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Live Updates: SPFL Championship: Queen of the South v DAFC
By dafc.net - Sat, 6th May 2017


Queen Of The South

0 - 1

Dunfermline Athletic
CLARK (90)


  Ref: Alan Newlands
  Crowd: TBA  Position: 5th

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Thanks for reading folks, it`s been a whale of a season. Over n oot for 2016-17 season. Buffy xxxx



QOS 0 - 1 DAFC

Free kick Pars with McCabe. Long to Joe, fouled and another free kick at the pars right hand corner flag.

You can imagine what our fans are like -----

A scrunch up at the corner flag with bodies everywhere.

Free kick given to Queens LOL

Clark headed it down and Robinson slipped and it trundled over the goal line!!!


Higgy just clears it long and no one at the end of it. Just lumping it forward. Queens deep. Clark could have got that pass but dawdled.

Queens through and a good stop at the right hand post by Player of the Year (amongst other awards) Sean Murdoch.



Robinson long to Ash, awya to Fordyce but Higgy tries an overhead kick. No need for it and dont want it tbh. Murdoch has to clear as Queens advance.

Paton stops Murray in his tracks. Rebounds out and JOe gets it away doewnfield. Clark wins a throw in deep in Queens half. Higgy takes. Short to McCabe looks up crosses to Smith but just short of him. Murray clears it long. Nat to McCabe then a long ball is headed down to Robinson.

Offside flag up for Brownlie as he sprints down the far wing. Free kick Pars with Murdoch to take.

Clark held but play on says ref.

McCabe to Joe back to McCabe. Shot rebounded. McCabe stops it again. Loses it to Higgy who loses it himself.

Queens fire forward. Dobbie past Paton and a shot on goal is blocked from 9 a few yards out.

A free header for Dobbie flies past the pars right hand post. Goal kick .

Clark chases the spare. Murray and Jacobs passing tight.

Long ball from Jacobs. Up to Dobbie and a shot on goal is close to the pars right hand post. Goal kick Pars.

Rovers 1 - 1 Ayr

Joe through to McCabe. To RYanW crosses in high it goes and down in to the hands of Robinson., Gives to Murray on the wing, up to halfway line.

Murdoch long to the head of Dobbie and on to Robinson.

Murray shoots from 25 yards out and Murdoch goes to ground to save it.

Im melting!

Free kick Pars.

Long ball to Joe chases a spare and Robinson clears ahead of him. Nat to Higgy, fouled. Free kick Pars 40 yards out.

McCabe to take.

Low in and bounces past everyone. Queens goal kick.

Smith chases a poor clearance.

Pars throw in.

RyanW to Smith in the box, blocked. Jacobs gets it clear and downfield. Halfway line.

Offside flag on.

Higgy takes along the ground pass to Joe, cleared out wide. Nat has a shot on goal and just past the left hand post.

Joe upended. Free kick Pars 35 yards out.

Higgy takes, Clarks heads in and cleared out wide.

McMullan off for the pars on is Callum Smith

the whereabouts of the DASC bus has been announced - didnae realise it was missing tbh.

Corner Pars.

Silky skills from oor Nat.

First time Ive wanted it to rain at the game!

In the name of the wee man it`s blooming roasting!

Queens looked for a penalty but their player deemed to have dived and yellow carded by Newlands. Roar from the pars support

Robinson long to the pars half.

Out for a pars throw in. Paton to take.

Nat to Fordyce. Long to RyanW and Ash has to clear it out wide.

Still not safe from the hot sunshine as it climbs the rows.

Long ball to Clark lets it bounce, on his own, to McMullan crosses to Joe cleared by Murray.

Ash lets it go long. Throw in Queens.

Och I dinnae ken ---- Murray it is.

Hopeless without a team sheet. :-(

A chance for the home side as they thump the ball past the pars right hand post.

Jacobs cant keep the ball in on the byline. Out for a Pars throw in.

Queens sub off Carmichael in Dowie, I think.

FOUR attempts on the pars box by Queens.

Jacobs to Higgins, in to the middle bumps into Joe and Nat helps him get it clear. Down to Robinson ahead of Clark who looked helpless.

Paton stops a dangerous ball from Dobbie. Back to the pars box but cleared again. Again Queens have a shot and this time it`s Murdoch who gets it at the right hand post. Comes back in - this is ridiculous and this time Murdoch has to dive to his left with help from Paton.

Ash falls over Jacobs. Free kick Queens 45 yards out. Taken whilst the ref speaks to Ash. Stopped by Paton and on to Nat. Forward to Joe but Robinson there first.

Out for a Queens throw in.

Higgy to Joe gets it back great play stopped by Jacobs. Joe had to get it to Clark but he was nowhere near. Clark needs to up his game.

HIggy to Joe, in to McCabe stops gives to Higgy then to Paton. McMullan to Higgy getting wide to Joe.

Shirt to Higgy back to McMullan in the box chips it in and Clark in front of goal lets it go behind him and he cant get it back. Ball away downfield.

In fact it was Dykes who went off for Queens....could be half the bleedin team until I get it right lol

Clark with a belter of a chance there but he lets it run off him and on to Robinson.

Queens throw in. McCabe high clearance. Down to Nat, nice pass to oe through to Clark back to Hoe lovely stuff out to RyanW back to McCabe chips it to Higgy and his header went to the keeper from close range.

Morton 1 - 1 Dundee United

Sorry not Carmichael - Thomas instead.

Hibs 1 - 1 St Mirren

Second sub for Queens off Carmichael on is Lyle.

McCabe to Joe, his pass to Higgy is blocked. Out to McMullan cant get it to Nat whilst Higgy sitting on his own. Long spare ball downfield all the way through to Murdoch.

Short to Ash, gives back to keeper and he clears it to Joe. Heads it to Paton in to McCabe back to Joe.

Keeps it over to RyanW.

Nice passes.

Runs down the wing, crosses in and Clark with the right idea but heads it over the bar from 20 yards out.

Nat up for the long ball from Robinson and then doon on the deck. Jeesh heard the vibration fae here!

Queens throw in.

A 4-3-2-1 formation? Ach I dinnae ken, naebuddy explains these things to me lol

Clark and McMullan chase a spare but over the byline for a Queens goal kick.

Higgy in the middle.

Moff chases a spare, loses it to Jacobs and McCabe puts in a stop. Throw in Queens.

Sub for Pars off goes Moff on is Joe.
McMullan switching sides to the right with Joe on the left.

Ball all the way downfield and out for a Queens goal kick.

Queens sub - nae idea who went aff or who came oan.

Looks like Joe is coming on for the pars though.

Robinson goal kick.

Long to the halfway line, McCabe gets a touch to it. Moff misses it completely. THrow in Queens. Shot on goal from Dobbie is too soft and an easy save for Murdoch.

McCabe long pass to our 13th man..... aye....

RyanW to Dobbie, poor show, and then a miss hit by Jacobs. Away to Paton, through to MOff back to Paton in to Higgy. NBack to Moff gives it to Higgy jops over Jacobs out to McMullan crosses in and Clark got his head to it but cant get it clear to the post. RyanW crosses but rebounds off Jacobs and he gets it away downfield.

QoS the only team fired up at the moment.

Thomas to take.

Carmciahel in the box and Paton clears with a header to Nat. Pars throw in.

Paton to Moff but headed out by Jacobs. Another pars throw in.

Long to Clark high ball down to RyanW but over the byline. Qos throw in.

Murdoch goal kick.

Long ball to HIggy and out for a Qos throw in.

Jacobs to McCabe heads down. Carmichael falls behind Higgy and gets a free kick 40 yards out.

Morton 1 - 0 Dundee United

Queens through again and this time its just a smidgeon past the left hand post by Dobbie.

Murdoch wasnt happy with his defence as they were nowhere near as 22 got through.

RyanW out wide on the wing. Down to Higgy. Back to RyanW. Long ball to Moff but Jacobs ahead. Dobbie on the spare, past Nat, out to Dobbie back to Dykes. Back to Dobbie.

Offside flag up for 22 as he puts the ball into the left hand corner.

Queens free kick after offside flag. From the halfway line. Dobbie shoots and a punch to the left hand post for Murdoch. Corner for Queens. Taken quickly, low in, cleared by McCabe. Comes back in, Paton heads down to Murdoch.

Paton low clearance to RyanW out on the far wing. Down to HIggy back to Ryan then MOff loses it to Dobbie. Didnt look like he was even looking when Dobbie came in for it. Life a hot knife off butter it was.

Offside throw, Pars free kick.
Away to Ash, over to Paton then to Nat long ball to a running McMullan with Jacobs ahead of him nodding it to Robinson.

Nat loses it to Marshall, out wide to Dykes take on McMullan then rattls it off Nat out to Dobbie into the pars box chips to Higgins in the box but cleared by Paton.

Hoofed upfield and out for a pars throw in.

RyanW towards Moff but out for a Queens throw in, then another. Deep in the pars half.

Carmichael loses it to Moff, but away on the halfway line to Higgins. Dykes to Tapping, ahead of Nat but on to RyanW then toHiggy. Nice pass to a runnign Clark just ahead of him is Dykes and he plays it out to Jacobs. RyanW heads it forward and again and then goes down. Throw in for Queens.

Murdoch, in banana yellae, hoofs it downfield. There`s a slight breeze picked up.

McMullan on the ball in to the box short to MOff but his pass to McCabe is poor and Queens get it away. Down to the halfway line, Higgy slides and its on to Robinson.

Pars to kick off going from right to left towards our fans.

Clark to McCabe. Out for a QoS throw in. RyanW in to Dykes, McCabe intervenes. Ball lost and Queens cant get near our box for our defence.

Teams back out for this thriller of a second half.

Aye I know Ive got to make it sound more exciting than it actually is lol

Nae food left after five mins.... clearly weren`t expecting such a big away support.


Dumbarton 0-0 Falkirk
Hibernian 0-0 St Mirren
Morton 0-0 Dundee Utd
Raith Rovers 1-0 Ayr

Queens throw in.

Cleared from the pars box.



Sublime. I could watch that boy aw day.

Over to Taping away to Dobbie. Dykes misses the pass back but picked up by Marshall.

Carmichael out wide to Brownlie.

Up to Paton clears it to Nat chests down on to Clark then Higgy. He cant keep hold of it.

Nat to McMullan then to Clsark who is fouled again. Free kick Pars in the centre circle.

Paton to take.

Long ball and an easy save for Robinson.

Queens run to our half. Nat stops Dobbie, cheers from our fans as he does it twice in succession lol.

Got a wee wave from Dowser earlier - nice chap.

Dykes to Tappin then to Carmichael. Nice ball to Marshall. McCabe stops them centre circle. Clark puts a shot on goal but stopped easily by Robinson despite Higgy shouting for it with a clearer view. Queens runs to our end and a close range shot for Dobbie is over the bar.

Long ball out wide out to Paton. Pars throw in. HIggy to McCabe but misses it completely.

McCabe does well and gets the spare through to Murdoch. Long ball to Tapping on the halfway line.

Pars throw in.

Away to Ash up to Fordyce on to Murdoch.

High ball to Clark who is fouled. Free kick Pars.McCabe to take.

Raith 1 - 0 Ayr

Marshall with the throw in. Away to Fordyce. Down to McMulan nice pass to Clark but he cant keep hold of it.

Higgy to McCabe and a sot on goal is way past the right hand post by Clark.

Paton to Higgy but he misses his chance. Out to RyanW. THen to Fordyce. Back to Ryanw down to Higgy short to Clark and a good pass to RyanW loses it and up to Nat. Out for a queens throw in.

Long spare through to Murdoch.

Long ball to the head of Dykes. On to Ash and back to Murdoch. McCabe to Paton gorward to MOff who chases it as it goes to Robinson. Humped out of play. Throw in Pars.

Tapping loses it to Paton. Low ball to Higgy nicely done. Out to McMullan but he loses it and Paton has to hop over Tapping. Pars throw in.

Paton to Clark down to Moff but an offside flag up.

Robinson to Marshall who heads down to Murdoch. Off to Fordyce then to McCabe but he cant get there, RyanW with the throw in. Down to Higgy but squashed in between two blue suited players.

Throw in Queens.

Long to MUrdoch, down to Ash then to Paton. Low ball to Moff. Has to chase but cant get there in time.

Free kick from the centre circle, long to the pars 18 yard line and cleared by Nat. In to Moff over to McCabe high ball and nearly kept in by Higgy`s big toe.

Dykes nearly through, our defence sleeping, out for a Queens corner.

From the left it`s curled in, headed clear and down for a throw in. Nat stops on the 8 yardl ine. Marshall goes down in the centre circle and a free kick to Queens. He looked like he dived for Scotland. Here we go again. Another Hippolyte, all over the pitch.

Long ball to Marshall but Higgy puts in a great tackle then is pushed at the pars right hand flag and the ref deems he dived. THrow in for Queens. SHould have been a free kick. It goes nowhrere and the pars fans nearby are happy.

Long ball to a running Moff down to 20 yards out from the Queens goal. Stopped in his tracks.

Sandy Clark bellowing to the players.

Queens deep in our half. Dykes to Higgins and out for a throw in to the doonhamers. AJ attempts to catch the ball but missed badly. Get that chap signed lol

Doonhamer throw in. Over to Dykes in the box cleared to MOff and Clark cant get it at the halfway line. Up to Higgins then to Marshall crosses i nand a nice header from Dykes in front goal goes astray and Pars have it away weith Foryce to McCabe. Nice pass to Higgy shot to Moff nice pass. Turns give s back to HIggy, then to Clark on to RyanW takes on Carmichael and a header goes astray from McMullan a few yards out.

Nice diving save from Murdoch as Dykes takes a chance from 20 yards out.

Long to Higgy in to NBat. Nice pass to Clark but a very long to McMullan who managed to keep it in. Paton crosses to Clark in the box heads down to MOff and a fresh air kick by Higgy goes away to Nat. Another cross by McMullan but cleared from close range. Queens to our half.

Robinson to Fordyce. McCabe chases but its away. Long ball to Dykes out wide on the left hand side. Queens throw in.

Tapping to Carmichael crosses in to the pars box but over everyone. Goal kick Pars.

Queens throw in. Paton clears. McCabe punts it out of play in front of the dug outs. Queens throw in.

Nat to Clark, held back I thought but on to Nat and out wide to RyanW. Forward to Higgy but he cant get near it. Queens clear. McCabe picks up great ball from Higgy to RyanW and his shot on goal is past the left hand post and an offside flag is shown too.

From the right it`s Higgy. Right footed cross high ball and headed clear. Back out to Higgy for another corner.

Again from the right.

Cleared at the near post. Down to Dobbie and Queens run to our half. RyanW puts in a good tackle on Tapping, clears it to the pars box however and Ash clears ahead of Murdoch.

Back in comes Dykes and his shot from close range is saved well by Murdoch.

Foul on Clark sees the pars with a free kick 35 yards out. A good goalscoring opportunity.

McCabe to take.

THrough the wall and rebounds out for a pars corner.

Cleared from our box down to MOff. Then HIggy has to jump clear from a sliding tackle from Tapping and his pass through to Nat is poor. Higgy gets it back but a free kick for Queens in their own half.

RObinson takes long to the head of Fordyce. Comes back in and an easy save for Murdoch.

Long ball fromDobbie through to the pars half with no one up front for the home side.

Murdoch to Nat and in to Higgins. Corner for Queens as there was a mass rush to our end.

From the left its crossed in headed clear by McCabe and down to Tapping. He clears it to HIggins but its over to Carmichael with a good run down the wing.

Forgot it was a plastic pitch here. It`s glistening in the sunshine.

Murdoch clears to the head of Dobbie and the spare to Robinson. He comes way oot his box to clear. High ball off of MCcCabe and Clark had a chance with a one on one with Robinson but the Doonhamers keeper is there first.

Spare to Murdoch who punts it long. CLark heads dwon to Moff who in turns heads down to Rankin and on to Robinson.

Up to Rankin, through to Carmichael on to Marshall. Shot on goal from Carmichael sneaks past the pars left hand post.

Free kick this end for the Pars.

Murdoch to take. Long high ball to the head of Higgins. Down to RyanW good run down the wing crosses in and cleared from a few yards out.

Up to Nat, then to Clark then McMullan. Short to Moff back to Nat then McCabe lovbely ball through to McMullan who then loses it. Robinson to Nat, bounces to RyanW short to McMullan but he lets the ball run off him and its away.

Higgy gives it to McCabe, off the wall, and out for a Pars throw in.

Paton takes.

Rebounds off Higgins, in to the middle for Nat (signed a new contract).

Away to Moff and an offside in the box before he takes the throw in. Humph.

McCabe to Paton in to McCabe on to nat short passes to Higgy then Clark is fouled. Free kick Pars 30 yards out.

RyanW away to McMullan long ball down to Moff but it bounces ahead of him. Queens deep in our half.

Out to Carmichael but played away downfield.

Rovers down to ten men with their goalie shown the red card.

Rovers 0 - 0 Ayr United

Higgy taks, Nat cant get there in the box as the ball bounces behind. However up to RHys out to Moff croses and it bounces on to Robinson.

Higgy heads down Murdoch`s hoof. Away to Ash over to paton and his pass is nicely through to McDobbie with a shot on goal as I lift the netbook to late arrivals in. Murdoch lets it go past the right hand post.

Long ball downfield. NIce try from Moff but too far past the left hand post to make a difference,

Ref lets play on and the ball is with Murdoch.

He lumps it long to the head of DObbie but misplaces his pass and it`s Moff. Out for a pars corner.

From the left its HIggy right footed cross cleared from the middle of the box, Nat picks up the spare lovely place to Higgy crosses n but Ash cant get to the end of it. Queens pass it long but RyanW gets it to Murdoch.

Nice backheel from Higgy, on his own no one coming near him. Over to Paton then in to the middle for Nat. Moff to Clark but away to Higgins.

Out to Dobbie but a great stop by McCabe passes to Higgy. Higgy unlucky not to keep it and RyanW taken out as DObbie makes a run to our half.

Ash makes sure this end and down to the halfway line,. Nice ball from McCabe to Moff but it runs away out for a Queens throw in.

Marshall to Higgins and a long punt up the wing to the head of Fordyce. In to the middle for Moff out to McMullan but picked up by paton crosse in low and Moff cant get there.

Now a few rows back in the shade. Phew.

WIlliamson throw in. Long and high to the head of McCabe heads down but on its way to Robinson.

He punts it long but McCabe uplifts the spare. THrough ball to Higgy with Robinson clearing up the wing. RyanW to Paton but his short pass to RyanW is poor and away to Queens.

Im going to have to move my seat - further back - im roasting and in direct sunshine.

Queens cross to the box, with an easy save for Murdoch.


Queens kick off and play it out wide. Throw in.

Long to the head of 5 and behind for another throw in this time to the pars. Talbot to 7 and out for a queens throw in.


My keyboard is roasting !

Pars in their red away tops , white shorts and reed socks. Home side the Doonhamers in their blue top, white shorts and blue socks.

Pars will be playing from left to right this half with the home side kicking off.

Cannae actually see the netbook screen for the sunshine ---- that`s a first!

I`m going to get a braw tan. Nae mittens needed lol

One of the Roysyth bus crew is dressed as Donald Trump - cannae stop laughing.

Everyone in a party mood and quite right too.

Just for the record, this is my first visit to Palmerston this season lol let`s make a good one.

The Kincardine Trailblazers are here dressed up as pirates - ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

Kudos to the Dumfries Bowling Club for a smashing buffet lunch. Very tasty.

The frock has gone down well.... ;D

I`ll be keeping an eye on the other scores primarily the Rovers v Ayr too and will keep you updated as the match progresses.

It`s a beautiful day - perfect for the footie - and a cracking game hopefully.

Brilliant atmosphere here with the pars fans - there`s hundreds of us!

Lewis Spence is said to be on the bench from the official line up and the tannoy announcer but not sure if it`s a mistake or whether they`re playing him as his last game.

Morris not on the bench either.

Now you`ve got to be gentle with me today, Im still in mourning from the loss of our defender BigBen and no team has come to me since we arrived at the stadium.

If I`m honest, I`ll swap my allegiance quite quickly to Cal Morris....I`m no picky lol

Score from earlier in the Scottish Premiership

ICT 3-1 Hamilton FC

Good afternoon from a very warm and balmy Palmerston Park for the last SPFL Championship fixture of the 2016/17 season between QoS and Dunfermline Athletic FC.

Queen_Of_The_South: Lee Robinson: Jordan Marshall: Darren Brownlie, Chris Higgins, Callum Tapping: John Rankin, Kyle Jacobs, Dominic Thomas, Danny Carmichael: Lyndon Dykes, Stephen Dobbie.
Subs (not used): Scott Mercer, Joe Thomson, Andy Dowie, Connor Murray, Connor McManus, Dale Hilson, Jim Atkinson (GK)

Dunfermline_Athletic: Murdoch Paton Ashcroft Fordyce McCabe Williamson Wedderburn Clark Moffat McMullan Higginbotham
Subs (not used): Hutton Morrison Reilly Cardle Hopkirk Spence (mentioned but not sure about the inclusion)

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