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Live Updates: DAFC Supporters Council Meeting Live Updates: SPFL Championship: Ross County FC v DAFC Live Updates: DAFC Supporters Council Meeting Live Updates: DAFC Supporters Council Meeting
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  Why did you become a Par?  new AlfieAA  75  18,867  Mon 12 Jun 01:28 
  Margaret Ross  new FergPar  118  38,470  Thu 22 Dec 04:34 
  SWEARING  new dave67  2,009  Thu 19 Nov 15:56 
  Rules  new dave67  1,491  Sun 8 Nov 11:32 
  Craig Robertson  new Frank Grimes Jnr  74  33,390  Wed 4 Nov 17:28 
  Videos and Photos  new brian  1,598  Sat 7 Mar 10:24 
  Sticky Forum  new brian  1,434  Sat 7 Mar 10:22 
  Blackpool to sue football forum  new Orangeryhoor  27  10,864  Tue 10 Feb 21:36 
  *Secret Auction* First Team Poppy Shirts  new 1970par  322  63  Fri 24 Oct 23:50 
  We need 500 to sign up NOW - WE DID IT :-)  new DougieDave  156  25  Mon 11 Nov 18:35 
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Championship 2018/19 Predictions
Top 6:
129Donald Adamson
126ann anderson
112Chris Berry
109Allan MacLeod
109The Ref
Full results:...

PST I helped to but the Pars certificate for DAFC.net

Craig Adam Joinery Lovely Trees
Dunfermline Events
One Night of Queen, Alhambra
Mon, 17th Dec 2018

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