, Scott Wilson and Colin Hendry after the game against Clyde at EEP.

Colin Hendry
Colin believed that had his side kept ten men on the park that they could have gone on and won the game, but a bad decision cost the team that chance. He doesn’t believe that there is any consistency in the referee’s decision making and is not happy about having a man sent off with the first booking coming for an apparent dive in the box. Having said that Colin is happy to take away a point from East End Park, which is a good result in his eyes following on from the recent changes at Dunfermline.

Jim Hamilton
Jim explains that it isn’t a nice feeling when a manager has to leave but he believes the players showed good determination and character throughout the game, hitting the wood work three times in the process. Jim’s own late chance was stuck in between his feet and he feels that had this not been the case he would have gave his side the win. He speaks of his name sake Jim McIntyre’s role as care taker manager at the club and is happy that he was given the chance to make training enjoyable and give the team a boost ahead of the game.

Scott Wilson
Scott felt that the team did enough to take three points away having pushed men forward looking for the winner but that it just wasn’t to be. Talking about his own blunder to give the opener away but is able to shrug it off as one of those things with the conditions not helping at all. Scott believes that its going to take time to sort out the team and get them winning again but he is looking towards the future and explains that the squad has made a decision to not talk about what went on behind the scenes with Stephen Kenny and to simply move on.

Jim McIntyre
Jim is delighted with the work rate of the team having taken over as caretaker manager for the past week. Following the terrible start to the match, giving away a ridiculous goal, Jim was happy to see the response from his players to get right up the other end and equalise. He explains that he has changed training to what he likes as a player and stuck to what he knew, he too doesn’t want to talk about former manager Stephen Kenny as he feels it would be unfair to do so as he was a nice man. He feels privileged to be asked to take the team but hasn’t given any thought to taking the job on full time, there is also a high number of candidates for the position and this is no surprise to Jim who believes Dunfermline is a huge club.

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