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Live Updates: SPFL Championship: DAFC v Falkirk FC
By dafc.net - Mon, 26th Dec 2016


Dunfermline Athletic

  1  v  1  



  Ref: Euan Anderson
  Crowd: TBA

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Thanks for reading folks - Im very cold ! - and I hope you all have a happy new year when it comes.

Over n oot. Buff xx

Falkirk throw in deep in Pars half.

Rebounds off Martin, full time whistle goes.



Murddoch to Paton, then to Kerr over to Martin and cleared long to Paton. On to Talbot who was fouled and he took the free kick very quickly. Ref didnt like that and he was told to take it again.

DOwn to Farid then to Reilly out wide to McMullan crosses to Farid on the 18 yard line but its cleared downfield.

Falkirk in possession in thre a

Past the wall and the right hand post. Goal kick Murdoch.

Murdoch clears ahead of Mchugh but a free kick for the visitors after a foul by Paton. Free kick 30 yards out.

Kinda wish I`d kept my onesie oan unner ma jeans today. Brrrrrr

Pars throw in at the NE.

Paton climbed over and Falkirk have a throw in.

Forward to the pars box cleared by Herron and a shot on goal is wayyyyy over the bar by Mchugh.

McMullan off replaced by Farid.

Clock ticking down to full time.

Ash to McCabe but Paton cant pick up as Falkirk head to our half. Talbot stops it further as Muirhead heads into the ad boards.

Falkirk in our half, cross by Mchugh cleared by McCabe but down to Miller who puts it wide of the pars right hand post. Murdoch with the goal kick.

Corner Falkirk, cleared by Joe.

Sub for Falkirk off is Shepherd replaced by Rankin,

Joe coming off for the pars and is replaced by Paton.

He hoofs it up to Sibbald but Talbot there first. Herron is upended but no foul. Talbot puts it out of play and it`s a corner to Falkirk.

Sub for Falkirk off is Taiwo on is Miller

From the left it`s Sibbald. left footed cross, Murdoch punched clear, and its down to Joe. Over to Reilly, left hand crosses in and straight to the hands of Rogers.

Ash chests down a pass, and it rebounds out for a pars throw in. Martin takes. Mchugh fouls but nothing given.

Falkirk forward with Sibbald and earn a corner.

Sub for Pars off is Moff on is Reilly.

McMullan cant keep the long throw in, and iuts off to Ash. Forward to Sibbald but he is offside as he makes a good run to pars right hand side of goal.

Mchugh to Sibbald, cleared by Ash. Down towards Moff but in to the middle for Taiwo. Out wide to Martin. Throw in Falkirk at the NW.

Baird tries a shot on goal from 35 yards out and it`s nowhere near. Murdoch hoofs upfield.

High ball. Martin heads backwards and Im pretty sure that should have been a falkirk throw in but the ref gives it to us.

Foward to Moff, stopped by Kerr, up to Sibbald who slips. Away to Herron and long to Rogers. Ash heads it down but Falkirk are on their way to our half.

Returned to their own half and on to Rogers.

Moff down the wing, in to Joe bad pass to Geggs but Talbot clears a long pass from Sibbald.

Falkirk throw in. Over to Baird, good run but stopped by Ash. Down to the halfway line.

Forward ball to the attacking half and a leap over the ad boards by Kerr. Murdoch goal kick.

Sub for Falkirk off is Hippolyte on is Mchugh.

Ball forward to Kerr. He is upended on the NE byline but nothing from ref.

Falkirk still have possession, pressing, but Joe clears to Clark on his own. tries a shot but its just a smithereen past the left hand post.

Excellent !

Muirhead to Sibbald, and Martin makes sure of the spare to Murdoch. Falkirk back in possession but lose out at the Pars byline.

Crowd 6,154

McCracken punts but the wind has picked it up. Murdoch to Talbot, high ball to Clark but behind for Shepherd. Out for a falkirk throw in.

Four man Falkirk wall.

Rhys right footed cross off tehe wall and Moff cant get his toe to it despite a try. Falkirk clear and it`s downfield but only to Murdoch who returns it.

from the left it`s Joe.

Right footed cross, its blocked and a handball outside the box earns the pars a free kick 20 yards out.

McCabe to take.

McCracken at the end of Talbot throw in. In to McMullan great ruyn takes it out wide and earns a throw in at the NW.

McCabe to the box rebounds out for another pars corne.r

Kerr to take.

Cleared by Ash. Down to McCabe then to Joe. on a ryun on his own shoots blocked and out wide for geggs. Down to falkirk who cant keep hold of it and Talbot has the throw in in the pars half.

Moff heads it backwards to Clark but he cant get to it as Falkirk hump it forward. Foul on Sibbald - free kick Falkirk 35 yards out.

Rogers hoofs it downfield. Murdch returns it.

Ash to Joe but he cant catch the spare. Ball through to Rogers and he punts it out wide. Pars throw in.

Herron right footed long pass to Ash then to McCabe but he puts it over the bar after slipping.

Free kick Pars after a foul by Baird. Herron to take, 45 yards out.

I see he`s got his wee warm mittens on. Bless him.

Murdoch hoofs it long to the halfway line. Herron to McMullan great stop run to the box and Joe tips it over the bar from 10 yards out.

Falkirk forward, Sibbald in the box and he watches the ball slide past him and the left hand post.

From the left its McMullan to Joe, cross is blocked in the box and Rogers clears it downfield. Talbot to Joe but he is offside.

We are most definitely drowning out the falkirk fans as far as singing is concerned. :-)

Corner Pars.

Murdoch hoofs it long, tempers rising on field.

Throw in for Falkirk at the NW where a massive amount of police and stewards have invaded the NW faithful. Exuberance probably.

Throw in for pars at the NW / Norrie corner.

Herron yellow carded for a foul on Shepherd. Free kick Falkirk from the halfway line. It goes long over the byline.

Re start and the ball goes as far as Murdoch. Both sets of fans singing their hearts out.Fabulous atmosphere.




Handball in the box!





Picked up by Sibbald, long ball back to the pars half and Murdoch handles it.

Down to Ash, long to Moff, tackled on the halfway line and the ball is in the pars half. Cleared by Talbot. Down to McMullan out wide to Msartin crosses to the box and Moff cant get to it.


Short to McMullan.

Taken off him by McCracken, forward to Hippo and a makes a good run but stopped by Joe. Shouts of handball by the Falkirk fans.

Back to Hippo by Sibbald. Foul on Geggs by Hippo. Free kick for the pars in their own half with Murdoch to take.

McMullan to McCabe and a throw in for the pars at the NW. Martin to McMullan, and out for another.

Rogers long to the head of Herron. Free kick Falkirk, 35 yards out after ref sees a foul. Goes to Murdoch who saves ahead of red and white melee in the pars box.

Out wide to Shepherd who pushes Talbot off the ball despite him having it. Nothing from ref.

Murdoch clears to the halfway line.

Long ball curls towards McMullan and he fouls McCracken. Free kick Falkirk in their own half.

Martin to Moff back to Martin, but cant get it back to Moff. Ball to Rogers then to Ash who slips. Good ball to a running Hippo but Joe takes it off him and then he is tackled too. Free kick Pars after Sibbald fouls Talbot. He is shown the yellow card.

Talbot to take free kick from the pars half.

Long to Talbot, out wide to Joe, Falkirk have it in their possession. Down to Sibbald, back to McCracken and the pars cant get forward with Joe pressing.

Pars throw in after Hippo cant keep it in.

We need wider goal posts. Like rugby style ones. Just saying.

Ball to Murdoch from Ash.

Down to Herron, now to Talbot to Ash and forward towards Joe. He is offside and a Rogers takes the free kick.

Long to the falkirk half, they push back but Moff has it on the right hand wing. Forward c rosses in and headed past the left post by Clark from a few yards out.

Free kick again for Falkirk - McMullan fouled Baird. Free kick on the far right wing, 35 yards out.

Cleared in the box and the ref stops play after a push. Free kick Pars with Murdoch to take.

Headed down in the box from Grant but he is blocked and it`s out for a pars goal kick. Murdoch clears long to the halfway line.

Falkirk to kick off this half and away we go!

Heading to the Pars half, out wide by Kerr, forward to Hippo and a free kick already for the visitors. Kerr to take from 40 yards out.

Both teams back out for the second half.

I had a coffee at half time - but didnae drink it, just held the hot cup lol


Could have brought some better weather back with him like lol

I`ve had a nice thank you for the updates by a pars fan sitting ahind me - his name is Andrew and he has come all the way from Australia. I`m fair pink!




From the left it`s Joe./

Headed past the goal by Sibbald, and down to the halfway line. A poor pass by Talbot and its down to Geggan in the pars half.

Throw in for Falkirk.

Sibbald to take.

In to the pars box cleared, out wide, back in falkirk possession.

High feet by Baird but no card. Out wide to McMullan does well past three players, and earns another pars corner.

Sibbald long to Gallacher. He is fouled by McMullan and falkirk have a free kick 40 yards out.

Moff fouls Hippo and a free kick to the visitors with Grant to take.

Long ball to Talbot`s head. Down to Muirhead, forward to Sibbald and into the middle for Grant. Away to Herron, good ball, and into the middle for Clark., He isnt paying attention and falkirk have it away.

High ball comes back and out for another pars throw in.

Long ball, headed down by Ash and cleared by Herron. Long pass to Joe but nowhere near him and Rogers uplifts the spare. Down to Geggan then to McMullan. Back to Geggs, cleared pass by Baird but out wide to Talbot. Back to Geggs then to McMullan and a throw in for the pars.

Rogers takes the free kick, McMullan clears to no one but Clark chases the spar.e. Now to McMullan in the box, cleared cross by Baird then to Hippo and it`s downfield to the pars half.

Falkirk have their first corner.

Ball upfield to Joe on his own, great run to the falkirk box, then to Moff but he has to run backwards and the chance is gone. Free kick to the pars however with a foul on Joe by Baird.

Joe takes, 45 yards out, Moff in the box and the offside flag is up.

Geggan catches the heels of Hippo and Falkirk have a free kick 30 yards out on the right hand side.

Moff chests down a high Falkirk ball in our own half. Out for a throw in to the visitors.

Murdoch plays it short to Geggan, then on to McMullan then Clark great run and a shot by Joe is blocked and Falkirk have it away. Great chance to level the scoring there.

Long to Ashcroft, offside flag up and a free kick to the pars in their own half.

Murdoch hoofs it long to Moff but goes behind. Forward to Baird long ball to Murdoch only.

Free kick Falkirk in their own half after a clash with McMullan and Taiwo. McMullan ok and Taiwo being walked off. Rogers takes.

Long ball headed down by Ash, slips and Falkirk clear it. Down the wing goes Baird, crosses in and cleared by Ashcroft. Only to Sibbald, now to Baird, high ball down by joe, on to Moff but he miss hits and Falkirk clear it long but only to Murdoch.

Joe takes, curls over the wall, and rebounds out for a pars throw in.,

McCabe to take.

Strong wind causing a problem as it goes on to Murdoch no problem.

Herron and Baird in the middle, and a terrible foulo on Clark by Grant means a free kick for the pars 20 yards out on the left.

Joe to take.

Curled in, Moff takes it out wide, crosses over to Geggan and Herron tries a header but slips. Falkirk in possession and hoof it to our half.

Talbot to Herron over to Ash. Back to Herron looks up and oofs it to McMullan. Foward to Moff who is fouled. Free kick Pars 35 yards out on the left hand side.

Murdoch hoofs it to Clark but he cant keep it in. Falkirk throw in and it goes all the way back to Murdoch.

Good job I didnae type in the words I used there.

Hippo to take.

Wall does its job and the rebound goes flying past the right hand post.

Hippo made a good pass to a running Baird but Ashcroft stops it. High ball brought down to the high feet of Sibbald. On to McCracken and out wide for Baird. Good build up happening here. Out to Hippo nd into the box for Baird. Hippo dives like a blooming Olympic swimmer and Falkirk have a free kick 25 yards out.

Falkirk fans have brought their own toilet roll with them and it`s been thrown on the pitch towards their goal area. Awfy nice of them.

Ball out wide. Pars throw in at the NW.

Talbot to Joe`s head but no one up front and it goes on to Rogers.

We had a right blizzard here this morning in the toon - and an hour later it was gone. Boooooo.

It`s bitterly cold. Absolutely freezing. The wind is howling through my four layers!

Murdoch`s hoof headed down by Kerr. On to Sibbald and out wide to Baird. Into the middle and long to the feet of Gallacher. Now Hippo through to Grant but he is offside.

Kerr to take.

Low ball in to the pars box, Talbot clears out wide, but Falkirk still in possession. Ball came close at the near post but behind for a goal kick.

Long ball by Kerr and Falkirk travel to our half.

Good run by Gallacher but he is upended by Clark and Falkirk have a free kick 40 yards out. Ref having a word with oor man. Tch tch tch.

McCabe long throw.

Clark clovered in the box and a shout for a penalty claim by McMullan as he goes down in the box but nothing given.

Frozen fingers! Sorry!

Joe, out to the left. Right footed cross Clark heads it off the bar then Moff off the post and out wide for a Pars throw in!

Throw in Falkirk in their half. Baird long to Sibbald. Over to Talbot who chases a spare but Falkirk head to our half.

Joe gets it back, forward to Moff then to Joe out to McMullan. On the wing takes it othe bopx crosses in and another pars corner.

Peter Grant and Moff both having a word with Euan Anderson - possibly a wee bit sweary words - and play re-starts.

Long ball to Murdoch.

It is battering down here now - and very high winds.

Falkirk forwrd to the pars 18 yard line, cleared out wide to Talbot and forward to Moff. Joe was fouled, but again ref does nothing. Play stops for an injured McCabe in the centre circle. Actually I think his boots have come off him!

Out to the right hand side this time .

Joe, right footed cross, curls high and over everyone. Clark chased and a foul on McCabe goes past the ref whilst a throw in for the pars takes place.

Offside flag up for Joe in the box - ? - and play is stopped. Free kick Falkirk taken by Rogers. Ref having a word with Moff. Dont know why sorry.

Joe takes quickly passes to Clark and just behind for another pars corner.

Long to the pars half.

Oer to Joe. Long to Moff then out wide to McMullan takes it oteh box, turns and out for a pars corner.

Martin to Moff, back to Martin impeded by McCracken but back to Clark who came close with a one on one with Rogers but the Falkirk keeper uplifts it first.

Free kick Pars in their own half. Martin to take.

Long to Moff but it`s behind for Taiwo and out for a pars throw in. Hippo attempted to take it for himself but the ref having a word.

OPars forward with Geggan, cant get to it on the wing, and it;s high into the air for another pars throw in.

Joe took a free kick for the pars after a foul on Martin. It went way past the left hand post.

McCabe with the long throw and it rebounds out for a Falkirk one.

Flares have been thrown over the advertising boards by the falkirk fans and stewards and police are on their way there.

A good build up to a great goal and the visiting fans are on their feet.

Re-start and the pars have it forward to McMullan and a throw in to boot.

From the right it`s Joe. Right footed cross and headed down by McMullan at the left hand post. Blocked on the line and Cleared out wide for a pars throw in.

McCabe towards Moff but he misses it completely and Falkirk take off to our half.

Out wide to Sibbaldf, in to the box for Hippo and he puts it into the net from close range.


Murdoch long to Moffat, in to the middle for Joe but away to Falkirk with Sibbald. Talbot with a pars throw in at the NW.

Short to McMullan who is fouled in front of ref but play on.

Now to McMullan great pass to a running Moff takes it to the Falkirk 18 yard line and his pass is taken off him and out for another Pars corner.

Sibbald forward, into the middle for Kerr and it`s a long pass to Hippo. Throw in for Falkirk deep in the pars half.

Short to Sibbald and a good chance for Muirhead but he sclaffs it past the left hand post from 25 yards out.

Talbot to take. Long to the head of Muirhead. Down to Talbot turns and hits it high. Over to McMullan passes out wide to geggan into the box for a running Clark but it`s on to Rogers who clears downfield.

Talbot to take.

Long ball to Clark but goes just behind. Geggan fouls Hippo and its a free kick to Falkirk 45 yards out. Goes to the right hand side and out for a pars throw in.

No sign of Higgy today - perhaps injured.

Joe from the left again. Right footed cross, high in, headed away by Sibbald, and down to Baird. Cleared long to the pars half. Foul on McMullan just inside the pars half. Free kick Pars.

Taken by Joe again from the left hand side, crossed in and over the heads of everyone in the box. Comes back in, over to McMullan crossed in and another Pars corner.

Long ball towards Clark who cant get his head to it.

Long ball to a running Shepherd but it`s on to Murdoch. Spare to Hippolyte, terrible defending by the pars and only cleared by McCabe. Throw in Pars Moff takes. On to Mcullan his rebounded cross is out for a pars throw in deep in line with the falkirk 18 yard line.

Corner Pars.

Cardle takes and rebounds out for another.

Spare goes to Danny Rogers who hoofs it downfield.

Falkirk on the attack, out wide, cross to the box rebounds off McCabe and out for a throw in. Goes as far as Murdoch.

Nicky Clark centre circle ready to go.

Played short to McMullan and out to the wing. Pars throw in. Martin to McMullan but miss pass to the Falkirk defence who fire it forward to the halfway line.

The Pars kick off this half after winning the toss.


Respected by all.

A massive sound and electric atmosphere greets both teams as they enter the field. The visitors Falkirk FC in their all white outfits are in the away end half whilst the Pars are in their red home strips.

There will be a minute`s applause for Margaret Ross who sadly died on 16th December. Everyone is truly devastated. Rest in Peace Margaret. xx

I hope Santa was good to you all - and you`ve no` eaten aw yer selection boxes!

My twelve year old nephew, Noah, was dismayed to receive his first package of socks from his gran. In a sorry voice he said "Oh, Gran, just what I wanted". lol

His head was doon the rest of the morning in a Dandy annual.

No BBC here today - surprised tbh, however the rugby is on at 4pm - and I`m on my andy tod.

I can tell you right now the pars fans are streaming into the stadium and the main stand, from where I`m sitting, is busy already.

The away stand is pretty busy too!

Good afternoon from a very chilly and windy East End Park for today`s Boxing Day fixture between Dunfermline Athletic and Falkirk FC

Dunfermline_Athletic: Murdoch Talbot Martin Ashcroft Herron Geggan c McCabe Clark Moffat (Reilly 91) McMullan Cardle
Subs (not used): Hutton Williamson Fordyce Paton Wedderburn Reilly El Alagui

Falkirk: Rogers Muirhead McCracken Taiwo Kerr Baird Sibbald Hippolyte (Mchugh 80) Grant Shepherd Gallacher
Subs (not used): Mehmet Kidd Leahy Rankin Gasparotto Miller McHugh

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