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Mum`s gone to Iceland.

Mum`s gone to Iceland. Maybe we all should! We could learn something. Steve Clarke is gradually reviving Scotland`s fortunes but it will be a while till we can emulate the success of Iceland.
Iceland has a population of 362,000,the same as Fife.

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Saving Scottish Football

It was in 1424 that the Scottish Parliament, in the reign of King James 1, tried to ban "fut ball."
The fine was four pennies.

Recently on "Britain`s Most Historic Towns" Prof Alice Roberts showed off the oldest football in the world found at Stirling Castle. By the 17th century the game was popular across Scotland, and the Scottish Football Association was created in 1873. (So much for "Football`s Coming Home: Frank Skinner!)

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Why are we called the PARS ?

One perennial question, which comes up from fans of other clubs; is why we are called "the Pars" ?

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recovery in Scottish Football

There are the green shoots of recovery in Scottish Football today. Debt is being reduced. More people per head of the population watch Football here than in any other European nation. In the last few years nine clubs out with the Old Firm have won a Cup.

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Yes Minister

In "Yes Minister" ,when Jim Hacker is inundated by correspondence; Bernard Woolley says he will send official replies.He explains that there are those where "the matter is under consideration"(ie we`ve lost it) and "the matter is under active consideration"(we are trying to find it).

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The Heath Robinson contraption

That Heath Robinson contraption the The Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup (the attraction formerly known as Irn Bru, B and Q, Bells, Alba, Ramsdens and Petrofac) is underway again. Unfortunately (fortunately?) for the Pars after the result at the weekend, , which confounded the odds on the sportsbetting24 site, they do not need to worry about it.

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Is betting on Dunfermline a good prospect this season?

Dunfermline Athletic have endured a tough start to the new campaign and already in a bitter battle to avoid relegation back to Scottish League One. Stevie Crawford did just enough last term to save the club from the drop, although a poor end to the campaign almost resulted in relegation.

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Which books about the Pars do you have in your bedroom?

Certain books immediately come to mind such as "Into The Valley"; "Black And White Magic"; "Premier Bound" ; "The Giant That Awoke"; "Simply The Best .Dunfermline Athletic Greats".You may know of others.

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A Place in League 1

There should not be a place for a club as big as Dunfermline Athletic in League 1, which many fans call the Seaside League. They are better described as Community Clubs.

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Teams in the Bible

With us meeting QOS this weekend, someone will point out that Queen Of The South is the only Scottish Football club to appear in the Bible ( Luke 11:31) , though Hearts are mentioned a lot( Philippians 4:7) while Hibs are not.

In reality, on a rainy afternoon, if you are bored, you can also find Forest, Palace, Hammers, Spurs, Arsenal, Bury, Reading and Corinthians.

Though QOS alone are the subject of a sentence.

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The Four Kings

In football, History has an uncanny knack of repeating itself. It was Jim Leishman who coined the phrase "selling an Ace to buy four Kings". Are you able to identify the Four Kings ?

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Dumbarton vs DAFC Friendly CANCELLED


It is the second Pre-Season Friendly of the summer, as Stevie Crawford`s men travel West, to face Dumbarton on Tuesday evening.

The match is available to view online on ParsTV, with those within the UK also eligible to view, as this is not an SPFL licenced fixture.

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