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Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to all visitors to our web site.

DAHT survey

DAHT surveyThe Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust (DAHT) would like you to complete a survey about its operations, and future plans.

The DAHT was established on 18 October 2014, by a Trust Deed, with the aim of preserving for future generations the history of Dunfermline Athletic Football Club and the memories of its players, management and supporters.
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Web site update

Web site updateApologies with the delay in updating the website. This new website will be brought in and updates done to it over the next couple of months. The old one was so out of date this is the quickest way to move forward .o)

If you have ideas and want to be involved then please get in touch. I am looking for people to spare some time to administer this and add content related to the Pars.

This site has been around in one form or other for 21 years as Douglas Scott and myself setup a basic forum in October 1996. We have come a long way since then even though the current forum software has been in use for almost 15 years. Technology has also changed a lot since then. We do need to look at how we look forward to the next 21 years. Ian Morrison has recently developed a Mobile application for Android and iOS.

The reason we stopped adding Match Reports and Photos on this site was it was being duplicated on the Official site [ DAFC.co.uk - (COWS clubs official web site) ]. I was involved in the development of the official site and didn`t have the time to spend on both (at that time).

Hopefully we can start adding some additional information, Photos, Videos and Blogs to this site that doesn`t appear on COWS.

DAFC Official website

DAFC Official websiteThe Clubs Official Web Site (COWS) is found at DAFC.co.uk

Pars Supporters Trust

Pars Supporters TrustThe Pars Supporters Trust is found at http://parssupporterstrust.co.uk/

Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust

Dunfermline Athletic Heritage TrustThe Dunfermline Athletic Heritage Trust is found at daht.org.uk

Dunfermline Athletic Supporters Club

Dunfermline Athletic Supporters ClubThe Dunfermline Athletic Supporters Club is found at http://dasc.fife.net

Pars Foundation

 Pars FoundationThe Pars Foundation is found at https://parsfoundation.co.uk

Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters` Club (DADSC)

Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters` Club (DADSC)The Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters` Club (DADSC) is found at http://dadsc.fife.net/

Pars TV

Pars TVParsTV stream video and audio of live matches from East End Park and at away grounds (depending on conditions).
ParsTV is found at https://ParsTV.co.uk

DAFC online shop

DAFC online shopThe DAFC Online Shop is found at https://DAFCshop.uk

Live Updates: Scottish Cup: DAFC v Greenock Morton

Live Updates: Scottish Cup: DAFC v Greenock Morton
East End Park, Saturday 20th January ko3pm

Live Updates: SPFL Championship: DAFC v Dundee United

Live Updates: SPFL Championship: DAFC v Dundee United
East End Park Saturday 13th January ko3pm

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Live Updates: SPFL Championship: Dunfermline vs Falkirk

Live Updates: SPFL Championship: DAFC v Falkirk FC
East End Park, Tuesday 2nd January 2018 ko3pm

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