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Sponsor a season-ticket initiative

Date: Wednesday, 4th Jun 2014

Last season the scheme was a success and 1885 Worldwide together with Pars United are launching the sponsor a season-ticket scheme again for next season.

Greetings from Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. I am RhinoPars, and an ex-pat Pars fan. I’ve been a Pars fan since I was five.

You may recall that the season before last, Brian Duncan of the Pars fans website DAFC.net started an initiative whereby ex-pat Pars fans sponsored season tickets for OAPs, under18 supporters and the attendance at games by some sick children. Those sponsored wouldn’t otherwise have been able to attend games at East End Park. This scheme was a success; and a number of people both within the UK and further afield have indicated a desire to do this again. 1885 Worldwide together with Pars United are therefore launching the sponsor a season-ticket scheme again for next season.

In addition to encouraging ex-pat Pars fans to once again support the scheme it has come to our attention that locally in Scotland and the rest of the UK there are others who have indicated a willingness to also contribute to such a scheme which is fantastic. We would like to encourage all who can, to consider supporting this worthwhile initiative wherever you live. Might you be interested in joining me in sponsoring a ticket for someone? If you have already sponsored a ticket it would be great if you could please let us know so we can add your ticket to the tally of tickets sponsored by Pars fans.

Sponsoring season-tickets is a win:win:win as attendances at EEP are boosted; some less well off Pars fans will get pleasure from being able to attend games they otherwise couldn’t get to, and importantly club funds will be boosted in the process. The scheme should also further boost the “feel good factor” associated with the club becoming a community owned and run club.

The club’s preferred method of payment is by electronic bank transfer, and for those wanting to use this method EFT payment details can be provided by e-mail once you have made contact (or through contacting the club shop at 01383 745909 or tickets@dafc.co.uk)

When you make payment please indicate clearly that you are sponsoring a season ticket. If you don’t have someone specific to sponsor in mind please put Sponsored ticket by “your name”recipient tba” as your reference. Alternatively if you want to donate the season ticket to someone specific please put Sponsored ticket for “recipent’s name” from “your name” as your payment reference.

In due course once recipients of all sponsored tickets have been identified; and the club have been informed; the next step will be for the nominated recipients to go to the club shop in person with some form of photo ID. After filling in an application form they will then get issued with their sponsored season-ticket.

In order to keep track of the number of sponsored tickets and the preferences of those intending to sponsor a ticket/tickets those wanting to sponsor a ticket are asked to please e-mail answers to the following 8 questions to 1885worldwide@pars-united.com

In your e-mail please provide the following information…

1) Your name:
2) Your E-mail:
3) Do you live in either A) Scotland B) Rest of UK C) Rest of the World
4) Your address:
5) Your phone contact number:
6) Type of ticket/stand you wish to sponsor. Specify A B, C, D or E (as detailed below) or if you wish to sponsor another option please provide details of stand and type of ticket you wish to sponsor

The most likely sponsored season ticket options are most likely to be in the Norrie McCathie Stand for one of the following (all prices inclusive of VAT)…

A) Concession ticket (especially for OAPs) Early Bird up to 7th June £130 After 7 June: £140
B) Under 18 Season ticket Early Bird: £85 After 7th June £100
C) Armed Forces & Emergency Services 6 Match Block Early Bird: £78 After 7th June £82

Season Ticket options for the Main Stand include...
D) Concession ticket (especially for OAPs) Early Bird £150 After 7 June £160

E) Under 18 Season ticket Early Bird: £100 After 7th June £105

If you want to sponsor a different stand/ticket type combination you are of course welcome to do so. Pricing of other options can be found at:


NB To qualify for the early bird season ticket special prices payment needs to be made by Saturday 7th. Prices go up after this date so you don’t have long if you want to take advantage of the lower prices.

7) Number of tickets of each type you wish to sponsor
8) Name(s) of person(s) you would like to sponsor, their contact details and why (OAP - father, under 18 son etc. ).

Alternatively if you would like us to identify a suitable deserving candidate to receive your sponsored ticket please leave this blank.

9) Method and proposed date of payment

A) EFT *
B) Club Shop Cash
C) Club Shop Cheque
D) Other **

* If you indicate a preference to pay by EFT you will be sent the relevant banking details so you can arrange the transfer of funds. (EFT details can also be obtained on request from or tickets@dafc.co.uk or the Club Shop on 01383 745909)

** If for some reason all the above payment options don’t work for you; and you would prefer to pay by a different method please contact me, Richard Emslie, by emailing 1885worldwide@pars-united.com (or the club shop) for further information on alternative arrangements about how else you could pay.

Through this exercise we also hope to add to a database of expat Pars fans.

With the signings we have already made, next season looks like it is going to be a good one and hopefully the people that get sponsored get to watch the Pars get promoted.

Hope you decide to join me in supporting this initiative.

Best wishes
aka “RhinoPars”, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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