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Author: Stuart Meldrum Date: Sunday, 8th May 2005

Highlights from interviews given by Jim Leishman, Jim Duffy and Derek Young after the game against Dundee.

Jim Leishman
Big Jim explains that it was hard for the club to get rid of Davie Hay and also tells us how they tried to keep Paul Hegarty as caretaker boss, however, Paul thought it better to leave. He gives praise to everyone behind the scenes at the club for giving that little bit extra for the cause, not to mention the players who also showed that bit more fight to win the game. Jim gives a lot of credit and admiration to the fans that turned out for the match, both and home and away supporters made it a very special day. Since he took over at the start of the week Jim tells us that he has given his honest opinion of the player’s efforts and they have responded ‘magnificently’ to show what they can really do. Leish is realistic about the result and acknowledges that it doesn’t mean the club are safe, it is simply the chance they need to pull themselves out of the drop zone, the next two games are massive. Also, Jim is very pleased with Derek Young’s performance, who was told to simply be a ‘nuisance’ but in turn managed to take the chances that had been squandered all season. Cracking jokes and smooth talking the press…..Leishman is back!

Jim Duffy
Jim believes that it was a very strange game and that mistake after mistake meant his side slumped to what is an embarrassing defeat. He does, however, feel that after the first goal his players managed to pick up and play some good football and created chances to score. His way of summing up the game is that Dundee played well between the boxes but never worked effectively in the first and final third, giving Dunfermline the chance to capitalise. Duffy seems exasperated at the result because he doesn’t think that his side failed to try, it was just a case of major errors and an opposition who uncharacteristically took their chances.

Derek Young
Derek begins by explaining how he didn’t know till match day whether he would be playing because he had only trained on the Friday having just returned from injury. He gives credit to the management team for choosing just the right tactic to undo Dundee and he is just please that he was there to score the goals. He explains his goals and the freakish events that lead to them with Dundee keeper Derek Soutar’s list of calamities. He feels it is no shock that they were told to come in to work on the Sunday as it is necessary to make these sacrifices with circumstances the way they are, especially with the mention off a wee bacon roll.

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