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Author: Stuart Meldrum Date: Monday, 26th Dec 2005

Highlights from interviews given by Jim Leishman, Darren Young, Scott Wilson and Alex McLeish after the draw against Rangers at EEP.

Jim Leishman
Jim thought the game was very exciting and found it a boost to score first against the Old Firm. He was most impressed with how his side hit-back immediately after the equaliser with it usually being backs to the wall. He praises his player’s commitment but admits that there has never been any doubt over the commitment of the players or the whole club. Although the team gained a “bonus” point, Jim explains that the players were disappointed they didn’t pick up all three. On the Rangers penalty he tells us that it was given for deliberate hand ball although it doesn’t seem as if Makel tried in any way to move into the path of the shot, not only that its strange to see how the lines-man would have a better view than the referee.

Darren Young
Darren talks of how Campbell tried to take the ball for the penalty but that he won the battle to take the kick in the dying moments of the game. He explains how he seen the keeper edge to one side so opted against blasting the ball and placed it coolly in the corner.

Scott Wilson
Scott feels that the referee seemed to help both teams out with soft penalties and was quite unpleased with the referee’s performance but is realistic enough to take it on the chin. He doesn’t feel that either side played very good football but that six goals made it an exciting encounter. Looking forward to the derby match on hogmanay, Scott knows it is a huge match and takes heart from recent performances against the Old Firm. Scott finishes by reiterating that Dunfermline are too good to be bottom of the league and that hopefully the new year will bring a change of fortune.

Alex McLeish
Alex is very disappointed with his team and that with the extra man his team really should have killed the game off. He wasn’t happy with the referee but admits it’s the hardest job in football, he believes that if the last minute penalty was indeed a foul then there would have been fifteen penalties during the match. Mcleish is also angry over the amount of time added on to the game although the time given by the fourth official is only a minimum. Overall, a good moan over the decisions given against Rangers.

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