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Live Updates: SPFL Championship: Falkirk v DAFC
By dafc.net - Sat, 4th Feb 2017


BAIRD (33)

2 - 0

Dunfermline Athletic


  Ref: Willie Collum
  Crowd: TBA  Position: 6th

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Free kick to be taken by Rogers. Long ball downfield to Murdoch off Ash.

Long ball returned to the falkirk half. Geggan goes backwards to Morris and over to Ash. Then to Reilly who is fouled in the centre circle. Free kick Pars. Morris takes, down to Nat, out wide to Joe. Switches to Talbot but its too short and Falkirk have it downfield.

Only as far as Morris. Out wide to Geggan. Ash to Talbot. In to Joe back to Ash.

Out wide to Hippo crosses to Muirhead. Leahy looks up. Talbot clears to Joe, shouts of handball from the home fans, Joe on the halfway line.

Down to Hoppy in the box, he cant get past Muirhead, and its down to Joe. He was fouled by Hippo with a clash.Free kick Pars 40 yards out. Higgy takes, cleared from the box as the full time whistle goes.



Thanks for reading folks See ye next weekend.

Over n oot Buffy xx

John Baird has been named MoM. It has to be said, he has played a blinder for Falkirk today.

Higgy brings down a long ball, in to Hoppy out wide to Talbot. In to Ash over to Morris. Now to Geggan but his pass is straight to McKee. Now Joe out wide on the left hand side, crosses in cleared at the near post and onwards to Murdoch care of Ash.

Long ball downfield on to Higgy crosses in and headed clearm then to Joe who has fouled with his hands.

Sub for Falkirk Lee Miller to be replaced by Nathan Austin

Sub for Falkirk off Baird and Leahy replaced by McHugh and Gallacher

Long ball to Leahy, up the wing and into Miller. Over to McKee. Out to Miller. Every touch is yayed by the home fans. Talbot then intervenes and it`s a boo.

Baird forward, long high ball which ends in the Falkirk end and a goal kick to the pars.

Not surprised, they`ve seen enough. Dire play.

Free kick by Hippo and straight into the hands of Murdoch.

Long ball downfield only to go into the hands of Rogers via the head of Muirhead.

Out wide to Joe, now to Talbot. Then to Higgy. Talbot crosses headed out by Watson. Great play by Baird gets it down to Hippo who goes to ground 25 yards out. Free kick Falkirk.

Pars fans making their way out early.

From the right it`s Mckee. Very high cross but saved easily by Murdoch.

Another late substitution for Joe. I just don`t get it.

Nat heads it down, over to Hoppy, forward to Reilly and then out wide to Joe but the pars have a corner instead.

From the right it`s Joe.

Low in cleared at the near post and then down to the halfway line. Baird ahead of Joe who ran from the corner.

Out wide to Hippo on his own, crosses in, and cleared by Nat. Out for a Falkirk corner.

Sub for Pars off Herron on Cardle

Pars have it downfield for Hoppy a low cross in to Clark at the left hand side but it`s nowhere near - which has been the rue of the game for the pars - and out for a goal kick.

A foul by Reilly on Baird and free kick Falkirk after the re-start.

McKee to take.

Morris heads it clear. Down to Hippo who manages to keep his feet despite a tackle from Geggan.

On to Sibbald but Morris has it. SAway to McKee who put in a brilliant shot on goal parried away by Murdoch to the right then another chance for the home side after Baird tries for a double. It`s played out wide and then on to Murdoch.

A cracking shot from Baird was cleared off the line, a stramash in the box meant the ball went astray and found Miller at the right hand post who put it away from a few yards out. Second for Falkirk whose fans are on their feet.

It was a lovely header from a great cross but it was just too soft to make any impact and it went past the post on the left hand side.

Back to the game and its Hoppy held back by three defenders down to Nat who gives the ball away and Falkirk en route to our half.

In to Hippo over to Leahy. Short to Sibbald crosses in and Baird in front of goal but its over over to Baird but his shot is blocked but is anothedr goal for the home team as it goes in at the right hand post. Lee Miller the scorer.

Falkirk 2 - 0 Pars

From the right it`s Higgy. Right footed cross headed down and just past the left hand post by Ashcroft.

Long from Murdoch to Reilly but out for a Bairns throw in.

Leahy to Hippo and Nat blocks any further travel down the wing. Throw in Pars.

Geggan to Nat over to Talbot. Out wide t oHoppy crosses in and punched clear from Rogers. Ouyt wide to Higgy for a pars throw in.

Higgy t oGeggan back to Higgy and a corner for the pars.

McKee right footed cross, high ball Morris heads down, picked uyp b Sibbald back to Morris another header and down to the halfway line for Murirhead whilst a shot on goal from Baird a few yards out is past the right hand post.

McKee again.

Right footed cross, Morris heads it away. Hippo gets it over to Sibbald but behind again for another corner.

From the right it`s McKee.

Long high ball headed past the right hand post and out for another corner according to Collum.

He is being walked off. Looks ok from here.

Goal kick from Rogers. High ball to Baird, Geggan back on and gets right into the rthick of the action.

Corner Falkirk.

Geggan down now. Physio is on for him.

Dumbarton 1-1 St Mirren

Ball to Muirhead, but a poor cross only lands at Morris who passes it to Murdoch. Long ball forward to Reilly. Blocked and out wide for Talbot. Now to Hoppy pass forward to Clark but its behind him. Then on to Herron but it ran off him and out for a goal kick.

Rogers long to Morris, out wide for a Falkirk throw in deep in the pars half .

Leahy to Miller back to Leahy crossesin and headed on to the chest of Craigen at the left hand post who puts it over the bar.

Long high ball from Murdoch. Down to Clark who is upended for his troubles as he headed it down and a free kick for the pars. Ash takes, goes out wide to Higgy who puts it into the side netting after an offside flag is up.

Long ball to the chest of Muirhead and backwards to Rogers. Free kick for Pars centre circle after a foul by Sibbald on Reilly. Ref deems it a clash between the two and Hoppy gives it to Rogers. He punts it forward to Miller and his shot from 40 yards out is very poor and over the bar.

Nat heads down after the substitution. Fouled in the process and its a free kick for Higgy to take 40 yards out down the middle.

Cleared, went out wide and over the byline from our view but Collum plays it on.

Baird to McKee. Back to Baird but he forgot to take it with him. On to Hoppy then to Talbot. Chipped to Herron but his pass to Hoppy was poor and it`s forward with Falkirk. A good stop by Morris sees the ball out wide off of Hippo. Geggan to Sibbald and Morris makes sure to Murdoch.

Throw in taken by Falkirk and a shot on goal is high over the bar from 25 yards out.

Two subs for the Pars off are Moff and McMullan replaced by Hopkirk and Reilly.

Herron is down in our goal mouth getting looked at by the physio. Not sure what`s happened perhaps a clash at the right hand post. He is holding his head. Getting helped to his feet. He is up walking and some one is being stripped in our dug out. Noo that`s where I should be sitting.... ;D

Muirhead to McKee, Morris held back, down to Clark out wide to McMullan, on hsi own, past two defenders. and Higgy`s shot on goal from the right hand side is headed clear and Falkirk head to our half. Out wide for a falkirk throw in.

Morris clears, Falkirk out wide with McKee, nice touch to Hippo, and a stop by McMullan sees another Falkirk throw in.

Crosses in to the pars box cleared by Murdoch and its down to McMullan but too far and out for another Falkirk throw in. Still in the pars half.

Good turn by Watson 25 yards out from our goal, played out wide but a throw in for the pars. Geggan to McMullan headed down and out for a bairns throw in deep in the pars half.

Long free kick from Muirhead goes nowhere.

Im singing with the pars fans ohhhh when the pars go steaming in oh when the pars go steaming in.... fabby loving it!

From the left it`s Higgy right footed cross, low in and headed down by Clark back to Higgy and punched away at the near post by Rogers. He hoofed it out wide with Nat Wedderburn being an absolute star in keeping the ball to himself whilst blocking Sibbald the whole way but eventually his pass went to Rogers.

Free kick to Falkirk just inside the pars half.

McKee to take.

Long ball to the pars goal mouth, cleared to Geggan then to MOff and a great run down the left hand wing. Out for a pars throw in.

Geggan to McMullan short to Herron and a corner for Pars.

Hoofed forward to Sibbald. Down to Miller and he is fouled by Clark. Free kick 45 yards out.

Really poor pass to Morris and his subsequent touch saw the ball high into the air and not forward. Come on Pars !

Good ball down the wing thankfully by Talbot. Pars throw in. Talbot to Higgy back to Jason but a training ground cross to the box for Clark is very poor. On to Rogers.

Long ball to Hippo and a shot on goal from a yard or so out and it`s past the pars right hand post. Could quite well have been a second for Baird there.

Ball straight to Nat. Over to Ash out to Talbot but its poor and Baird through to Hippo except Morris gets there first. Down to the halfway line with Moffat chasing. Man on, he chests it down, does well gives to Herron nice cross to Clark ahead of McKee but ROgers picks it up first.

Falkirk throw in with Leahy. Down to Muirhead, over to McKee. Headed down by Clark but its on to ROgers. He gives it straight to Higgy crosses field to Moffat and its as shot for Higgy at the right hand post with a shout for handball by Higgy. It`s given and a free kick for Falkirk by their keeper.

Goal kick and its a chance for Clark but eventually stopped at the right hand side. Falkirk throw in.

Leahy to McKee in to Hippo and out for another throw in.

The Pars fans housed down the front of Section A are giving it laldy as the pars head to this end. Hippo clears and its down to Geggan over to Moff but nowhere near him.

Higgy to take.

Right footed cross low in and headed clear at the left hand post by Peter Grant whilst Miller goes down at the right hand side allegedly fouled by Geggan. Seriously they`re falling like flies.

Clark out wide to Talbot. Long ball forward to Muirhead. Moff gets forward to 20 yards out, but is crowded, throw in pars. Geggan to Clark, and a foyul on Moff means a free kick to the pars 16 yards out on the left hand side.

Both teams heading out for the second half with the Pars in their red strips - I forgot to mention the team colours at the start, sorry - in front of the Bairns and the home side in their traditional navy top, white shorts and navy socks, now with the pars fans behind them.

Pars to kick off.


Just to let you know I`ve passed the halfway mark on my MacMillan Cancer Support sponsored hike. Total currently at £145 and it`s only the beginning of February. I collected a lovely donation from Europar today at the club shop and whilst waiting in line I managed to wangle a fiver from Stanza!

I think Lewis Martin might come on for Talbot at half time because of the knock Jason got early on in the first half. I might be wrong though.

Thanks goes to the Tulliallan Bowling Club for their excellent hospitality, as always, their food is brilliant.


HIBS 0 - 1 AYR

Nat is fouled in the centre circle after a clash with Grant. Morris takes the free kick. long to Talbot as the half time whistle goes.



From the right its Higgy. Right footed cross headed down by Clark but cleared out wide. Higgy again this time to Herron and he puts it over the bar from 20 yards out.

Murdoch to Higgy heads down on to Moffat. Foeward to Higgy and out for the first pars corner.

Ash saved the blushes of the pars fans as he takes the ball away from Baird a few yards out.

Free kick Pars after a foul by McKee on Geggan. Morris takes on the halfway line.

Long to absolutely no one except the Falkirk defence. Another free kick to the bairns this time in their half. They`re falling like flies.

Free kick taken by Murdoch.

Long to the head of McKee. Clark covered and its out wide for Higgy. On the byline crosses down to Herron but its too far and a goal kick for Falkirk.

Long high ball from Rogers. Geggan allegedly fouls Hippo and a free kick for Falkirk 25 yards out. HE just falls over then ties his laces. No need for play acting.

Long ball from the free kick, cleared from our goal area, and the offside flag up for Baird at the right hand post.

A chance on goal came a calling for the pars whilst the minute`s applause was being done with Moffat the left hand post. Rogers just got it ahead of him.

Higgy out wide to Talbot then back to Higgy. Back to Talbot long cross falls to no one and its out for a goal kick to the Bairns.

Short to Higgy and an overhead kick puts the ball out over the byline. Falkirk throw in.

Less of the fancy touches Pars. Let`s keep it on the deck and get a goal.

A one minute applause for Falkirk fan Stevie Black after he passed away this week. Everyone including our fans are on their feet. Nicely done guys.

Baird was about through again there after a mix up in conversation between Morris and Ash.

Long ball forward to Higgy across field pass to no one in particular and it`s down to Geggan. Morris to Nat nice backheel but not picked up by Moffat.

Falkirk foweard ball from Nat to Craigen but his pass out wide to Baird is poor. THrow in Pars.

Their fans are in their element and it`s the first time we`ve heard them to be honest!

Long ball from the re-start. Our fans as you can imagine are giving as much back as the Falkirk fans are handing out. A cracking atmosphere.

A belter of an opening goal for the home side after Baird converted the cross from the free kick, landing in front of the goal at the left hand post and put it away past Murdoch.

Goal for Falkirk with a cracking shot at the left hand post by John Baird.


Long ball to Nat, down to Herron and then on to Talbot. out wide to Higgy.

Nice ball and a long pass out wide to Geggan ahead of Hippo. Clark picks up the spare but is deemed offside a few yards out.

Free kick Falkirk on the return after a foul by Herron, allegedly. It`s 25 yards out.

Long free kick from the halfway line. Down to Murdoch ahead of Sibbald.

Long ball to Higgy who jumps high. Down to Leahy then to Sibbald across field pass to Hippo. Takes on gegan and a shot from a few yards out by Miller is blocked whilst the return to Geggan has him on the deck. Free kick Pars with Murdoch to take.

Im up the back of the away stand with a braw view of the pitch.

Long ball from Murdoch. Moff went on a short run but its out wide for a pars throw in. Talbot to Nat ahead of Hippo and out wide for GEggan. Low pass in to Clark but he was tackled and its away t oFalkirk. McKee to Baird, then to LEahy. Going backwards to the Falkirk defence.

Out wide to Sibbald. Great ball to Moff gives to Clark in front of goal but his run is short lived as he heads to the falkirk goal when the offside flag goes up.

Rogers long ball to the pars half, down to the head of Miller. In to Ash long ball forward to the head of McKee. Over to Miller then to SIbbald but his cross to the pars box isnt chased by anyone and out for a pars goal kick.

Talbot looks ok now.

Higgy to take free kick. Long high ball down to Moffat in front of goal, pushed out wide, Falkirk get it down to the halfway line and out for a pars throw in.

Talbot to Herron but he slides on the byline. Ball goes across the field and out for a pars throw in in front of the dug outs.

Geggan to Herron, over to Talbot. Now to Higgy takes it down the wing, crosses in, Moff in front of goal falls to McMullan but he slices it over the bar.

The sun is just creeping around the right hand side of the away stand.

moffat forward to Higgy but he is fouled on the byline and a free kick for the pars 25 yards out.

Murdoch to McMullan and on to Moff crosses in no one there but Higgy gets it eventually. Shouting fort help Talbot crosses it in but it`s too low and cleared easily.

mistake by Nat in the centre circle but a cracking tackle by Ash stops Grant from cracking forward to our goal area.

Free kick Falkirk.

Talbot is being looked at over on the wing too and is currently on his knees. Not sure what`s happened there. Looks like he is holding his head.

Free kick taken by Craigen and a push in the box sees Collum blow his whistle.

Talbot chests down a spare downfield. Out wide to McKee. Forward to Hippo. Into the middle for Baird. Out wide to Sibbald, Herron blocks Sibbald but its down to Geggan and he is deemed to have fouled Hippo 20 yards out on the right hand side.

The wind has eased slightly too. Falkirk through to our box with a great run by Baird but an excellent tackle by Morris sees it through to Murdoch from a few yards out.

Geggan long ball to McMullan but its a poor pass and out for a Falkirk throw in on the left hand wing.

McKee to Sibbald. Down to Baird and away to Murdoch. He hoofs it down to McMullan`s head,. then to Geggan and back to Murdoch.

Long ball towards Higgy but it`s just ahead of him. Leahy picks up. Nice ball forward from Sibbald to Baird but a foul on Higgy right in front of the ref is ignored. Out to McMulan then to Ash out to Talbot. Forward to Herron but no where near him.

Craigen takes right footed cross and an excellent save at the left hand post by Murdoch.

Long ball to Morris heads down. Sibbald to Geggan and past him goes Baird, crossres in and out for a corner even though it came off of Miller at the pars right hand post.

Corner Falkirk.

Long ball to the pars half but backwards to the halfway line for the Falkirk defence. Long spare to Murdoch and he gives it out wide to Higgy but he has to chase it and doesnt get there in time. On to Rogers to Hippo ahead of Geggan, down to Nat heads it down and a good play to Talbot then to Higgy. Long ball supposedly to McMullan but over his head to Rogers.

Rogers long ball to the pars half with the wind in our faces. It`s fair weather now but bitterly cold.

High ball to Higgy, out wide for Nat but it was over the byline. Throw in Falkirk.

Rogers long ball to the pars half. Ash through to Morris but it was sloppy and its a foul on Sibbald. Free kick Falkirk from the halfway line.

Leahy to take.

Long to the head of Ash then to Moff from Geggan Moff gets it back on to Talbot who saves him from embarassment and then out wide to HIggy. It goes long and nowhere else. Goal kick Falkirk.

Talbot to take.

Long to the bairn`s box, and over the byline before Higgy could catch it. Goal kick Falkirk.

Murdoch long to the halfway line, The bairns have it and are back in our half.

Out wide for Leahy, rebounds off Talbot but it`s away downfield and out for a pars throw in.

Talbot to Higgy chests it down and overhead kick., Foul on Moffat and a free kick to the pars on the halfway line.

McKee blocked by McMullan and Moff is back on after a wee knock earlier in the game.

Long ball across field to Hippo who slides but does well to get his pass to Baird, headed down at the far post by Sibbald but he had to turn give it to Baird who slid at our right hand post but was offside at the same time.

Long ball to the Falkirk half. In to the middle and out wide to Hippo. A good block by Geggan sees the ball over to the right for Higgy, takes it to the 18 yard line with no one to help him and it`s away to the Bairns and downfield. Only as far as Morris who gives it to Murdoch. Returned to Morris its chipped forward to the chest of Herron., then to Nat out wide to McMullan but it was too short for our player and on to McKee.

Muirhead to McKee to Leahy. Falkirk back line having the possession.

Out wide by a block from McMullan and it`s another Falkirk throw in. Taken quickly as our subs get a round of applause and Baird is shown the offside flag as he runs to our goal area.

It was a good build up with A nice cross in by Sibbald went past Baird and on to the run of Hippo but his first touch was poor.

Free kick Pars after a foul on Talbot a few yards from our goal.

Murdoch to take.

Long ball to the head of Leahy. Down to the deck for Higgy good run dwn to the 18 yard line, short to Talbot his shot is blocked off the back of Baird, down to Ash and in to the head of Herron and over to Clark who puts it out for a Falkirk throw in.

Talbot long to Higgy he is crowded and its over the byline. Throw in goes to Falkirk.
Headed forward by Baird, on to the feet of Craigen and Morris defends well. Its down to the falkirk half wth a return by Leahy. Bounces down to Talbot in to Higgy but he is tackled easily and a clear goal scorting chance for Hippo a few yards out but he puts it wide of the right hand post.

Nat does well to Talbot. He is fouled and its a free kick to the pars in their own half.

Talbot to take.

He waits for his team mamte McKee to tie his laces in the centre circle before hoofing it up to the halfway line. Rebounds out for a Falkirk throw in. McKee to Muirhead, down to Leahy and in to the pars box thankfully cleared by Morris ahead of Miller. Headed backwards from the middle to Talbot then to Higgy on to Clark but he mis hits and its Falkirk who have it back.

Morris fires it long. Out for a pars throw in off Hippo. Geggan to Clark who misses out on a corner and instead it;s over the byline and on to Rogers.

He punts it long and Geggan has no alternative but to fire it out of play. Throw in Falkirk. Hippo is tackled well by Geggan and its out for another throw in. Baird to Hippo who puts it too short of the right hand post and behind for a pars goal kick.

Long curling free kick, Sibbald heads down but Ash clears it easily in to Moff, headed down by Baird and its a very high ball bouncing down to Clark past Moffat and on to the Falkirk keeper Danny Rogers.

Nat is fouled, 10 seconds in and a free kick is taken quickly from the centre circle whilst it is in the air it`s passed backwards to Murdoch who has to save on the 18 yard line whilst being chased by SIbbald. He hoofs it up field and a free kick this time to Falkirk 40 yards out.

Both teams out on the pitch for this atmospheric first half. Falkirk have won the toss and will be playing towards the Pars fans and have kicked off!

Come on ye pars!

Good afternoon from a very cold drizzly Falkirk Stadium for today`s SPFL Championship fixture between Falkirk FC and DAFC

Falkirk: Rogers Leahy Muirhead McKee Baird Sibbald Hippolyte Grant Miller Craigen Watson
Subs (not used): Thomson Kidd Gasparatto Austin McHugh Shepherd Gallacher

Dunfermline_Athletic: Murdoch Talbot Geggan Wedderburn Moffat Ashcroft McMullan Higginbotham Herron Morris Clark
Subs (not used): Hutton Martin Paton Hopkirk Cardle McCabe Reilly

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