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Live Updates: SPFL Championship: DAFC v St Mirren FC
By dafc.net - Sat, 14th Jan 2017


Dunfermline Athletic

1 - 1

St Mirren


  Ref: William Collum (Glasgow)
  Crowd: 4  Position: 6th

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Man of the Match - Kal Higginbotham

Thanks for reading folks - see you next weekend at Alloa.

Keep cosy folks - over n oot, Buffy xx

St Mirren throw in.

Down the far wing and out of play. Pars throw in at the NW.

Talbot to Higgy but he is blocked.

Shot from Irvine is poor and behind for a goal kick. Murdoch hoofs it to Moff but goes behind for Naismith.

St Mirren have it to our 18 yard line, Nat clears and it`s down to Joe.

Nice play to Geggs his cross to the st mirren box is short and the visitors have it downfield.

Out wide for Herron. In to Ash as the full time whistle goes.



Joe getting a few minutes of play.

Ball from Langfield to Geggs head. Out wide for a pars throw in. Fordyce to Clark, down to Nat, high ball towards Moff but over his head. In tothe middel for Higgy then to Moff, then to Nat. Gets it to Herron, great play through to Joe and his shot on goal is blocked. Throw in Pars.

Geggs to Joe, down to Herron but too far. Cleared from the st mirren box down to Fordyce and on to Murdoch.

Pars sub off is McMullan on is Joe.

Nat to Clark back to Nat does well out wide to Herron. On the wing crosses in and headed just past the left hand post by a hair by Clark.

From the right it`s Webste.r

High ball and a melee in the box. Cleared out wide, down to the halfway line for St Mirren and Clark to Herron. Away to HIggy but it`s too far and on to Langfield.

Out wide to Morgan and cleared in front of the pars goal by Fordyce.

Corner St Mirren.

Long ball to Moff, pushed from behind in front of Collum but nothing given. Bsack to Murdoch, down to Herron loses it in the centre circle.

Cleared to the head of Irvine, then to Naismith and away to Clark forward to Moff but two St MIrren defenders ahead.

Talbot loses it out wide and St Mirren are off and running to our half.

Throw in St Mirren at the NW.

Naismith to Storie crosses to Herron`s head, clears to McMullan but Clark cant pick up his long pass.

Forward to Langfield.

Murdoch to take

Clock ticking down, with at least 6 mins left after any injury time I`d say.

Ball to Moff but past him and past Nat too as St MIrren head to our half, good stop by Murodch and Herron eventually takes it out wide. Free kick Pars in their own half after Naismith clashes with Herron.

Right footed cross, low ball, back to Higgy tries to get past two defenders, doesnt work but it`s down to Fordyce. Long ball to Herron in to Geggs, out wide to Higgy and it`s too far and out for a St Mirren goal kick.

Ball to Clark, dowmn to McMullan on his own in to the box and blocked in the box. No penalty sees ref but points to the corner instead.

From the left it`s Higgy.

Naebuddy was stopping that one that`s for sure!

Ref takes it back to 20 yards and it`s a free kick for the pars.

Four man St Mirren wall.

Higgy to take.

Through the wall and just a fraction past the right hand post.

Free kick Pars with Murdoch to take.

Long ball to the head of Webster., On to Moff and a trip on the 18 yard line means a free kick to the pars.

Irvine to Webster, long to Naismith but he is offside.

Throw in for Pars. Talbot to Nat back to Talbot and a long ball to Fordyuce then Geggs. Long pass to Moff he slips, no foul, and cleared by Naismith. Down to McMullan, too tight a pass for Herron and it`s over to Storie who gets it fdownfield. Out wide to Irvine and a shot in front of goal is defended well. Nat clears and the ball is to Clark but it`s too long for our number 37 and St MIrren have it back.

Long to a running Geggs who puts it out for a St Mirren throw in deep in the pars half.

Long ball to the pars half. On to Murdoch.

He shouts for the players to get forward. High ball headed down by Mallan, then cleared by Talbot.

Crowd 4,108

Murdoch hoofs it as I wish I had my simmet on today. Brrrrr the wind is picking up.

Throw in for Pars. Talbot to Herron, loses it and St Mirren get it to our half. Now to Moff, turns gives to Herron. Then to Clark but he loses it and St Mirren head to our half.

Stopped by Ash, up to Moff but too far. Mallan heads down to Loy. Chested down by Naismith, short to Talbot and up to Herron Nice chip to Moff but it`s too short as he made his way to the St Mirren 18 yard line.

Ball to M Mullan and his shot on goal is saved by langfield`s knees as he goes to ground for the low shot.

The NW faithful keeping warm today by dancing. Quite right too.

St Mirren with as poor a chance on goal as Moff did moments ago - naewhere near.

Free kick taken, goes nowhere and is cleared downfield. St Mirren in possession, Nat heads it to Fordyce and it;`s down to Herron. Acros to Moff, tries a shot and it`s wide of the right hand post by a mile.

Sub for St Mirren - off is MacAllister replaced by Kyle Magennis

Play stopped as a St Mirren player needing treatment.

Poor clearance by Langfield sees Moff having a go but he uplifts just in time.

Down to Herron, on his own, nice play and is fouled on the wing. Free kick Pars with Higgy to take from 20 yards out.

Apologies if that wasn`t Moff, I cannae see for the pillar lol

Throw in Pars after the clearance. Geggs to Fordyce, over to Ash and up to Higgs on the wing. Nice run, in to Moff and a ashot on goal is just wide of the right hand post. That was a belter!

From the right it`s Higgy. Right footed cross, high ball and saved well at the near post by Langfield.

Murdoch long to Irvine`s head. Down to Mallan, then to mcMullan and off out wide for Naismith but he cant catch it. Throw in Pars.

Talbot to Naismith. Away to Moff down the wing, throw in Pars.

Talbot to Nat. Down to Geggs then to Fordyce on the halfway line. Forward to the head of Irvine and out for a pars corner.

Dundee United 1 - 3 QoS
Morton 2 - 0 Rovers

St Mirren have another shot on goal this time from 25 yards out and it`s just over the bar.

He puts it short to Fordyce then up to Clark. Then to MOff`s head and an offside flag up on the near side. Free kick St Mirren with Langfield to take.

From the right it`s Irvine.

>Long high ball and saved on the line by Murdoch.

Talbot to Moff, blocked. In to Nat, away to Fordyce who has to chase and no foul on Storie despite raising his arms after he goes to ground.

Corner for St Mirren though after his team mates give chase.

Long from Murdoch. Down to Moff but he cant catch the spare. Pars throw in at the NE.

Talbot to Moff, then to Clark. Gives to Nat, then to Fordyce but his pass through to Higgy was poor. Returned to Irvine and he punts it to Storie. Long to Fordyce and on to Murdoch.

He hoofs it long to Talbot and Higgy cant keep his feet. Throw in Pars though.

Free kick by Naismith 45 yards out.

Lng ball to the pars box and over everyone. Herron keeps it out of play. Murdoch with the goal kick.

Free kick just on the halfway line. Irvine to the head of Mallan. Fordyce heads down, Moff cant catch the spare and a free kick for St Mirren on the left after a foul on Irvine.

Long ball from Langfield to the centre circle.

McMullan tuns and now to Moff on his own gives to MClark tries a backheel to Moff but he doesnt pick up and it`s a free kick to St Mirren after a foul on Irvine by McMullan.

Long to Clark then to McMullan. Ball lost to MacKenzie and out for a pars throw in.

Higgy takes.

Short to Moff and Nat clears it to the halfway line for Fordyce.

Down to Higgy turns runs himself nice backheel by Herron to Higgy and his shot on goal is just past the left hand post by a smidgeon. Ooft!

Ball to St Mirren down to our half. In to Mallan, out to Storie. Back to Mallan short to Naismith who couldnt keep his feet. Free kick as Fordyce is fouled. Talbot to take from the pars half.

Long to Moffat blocked. SHort to Higgy. Turns and Moff gets it back. Great play.

Now to Moff and his shot on goal is poor and short of the right hand post.

Ball to the St Mirren half. In to MOffat over to McMullan but it`s too short and St Mirren are in possession ansd head to our half. Stopped by Nat. Long to the head of Mallan. Out wide to Talbot, crosses in, blocked, away to Webster. Now to Geggan jumps over Irine and out wide to McMullan. Nice play. Into the box for Clark and a diving save by Langfield.

Rocco Quinn is being walked off with an injury on is Lewis Morgan.

Dundee United 1 - 2 QoS

Long ball to Irvine. Down to Talbot and a throw in for the pars at the NW.

Ref needing assistance for Naismith who has overstretched I think on his left ankle.

Morton 1 - 0 Rovers

Lng ball to Irvine. Throw in St Mirren.

Cleared attempt on goal by Talbot and a long spare ball goes to Langfield only.

Short to Moff tutns gives to McMullan then to Higgy ten yards out but he slips. Down to Geggan long ball to Higgy and he falls as he jumps and it`s out past the right hand post.

Long ball from Murdoch to Moff but he is blocked. Down to Mallan and headed back to Murdoch by the head of Talbot.

A bit of backchat by Webster and play is on again. High ball down to Irvine. Out for a Pars throw in.

Langfield down to Webster, and out for a pars throw in.

Talbot to Moff and backwards to Naismith. Up to Mallan, then to Storie and his shot on goal from 25 yards out is soft and an easy save for Murdoch.

Moff was six yards out and didnt get it in .

Im awa to greet.

Out to the right it`s Higgy. Right footed cross, as he digs a hole for the ball, high ball in and a touch by Langfield. Nat cant get the spare as the keeper comes off his line and it`s out wide for Herron but he loses it and St Mirren rush to our half. Out wide for Webster and a good ball by Talbot. Down to Clark on his own gets poast two defenders into tyhe box and Moff puts it behind as he closes the gap to the St Mirren box.

Langfield to the head of Talbot. Long to Moffat on his own, and a corner for the pars.

Talbot to Moff, challenged and it`s St Mirren to Nat. Up to Herron, out to Moff chips it to CLark and he slides in the box, McMullan loses out on a corner as he attempts to slide the ball off Naismith at the left hand post.

Murdoch to Fordyce who punts it downfield. MOff cant keep his feet in the centre circle and it;`s on to Langfield with Clark chasing. He hoofs it out wide. Pars throw in.

Falkirk 1 - 1 Ayr
Dundee United 1 - 1 QOS

Free kick St Mirren after Collum sees a foul - not sure where - but they take it from the centre circle on the pars side.

Irvine takes.

Long to the pars box, headed down by Webster and off to the halfway line chased by Naismith.

Back down to the pars box crossed in by Naismith but way past the right hand post and into the crowd.

He hoofs it long , with the St Mirren fans singing , all the way through to Murdoch.

Free kick Pars after an offside flag up and Murdoch takes.

Long to MOffat into the Langfield with Clark nearby.

A well taken corner not cleared and Mackenzie waiting at the left hand post to head it down in to the net past a hapless Murdoch.

Gary McKenzie puts the ball into the net from close range from the corner.


Back to the game and we`re off for the xzecond half.

A shot on goal from just outside the box for St Mirren is bounced high off Murdoch and out for a corner.

Pars throw in as the clock ticks down to halftime.

Talbot to Naismith.



Fordyce took but it`s way too far for anyone to catch. St Mirren throw in.

Naismith to the head of Sutton. Out for another further into the pars half.

Naismith to Talbot who clears long. Down to Webster kept back and gives it away but Clark cant get there. Long to Webster who has to give iut to Langfield chased by Clark.

HIgh ball to Nat, down to Higgy and it`s a chase by Ash and Nat. Into the middelf or McMullan then to Herron and on to Nat. Out wide to McMullan great ball down the wing he goes in to the 18 yard line and tackled well by Webste.r Moff chips it to Herron but it`s too tight and St Mirren clear it.

Fordyce long to the head of Herron and down to Higgy who has lost it to Naismith. In to the middle for Quinn, down to Higgy who clears from the pars 18 ayrd line and this time it`s a yellow for Webster as he fouls Herron. Jesus im running out of free kick mentions!

Mallan again.

Higher ball this time and cleared down to MOff on a run to the St MIrren half. Fouled and a yellow card for a bad mouthing Rocco Quinn. Free kick Pars inside their own half.

Moffat clears with his head but it`s out the other byline and another corner for St Mirren.

From the right it`s Mallan.

Right footed cross curls in and past the right hand post for yet another corner.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes , the cold is kicking into the auld fingers.

Mallan takes the corner and it`s off the post and cleared by Herron. Another corner for the visitors.

Higgy to take.

Right footed cross, low in and headed clear by Naismith. Ball to MacKenzie, nice pass out wide to Storie on a good run to the poars box amd it`s a close call as his cross goes past the left hand post and out for a corner.

Fordeyue to McMullan then to Geggan who is upended by Webster. Free kick Pars 20 yards out on the left hand side.

Re-start and the Pars have it in possession. Long ball from Nat to the chest of Quinn and he gives it to Langfield.

Through to Herron bumps into Webster and it`s a foul by Ash on Loy. Free kick in the St Mirren half. Webster to Storie`s head and on to Murdoch. Long ball to Moffat out wide, good ball and he is eventually stoppped but the pars have a throw in.

Come on ye Paaaaaars!

Fabby taken penalty by Higgy

Pars 1 - 0 St Mirren

Higgy to take


Deep in the pars half it`s Webster to the head of Fordyce. Now to Ash high ball clearance to the head of Naismith. Down to Ash but he cant get there first. Away to McAllister over to Herron and a good pass to McMullan out wide. Booed by the St Mirren fans. Down to Higgy then to McMulan and a PENALTY to the pars as he is brought down in the box.


Higgy to take.

It`s no wonder St Mirren are struggling at the foot of the table if that`s how they`re playing.

Low ball in cleared by Naismith and it`s away to Fordyce. Cleared to Higgy in to Herron but he slips and St Mirren have it away downfield with McAllister. In to Storie and on to Ash then to Murdoch. He clears it out wide and it`s a throw in to St Mirren.

McMullan is up thankfully.

Free kick Pars taken by Higgy down to McMullan tripped up again but nothing given this time.

Geggan is then fouled. Tempers rising here at East End Park.

Free kick Pars 35 yards out down the middle

From the right it`s Higgy.

Right footed cross low in, cleared at the near post, down to Naismith and away to Loy with a good run to the pars half. Taken off him by Ash and out for a Pars throw in. Wooft the atmosphere is electric here as the pars fight back from a mainly St Mirren possession.

Talbot to Ash and over to Fordyce. Cleared long by Geggan on to MOff and he trips in the box right in front of the ref but nothing giveb, ANother terrible foul thius time on McMullan on the far left wing and a free kick and a yellow card for Webster. Terrible refeering by McCollum especially the penalty claim.

Clark wins a corner for the pars as the clearance was poor from Webster.

Long hoof from Langfield to Mallan. Loy takes it up field and a cross to Sutton egde of the pars box. Away by Moff and gives out wide to McMullan in oteh st mirren box round rthe defnfder and Clark misses the chance to put it away from a few yards out on his own.

Dumbarton 0 - 1 Hibs

Low ball to the 18 yard line, McMullan goes a tumbling and it`s down to Moffat to Clark and a shot on goal is just over the bar.

Fordyce to Ash and on to Murdoch. Long ball to McMullan who is held back. Free kick Pars 45 yards out on the left hand side.

Higgy to take.

Ash returns to Murdoch who hoofs it long to the head of Naismith ahead of Clark.

Out for a St Mirren throw in.

Naismith to the chest of Mallan. Over to McMullan who is fouled. Free kick in the pars half. Fordyce takes., long to the head of MacKenzie and out of play for a pars throw in at the NW.

I hope it didnae ping back and splat him across the face!

Ball from Langfield to the centre. On to Murdoch with no danger.

Fordyce to Higgy back to Fordyce and no corner for the pars as Fordyce kicks the corner flag in frustration.

Long ball to Clark who has a hand across his neck by MacKenzie. Nothing given - seriously no need for this block tactic.

Ash to Fordyce long ball towards a running Clark to the St Mirren 18 yard line but out wide for McMullan. Falls at the byline but wins a throw in for the pars.

Long hoof to Clark. He is blocked, and held, but nothing given. St Mirren throw in.

Webster to Mallan who is upended by Nat but nothing given.

Moffat pushed in the back by Webster and the ref eventually gives us a free kick for it.

Murdoch to take.

Murdoch to the head of Mallan. Down to Herron who is upended by Storie and it`s a free kick to the pars. It was taken quickly but the ref has brought it back.

Fordyce to take from just inside the pars half.

Long to the head of Webster, down to Nat and in to the centre for Moffat but he cant get there.

Away to Loy high ball to the head of Geggan and nodded forward to Murdoch by Fordyce.

St Mirren have a cross across our box and their second corner in this first half.

From the right it`s Webster headed down by Fordyce and cleared out for a Pars goal kick.

Clark cant get the pass through to Moffat and it`s down to Murdoch with a short pass to Ash.

He punts it to Higgy then to Moffat who has to chase and St Mirren take it out wide then up to Higgy but Talbot loses it then Wederburn gets it back then to Higgy from Talbot and a loose ball ends with Langfield. They need to try and keep their feet as that`s where the loose passes are coming in thick and fast.

Langfield clears it upfield. Forydce has a touch as does Loy but it`s St Mirren who lose it to Talbot.

He runs down the wing is knocked into and on to MOffat . Collum let the play run after the foul on Talbot but eventually stops play for backchat.

Throw in St Mirren. Naismith to Loy who goes down in the box but the pars have it away downfield with Higgy and Geggan. Throw in Pars at the halfway line.

Murdoch long punt to the NE. Throw in for St Mirren.

Webster back to the halfway line for Irvine and his pass is poor and on to Murdoch. He hoofs it past Sutton and into the St Mirren half.

Headed down by Webster. High kicked by Loy. Down to Higg then Clark and his ball through to Moffat is blocked but a chance for a pars corner is deemed not by Willie Collum as the ball rattled off the legs of Webster.

Dundee United 1 - 0 QoS

Murdoch to Mallan. Long to Fordyce and back to Murdoch. Sun in his eyes as he punts it forward. Out for a St Mirren throw in at the NW.

Webster to Fordyce over to Geggs. In to Wedderburn but he cant get to it.

Storie gives it away to Fordyce and Talbot cant get to the end of his pass. Away to Storie and a shot on goal is way past the right hand post.

Naismith throw in. Long to Sutton returned by Ash. Moffat cant get to the end of his pass and it`s gone long out of play into the pars half. Talbot throw in.

Long to Higgy headed backwards to Naismith and into the middel for Moffat then over to a running Geggan. Short to McMullan but a poor pass and it`s out of play. Pars throw in however. Fordyce to Loy and a good pass to McAllister left of the pars box and rebounds off Talbot for a St Mirren corner.

Taken quickly, McAllister pings it off McMullan but it`s out over the bar.

Naismith to Sutton who heads down to the Main stand corner but it`s out of play. On to Murdoch.

The sun is shining on the Cowden end but no one in it today.

Returned ball to Murdoch.

Long high ball to Higgy who loses his footing and goes head over err derriere.

Langfield in neon yellow boots it to the head of Ash. Out for a St Mirren throw in which goes nowhere and it`s on to Talbot for a pars throw in.

Moffat is leaned upon but it`s another pars throw in.

Talbot to Ash, hoofed away by Webster and on to Murdoch. He clears to Moffat but it bounces in front of him. Down to Geggan who clears down the wing. Handball shout for Loy on McMullan but nothing given.

Higgy out wide chases McAllister and loses out on a throw in.

From the right it`s Higgy.

Rght footed cross in and falls to Herron and Ash tries to get it closer but puts it over the bar from 20 yards out.

Ball to Clark gfrom Geggan and Moffat wins a corner after he rattles the ball off the legs of Langfield.

Mallan takes, right footed cross, low in and headed out by Talbot. Throw in St Mirren.

Naismith to the chest of MacKenzie. Does well and fends off Higgy. Low ball in from Loy and it`s away to Murdoch with no danger.

Naismith to the head of Sutton, and Talbot trips up Loy. Free kick St Mirren deep in the Pars half, 30- yards out on the left hand side.

Murdoch hoofs it high to the head head of Quinn. Storie brings down Herron and Murdoch takes a free kick.

Long to the head of Quinn, and up to Loy. Back to the St Mirren half an out for a pars throw in.

Higgy ttakes on two players, but it`s away to Wedderburn and out for a St Mirren throw in.

Short to Irvine and back to Naismith but he gets it only as far as Murdoch.

Murdoch in bright blue today with fetching green boots. He hoofs it long to the halfway line. Herron cant keep his feet and St Mirren have it away with a throw in. Naismith to Talbot who heads it out of play ahead of Sutton.

Naismith with another throw in.

St Mirren are downfield into the pars half. A cross to the pars box sees a defensive header for Ash and he is down on the deck after a clash. Being looked at by other players but up on his feet now.

Free kick St Mirren after a foul out wide. It goes long past the left hand post.

A good chance for the visitors to open the scoring after a minute played. A well taken free kick by new signing Rory Loy.

Murdoch hoofs it downfield and a free kick to the Pars after a push in the back by Storie on Fordyce.

Free kick by Higgy 40 yards out on the right hand side.

Right footed shot and a straight header from Ash to the hands of Langfield.

Loy takes over the wall and just a smidgeon past the right hand post.

Ball played out wide, down to the feet of Ashcroft who punts it high into the air. Free kick for St Mirren after a push from McMullan on Mallan.

Free kick 35 yards out down the middle.

Toss of the coin sees the teams change ends and it will be the Pars facing the Norrie this half and they kick off too.

In the centre circle it`s McMulan and Herron with Moffat to the side.

Away we go!

Both teams make their way out to the field, led by the ref for today`s game Willie Collum.

St Mirren in their red away tops, white shorts and red socks.

The Pars in their black and white tops, black shorts and black socks.

The Norrie and the North West are filling up nicely too.

It is very cold - and the snow is lying around the edges of the pitch but the pitch itself looks fine. The undersoil heating has been on - by the time 4pm comes around I`ll be hoping someone`s worked oot how to get it into the main stand....

The main stand is filling up and the North East is getting full with St Mirren fans who have made a not so easy journey to Fife today. The west coast has had major snowfall so I`d imagine it`s been a bit of a hike until getting to the main roads.

Kudos to them making it anyway. I`m fairly sure they`ll make plenty of noise.

I`ve got Tam McManus next to me today. I got my New Year kiss and hug.

Tbh I should have left it until Valentine`s Day and got the lippy on!

and Craig Storie

Signing news through the week for the Pars:

From a very brief stint at Aberdeen FC we have Callum Morris back in the team.

John Herron and Paul McMullan have signed an extension to their contracts to remain until the end of the season.

For the visitors, St Mirren have signed Rory Loy and Pal Fjerde

Good afternoon from a very cold Winter`s day at East End Park with me Buffy,chittering as per usual. Today`s SPFL Championship fixture sees visitors St Mirren play the Pars.

Dunfermline_Athletic: Murdoch Talbot Ashcroft Fordyce c Herron Geggan Wedderburn Clark Moffat McMullan (Cardle 90) Higginbotham
Subs (not used): Hutton Martin Morris McCabe Reilly El Alagui

St_Mirren: Langfield Naismith Irvine Webster c MacKenzie (Magennis 80) Quinn (Lewis Morgan 60) Sutton Mallan Loy Storie McAllister
Subs (not used): Willison Clarkson Baird McLear Fjelde Magennis

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