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Author: Stuart Meldrum Date: Monday, 8th Jan 2007

Highlights from interviews given by Stephen Kenny, Ian Durrant, Stephen Simmons and Phil McGuire after the Scottish Cup game against Rangers at EEP.

Stephen Kenny
Kenny thought the performance was okay but that they had played better against Motherwell and got nothing, the difference here was scoring the chances. He realised Rangers looked vulnerable at the back but needed the 3rd goal and it was great to get it early in the second half. Dunfermline played good, unselfish football with the youngsters doing well – Jim O’Brien especially making an impact. At 3-2 Stephen became nervous, as most would, and picked out Chris Burke as causing a lot of problems. Stephen says this was a good result for moving forward. However, it is an achievement ranked well below league results elsewhere. The draw against Hearts is okay as it is a home tie but the Falkirk game is a huge one next week. When asked if he rated today’s win as one of his best ever games he says it wouldn’t even make his top ten.

Ian Durrant
Ian explains how the problems in the Rangers defence have been happening all season and he apologises to the huge travelling support. He tells us that his side had set up a plan to go out and be competitive but admits they looked nervous from the start, giving away silly free kicks. Once three down, Durrant thought the response from his players, still wasn’t good enough having failed to secure the third goal and pays credit to Dunfermline on being big enough and strong enough to win. On the new management team Ian knows it is going to be a massive rebuilding job to sort out the team but says everyone at the club is hurting and it is imperative that they finish 2nd this season.

Stephen Simmons
Stephen feels it was a massive game for the club and that nobody expected them to win it. He explains that the players have confidence in themselves but maybe lack a little out on the park but had started today, as they knew they had to, by scoring goals. The game against Falkirk is also a huge match and they will have to go out and attack them to get a result. He is happy to have got another goal from midfield and it was a break that the club needed. They are positive every game but sometimes need a bit of luck. It was a frantic end to the match with Rangers throwing everything at it but Stephen pays tribute to the excellent performances from McGuire and Wilson. On the draw against Hearts he points out how little was in it last time Dunfermline and Hearts met at East End. He also tells of how the management had told the players of the Dunfermline tradition in the Cup in order to get their spirits up before the game.

Phil McGuire
Phil points out how it was the first time we had scored first all season, but that was the theme of the day with the team taking it’s chances. It’s a great result for all concerned and they will enjoy it, but the league is more important. He explains that luck has gone against them all season and that they deserved a little bit to go their way. He pays tribute to the two wingers who caused a lot of problems and hopes they will continue to do so.

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