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Author: Stuart Meldrum Date: Tuesday, 28th Nov 2006

Highlights from interviews given by Stephen Kenny, Dorus de Vries, Greg Shields and Jimmy Calderwood after the game against Aberdeen at EEP.

Stephen Kenny
Stephen believes the game was fairly even and thought his side seemed the most threatening in the first half. He pointed out that Dunfermline had problems defending set pieces due to Aberdeen’s height advantage. Daquin and Muirhead are singled out as being influential and causing problems for the opposition but credits the Dons defence for being very strong. Although Kenny thinks his team did well overall. They did create few chances in front of goal, something that needs to be looked at. In explaining his influence in training he tells us that he raises expectations but that stability would be a real success for this season and bigger ambitions follow. The January transfer window may see some new faces but Stephen must wait and see what he has in the treatment room first. He is realistic about what wins and losses mean and knows that there is still half a season to go with plenty points on offer.

Dorus de Vries
Dorus tells us that it is difficult for the team to take losing the 3 goals. At half time there was a belief in the dressing room that they could win the game but an unfortunate mistake put them 1-0 down. He explains that the players are not at all annoyed with Shields but more shocked as he has never seen the captain make any major mistakes, even in training. On Stephen Kenny he says that it’s a breath of fresh air for the club and that the training has been a lot harder

Greg Shields
Greg states that it is highly unlike him to make a mistake but he knows how to take the highs with the lows. He explains that he tried to volley it away but got his feet caught up and that his mistake changed the game, but he can deal with it. He can tell by the way the new manager acts he sets high standards which can only be good for all of the players

Jimmy Calderwood
Jimmy knew it was always going to be difficult with Dunfermline’s new manager taking the team for the first time. He gave credit to Dunfermline’s play, the way they kept turning his side but realised that Laingfield had very little to do. He made specific reference to the Pars centre backs and admitted it was unlike Greg to slip up and also that Wilson was treading on shells on the yellow card. On Aberdeen’s targets he was pleased to be second but that he’s been in football too long to rest on his laurels with difficult games to come. When asked about challenging for a Champions League spot he replied “I’m not that daft!”.

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