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Author: Stuart Meldrum Date: Saturday, 22nd Apr 2006

Highlights from interviews given by Jim Leishman, John Robertson and Noel Hunt after the game against Livingston at EEP.

Jim Leishman
Jim assures us he is 99% sure that his side have avoided the drop explaining that the goal difference would be very difficult to catch up. He believes that Hunts controversial goal show just how tight it is at the bottom of the league and that there is a fine line between success and failure. Leish kept his side positive throughout the week by thinking only of winning and going on to try and catch Falkirk, with the win he feels that a great pressure has been lifted. Hypothetically Jim sees it as unthinkable if Dunfermline went down and that the upheaval and job cuts would be terrible, however, he remains adamant that if this were to happen there will always remain Dunfermline Football Club, whatever division its in. On the match, Jim reminds us that at 2-1 down it looked bleak for his side and although they’re happy now it could so easily have been a different story. He puts the win down to the fact that when 2-1 down his side ‘grew up’ and showed a lot of character to grab two goals. When asked about the controversial winning goal, Jim explained that he couldn’t see any handball but that he has no sympathy at this moment in time because his club has saved itself from disaster. To round up Jim is very pleased for the players in a season of highs and lows, they have earned a chance to prove themselves in the premier league.

John Robertson
Robertson is angry at the winning goal, believing that it was a hand that put the ball into the net. He questions why the linesman didn’t signal a goal and run to the half-way line when Dougal signalled for a goal, the linesman stood where he was. He has no problem with Noel Hunt if he handled the ball explaining that he’s done it in his career and its something that happens in football when your playing for you livelihood. John believes that his side shouldn’t have been in that position having gone 2-1 up and having done so, beginning to close down Dunfermline’s chances. He wishes good luck to Dunfermline and its fans for next season.

Noel Hunt
Noel explains that the winning goal came as a result of a clearance off the line, which struck him in the face and hand went into the net. He admits it was a handball but there was nothing he could have done about it. Noel enjoyed the match as it was a fast, hard game, even though with the injury worries they had to fill in the gaps. He is definitely claiming the goal despite the protest of Burchill, who was also wanting his hat-trick. On Robertsons claims of misconduct by the linesman, Noel feels he has point and it was a handball however unintentional it was, but reminds us of how his side has been deprived of results through dodgy handball decisions.

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