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Author: Stuart Meldrum Date: Sunday, 8th Jan 2006

Highlights from interviews given by Jim Leishman, Noel Hunt, Allan McGregor and Sandy Stewart after the Cup game against Airdrie United at EEP.

Jim Leishman

Leishman believes that his side started the first half well but that by giving away a goal early in the second half it handed Airdrie a lifeline. There is some questioning over various decisions by the referee which resulted in goals for against The Pars he explains. Due to the fact that the premier league side couldn’t hold onto a 2-0 lead, Leishman feels it only right that the team was booed off the park. The Airdrie penalty was said to have in fact hit an Airdrie hand in the box, Leish also feels it a little hrsh to send off Lee Makel. Jim, also, tells us that the Lithuanians that were on trial have gone home because they were too expensive for the club.

Noel Hunt

Noel is understandably disappointed with the result and in the manner of the defeat. He explains how an Airdrie defender smiled and admitted it was a terrible decision to give a penalty as it hit an Airdrie hand, also, on the debate over Derek Young’s goal, Noel tries to clear up what he thinks is a perfectly good goal. He gives credit to Airdrie for the win but feels Dunfermline played the better football overall although he admits they did slack off having gone 2-0 up. On his own performance he is happy to play along side anyone as long as he is playing well and believes that the competition for places at the club is good.

Allan McGregor

Alan feels it was a very bad result and doesn’t think he could have done anything with goals that were scored against him. He waited for the free kick to be awarded following an Airdrie hand ball in the box only to find out it was a penalty given, when asked if he thought it was an Airdrie hand he says no, he knows it was. Talking about his booking he was honest enough to say that he merely grabbed onto the player to stop himself from falling and felt that there was no way he would have been sent off.

Sandy Stewart

Sandy talks of how he went through almost every emotion during the match but never felt he was going to be steamrolled, even after the Pars went 2-0 up. He, too, has a few misgivings over the referee’s performance believing that Dunfermline’s third goal shouldn’t have stood for a foul on the keeper. Admitting that he would have grabbed a 3-3 draw with both hands having been offered it, Sandy was very pleased to have won the match as you can never guarantee a win in the reply.

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