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Author: Stuart Meldrum Date: Monday, 5th Nov 2007

Highlights from interviews given by Mark Proctor, Danny Murphy and Stephen Kenny after the game against Livingston at EEP.

Mark Proctor
Mark is delighted with the performance and result because he believes that it has been coming for a long time but that the side hasn’t quite managed to pull it off. Although, like Kenny, he feels he is under pressure he still has aspirations of being at the top end of the league come May and also feels that Dunfermline will be looking to do the same. Proctor admits that he went into the game looking to capitalise on Dunfermline’s poor run of form and the vulnerability they would be feeling having come off the back of two horrendous results, when they got the goal early after half-time he believes Livi ran out worthy winners.

Danny Murphy
Murphy is disappointed to lose in such a manner on his debut and puts a lot of significance on the goal just before half time explaining that it was a sucker punch along with the goal just after half time. He admits that the side didn’t look like they were going to come back from the deficit although they did put in a lot of effort in an attempt to get something from the game. Danny is very honest and tells us that it is the players on the pitch who are the ones with the ability to win games and play better, the manager can’t do much to turn round bad performances from the sidelines on match day. Danny, himself, has been in this situation before at QPR and realises its not about playing well at the moment its about winning games and he and the rest of the team have to roll up their sleeves and do that.

Stephen Kenny
Stephen thought that his players attitude was right going into this match, regardless of the previous two results which he describes as a shock to everyone and something that no one seen happening. On the game he feels there was nothing in the first half but that Livingston did cause a few problems with balls from midfield but that the opposite was also true. He sites Calum Woods’ injury as maybe a turning point as it meant that the confident youngster had to be replace by an out of position midfielder who was partly to blame for the second goal. Kenny is not really willing to talk about his position at the club but does realise he is under increasing pressure not only from the club but from himself, he explains that he is a man that wants to succeed for himself and also for the club.

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