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Live Updates: Betfred League Cup: DAFC v Elgin City FC
By dafc.net - Sat, 15th Jul 2017


Dunfermline Athletic
CLARK (11)(20)(35)(50)
PATON (34)
SMITH (90)

6 - 0

Elgin City


  Ref: David Munro
  Crowd: TBA

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Thanks for reading folks. See ye next time, Over n oot, Buffy xx




Throw in for Pars. RyanW takes, hoofed downfield by Mvoto. On to Waters.

Long ball to Mvoto, heads it away down to Nat. Ferguson cant get in between our two big yins and its off to Murdoch. Good pass to Higgy, forward to Joe as the clock ticks down to full time.

Cooper to McGovern. Cameron slides with Ash and out to Martin. Long ball to Lochehad lovely tball to MSith and its into the net for the youngster!



Higgy had run behind him for support, but the youngest decided to have a try for himself. Quite right too. He`ll get there.

Potts away with the early leaving pars fans.

Pars throw in to Lochhead. Martin gives it away and it`s McGovern. Then to Reilly. Out to McKinnon. Up to Ferguson but Joe gets it back on a run chops it to SMith and it`s a clear one on one with the keeper only but too soft and it`s away.

From the right hand side it`s Reilly.

Ash blocks, then it`s Higgy on a run, down to Joe. Takes on three players past them then Lochhead tries a shot and it`s just past the left hand post. Great try.

Elgin throw in at the south stand left hand side.

In to Lochhead, good pass toward Smith but he is caught short. Long ball to Mvoto heads down and on to Murdoch.

Then to Ash. Long ball down the near wing but Martin cant get there. Elgin throw in. Cooper to Ferguson. Good ball to Dodd. Mvoto blocks but it`s out for an Elgin corner.

McGovern to McKinnon. Not getting forward. Higgy chases. Martin comes in between and its out for an Elgin throw in at the halfway line. Some pars fans leaving.

Foul by Mvoto. Pfft rubbish!

From the left it`s Higgy.

Takes it quickly, short pass to Lochead, back to Higgy, crosses to Mvoto, good tackle by Joe and shoots and yet another blocked one as he tumbles over. Poor Joe I really want him to get a goal too!

Long ball to Smith flicked on to Lochead. Blocked and the ball is back with Murdoch.

Mvoto to Nat. Now to Lochhead, then to Higgy on to Mvoto. Over to Ash chips to Higgy. Nice pass to Joe.

Runs inside, chips to Lochhead and he takes it to the byline. Joe with a shot, blocked on the line, and Lochhead wins a corner for the pars with Cooper putting it behind.

Long ball into the wind, down to the head of Cameron. Out to Dodd. Taks on Martin and slides as he puts the ball behind the goal. Ball to Murdoch.

Joe moves up front, Lewis Martin moves inside and Joe is about to shoot here iun the box with only Waters to beat but the purple clad keeper gets there first.

Foul by Joe and a free kick for Elgin with Waters to take.

Change of direction - by the lads here - 3-5-2

Higgy from the right hand side.

Right footed cross, high ball over to Martin heads down but cleared by Cooper. All the way back to Murdoch via Martin. Back to Lewis. In to Higgy, over to RyanW on the left hand wing.

Down to RyanW from Lochead,. Offside for the Elgin player chasing him,

Sub for Pars off is McManus on is Mvoto

Waters with the long punt. Out for an Elgin throw in.

McKinnon to Reilly. Over to Cooper. Up to Martin well stopped. Now to Joe on a run, takes it to the box crosses in and cleared out for another Pars corner.

Joe to Higgy deep in Elgin half. Cant get his cross in. Out for a pars throw in.

Up to Martin, Joe slides, and Lochhead tries a shot, just a smidgeon past the right hand post.

1,757 is the crowd today.

From the left it`s Higgy.

Right footed cross, curls in and headed down by McManus. Blocked en route, Elgin get it downfield but only to Martin. HIgh ball from Nat, then on to the nippy feet of Cameron. Backwards to McKinnon in to Reilly. Turns and gives to McGovern. Out to Martin again. He cant get it to Higgy. Lunge forward to Smith, unlucky not to keep it.

Lochead does well, gets the ball to Joe nearside. In to the middle through to McManus but he is blocked. Higgy takes the spre then gives to Joe. Backheel to Higgy crosses in and headed over the bar from close range by Ferguson and out for a pars corner.

Lochead tackles and it`s a throw in for the pars.

Sub for Pars off goes Nicky Clark replaced by Callum Smith.

From the left hand side it`s Reilly. Right footed cross, high ball, headed down by Morris, out for an Elgin throw in at the NE.

McKinnon to Eadie. Another throw in.

Elgin with McKinnon, to Reid. Cooper picks up nearside, McGovern cant get past Higgy.

Elgin long ball to the pars half and rebounds off Nat and out for a corner.

Long from Waters to the halfway line. Elgin cant get forward.

HIggy on a run, shot pass to Clark but its past him.

Elgin away with McKinnon. Off the foot of Lochhead and out for a visitor throw in.

Joe tries a shot on goal which Waters lets go of then scoops up again. Good try Joe. He`s desperate for a goal!

Higgy to Joe, past a player, slips as he crosses, Reilly gets it away. Out to McKinnon long to Reilly. Up to Cameron and on to Morris then Murdoch.

Reilly to McGovern, up to Dodd. Does well. Nice passing between him and McGovern. Out wide to Dodd. Takes it inside. Dodd nearly tackled by Nat inside the box. Away to Lochhead, does well past two players, chips it to McManus. Now to Joe, and his shot on goal is a smidgeon past the goal mouth. Still in play.

Poor clearance by their keeper, Nat picks up the spare. Out to Higgy, corner of 18 yard box, tries a shot and tight corner save by Waters.

Higgy crosses to Lochead, cant get there. Nat cant get past McKinnon. Halfway line action for Ash short to Nat. Now to Martin nearside, McManus pulled by McLeish but ref lets play on. Oyut to RyanW does well, past two players and his shot on goal / cross is well saved at the near post by Waters.

Waters takes the free kick. Long ball and out for an Elgin throw in at the NE.

McKinnon to Reilly, then to Dodd but he is blocked by Lochead. Ball to centre circle for Elgin. Throwing people forward. Notable difference from first half.

Out wide to McKinnon, in to McGovern shot on goal from 35 yards, stopped by Morris Joe in to the box and stopped at the near post. Pushed over for his troubles but nothing from ref. Ball played out wide.

RyanW loses it to McKinnon on the far wing. Elgin sprint to our half. Throw in at the right corner flag for the visitors.

McKinnon to take.

Sutherland also on for Elgin, he gets a touch whilst Joe clears the final ball in our box. Martin to Higgy then up to McManus but it was poor. All the way back to Ash and over to Nat. In to Higgy, long ball out widew to Joe but he is offside.

Rain off, wind still strong.

Cloudy but no chance of meatballs.

Corner taken by Higgy, crossed in and blocked, back to Higgy and shot at goal but it`s 100 mph past.

Sub for Pars off Paton to be replaced by Scott Lochead

Murdoch to Higgy, pushed over but no foul. Nat plays it out wide but out for an Elgin throw in. Short to Paton, crossed in by Martin but out for a pars corner.

Cross comes back into Waters but he saves well.

Clark held by Eadie, nothing given. Morris defends and Elgin have a throw in deep in the pars half.

RyanW got the ball at the end of a tussle and it`s Murdoch`s ball.

From the left hand side, it`s Reilly.

Right footed cross low in and headed away by Clark. Down to the halfway line. Back to the head of Clark, down to Higgy on to McManus in to the feet of a running Reilly and cleared out wide.

Corner from the right hand side. Curled high and Nat cleared out for another.

Sub for Elgin off Jamie Reid replaced by Callum Ferguson.

McGovern to McKinnon. Higgy got in between as does Clark but Waters clears. Only to Nat`s head, rebounds off the back of McKinnon and it`s up to Morris.

He cant get forward and gives it to Ash.

Now to Nat, cleared by Eadie. Down to Ash and off to Murdoch.

Straight clearance to Dodd. Good run by the Elgin player who earns a corner for his team.

Out to Joe. In to Paton but the spare is over the byline.

Had a wee word with Joe`s lovely other half earlier. The wee one is doing better and will be home soon.

Elgin cant keep it in at the byline and it`s a corner for the pars. Very silly play by Elgin defenders not even attempting to clear it from danger.

higgy right footed cross cleared at near post. Down to Reilly, away to Martin and good ball to Higgy. Past Cooper, never looked up as he crossed the ball and he finds one of the three defenders who cleared.

In to the middle for Nat, then to Martin

Long ball from Waters. Down to Morris over to Martin and on to Murdoch. Back to Martin long pass to McManus down to Clark in the box and outs the ball nearly past Waters with a second chance from Paton. Also saved. Cracking shots on goal from the pars.

Out wide to McKinnon, up to the head of Morris. Nat hoofs it to Clark but he is offside says the linesman as he started a run to the 25 yards area in the Elgin half.

Long to the Pars half. Out for a Pars throw in despite a good run from Dodd.

Over to Murdoch, Higgy heads down but straight to McGovern. Ash heads out to RyanW who then passes it to HIggy. In tight to Hoe hgood run, he looks fast just standing still!

Joe picks up spare, crosses in and headed out by Bronsky. Elgin have it away.

Martin returns ball to Murdoch who then hoofs it down to McManus. Over to Ash via Martin. Long ball to Waters who comes out for it, cleared t oJHoe in to Higgy turns then gives to Clark then to Higgy with a one on one with Waters but the Elgin keeper did well to come and save it.

McManus was at the near post, chipped it to Nicky who put it away so easily past Waters.

Shot on goal from McGovern after re-start and saved at the left hand post by Murdoch.

At this rate we wil have to give Nicky two match balls!

Higgy long ball to McManus, then Joe tries a shot blocked and out for a Pars corner.

Higgy to take from the left hand side.

Right footed cross, low in and into the net GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL CLARK AGAIN


Elgin City to kick off this half.

Bronsky has come on for Elgin at halftime but didnt catch the name of the chap who has gone off. Apologies.

Kick off and the pars fire to the Elgin half. Cross from Joe to Clark but he is blocked at the left hand post.

Elgin fire to our end, crosses in and blocked by Morris. Nat to Higgy heads to Paton then to JHoe. In to Clark but his backheel to Higgy goes astray.

Duly noted that there is a steward in the new gym. Any ideas why?

Teams back out for this second half of the Betfred League Cup

Pars kicking towards the Norrie.


Ross County 1-0 Alloa

Peterhead 1-0 East Fife

Cowdenbeath 2-1 Buckie Thistle

Dundee Utd 0-0 Raith Rovers

Hibernian 2-0 Montrose

Inverness CT 2-0 Brechin

Clyde 0-0 Annan Athletic

Berwick 0-1 Morton

Queen`s Park 1-1 Motherwell

Falkirk 3 - 0 Stirling

FT at East Kilbride - EK 1-3 HAMILTON

RyanW to Clark but its over the byline. AJ aff his behind.

McKinnon to Cooper, loses it to Nat and cleared by Murdoch.




Clark to Higgy who fouls McKinnon. Jeezo. Free kick Elgin City again. First one came to nothing. And this one has gone over the halfway line, and down to Murdoch and no one else.

Long punt from Waters. Higgy heads it down.

Dodd gives it away to Morris and it`s on to Murdoch.

He hoofs it to Higgy, heads down to Clark he gets past Higgy who is deemed to have pushed McKinnon but tbh he just slid on the pitch. I was oer the wall lol

Long ball from free kick, goes nowhere in particular.

RyanW picks up the spare, long ball to Clark, but its too far and over the byline.

Higgy to take.

Right footed cross, headed away by Dodd, out for a Pars throw in at the NE.

Martin to Clark, dealt with Cooper, but Elgin get it back. Down to Eadie, then away to Nat who fouls. Ref having a word but no card. Free kick Elgin on the halfway line.

Guid craic with the chaps around me today.

Over to Morris, in to Nat back to Murdoch. HIgh ball to Higgy, takes it well and then fouled for his troubles. Free kick Pars. 25 yards out on the left hand side.

HIggy to Joe, on a good run, he loses his pass and Elgin surround him. Clark was just ahead waiting for it too.

Long ball down to our half.

Long spare ball to Clark, down to Martin then to Ash. Paton to Murdoch via Morris chased by Reid.

On to Martin, then Joe. Back to Ash and Murdoch.

McKinnon to McGovern, down to Morris, and just kept in by Murdoch at the byline.

Elgin down to the pars box, in to Paton out to Higgy and backheel to RyanW. Nice long pass to Clark who is pulled over. Nothing from ref.

Throw in for Elgin deep in the pars half.

Free kick Elgin with Waters to take.

Long ball to the head of Ash, then to Cooper out wide. Throw in for Elgin at the NW.

Cooper to Cameron. In to Nat who does well and keeps the ball. Gives to Joe on a run on the outside wing, tries a shot but too soft. Waters has it.

Re-start, and Elgin kick off. Copper gives it away to Joe, a spare goes to Higgy but it`s Waters who gets the last touch.

Nat to Clark but the offside flag is up as he kicks the ball towards Waters.

Absolute superb!!!

They`re fair skiting aboot on the wet pitch.

Re-start and throw in for Elgin on halfway line.

McKinnon to McHGovern. Away to Higgy on a run, crosses in and a beauty of a header into the net by CLARK



Cracking sliding goal there by Michael Paton!

Elgin City deep in the pars half.

McKinnon to Nat, over to Higgy and a good pass to Clark on his own. Cross to Morris and slifes whilst the reboudn is in the net by PATON



Martin hoofs it forward, and out for a NE throw in for Elgin. Cooper to Waters who punts it downfield. Out for a pars throw in. Martin to Morris, the rain is battering down now.

Joe to Clark then to RyanW nearside. In to Higgy but he gives it away to Dodd. He chases it to try get it back.

On to Murdoch.

Out wide to Joe, and another free kick for the pars after he is fouled. Higgy to take 15 yards out. short to Joe, shot is blocked in the box and out wide.

Throw in for Elgin under the camera laden gantry. Down to Martin and out for another throw in, this time to the pars.

Im a poet and didnae know it...

From the left corner it`s fired in high, and into the safe hands of our green keeper - hahahaha green keeper - Murdoch.

McKinnon takes, curls to the feet of McGovern, blocked at the wall, comes back in for Reilly and out for a corner to the visitors.

Waters with the goal kick.

Morris deemed to have fouled McLeish, Free kick Elgin City 45 yards out.

Higgy to take.

Right footed cross, low in, and Nat heads it over the bar.

Higgy gets a tight ball from the Elgin City defenders.

Morris lets slip a good pass and Elgin force their way forward. Picked up by Martin on to Joe, in to Nat. Good stuff Pars.

Long ball headed towards Higgy but over his head. Throw in for Elgin. McKinnon to Cooper. Nat to Higgy, down to Paton out to RyanW great run and keeps it in at the byline, crosses in and earns the pars their first corner.

Cooper loses it to Martin. Out wide to RyanW crosses in, and Paton cant get there despite a good leap. Back to RyanW rebounds off McKinnon and out for a pars throw in deep in the Elgin half.

RyanW takes, to Higgy, past Dodd, crosses into the box and over the head of Clark in front of goal.

Morris to Higgy but cant get in between Cameron and Reid.

Down to Ash then to Murdoch. The wind has picked up now. Ball to Paton out wide to Joe. Good run and in to Clark and Joe is caught on the way back and the ball is away to Elgin.

Ball away downfield. Nat to Joe, ball away to Reid. Back to Nat then on to Higgy. Higgy takes it out wide, good run and a cross, McManus cant get to it and it`s cleared downfield. RyanW to Morris out to Ash and in to Joe. He misses the pass from Paton.

Re-start and Elgin City need to do something special to get back into this match. Nat stops the ball en route to Cameron. Long ball to Clark but its just a tad too far and on to the safe hands of Waters.

Out to McKinnon, tackled by RyanW. Higgy crosses to Morris, tries a shot on goal, blocked by the body of Waters, RyanW to Joe who is upended on the 18 yard line in front of ref but nothing by the man in the middle.

Cracking cross by Ryan Williamson and on to a double header by Nicky Clark.


Nice pass outwide to Joe but he is blocked even attempting a cross to the Elgin box.

Over to McKinnon, in to Reilly and now to Cameron.

Martin makes sure to Murdoch.

Long to Clark but he is troubled by Cameron. Over to Joe chips to Martin. Back to Joe.

Good run, looks up chips back to Martin. Up to Paton, then to Higgy, crosses out wide to RyanW on his own. Takes on McKinnon crosses in and into the net for CLARK



High ball down to Clark, troubled by McKinnon. Out wide clearance to RyanW for a pars throw in. Short to Morris, on to Murdoch with McLeish nearby.

Higgy cant get up for the long pass from our keeper. Throw in for Elgin in their half.

McKinnon takes. Short to Paton then to CLark and Nat misses a short pass.

Down to Morris then to our keeper.

Long punt to the head of McKinnon. Down to Murdoch via Morris.

Nat to Ash out to Morris. Back to Murdoch.

Out wide to Martin, chips it back to Murdoch.

Elgin fire to our end. Not got the end product as yet. Having a good go though.

Long pass to Clark but just a tad too far as it heads out of play in the Elgin half.

Waters with the goal kick.

Murdoch long ball to Higgy, returned by McHardy.

Throw in Pars. RyanW to take.

Short to Nat, back to Ryan up to Clark. Nice turn on to McManus then to Higgy and Clark cant get back once he is in the box with McHardy given it back to Waters.

Nice play by Martin, co,ming up for a tackjle nd a good run to the box, his cross is blocked, out to Joe.

In to Martin, short to Paton, crosses to Higgy and he slides as Waters takes it from him whilst the offside flag goes up on the nearside.

Ash on the far wing. Over to MOrris out to RyanW. Chips it to Higgy. He is pushed over. Free kick taken by Higgy, down to Clark, turns but is tackled well by Eadie. Throw in for Elgin City on the other side of the field. Cooper troubles Martin, gets the ball off him but his colleague McGovern thrusts it past the right hand post at 90 mph.

Great goal by the way. Clark headed it into the net from close range in that sublime kinda way. Or maybe I`m just glad to see us score a goal..... ;D

Re-start and the Pars are flying once more. Up the Elgin City byline. Down to Martin, Morris to RyanW. Up to Higgy chips to RyanW but it runs off him and over the byline.

Morris to Paton but he scuffles it. Then Joe takes it, he is downed and its a free kick to the Pars.

25 yards out.

Higgy takes.

Right footed shot, crosses down and headed into the net from close range by Clark



SHort to Ash. Out to Morris. RyanW back to Morris, throw in Pars. Over to Murdoch. Long to Nat, good run over centre circle. RyanW back to MOrris. Chips it short to Ash then to Martin. No going over that halfway line.

Clark downed in the box, but the ref says nothing. He slid on his derriere. Throw in for Elgin in their own half.

McKinnon takes, and is fouled. Free kick in their own half. Taken quickly, its down t oMorris who taps it back to Murdoch.

He`s wearing purple and orange boots. Got changed in the dark by the looks of it.

Long to Ash who clears down to Paton then to Higgy. Good run across field gives to RyanW. Short passback to Nat. Over to Martin. Joe cant get to the end of it and its down to Ash. Short to Martin, looks up gives to Murdoch. He is in lime green today.

Morris clears from the pars box after Cameron got a good touch to it. Long to Joe down in the box, no penalty says ref. Free kick Elgin after a foul from Higgy. Waters to take.

Long to Nat, in to Paton out to RyanW. Now to Morris. Back to Nat over to Ash. Out to Martin on the left. Nat takes over, but it rebounds out and it`s an Elgin throw in at the NW.

McKinnon takes.

Short to Cooper, in to McGovern, over to Dodd on the right hand side. Rebounds off RyanW. Elgin City throw in.

Long to the pars box, cleared down to HIggy, over to Joe on the left hand side. Out for another throw in for the visitors.

Long ball to McManus left hand post but was on his own. Elgin clear and flag up for Cameron. RyanW throw in. Ryan to take again. Down to Cameron good run by the Elgin player, out wide to Cooper but he missed it and it`s a throw in for the Pars at the NW.

Long down the wing to Joe, now to Paton and his shot on goal is saved easily by Waters.

Joe again with a cross, heading to McManus but he is blocked in the box and Elgin clear out wide.

Elgin downfield but goes no further.

Martin to Higgy, misses and Elgin Cameron gives it away to Joe. In to Nat, now to Clark then to Higgy. Back to RyanW on the nearside wing, Higgy crosses and its over to Joe where it goes up off his chest. Keeps control, down to Nat, in to Morris and short to Higgy. Back to Paton, short passes all the way back to Morris.

Played back to Nat out to RyanW forwrd to Clark. Bounced off Cooper and in to the centre for Nat. Long ball to a running Joe on the wing, around Cooper, crosses in and a nice touch by McManus but cleared from danger.

Pars to kick off this half with Clark in the centre circle.

Pars playing from the Norrie to the Cowden end.

Off we go!

Great atmosphere with everyone tightly packed into the south stand.

Teams head out to a standing ovation from the crowd.

Pars in their new home strips, black shorts and white socks. Elgin City in red and blue striped top, blue shorts and red and blue socks.

I`d guess - ye ken what my guesses are like - around 100 or so Elgin City fans have made the long journey down today. Good on em and I hope they enjoy the match.

Im in good company today - surrounded by Kiltwalkers.... and I think perhaps a young Elgin player too. He`s in the tight jeans white gutties outfit... a player for sure lol

The pitch is looking good despite a fine drizzle, the sunshine isnt likely to come oot any time soon and the crowd is packed into the main stand.

Good afternoon from a dreich East End Park for today`s BETFRED League Cup match between DAFC and Elgin City

Dunfermline_Athletic: Murdoch Williamson Martin Morris c Ashcroft Wedderburn Higginbotham Paton McManus Clark Cardle
Subs (not used): Gill Mvoto Morrison Duthie Brandon Lochead Smith

Elgin_City: Waters Cooper McKinnon McHardy Eadie McGovern Reid Cameron McLeish Reilly Dodd
Subs (not used): Sutherland Smith Ferguson Bronsky Wilson Dear

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