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Author: Stuart Meldrum Date: Tuesday, 12th Sep 2006

Highlights from interviews given by Jim Leishman, Jim Jeffries, Darren Young, Stevie Crawford and Jim Hamilton after the game against Kilmarnock at EEP.

Jim Leishman
Jim gives Kilmarnock a lot of credit for the start they made in the game and told us how there is no surprise that Jeffries was manager of the month. He also thought that his team showed first class determination to come back 3 times to win the match, with a dream return for Stevie Crawford. The win was an important one as it was the first league win of the season and it is now easier to settle down and release some anxiety. On the signing for local lad Crawford, Leishman believes that his presence has given the fans a lift and has made his side a lot stronger, along with the other signings made in the transfer window.

Jim Jeffries
Jim doesn’t know how his team managed to lose the game but admits that it was defensive errors that cost them the game along with a bit of bad luck. He praises Gary Wales for scoring a magnificent goal and believes he was the best player on the pitch making a lot of good moves. Jim does give Dunfermline plaudits for plugging away and never giving up, although he didn’t think they did very much to deserve a victory except getting the ball wide and getting crosses in. He likens the game to that of his sides against Rangers although this time they were on the receiving end of a bad result given the run of play.

Darren Young
Darren sums up his day by telling us he was happy to get the first win of the season, a goal and the captains arm band for the first time since his Aberdeen days all in the same match. On the subject of Crawford’s effect on the team he feels the team has combined well with the new signings in training and that he obviously helped immensely in the come back, although Darren doesn’t seem to want to single out one player as a turning factor with it being the team as a whole that has pulled them through the match. On Kilmarnock’s performance Darren realises that they played well and tells us how it was hard work and getting stuck in that ground out the winning result having gone into the game as under dogs.

Stevie Crawford
Stevie is very happy at getting off the mark for his new club in his first game this time around and states that it couldn’t have been any sweeter. Crawford doesn’t believe that the game was a classic good performance but the important thing was getting the 3 points with Kilmarnock playing well throughout. He explains that there are a lot of players in the squad that he has never played with before and knows that you cant do everything in a week of training but picks out Owen Morrison as an old fashioned winger who can go past defenders.

Jim Hamilton
Hamilton talks of how he has played with Crawford before at Scotland under 21 level but not often having had a good understand which helped The Pars get the win. Jim loves to be involved in goals setting them up for others but admits he much prefers to score them and is hoping to get off the mark for his new club soon. He feels that the aim of the club has to be getting into the top 6 not just staving off relegation and he is adamant that Dunfermline have the squad to do so with the teams around about being so close in quality.

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