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Teamwork - Let`s work (and walk) Together

Date: Tuesday, 11th Jan 2022

How has DAFC.net fared over the years ? It`s been tough in recent times for all concerned, not just football, with Covid making our situation a little harder.

However, teamwork on DAFC.net has helped provide a lot of achievements.
But what has been achieved ? Plenty !!

A recent post on the DAFC.net forum highlights some of the issues faced by us all. It also highlights the good work achieved through the forum.

Recently there has been a lot of negativity and some bad feeling and infighting on the forum. I suppose this is normal for a football forum where fans have different viewpoints and opinions which sometimes clash and become a trifle fraught

The site is regarded by some in derogatory terms such as Daft.net or Dafc.nut and one can understand why at times

What we would like to point out is the huge amount of good work which starts from the forum without which the club would be financially far, far worse off and the various groups and charities associated with the club would not be able to get their important messages across

For the past eight years we have managed to fundraise though the generosity of the .net community parting with their hard earned cash and donated goods or services. This can only be estimated on how much has been achieved financially but we forecast there has been somewhere in the region of £200,000 which has gone to the various groups, charities and directly to the club itself not to mention the revenue gained from advertising on this site which gets redirected to the associated groups

The groups associated with the club ie The Heritage Trust, The Disabled Supporters, The PST, Marvyn’s wonderful emporium, the Business Club, The Pars Foundation and it’s many branches, charitable institutions such as Poppy Scotland, CHAS, SHIELD to name bit a few have all benefited hugely from being able to reach fans via the forum and either raise their profile or receive cash donations from the work done by those who use the forum

Sometimes we lose sight of just how much good is done via Dafc.net and for one I would like to just remind people that the site is used mainly by good honest Pars fans who post responsibly (we all have our moments, myself included). The admin team put a lot of work to keep the forum running and whether we always agree or not maintain a modicum of calm and reasoning, we are quick to criticise but not so quick to praise

Let’s just consider how much has been achievedby the fans working together for the benefit of our local community and our beloved club via Dafc.net which we can all be rightly proud of.

At the end of 2021 we ran a raffle to help raise funds for our Youth Academy and Andys Man Club. This was a very successfull raffle with extra items being added due to it ssuccess. The raffle has been drawn and most prizes have been claimed, refer to the link to the Raffle Story below.

As also mentioned previously, there are a number of adverts on the website which also brings in much needed revenue for the club associated websites, sponsorship and provision of funds for club related purposes.

We ran a story last year, 21 years On, link below, saying we should look forward to the next 21 years to ensure long term continuity. We still need the ideas of Pars fans on how we achieve this.

More information to follow on the outcome of the raffle, Walk and Talk and the Youth Academy


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