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Live Updates: SPFL Championship: DAFC v Greenock Morton
By dafc.net - Sat, 10th Dec 2016


Dunfermline Athletic
MOFFAT (13)(24)

  2  v  1  

Greenock Morton


  Ref: Stephen Finnie
  Crowd: 3101  Position: 9th

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Thank goodness that whistle went..

Thankss for reading folks, we can go home singing the night.

Have a great rest of weekend. Over n oot Buffy xx

Long ball down the wing, in to Gunning then to Gaston ahead of Farid.



Long ball from the ton free kick. FOrdyce heads to moff, then to RyanW.

Long ball towards Farid but he has to chase.

Morton forward with Forbes but he runs out of steam. Pars throw in.

Im typing Oye cos by the time I type his full name oot he`s halfway doon the field.

Ball to the head of Rusell, away to Moff on nhis own ball taken off him well and Moff is yellow carded for responding in a naughty manner. Tch tch tch.

Morton pressing. Foul on Herron in the box but he is helped up by Talbot. Finnie makes sure he is ok before giving the ball to Murdoch,

Huge amount of singing by the pars fans as excitement builds to the final whistle. Offside flag up for Oye.

higgy to Farid, goes behind to Gaston who clears high and long. Through to Oware, then to Russell and its back to Higgy oTo Moff in the box and he is tripped up. No penalty says Finnie. Ball cleared by gaston.

Spare goes to Murdoch. Long ball to the head of Fordyce. Out to RyanW then to Moff. Over the byline unfortunately for a Morton throw in. Let`s keep this going Pars. We need a win!

Goes to Gaston, down to MvcMullan and a crunching ball off Talbot by Oye. We heard it everywhere.

Free kick Morton 45 yards out after a foul by McMullan.

Taken quickly, its down to Fordyce but a powerful long pass by Forbes heads for the exits as does as some of the Morton fans.

Morton throw in. OWare to Russell but out for another. McDonagh to Russell, blocked shot by Talbot and over to Tidser. Out wide to Forbes and down the wing by RyanW. In to Farid back to Ryanw.

Good run, short to Higgy chips to Farid and he trips in the box. Cleared to OWare and Moff has to chase a spare

Long ball to the pars half. Morton throw in.

Sub for Pars off is Clark replaced by El Alagui.

Finnie having a word with Murdoch - your guess is as good as mine - and he clears long to the Morton half. Pars singing. Forward to Clark, blocked but out wide to McMullan crosses tro the near post and saved well by Gaston.

Forbes to take, curls round, headed behind and out for RyanW. Long pass to Moffat who has to chase but Gaston clears ahead. Morton take it back. Up to OWare, in to Tidser who knocks into Nat after decking Clark and goes to ground. He is up but Morton have a free kick 40 yarsd out.

Long to the box and an offside flag up;

Morton in our half. Gunning to Oliver. Then to Forbes. Out wide to McDonagh and he is fouled by McMullan. Free kick Morton 30 yards out.

Ash heads down a spare but Morton are forward. Oye cant get past Ash and it`s a pars throw deep in our half.

Talbot to the head of Clark, goes to the right and its off to Clark. In to Higgy but its too soft and Morton take it away.

Out wide with Gunning, in to Oye and he is blocked in the pars box. Away to Moff in to McMullan then to Clark in the box and a tight touch by Gaston at the right hand box keeps the ball out.

Spare to Moff, headed behind and then forward to Morton. Free kick after a foul by McMullan and Morton lose out on a corner after a good block by Fordyce.

Higgy to take. Clark up.

Long free kick and curls round the left hand post.

Sub for Morton off is Andrew Murdoch on is McAleer.

A stoater of a shot on goal by Forbes is stopped by Murdoch and he hoofs it to Moff. Out wide to Higgy good run crosses in and ovdr the head of mcMullan. Clark cant get there either but picks up the spare and is taken out by McDonagh and is shown a yellow card only. He should have been gone for that. Clark still down. Free kick Pars 15 yards out on the right hand side.

Moff has to chase a spare as the ball heads down field but Gaston clears ahead of him. Out to Talbot but his pass to McMullan is poor and then there`s a crunching foul by Wedderburn on O`Ware. No card but a free kick for the visitors 45 yards out.

Stopped by Fordyce. On the wing to RyanW who fouls and its a free kick to Morton. Finnie takes it back two feet. No words to describe this idiot in the middle. Stopping play instead of letting it flow.

Seriously cold now.

I can chitter for Scotland.

Free kick to Morton in the centre circle. Foul by Moff. Taken quickly. Out wide and the Ton have a throw in. Russell cant keep it in. RyanW to take the pars throw in.

From the right it`s Higgy Right footed cross headed away by Forbes, and down to RyanW. Now to Talbot but he mis hit and its on to Gaston.

Throw in for Pars deep in the Morton half.

Talbot cant get it to Moff. Back to Talbot but it`s over the byline further down the wing. Long ball to McDonagh and out. Talbot to McMullan. Over to RyanW. Great crosses in and headed behind for a pars corner.

Down to the halfway line for O#`Ware. In to MvMullan and a free kick for Morton after Wedderburn takes out Forbes. Ooya he was lucky not to get carded for that.

low free kick, blocked at the near post, dosn to the halfway line for the men in yellow.

Over to Nat, down to Moffat, good run giges to Higgy and his cross is rebounded out for a corner to the pars.

Free kick with Fordyce again. Moff cant get through but penalised for swiping at Gunning whilst clearing the ball. Soft yellow card.

Long free kick by Gaston. Deep in the pars half.

Short to Higgy, on to McMullan his cross is blocked and shouts for a handball by Oyanegua. Free kick Pars on the halfway line. Fordyce takes.

Long ball to the head of O`Ware, down to Oye and then to Gaston from Gunning. He hoofs it long and the offside flag is up for Oye.

Long ball to Forbes and on to Oyenuga, after a poor pass by McCabe. it`s cleared from the pars half by Fordyce and down for a Pars throw in at the NW.

Williamson to take.

Talbot to Clark long pass to McMullan down to Williamson but his good run ends in a slide on the byline and a goal kick to Morton.

Gaston, in Irn Bru orange, hoofs it to the half way line. Down to O`Ware but he cant keep it in. Pars throw in. Talbot to Moff but it goes behind. Out for another Pars throw in.

It was Herron and Fordyce who clashed but theyre back up now.

Russell earns a yellow card for a foul on Higgy arguing not being given a free kick after a trip 2 seconds before. Higgy takes the free kick for the pars, 40 yards out but goes as far as Gaston.

Crowd 3,101

From the right it`s a right footed cross, Fordyce heads it down and there`s a clash of heads and play has stopped.

I cannae feel my fingers so apologies for the spelling mistakes.

Long throw in. Headed down by McCabe. Forward to Wedderburn. Out wide for Oliver, taken off him by McDonagh crosses to Nesbitt and Fordyce puts it out for a corner.

Free kick taken quickly, down to the NW byline snd out for a Morton throw in.

Sub for Pars off is Duthie on is Ryan Williamson

Gaston has to clear and then saves an incoming ball from 35 yards out by Moff. Nae chance and an easy save.

Spare through to Oyenuga, in to the pars box for a diving Forbes who earns a yellow card from Finnie.

From the right its a low cross cleared by Higgy down the far wing to Moff , in to McMullan on his own through and tripped up on the 18 yard line. Tackled well and it`s back to Morton. In to the centre and Clark has a high feet challenge. Nothing given and the spare goes to Gaston.

I`m chittering, sneezing and coughin for Scotland now. The wind chill has dropped considerably.

Free kick for Morton 40 yards out after an offside call. Down to the pars box crossed in and Fordyce puts it behind for corner.

A good build up near the Ton goal but McCabe cant get through. Morton throw in. Down to Oyenuga. In ot the middle for McMullan but he cant keep it.

St Mirren 1 - 0 Rovers

Ton to our half, with Oliver.

McMullan again, through to Higgy who is fouled. From our own half Fordyce takes the free kick.

Goes long and out of play over the NW byline.
Ton throw in, down to Oyenuga. now to Russell forward to McCabe and his clearance goes to O#Ware. Through to Oyeanau in front of goal, a tremendous stop by Murdoch`s legs from a few yards out and a good clearance to the pars who are deep in the morton hjalf.

Moffat to Talbot, over to McMullan turns and a gopod run and a fab shot to the goal with Gaston saving then dropping behind him but not over the byline. Jeez I was aff ma seat there!

Ton throw in at the nearside wing. Goes nowhere. throw in for the pars after The Roy Barry Fan Club slides a Tunnoch`s caramel log along the wee shelf for me.

Goes long and naewhere.

Morton starting off strong this half.

Down to McMullan but his cross out wide is poor and the Ton have it back momentarily after an invisble player touched Talbot. He tripped on his own but we have the free kick. Murdoch to take.

Pars kick off this half playing towards the Norrie.

Away we go!

Long ball from the centre circle straight through to Gaston. He punts it high and long. Oyenuga down after a push but Finnie does nothing. A clearance off our goal line by Talbot after a great cross by Forbes from the right hand side of the box.

Sub for Pars off Herron on is Nat Wedderburn

Scottish Premiership

Aberdeen 0 - 0 St Johnstone
Dundee 0 - 0 Ross County
Inverness 0 - 1 Hamilton
Motherwell 0 - 0 Killie
Rangers 1 - 0 Hearts

Halftime scores in the Championship

Ayr 0 - 1 Dundee United
Falkirk 1 - 1 QOS
Hibs 1 - 0 Dumbarton
St Mirren 0 - 0 Raith Rovers

Stephen Finnie being booed off the pitch. Nae wonder.

Morton forward again but the half time whistle goes.



Jamie Lindsay went off and was replaced by Tidser - says my man "McDuffelCoat" on the Morton podcast!

Corner for Morton after a stramash at the NW / Norrie corner flag.

From the left its straight into the hands of Murdoch.

Low ground clearance by Gaston to Gunning. Long pass to the pars half and out for a Morton throw in. Down to the halfway line for Russell. Gunning gives it back. Russell to Tidser - no idea when he came on and no idea who came off.

Duthie takes a throw in. Long to Moff, good chip but its nowhere near the Ton box and goes behind for a goal kick.

Throw in Morton. Herron to Moff, now to Higgy on the left. In to Herron but the visitos have it back.

A good build up by the Ton frontmen and McDonagh slipped it past our defenders and Murdoch into the bottom left hand corner of the net.

Fordyce heads down a spare, on to Moff who is a mere few yards from the Ton keeper but Gaston handles it well. Short to Gunning back to Gaston and on to the head of Forbes. Herron loses it to Russell and it`s Ton who are pressing. Forbes to McDonagh who slots the ball home from a few yards out.

Pars 2 - 1 Morton

Moff slips as he takes a long pass, but kept hold of the ball for a few seconds before Russell pounced. On to Murdoch and he hoofs it to the head of Moff, dsown to Clark but goes to Gaston first. Out for a Ton throw in after Talbot cant run fast enough.

Headed down and away to Clark on to Duthie but his pass to Talbot on the right hand side is too tight.

Clark is offside as he makes his way to the ton half. Free kick Morton with Gunning to take.

Long to the head ot Talbot and out for a pars throw in after he was knocked over en route.

Long high punt from our keeper, down to Higgy but headed to Russell. Forward to Oyenuga and rebounds out for a Ton throw in deep in the pars half.

Away to Higgy, good pass to Moff on his own, loses it to Russell and away to O`Ware.

Throw in for Ton after a gentleman`s throw, and it goes out for a pars throw in.

Down to the feet of Gunning, overhead pass to Russell and on to the feet of Oliver. Shouts of handball by the NW - we should take their word for everything min - but on to Murdoch.

Quitongo has gone off injured - and is being replaced by Oyenuga.

A stretcher on for Quitongo. Hope he`s ok.

I apologise for being a tad late in arriving today - I have a new toy at home. For all you cheeky beggars oot there with durty minds I`m talking about an iPad Air I won in a competition. It`s fab and I``ve no watched telly for the past 48 hours!

Pars players taking on water while I`m contemplating wearing a vest under me jammies the night.

The ball was played upfield, and on to Gaston. Play stopped to allow Quitongo to receive treatment. May have been a nasty drop after his dive over Murdoch.

Quitongo does a magnificent Olympic dive in the pars box, past Murdoch, and he is off injured on the byline. Murdoch is the one coicidentally who is signalling the ref to Quitongo.

Herron was only complaining that the ref didnt play the advantge.

From the right it`s Higgy. Low cross to the box, returned and Stephen FInnie has called it back. Corner to be taken again. No idea why.

Again Higgy this time high ball into the box and Gaston`s hands.

Higgy on the end of a lovely pass from McCabe, in to Clark and his shot on goal is blocked. Yellow card for Herron for complaining about a free kick not taken in the right place. Absolute howler from Stephen Finnie. Pars free kick after a foul on Herron.

Free kick by Higgy 3 yards out down to MOff in front of goal, blocked shot and out for another pars corner.

Murdoch to take.

I asked Sean earlier if he would be up for taking any penalties for us..... if no, I`d dae it nae bother.

Clark on the end of Gaston`s hoof. Down to Quitongo, handball and a free kick to the pars in front of the NW faithful.

From the left it`s Higgy. Right footed cross, down to Fordyce and his header is just past the right hand post.

Long punt from Gaston to Quitongo. Down to a running Moff, on his own in the Ton half. Short to Higgy good run through to Herron in the box takes it past the Ton defence and wins the pars first corner of the match.

Long ball to the centre. Higgy chests it down. Long ball up the near wing to a running Clark but the offside flag is up for him despite it being nowhere near an offside position. In fact the flag was raised after the ball was over the byline. Bizarre.

A fresh air kick by Talbot in front of the pars goal saw the Ton`s confidence rise and a shot on goal from Forbes is saved well by Murdoch.

Re-start and the Ton are in the Pars half. A good pass by Forbes to Lindsay but stopped by Ash. Long ball down the near wing to Clark, on to Higgy turns but is tackled well by Nesbitt. Another good stop on the right by Talbot and the pars have another shout for a penalty as the balls comes off Clark in the box but again nothing given.

Another defensive mishap for the Ton and I think it was O`Ware who was at fault for allowing Moffat to get through on the left hand side. A double for our no.9 and the pars fans are ecstatic.


Higgy has pink boots on. Bless.

Free kick Murdoch. Long ball towards MOff but he is covered and it`s on to Gaston. Oliver pings it down to the head of Ash and Mof on his own and puts it through the legs of Gaston...


Long punt to the left hand side again and over Higgy. He gets a second touch but Ton forward. Out wide with Lindsay but returned by Ash. Forward to MOff in the box but he is covered. Ball to Lindsay and forward by Oliver. Out for a Ton throw in. Russell to take.

Short to Gunning, awaty to Ash who is fouled and is down on the deck but nothing given.

Spare to McMullan and he is shouldered over the byline but Finnie stands and looks. He eventually calls on the pars physio for Ash. He is limping off.

Goes nowhere but out for a pars throw in. Long to O`Ware who passes it wide. Long ball from Gunning and again it goes nowhere but on to Murdoch.

Long ball goes over Higgy`s heid and out for a Ton throw in.

If we were awarded a penalty we want to sing "swap it for a corner!"

Anyhoo, back to play. Free kick to the Ton after a foul 35 yards out. I was too busy gabbing to my colleague Eric to see who fouled who.

Short ball through to Oliver and his shot on goal from the left hand side is over the bar. Goal kick Murdoch.

Long ball to the head of Duthie, down to Higgy turns out wide up the wing to Clark and a cracker of a run to the Ton box before being fouled. A clear foul but nothing given by Stephen Finnie.

Ton have it back, with Nesbitt. In to the middle for the custard shirted players. Out wide to the left for O`Ware and a throw in for the pars as he can`t keep it behind Talbot.

Murdoch to the head of Higgy on the left, in to MOffat but away to O`Ware and on to Gaston.

Oliver through to the pars box and would have been in a good position to get an equaliser except for the pesky assistant referee on the NW byline.

Re-start and it`s a throw in for the Pars after the Ton can`t get it downfield. That`s shut their fans up and got ours singing!

A defensive error by Gunning to Gaston who came off his line to uplift the ball and Moffat was right there in the right place and toed it in to the net.



Goes nowhere and returned to Gaston. He punts it to the halfway line, and a foul by Talbot on O`Ware. Free kick Morton just inside the pars half.

Lindsay coming back on.

Free kick goes to Murdoch. He hoofs it downfield. A nice touch by Moffat in front of goal past a hapless Gaston and it`s in the net.


Free kick taken by Higgy, to the left hand side of the Ton box, cleared out wide. McCabe with the throw in. Long to hte box Herron in front of goal heads it down after a cross by McCabe, but he is blocked and Morton run to our half.

Play stopped as a Morton player on the deck after a twisted ankle. It`s Jamie Lindsay and the physio is on.

A Pars throw in at the NW.

Talbot to Moffat on his own gives to Higgy shot blocked off Gunning and and down to Duthie. Herron through a cracking stop by the foot of Gaston at the near post and cleared out to the left for the pars who win a free kick, 20 yards out.

From the right it`s a right footed cross, high ino the box and rebounds off Talbot, tried twice by two Morton players, not easy to see their numbers on their shirts but the Pars have it downfield.

Straight down the middle and a good save by Murdoch.

Morton through again after the clearance, and earn a corner.



We just need to work on the ither way roond....

Quitongo tripped up in the pars box by Fordyce (we think)

O`Ware to take


Penalty to Morton

Talbot in to Higgy, on his own, asking for help. I`ll help him get his hair back.

Morton on the left wing, with O`Ware, a Ton throw in and it`s a long one.

Forward to a sliding Nesbitt. Pars throw in.

McCabe knocked down in the throw in, but nothing given. Morton with another throw in this time at the NE. There`s a wee drop of Morton fans housed in the Cowden end. They`re vocal anyway.

Ball forward to Murdoch resplendent in blue who returns it. A long ball goes out over the byline and it`s another Ton throw in.

And we`re off!

Morton pass it upfield to the pars half. Down to the head of Gunning and in to the middle for Moffat and the ball bounces over him. Foul on Mr M and a free kick was taken quickly. It went far to the left hand side and out for a Morton throw in.

Good afternoon from a very lively and windy East End Park for today`s fixture between DAFC and Greenock Morton.

Pars in their blackand white stripes and Morton who kick off this half are in yellow? Custard yellae.


Dunfermline_Athletic: Murdoch Talbot Duthie Ashcroft Herron Fordyce McCabe Clark Moffat McMullan Higginbotham
Subs (not used): Hutton Williamson Wedderburn Paton Cardle Reilly El Alagui

Greenock_Morton: Gaston O`Ware Gunning Oliver Forbes Lindsay Nesbitt Russell McDonagh Murdoch Quitongo (Oyenuga 36)
Subs (not used): McNeill Kilday Lamie Doyle Tidser McAleer

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