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Live Updates: SPFL Championship: DAFC v Dundee United
By dafc.net - Sat, 28th Jan 2017


Dunfermline Athletic

1 - 1

Dundee United


1 Nat Wedderburn

4 Durnam

  Ref: Andrew Dallas
  Crowd: TBA  Position: 6th

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QOS 0 - 1 HIBS

Thanks for reading folks. See ye next weekend.

Over n oot Buffy xx



Free kick Pars 35 yards out at the NW byline.

Joe to take.

Long ball and Reilly cant get to the left hand post as the full time whistle goes.

Nothing else he could do with it.

From the left its curled in,. over everyone, and out wide.

Cleared to Durnam away to Talbot and downfield to the halfway line for Der Struijk. Now to Flood in to Andreu and way to Clark. Great run down the far wing, on his own, fouled by Durnam and a free kick and a yellow card.

Clock ticking down.

Murdoch long to Reilly but he cant get to it. Talbot and Nat do well and its off to MOrris who puts it behind for a United corner.

Talbot clears a spare, down to Clark on his own great run down to Reilly but Zwick off his line quickly. Clears downfield. Picked up by Nat, good run down to Talbot long ball down the nearside wing. Ends with Mikkelsen and onwards to Morris then to Murdoch.

Joe to Clark in to Hoppy chips it on goal and zwick puts in a close shot save. Fantastic atmosphere here at East End Park with end to end stuff.

Durnam to take.

Long ball to Edjen takes on Talbot but Talbot clears to Reilly. Out wide takes it inside and out wide to Geggan. Down to Reilly back to Hoppy and now to Nat. Chips it to Morris then to Geggan nice trn and box to Reilly in the box and his shot is blocked whilst he slid to the left hand post.

United fans making their way out as the pars fans sing the praises of their team.

Long ball from Murdoch to Ash who puts it out of play as he is being chased backwards. United throw in.

From the left it curls in, punched out again by Murdoch and over the bar with a rebound. United corner.

From the right its low in cleared by Morris and away to Reilly but on to United back men. Foward rto 10 crosses in and Reilly clears in front of goal. Down to United again and this time to the right hand side, shot on goal is past the left hand post from 20 yards out by Murray.

Pars players not happy.

Whips it in and punched over the bar by Murdoch. Fantastic punch. Corner United.

Throw in taken, its down to the pars 18 yar line, cleared by Talbot and a free kick for united as the ref deems Reilly has fouled. Free kick 25 yards out.

zwick to take.

Long to Morris, down to Herron and cleared by ASh out wide. Throw in for United at the NE.

Geggan deemed to have fouled, free kick United and a shot on goal is deflected wide. Pars throw in. Geggan to Nat, down to Herron in to Geggan and away to Nat. On his own great pass to Joe on the wing. Takes it past three defenders, chips to Hoppy but short. Away to Talbot crossed to Hoppy again and Reilly this time deemed to have fouled. Free kick United in their own half.

Joe taking the corner from the left.

Right footed cross high to the box and defended well. Reilly puts in a shot blocked and United head to our half.

Corner came to nothing I should say. Easily cleared after being played short.

Another corner for the pars now.

From the left its higgy.

Right footed cross low in cleared easily.

Another Pars sub this time off is HIggy on is David Hoppy

Long ball from Murdoch. Throw in Pars with Geggan to Reily and out for a pars corner.

Offside flag up as Flood progressed to our half and to the 18 yard line. Boos from the visitng fans.

4,670 is the crowd today

Ayr v Morton is a 1715 kick off

Ayr v Morton is a 1715 kick off

Rovers 1 - 3 Dumbarton

Durnam with a long throw in. Cleared in the pars box, Nat gets it away to Reilly but he has to chase the spare. United forward again and the offside flag is up way after the pars players put their hands up.

Moff away to get his hot chocolate and wooly simmet.

Good chance for United to take the lead again there.

Murdoch long ball to Durnam. Herron cant keep it in and its out for a united throw in.

Sub for Pars off Moff on Reilly.

Geggan tackles Flood, ball to Joe on his own forward to MOff but its a tad too short. United turn and head to our half.

Dixon long to Andreu and a shot on goal from close range is hit off the hands of Murdoch and the return is over the bar.

Talbot again to Clark behind to Joe but its cleared downfield.

Throw in United.

Throw in United at the NW.

Dixon to Mikkelsen. Long ball to the nearside byline for a pars throw in.

Talbot to Joe but its behind for another.

Free kick United. taken by Mikkelsen. Nae idea who went off for United before then!

Ach I`ll put it down to auld age....;D

Durnam to take.

Long ot the pars box, down to MOff and despite being fouled he kept his feet eventually and ref let play continue.

Down to MOrris, then to Herron and Edjen is ahead of McMullan.

Long to Dixon clears to thge middel and its Toshney who cant get it from Huggy. Oh well it cannae be Flood who went off he`s still on lol.

On comes Joe for McMullan.

Joe Cardle being stripped to come on it would seem with the singing coming from the NW faithful. I`d keep his vest on if I was him. It`s blooming baltic.

Free kick for the pars on the halfway line. Morris takes, down to the Main Stand byline and a throw in for Talbot.

Short to MOffat his cross is blocked and its downfield to MOrris and on to Murdoch. He has to run after it, down to the head of Mikkelsen and out wide for Fraser. Nice cross to the pars box after a good run but its Ash who clears it. Over the byline for a United throw in.

Murdoch long to the halfway line. High ball from Nat down to Higgy and he is tackled but its out for a pars throw in. Talbot to Moff who is upended in the box but play on says ref. United defend and its on to Durnam with Talbot having fouled says ref., Durnam plays on without stopping and the ref will be having a word. Strange foul as it looked like Durnam slipped rather than be fouled. Anyhoo play on and the ball is played wide and out of over the byline Goak kick Pars.

Throw in United. Long to the chest of Diuxon, and Talbot misses the chip and its into the side netting for Murray,

Mikkelsen to take.

Curled into the box, and headed clear by Herron.
Sub for United off is Flood replaced by Simon Murray

Nat is deemed to have fouled Mikkelsen as he followed him down the wing, both tackling and Mikkelsen held his own the whole way. But he is down, and its a free kick near the byline in front of the away end.

Free kick taken, over the wall, Herron defends and its down to a running Moff but its Der Struijk who gets to it first to give it to Zwick. He clears long.

St Mirren 1 - 2 Falkirk

Rovers 1 - 2 Dumbarton

Moff on a one to one with Zwick and its put wide out of play by the replacement keeper.

Pars throw in., Talbot to Nat, ahead of Higgy. Ash holds Mikkelsen but play on says ref. Down to Edjen long ball foward to Flood who is fouled by Morris. Free kick 25 yards out.

QoS 0-1 Hibs

Nice ball thgrough to Edjen ahead of Nat who tackles him and although a shout of penalty from the visiting fans Andrew Dallas doesnt agree and its on through to Murdoch.

On to Murdoch from the goal clearance by Zwick and while MOrris is off the boil Murdoch has to put it wide. Down to Edjen with Moff chasing.

From the right it`s Higgy. Right footed cross headed clear and wide and downfield to Morris and then to Murdoch. Long to the head of Mikkelsen on his own in the middle. Down to Flood and a plethora of orange shirts follow him to the pars end. Nat picks iup a spare, then to Higgy back to Nat great play wide to McMullan a build up of magnificent proportions and his shot on goal is over the bar.

Higgy to take.

Off the wlal, cleared to Moff but his cross is blocked at the right hand post and its a pars corner.

Nice chance for United there as a plethora of legs in front of our goal had a fre chance with McMillan now clearing to Higgy looks up gives to McMullan who is then fouled and a free kick for the pars 25 yards out.

Murdoch long to Clark but over his head. Returned and its out wide for a pars throw in. Talbot to Higgy heads down to Durnam who puts it long and out of play. Pars throw in again.

Talbot to Higgy knees it then kicks it over to the head of Fraser ahead of SPittal and a run to the pars end sees Ash defend in front of goal. Throw in for United at the NE.

Taken quickly, its downfield.

Ah now the offside flag was up too so its Murdoch taking the free kick. Goes short and rebounds out by Durnam. Pars throw in. Geggan to Nat. In to the middle for Mikkelsen. Away out wide to Der Struijk then to Fraser crosses to Flood but he cant get it at the left hand post. Out for a goal kick to the pars.

Hoofed long and out wide and put out over the byline by Geggan. United throw in at the NW.

Down to Mikkelsen, and over the byline by Dixon ahead of Morris. Goal kick Murdoch.

Mikkelsen mis kicks and the ball sways out over the nearside byline.

Pars throw in. Talbot to Nat, over to MOrris and back to Murdoch. Long to the head of Mikkelsen, ow to MOff out wide t oGeggan crosses in and a good save for Zwick

LOL Huggy... noo there`s a great nick name!

Higgy to take.

Right footed cross round the two man wall low in and cleared off the line despite a good chance from Moff, comes back in and Huggy puts it past the left hand post. A huge roar from the home fans.

Higgy to take,

Right footed cross low in and cleared easily. Shouts of handball - clear from here and the pars have a free kick 16 yards out on the right hand side.

Moff gives it away to Flood before its taken back by Morris. Out wide by Nat to Higgy down to MOff and Talbot cant quite the tackle to work. Mikkelsen to Flood and down to Ash who clears to Moff but its over his head to Clark on his own great run down the wing crosses and its blocked and fouled by Mikkelsen. Free kick Pars 18 yards out on the right hand side.

My pompom hat is very popular today - twice I`ve had offers of a fiver for it lol

In to Morris, down to Edjen away to Morris and into Nat. Does well with a great pass to Higgy stops leaves the ball behind slips at the 18 yard line and it`s away to United to take it upfield.

United defend well and it`s down to the halfway line. THrow in Pars.

Talbot to Higgy. Down to MOff who chases Durnam buit in to Herron, tackled well by Flood and the ball is away downfield. Stopped by Ash out to McMullan and downfield on the right.

Now to Higgy on his own stopped by Der Struijk and went down too. No free kick for the pars.

Pars kick off this half.

Long ball from the start and its United with a throw in. Edjen has to defend as pars head forward with Moff. Throw in PArs.

If you want to sponsor me / donate then please see the thread on off topic. Thanks.

Sub for United off is keeper Bell replaced by Luis Zwick

I`ve just been handed a tenner by one of my lovely older gentlemen friends. It`s for the hike I`m doing in June for Macmillan Cancer Support. Along the eastern side of Loch Leven. 32 miles I believe.
The training has started! Boy am I no fit! Puggled every walk I go on!




Blocked by Talbot in the box and on to Murdoch.

Taken quickly.

Nat deemed to have blocked the free kick and its to be taken again. Ref having a word with the big man. No card.

Durnam to take.

Free kick Pars with Murdoch to take.

Wind has picked up now.

Pars forward with McMullan, cross blocked, down to Flood and out for a Pars throw in. Geggan to NMcMullan and a nice touch to Nat. Over to Herron on the right. Taken away by Mikkelsen but his pass forward was poor and Murdoch clears. Down to Moff, held back every time he has the ball. Dallas does nothing but instead awards a free kick to United.

Higgy fouled but it goes the other way. Free kickUnited. Over to Mikkelsen, then to Durnam as Moff chases. Chipped forward to FLood but the offside flag is up.

Throw in for Pars with Talbot. Down to Herron back to Talbot then on to Murdoch. Not sure what the boos were for, I was too busy typing in the save. Durnam cant keep the spare in and its a pars throw in.

Long ball to the united half, down to Clark bounced behind him and on to Bell.

Long ball to the pars half. Down to Geggan and out for a pars throw in.

Geggan to Clark just behind and in to the middle for Mikkelssen whilst a shot on goal from close range by Toshney is parried away by Murdoch with a cracking save.

Long from Murdoch to Moff but on to Bell. Morris to Dixon out to Geggan who is fouled by SPittal. Free kick Pars in their own half, Geggan to take.

Edjen out to Durnam over to Dixon on the near side wing. In to Andreu out wide to Durnam. Talbot takes it off him but its now to Flood who looked like he had been elbowed in the face in our box but in fact the ref decided he had slipped or dived. No card though.

High ball down to the head of Toshney. In to Flood and out wide to Geggan who cant catch it. SHould have been a United throw in from this angle but given to the pars. Geggan to a running Clark to the United 18 yard line but Bell there first.

Out wide to Durnam who is fouled in front of the ref but he allows play on.

He lumps it long to the halfway line. Talbot down to Moff, on to Flood and he gets it past MOrris but Murdoch saves on his shot from 20 yards out.

From the left its a right footed low cross, blocked by Talbot at the left post, and Herron lets it oer the byline for another united corner.

Low in again, cleared at the near post and its downfield to a running Moff but on to Bell.

Flood takes, headed clear by Talbot and its down field to Bell. Still snowing although it looks more sleety now. In to the middle for Fraser and his pass is out wide to Spittal. Cross to the pars box played out wide and over this time to the head of Talbot then to Ash. First corner of the game to United.

Murdoch to take.

Down to Durnamin to Flood, good pass to Mikelsen. He is fouled by Higgy and a free kick for United 25 yards out on the left.

Long to the head of Mikkelsen. On to Edjen and wide for Der Struijk who by the time I type his name oot there`s been a foul on Nat. Free kick Pars in their own half.

Geggan to Herron, saway to Nat who does great and back to Herron. McMullan cant keep it in at the byline and it`s to Bell for a clearance.

There is a wee bit breeze but no that much lol

Bell to the halfway line, down to Geggan and long to Clark. Ahead is Edjen and its out for a pars throw in.

HIggy takes and it`s wayyyy past the right hand post.

Re-start and its the pars with Moff to McMullan, sorry for the bad spelling earlier I got carried away with the excitement!

Free kick Pars 30 yards out on the left hand side after Clark is fouled by Andreu.

Higgy to take.

Toshney is there and thankfully Cammy Bell is now up on his feet. He is up walking about.

His physio is helping him and he is now sitting up. I think it was his neck and head that got the most of the clash but I think it was one of his own players that caught him at the right hand post.

Cammy Bell has been injured in the pars goal and is currently getting assistance on the pitch. It looks serious to be honest as he is not moving.

HERRON the scorer after a cracking pass by McMullan.


Higgy plays it short to Nat, cross by MNcMullan and it;s in the net

Long hoof from Bell to Talbot. High ball to Moff, fouled by Durnam. Free kick Pars 40 yards out on the right hand side.

Free kick Pars.

HIggy to take.

Long to the head of Herron but the offside flag is up as the pass to Moff and his shot goes past the right hand post.

Morris not paying attention there as he puts the ball out wide because of the attention by Spittal. Down to Herron, now to Flood and he is on his own noone near him.

Crosses to the pars box, shouts of handball by the united fans but its play on and McMullan is upended by Andreu 45 yards out.

He hoofs it long to the pars end only for Murdoch to return it. Down to the head of TOshney now to McMullan 18 yard box takes on the united defence, doesnt win, and its long to MOrris up the other end then on to Murdoch,

Played up to Murdoch. He goes long to the left for Higgy and out for a United throw in at the NE.

Durnam to Flood, missed, Nat does well and gets the ball to Talbot. Down to MOff great play and pases out wide to McMullan and it`s a combination of jumping by Odenj and Mcmullan over Bell who slides out to catch the offending ball.

Foul centre of the pitch, free kick Pars.,Couldnt see what it was. Higgy to Clark, taken off him by Durnam and away out for a pars throw in at the NW.

I cant feel my feet never mind my fingers.

MIkkelsen through to Flood whose shot just slithered past the pars right hand post from 20 yards out.

Murdoch long to the halfway line and out of play. United throw in at the NE.

Jeez that was close.

We have quite a number of United fans in hospitality today...

Back to United and as hot this time from Dixon which hit off the left hand post and out for a goal kick.

Re-start and its into the middle for Andreu, long to the pars half turns does well with Talbot crosed in by Flood but its behind for a goal kick to the pars.

An easy taken goal by Andreu, from around 35 yards out passed our defence who and Murdoch.

Andru takes a shot and its in the net.

Goal to United.


Geggan to McMullan but behind to Edjen whilst his hoof lands at Mikkelsen who is fouled by Morris 45 yards out. Taken quickly and goes nowhere.

Back to Edjen and out wide to Dixon.

Murdoch hoofs it long to the head of Toshney, down to Flood and then to Der Struijk. A good sliding tackle by Ash goes astray and a cross to the pars goal is nowhere near. McMullan is held back as he runs for the spare but ref ignores. Flood upended Ash and its a free kick for the pars in their own half.

Morris to a running Herron but its played out by Dixon. Throw in Pars.

Long hoof to the head of Morris. Out to Dixon, in to Flood and on to Toshney, Back to Dixon forward only as far as MOrris but its on to Murdoch.

Nat is fouled by Durnan. Free kick Pars. Talbot to take from inside our half.

Long to the uynited half and Clark cant get there ahead of Durnam. Punted to the head of Clark but this time Moff cant get there. Up to Morris long to a running Clark but it`s too far and on to Bell.

Taken quickly and way too far for Moff to pick up further down the wing to the united half. On to Bell.

Talbot throw in. Long to Higgy but over his head. Picked up by Durnan. Down to the chest of Toshney and out wide to Dixon.

Crosses in and past everyone sitting there in front of goal. Out wide to Talbot, chipped backwards by McMullan and Murdoch clears. Moff to Higgy and a free kick for the pars in their own half after a foul by Toshney.

Pars throw in at the NE.

Talbot`s pass is to Dixon but rebounds off Talbot.United throw in. In to the middle to MOff. Over to Geggan and he puts it long to Murdoch.

Now to Morris up to Herron out to Geggan. Down the wing to SPittal, over to Durnam and out wide to Dixon. Talbot clears to the feet of Dixon and it`s a long pass forward to Toshney but he loses it at the NW byline.

United put the ball out of play for a pars throw in and its Geggan to McMullan then to Clark then over to Higgy. Out wide on the right hand side. Nat through to Flood, stopped and its into the middle for Fraser. Taken over by Flood again and its out wide headed down by Morris and away by Mcmullan.

On his own great play, into the middel crosees over to Moff on the right. looks up gives it back to Talbot crosses in but headed out of the danger area by Dixon.

Edjen plays it short to Toshneyand into the middel for some good play by Flood. Out wide for Der Struijk but tackled well by Herron on his own crosses to Moff and his shot is saved at close range with a one on one with Bell.

McMullan crosses to the box, defended well and out to Talbot. Herron to Ash then to Morris. He humps it high to Higgy, missed, and United forward to Talbot. Out on the wing and Moffat slips and it`s out for a United throw in their half.

Higgy takes, long to the head of Mikkelsen, back to Higgy, but away to United who now have a free kick in their half. Taken quickly, its dwon to Talbot then to Nat and he deals with the Arab front men well.

Herron takes, to Morris, goes past him but down to McMullan. In the middel for Spittal away to McMullan and then to Morris but it`s Herron who is upended this time , in a terrible foul by Edjen who is yellow carded. Herron limping but up on his feet.

Free kick Pars 45 yards out.

Bell hoofs it long. Dundee United throw in at the NW. Down to Flood, and a curling shot by Dixon again is too wide and Talbot defends. Goes long to the right hand side and out for a pars throw in.

Ball played on to the head off Moff, from Morris and in to the middel for Dixon. He takes on Geggan who lets him past but his curling shot on goal is saved by Murdoch who clashes with Ash at the left hand post. Both ok.

Ball played long to Moffat then to Clark but it was a poor finish by McMullan who put it wide of the right hand post.

Cammy in a racing green ensemble whilst neon yellae Murdoch is up the other end.

High ball to Moffat on a great run to the united end and upended by Andreu but play on says ref as Moffat slides on the deck.

Taken quickly and gone backwards by Dundee united. Forward again this time to Toshney and the spare goes to Cammy Bell.


ball played back to Cammy Bell and he puts it long to the pars half. Played back towards a running Moffat and out of play for a pars throw in at the NE.

The visitors win the toss and kick off this half facing towards the NMC stand.


Both teams head out for this match and starting with the visitors Dundee United, they are in tango orange top, shorts and socks.

Pars in their black and white tops, black shorts and black socks.

Hospitality is mighty busy today.

If it hadn`t have been raining before the snow came along I think this game would have been a goner, as it`s now heavier than it was earlier.

A special presentation to Joe Cardle took place on the byline with his 200th appearance for the Pars. Presented by Ross McArthur.

Gaun yersel Joe! (and wee Josie too)

Should I tempt fate and say nae penalties please?


I`ve got Tam (the kisser in the wooly hat) McManus and Brian (the fit controller) McLaughlin next to me today from the BBC.

The Dundee United fans have made their way doon the foggy road and are housed in the Cowden end for this game. The Norrie, NW and Main Stand are filling up nicely with home fans.

Good afternoon from a very dreich and snowy East End Park for today`s SPFL Championship fixture between Dunfermline Athletic and Dundee United.

Dunfermline_Athletic: Sean Murdoch Jason Talbot Lee Ashcroft Callum Morris John Herron Andy Geggan c Nat Wedderburn Nicky Clark Michael Moffat (David Hopkirk 76) Paul McMullan (Joe Cardle 72) Kallum Higginbotham
Subs (not used): David Hutton GK Lewis Martin Callum Fordyce Rhys McCabe Gavin Reilly

Dundee_United: Cammy Bell c (Luis Zwick 45) Paul Dixon Mark Durnan Lewis Toshney Blair Spittal Scott Fraser Willo Flood William Edjenguele Thomas Mikkelsen (Simon Murray 67) Tony Andreu Frank Van Der Struijk
Subs (not used): Sean Dillon Tote Obadeyi Charlie Telfer Nick Van Der Velden Jamie Robson

Shots on11 
Shots off
Fouls conceded14 17 
Possession45% 55% 

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