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Live Updates: SPFL Championship: DAFC v Greenock Morton
By dafc.net - Sat, 29th Apr 2017


Dunfermline Athletic

  3  v  1  

Greenock Morton


  Ref: Euan Anderson
  Crowd: 3339  Position: 5th

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I`ll be at Dumfries next weekend folks, but thanks for reading today.

Over n oot Buffy xx

PARS SUPPORT congratulates the fans and the rest of the team and backroom staff for this the last game at East End Park this season.

Players heading round the pitch now.

Morton fans have all escaped to go home.




Ball away to Kilday then over to Lamie. Morton keeping it tight at the back.

Forward to Oyenuga. Fouls RyanW. Free kick Pars. I make it ten to five. I cannae be late the night min!

Rhys heads down the hoof from Gaston. Over to Talbot, up to Paton, in to Rhys (we`re oan first name terms noo lol) and out for a Morton throw in. Taken quickly it`s forward to the pars half, brought down by Fordyce but over the byline says the linesman.

Talbot throw in at the NE. Smith convinced it went off a Morton player but no corner says ref.

Smith comes close up the other end and it`s only cleared by Gaston a few yards ahead.

Nice to have met FRED1981 who has VERY kindly offered me his winning bottle of wine!

Reilly through to Higgy. Loses out on the near byline. Morton throw in.

Tidser over to Kilday. Ball all the way up to the Pars byline and last touch means a Morton corner. Came close but past the left hand post.

Jings, crivens and helpmaboab!

Someone I know disnae think much o oor Rhys - bet he`s shuddup noo.

First time in a long time I`ve actually clapped a pars goal BEFORE i`ve typed it in!

Reilly misses out on a pars passing competition (I said passing....) but gain a free kick with Murdoch to take.

Falkirk 2 - 2 QoS

WOWEEEEEEEE from 25 yards out - a belter!

Sub Pars off Moff on is Reilly

Smith through to the Morton box then to McCabe AND THE MOST FANTASTIC GOAL YOULL EVER SEE!!!!!



Sub for Morton off goes Shankland replaced by Ben Armour

From the right it`s Tidser.

Left footed shot, cleared at the near post and hoofed downfield by Nat. Smith cant get there as it heads to Gaston. Short to Lamie. Freat pass to Oyenuga but on to Fordyce.

higgy cant keep the spare and its aay to Scullion.

Now to Tidser over to the pars 18 yard line but an offside flag up.

Long ball from Murdoch to Moff. Heads down to Lindsay and off to Russell. Good ball chested down by Shankland but Moff intervenes and its Smith who chases the spare to Gaston. Great run by the youngster.

Gaston gets it to Lamie, on to Russell and away out wide to the NW byline.

Kept in by Lamie its pff to Oyenuga who wins a corner for the visitors.

Pars sub off goes Nicky Clark being replaced by Callum SMith who signed a new 2 year deal yesterday.

Ayr 0 - 4 Hibs

Goes nowhere but out for a goal kick.

Gaston to Lamie. Long punt forward. Nat cant stop Shankland. Fancy footwork and McCabe clears the ball out for a Ton corner.

Talbot throw in. Paton lands awkwardly on the byline but back up thankfully. Long ball to Fordyce, defends well through to McCabe. Long ball to a backward running Clark and Morton give it to their keeper. Short to Lamie.

Murdoch takes, down to the head of Lamie over to Scullion and a long pass to the feet of Fordyce. High ball clearance and on to Gaston ahead of Clark.

Down to the halfway line for Paton. He`s not had much of a touch since he came on.

Scullion to take.

Offf the head of Moff, ouch, andback in. Overhead kick by Shankland is cleared by Talbot and goes behind for a Morton corner.

Cleared by Higgy at the near post. Foul on Moff, goes to ground and helped up by Nat. Free kick Pars in our own half.

Long free kick taken. Cleared by Fordyce. Up to Higgy who was fouled but play on says ref. He is limping however.

Running it off by the looks of it.

Ball to Lamie. Down to Talbot and Fordyce on the pars 18 yard line. Higgy deemed to have fouled Strapp and a free kick for Morton 25 yards out.

Free kick taken by Murdoch. Down to Higgy who fouls Lamie. Lamie to take the free kick.

Another Morton sub off is Oliver replaced by Scullion

Ryan being walked off and hopefully ok.

Falkirk 2 - 1 QoS

Down to Ash who clears from danger. Im presuming Morton players rather than the seagulls which have appeared in numbers over East End Park.

Ball through to Shankland who ran to our box but a knock between RyanW and Nat doesnt look good for Ryan. He is holding his back.

RyanW to Fordyce, offside flag up. Free kick Morton with Gaston to take.

Just had a right giggle with Tam. Cannae tell ye whit aboot. We`ll get chucked oot lol

Morton sub off goes Doyle replaced by Oyenuga

Nat through to Clark who tumbles. Out wide for a Morton throw in.

Better get back to the fitbaw

RyanW takes a long pass from Murdoch. High feet from Doyle on Nat but ref says play on.

Through ball to Murdoch. Up to Moff.

I`ve been looking oot the frock tonight for the Centenary Club POTY event at the Glen Pavilion. I`m fairly sure the ol pins aren`t summer ready so it may in fact be jeans that the Pars fashionistas will have to deal with.

However, I WILL be wearing a dress for the last game of the season next weekend at sunny Dumfries. You read it here first. Sick bags will be available on the DASC bus as well as sunglasses for the extreme whiteness which will be on view.

Lamie on the end of the long hoof downfield. Out to RyanW on the left hand wing. Up to Moff but on to Doyle. Morton throw in. Kilday takes but out for another as the ref takes him back a few yards.

Long high ball cleared downfield, lost by Ash, Nat keeps Oliver back and his pass to Tiffoney is poor as he cant keep the ball in near the right hand post. Goal kick Pars.

RyanW throw in.

Short to Higgy, does well crosses to RyanW in the box and his shot is blocked a few yards out.

Morton thunder to our half. A poor shot by Oliver sees an easy save for Murdoch.

He`s up thankfully.

Murdoch takes the free kick. Higgy injured noo. Clark through to McCabe then to RyanW. McCabe shouting instructions to Higgy. Gaun yersel Rhys lol

Tam McManus giggling at me shouting at the ref for not stopping play whilst Rhys gets looked at.

Talbot to Moff on the halfway line who forces Morton players back to Gaston.

Long ball forward to Tidser, McCabe is down injured and the ref doesnt stop play.

Moff cant quite get a spare as it heads to Gaston ahead of him. Lamie to Doyle over to Kilday and up to Tiffoney shot on goal rebounds off Fordyce, then McCabe clears.

Played along the deck, cleared off the line but a push in the box gives the pars a breather. Murdoch with the free kick.

Free kick Morton. Lamie takes. Long to the pars end. Out for a Morton throw in at the NW.

McCabe and Nat cant get to it. Through to the pars box for Morton but down to Kilday. Short passes by the visitors with a shot on goal by Tidser parried away. Corner Morto.

St Mirren 5 - 0 Rovers

RyanW throw in.

Goes into the middle for Higgy but past him and on to Shankland. Back to Lamie forward to a running RyanW who cant get there but the ref thinks he touched the ball last and it`s a corner to Morton.

Spare to Gaston from a throw in on the far side. McCabe heads down to Higgy but his pass to a running MOff is poor. On to Gaston who clears long to Talbot. In to Nat, then down to McCabe. Nicely done. Pass to Higgy from RyanW is poor but Higgy gets it back. Up to Clark but he cant get hold of it either and the ball is in the pars end.

Long ball down the wing to Talbot, in to Nat, over to McCabe and a lovely ball to RYanW in to the box and he is fouled yet the ref says no penalty. Looked clear from here but he gives it to Gaston for a goal kick.

Crowd 3,339

Long ball from Gaston. Down to McDonagh crosses in and RyanW clears to Higgy. Long ball through to Clark but past him and on to Gasto.

Strapp and Clark knock heads but it`s Strapp who comes off worst. Physio thinks its ok and Higgy gives the ball to Gaston. Strapp back on.

Possibly the last time we see McMullan in a Pars shirt? Hope not.

Long ball to Talbot, cleared from the pars box, down to Tidser then on to Talbot. Cleared again to the halfway line. Higgy cant get to it and it goes long and over the byline for what we all thought was a corner to Morton. Linesman not even looking and the ref says nope it`s a goal kick.

Murdoch to Clark who fouls Strapp. Free kick just inside the Morton half. Lamie takes.

OFf the back of Fordyce,

St Mirren 3 - 0 Rovers

Free kick Pars. Murdoch takes. Long to the Morton half. McCabe with a throw in. Away to Tidser, McMullan chases and its down to the halfway line. Lamie throw in. Long to the head of Shankland but away to RyanW. Out for a Pars throw in.

Pars sub off comes McMullan on comes Michael Paton. McMullan off to a standing ovation by our fans.



Spare over the byline and on to Gaston.

Ball to McMullan, in to Nat, out wide to RyanW. AJ shouting instructions from the dug out. Ball to Higgy crosses in ansd its in the net by MOFF



Nat is fouled. Free kick Pars in their own half. The vibration from Nat going doon reverberates up here in the press box!

Murdoch takes free kick, up to Clark and put out by Shankland. Throw in Pars. McCabe takes to RyanW, in to the box and a shot is slowly taken by Fordyce who wasnt looking and it`s away downfield.

Tidser to take.

Short to Lindsay whose shot rebounds out for another corner.

Cleared at the near post by Talbot long ball up to Higgy but cleared by Gaston as he comes off his line.

High ball into the air down field and out for a Morton throw in.

Fordyce heads clear as the ball comes in high to the right hand post.

Down to McMullan who fouls Tidser. Free kick Morton 20 yards out on the left hand side.

Morton to kick off with Oliver. Out wide to Tidser headed down to Lamie and out for a Morton throw in at the NW.

Short to Lindsay, away to Talbot and Moff chases the spare.

Played long to the pars and rebounds out for a Morton corner.

Just had an away game reader pass on some lovely words. A pleasure to meet my readers.



Dundee United v Dumbarton ko 5.15PM




From the left it`s Tidser.

Low ball in, over to Ash heads out, back to Tidser but he cant get there in time. Out for a Pars goal kick.

Long ball to Lindsay ahead of Nat. Oliver takes it and down to Shankland. Lamie to Oliver. Up to Shankland in the box, crosses to Doyle but his shot aiming for the bottom right hand corner is headed off the goal line by Talbot. Out for a Morton corner.

Falkirk 1 - 1 QOS
St Mirren 2 - 0 Raith Rovers
Ayr United 0 - 2 Hibs

RyanW crosses in but a good save by Gaston

Talbot throw in. Over to Nat, out wide to RyanW, ahot on goal by Moff is blocked in the Morton box, down to McCabe then to Talbot. Goes to McMullan but his pass is away to Morton and downfield to RyanW. Lost on the wing, its taken inside by Tidser. Down to the halfway line to Doyle, then Shankland then forward to Lamie. Oliver through to Lindsay whose shot is just wide of the right hand post.

Down to Moff from Gasto. Short to McCabe, nicely done and gives to Moff. He loses it to Tidser, up to Nat does well as usual and out to Higgy. He gives it back to Nat. out wide to Tlabot on his own. Over to Nat then to RyanW.

Down to Fordyce forward to Clark on the 18 yard line but his shot is blocked and its down to the pars half for Morton.

Gaston punts to McCabe. Talbot fouled as he comes through the middle of two morton players. Free kick taken quickly and down to Higgy, nice turn gives to a running RyanW cross to Moff then a backheel to Clark then to McCabe but his header went high and into the hands of Gaston.

From the left it`s Higgy. Right footed cross, headed over the bar from close range by Callum Fordyce.

Higgy long to the Morton box and headed behind for a Pars corner.

Re-start, played to Fordyce, McCabe gets the ball but is fouled in the process. Free kick Pars 45 yards out.

Higgy to take.

Scott Tiffoney with the goal

Shankland with the long throw in and it`s headed in to the net from close range.

GOAL Morton


Throw in Morton at the NE.

Doyle to Tidser, nice cross by Shankland and over the hands of Murdoch. Out wide for a Ton throw in.

He punts it high and long to the head of McMullan, down to CLark nice touch through to MOff but just ahead of him is Kilday. Good passing but then goes out wide to Moff through to RYanW in the box shoots and off the feet of gaston.

A cross by Talbot falls to no one and Morton are down to our end. Murdoch comes off his line to clear.

He hoofs it downfield. Offside flag up. Free kick Morton with Gaston to take.

Long ball through to Oliver but the offside flag is up for him.

Free kick Pars with Murdoch to take.

It`s like keepie uppie here.

Talbot throw in, over to Nat. out wide to Fordyce then on to Higgy. Loses it on the byline and Morton fire forward.

Talbot stops McDonagh, over to MOff then to Higgy. Plays it back to Nat. Higgy looks like he cant be bothered today. Hanging about on the ball not looking for anyone to pass to.

Morton take it off him no bother.

Lamie to Kilday, in to Lindsay. Foul on Lindsay by McMullan. Free kick Morton just past the halfwway line. Doesnt go anywhere in particular. HIgh ball down to Kilday and up to Ash. Long spare through to gaston.

McCabe gets a foot in to stop it going further. Morton throw in. Doyle to Talbot ahead of McDonagh. McCabe nearly loses it but Talbot picks up the spare, GOod ball to Clark then to RyanW on the wing, and he is fouled but ref says no. Looked like obstruction to me.

From the left it`s Tidser.

Low ball played away by Talbot ahead of Shankland who didnt even look at it. Talbot lets it run over the byline. Morton throw in. Over to Doyle, then out wide to Lamie. Oliver to Lamie. Long ball to Tisder and out for a morton throw in at the NE.

Murdoch free kick.

Doyle up for the header, down to Tiffoney ahead of Kal. Wide ball to Doyle, crosss in low and its out for another Ton corner.

Shankland long ball to the pars box, ref sees a push. Goal kick Pars.

Apologies a Morton throw in.

Doyle to Tidser, out wide to Ash but he loses it and a cross to the pars box by the head of Oliver means another corner for the visitors.

Long ball to Clark. In to Moff but the passing is poor and Morton have it to Kilday. Talbot takes him on and wins a free kick after Kilday takes him to ground.

Free kick by Higgy 40 yards out, out wide to Moff, then to McMullan loses it briefly and out for a Pars throw in.
mcMullan to Higgy, crosses to MOff nowhere near in the Morton box and out for a Pars throw in.

Morton through, a short cross is blocked at the near post by Murdoch, but played to a Morton player, the ball comes back in from 20 yards out by Tidser and another good save from our keeper.

Talbot with the spare from Gaston, down to Moff looking for help, over to Higgy in to Moff, short to Higgy turns gives back to Moff then to McMullan but his pass to Higgy is poor and Morton are down to our half.

He hoofs it to the halfway line. Down to Nat, then to Ash forward to McMullan out wide to RyanW.

Down the wing he goes, crosses in and a good save at the near post by Gaston.

After he returns the turf to its original place he hoofs it upfield. Long to Tidser then to Oliver who puts in a good run. Out for a Morton throw in despite Ash claiming it for himself. Rebounded out and Talbot to take a pars throw in.

Down to Strapp, over to Tiffoney. Forward by Tidserl. Stopped by McCabe, now to Mcmullan and a long pass to a running MOffat. Played to Tiffoney ahead of Moff, and on to Murdoch.

A very high ball up field. Higgy to McCabe heads down to Nat. Played backwards to Murdoch and clears ahead of Shankland.

Nat with nifty footwork past Tidser, on to RyanW but his cross to Moff running into the Morton box is too short and on to Gaston despite sliding on the field.

Murdoch in neon yellae lumps it forward to the head of Tidser who holds his head afterwards. Not needing treatment. Out to Moff, loses it to Tiffoney and then to Strapp. Over to Doyle and rebounds his pass off McMullan. Long clearance by Gaston as Clark comes close. Back to Gaston.

Lamie to take.

Despite the scoreline the Morton fans are in good voice and have sang their hearts out since the start.

In to the middle for BigNat. He plays it out wide to Higgy but it rolls out for a Morton throw in. Good defence move by RyanW as he clears the ball over the byline and on to Murdoch.

Out wide Tidser good shot on goal at the right hand post and a diving save from Murdoch.

Long ball to Moff and out for a Morton throw in at the NW.

Talbot down the wing to Higgy, asking who wants it, well it`s no me.

In to Clark, but his shot on goal is poor and straight to Gaston.

Long to Moff but over his head and Morton gforward to the pars box with a mis placed tackle by McCabe but manages to clear the ball out wide.

Murdoch long to Higgy but a too tight for our player to get hold of. Out for a Morton throw in at the NW.

Doyle to Fordyce heads down. In to Higgy and chased by Moff but cleared by Shankland. Out for a pars throw in with Talbot to take.

Over the wall and over the bar.

From the left it`s Michael Tidser. Left footed cross cleared at the near post and a foul on Lewis Strapp at the 30 yard mark means a free kick for Morton. Tidser to take.

From the right it`s Scott Tiffoney.

Right footed cross, high and punched clear by Murdoch. Away to the head of Doyle, ahead of Moff, despite a good attempt by McCabe. Out wide to McDonagh and a third corner for Morton.

Higgy having a word in his ear from the ref.

Lamie takes, down to Shankland, and another corner for the visitors.

Fordyce clears long picked up by DOyle and is fouled in the process. Free kick in their own half for Morton.

Our keeper I should say - wrang end.

Nat to Ash but he cant keep his feet. Morton through to our box, a rebounded shot off Talbot from Shankland is played down the wing and out for a pars throw in. McMullan to Talbot chests down to Moff back to McMulan good run throug hthe middle but his pass to Higgy was poor. On to Lamie who clears it to RyanW on the wing. Out for a pars throw in at the nW.

Pars throw in. RyanW to Higgy`s head and cleared by Boyle to RyanW. He loses it on the wing and it`s Morton who fire forward.

TIdser to Shankland, over to Doyle, high ball to the pars box and I thought our keeper got a touch to it, as did the morton fans, but it`s a goal kick says the ref.

Is the irony lost on the Ton fans singing that we have a poor home support....hmmmm

Tidser to Shankland, clearly held by Ash but no foul from the ref.

Oliver through to the pars box, knocked over by Nat (oh heck) but played out wide to RyanW.

Tidser takes it down this time but played strongly by Fordyce, taken to Williamson but cleared from the Morton half. Up to Fordyce and out for a Greenock throw in deep in the pars half.

Shankland takes, long to the pars box and cleared by Ash. Down to Clark, deals with Lamie and just loses out on a pars corner.

It`s cleared away by the Ton defence and out for a throw in. Long from Strapp and out for another.

Short to Tidser back to Strapp and out for another.

Long ball from Higgy through to MOffat but its too fast and on to Gaston. Long high ball from nat to a running Moff and played up the wing to Tidser. Short passes through to Nat then to Moff but it`s nowhere near except McMullan picks up the spare surrounded by Morton players and no one comes to help himn.

There are several people to the right of me coughing and choking on the thick smoke set off by the flares.

Corner comes and goes with no trouble to the pars goalie.

Re-start and Morton are deep in our half. Win a free kick after a foul by Higgy. 25 yards out on the right hand side. Goes high and cleared from the box. Clark chases the spare but Morton have it back up to our half. First corner of the match goes their way.


A shot on target first hit by McCabe then Clark then he moved forward further as it came off the underside of the bar so he could tip it back in towards the net.

Moffat on a run to the morton box, passes to CLark then to McCabe and on to the feet of



Nat gets it clear, on to Clark then through to Kal but he cant get near and it`s up to Gaston.

It`s a rotten egg smell and has spread like a thick fog over the pitch.

Morton have a free kick, taken quickly deep in the pars end and it`s cleared to the halfway line.

Kal heads down to RyanW then on to Moffat. Cross by RyanW to the Greenock box over to MNcMullan played away by Shankland.

SMoke billowing from the away end as Greenock Morton fans in the far top corner set off flares.

Out goes Andy Geggan, Lewis Martin and Callum Morris in comes Callum Forydce, Ryan Williamson and Rhys McCabe

And away we go!

Both teams run out on the field and the applause from both sets of fans is immense. Whatever the final scoreline today it`s going to be a cracker.

Morton in their away strips of red and black striped top, red shorts and red socks.

The Pars in their home black and white tops, black shorts and black socks.

Photos taken and the pars have to swap ends so will be kicking off this half towards the Norrie.

A small but vocal Morton support is in the Cowden end today

The Pars fans however are filling up the main stand, Norrie and the NW.

12th man today is Ian Downie

92739 was the ticket for the 50-50 draw last week for £1k and wasn`t picked up by the winner.

You`ll no mind if I run hame and check will ye? ;D

Weather-wise it`s a bit cold, there`s a slight breeze and Tam McManus is still coughing up his woolly hat next to me.

Jim Spence was supposed to be here but was drafted in to hone his skills at the Buckie Thistle game. Pair sowel.

There will be a lap of honour at the final whistle today by DAFC players and management.

Good afternoon from me Buffy for the penultimate Pars match in season 2016/17. The visitors are Greenock Morton who have already secured their spot in the play offs. The Pars are looking to remain in 5th spot and keep the relegation zone out of reach.

Dunfermline_Athletic: Sean Murdoch Jason Talbot Lee Ashcroft Callum Fordyce (c) Rhys McCabe Ryan Williamson Nat Wedderburn Nicky Clark Michael Moffat Paul McMullan (Michael Paton) Kallum Higginbotham
Subs (not used): David Hutton GK Stewart Morrison Gavin Reilly Joe Cardle Lewis Spence Callum Smith

Greenock_Morton: Derek Gaston Lee Kilday (c) Rickie Lamie Michael Doyle Gary Oliver Jamie Lindsay Michael Tidser Lawrence Shankland Jamie McDonagh Scott Tiffoney Lewis Strapp
Subs (not used): Jamie McGowan GK John Scullion Mark Russell Luke Donnelly Kudus Oyenuga Ben Armour John Mitchell

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