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SFA in blunder in 2005

Author: Brian Duncan Date: Friday, 15th Jan 2010

Scotland field a player despite being suspended in an Under 21 game against Italy in Sept 2005. Scottish FA described it as an administrative error and apologised.

Italy Under-21s have been awarded a 3-0 victory over their Scottish counterparts after Steven Whittaker was fielded despite being suspended.

Scottish FA described as an administrative error.

The SFA has apologised and has launched its own "full" internal investigation.

That probe, headed by SFA chief executive David Taylor, will be concluded after the midweek matches in Norway.

An SFA spokesman said: "The Scottish FA is apologising to Uefa and the Italian FA for this rules infringement, as well as to the player and his club."

Scotland had no chance of qualifying for the European Under-21 Championship despite Friday`s thrilling draw with group leaders Italy.

Whittaker was under suspension after picking up two yellow cards against Moldova and Belarus and should not have played.

I am just passing on this information above which was posted on the forum and taken from the BBC web site (see link below).

Now I find it strange that the SFA can talk about integrity in a competition when they themselves have done the exact same thing in recent years.

Did Scotland get kicked out of that competition no, they were deducted 3 points. I am assuming that Whittaker was on for the whole game and had some impact on the result.

I think the SFA have to come back down to a reasonable expectation and be less heavy handed about this. A fine was more than adequate considering similar circumstances. Getting kicked out of the competition is an excessive punishment.

I`m with Tam Cowan on this in his excellent article in the Daily Record. Dunfermline did not cheat, they made a mistake in administration, not the the players or the fans fault.

Dundee United are the ones that cheated in the competition with the blatant hand ball to give them a goal. Do we see any punishment for that ? Absolutely not !. What would have happened if that had been Dunfermline and not Dundee United, I bet some action would have been taken by the SFA.

Talking about integrity of the Scottish Cup, how can George Peat be involved in this decision considering his allegiances to Stenhousemuir ?? (Stenhouesmuir themsleves have been magnificent in this whole episode I must add). Surely he should have had no part in the decision making process !

I am also astounded by the lack of support from some Dunfermline fans. On the front page I set up a poll asking "Should the Pars appeal the decision by the SFA ?". As of Sat morning 16th, over 300 people have voted, yet nearly 40% say we should not appeal. The only hope that I can think is that these people are thinking it will be a complete waste of time. I agree very much with that sentiment though as the SFA have always been heavy handed with Dunfermline Atheltic. However, that should not stop Dunfermline making the appeal as the punishment the SFA has given is far too severe. Some fans need to support their club a bit better.

I am more confident today that the SFA will see sense and that they will reconsider their decision and provide the correct punishment.

p.s. have to rush, may update the story later when I have had a chance to review it myself and any feedback welcome. Brian

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