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Live Updates: Betfred League Cup: DAFC v Peterhead FC
By dafc.net - Sat, 22nd Jul 2017


Dunfermline Athletic
MCMANUS (06)(48)
CARDLE (11)(20)
ROSS (OG) (74)

5 - 1

McAllister (Pen 64)


  Ref: Bobby Madden
  Crowd: 1878

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Thanks for reading folks, have a great rest of weekend.

Im not sure if Im heading to Tyney but will let you know.

Over n oot

Buffy xx

Rain on again.




Fleming clears out wide after their throw in, Pars throw in deep in the vistors half. Goes nowhere.

Peterhead throw in.

Some Pars fans making their way out with the clock ticking down to full time.

Happy wee faces.

From the left its Higgy. Right footed cross and a cracking shot on goal by Mvoto from close range, punched off the line by Fleming. Behind for another pars corner.

Higgy to the head of RyanW, cleared out by Stevenson, down to Splaine but out wide for a pars throw in.

Cairney to take. Down to the pars 18 yard line, cleared by Ash, then to Martin. In to Higgy, out to Shiels. Ash to Martin. In to Higgy. Martin to Shiels out wide to RyanW on the far wing. Runbs ahead of Stevenson who puts it over the byline for a pars corner.

Morris through to RyanW defended well by Stevenson.

McLean fouled by Shiels. Free kick Peterhead 35 yards out.

Shiels long to Smith good run, no one up to help him, crosses in to McManus but Fleming gets the final touch. Great build up,

Mvoto with a long cross to a running Martin but just a tad too far.

Good run by Ferry through the middle of the pars half. Out wide to Gibson. Cross headed clear by Mvoto. Ferry back in, crosses and headed away misplaced by McLean. Martin was fouled but linesman doesnt see it.

Shot on goal by McAllister saved by the fingertips of Murdoch at the top right hand corner.

Shiels to RyanW. In to McManus and Smith cant get the spare. Ferry to Gibson. Seagulls diving all over the place.

Higgy to Splaine. Long ball out wide to RyanW. Mvoto to Shiels.

Long ball stopped by the head of Ferry. Out to Gibson. Back to Ferry. Forward to Jason Brown. Tackled by Martin and Ash makes sure to Murdoch.

Short pass to M`voto. Backwards to Morris. Over to Ash short to Martin. Pressed by Gibson.

Good build up there.

Smith is a cracking running player.

Ball nearside to Ash then to Martin. Back to Ash, over to Higgy then to Splaine. Shiels to RyanW. On to Mvoto. Out to Ash. Tippy tappy between our back three.

McCracken through to the pars box but Murdoch gets the final touch. Short to Splaine, lost to Gibson.

Picked up by Stevenson, Peterhead continue to press. Gibson tackled by Higgy gets the ball away and past on to Smith out to McManus shoots shot blocked heads it down to SMith but its cleared by Stevenson.

Ferry to Stevenson. Long ball to a running Ferry but he nowhere near. Murdoch gives to Morris. Short to Splaine. Long ball to a running Smith and falls over Fleming who comes off his line to save.

Throw in Peterhead. Good tackle by Splaine. Ball to Ash for a throw in. Higgy clears it wide after being hounded by McAllister.

Peterhead have it back. Short passes with their defenders.

Over nearside to Jason Brown. Rain has stopped momentarily.

Shiels to McManus, down to Mvoto and away to Splaine.

Long ball carried by the wind and past the byline. Fleming gathers.

Floodlights oan! Just by magic!

Corner Peterhead.

From the left its Gibson, cleared from inside the box, down to Ferry, then to McAllister and cleared by Higgy. Great play.

The pars head away with RyanW. Throw in PArs at the NE.

Feel for Scott Ross, he was seriously attempting to keep the ball out and just slid at the post and it dribbled in.


Own yin by SCOTT ROSS as he tries to keep the ball out of his own net at the right hand post.


I seriously cannot get over this rain. What a racket it`s making. Everyone around me complaining aboot the cauld --- I took ma jaiket off earlier and havent put it back oan. I`ve got a built in thermal vest, Im sure of it.

Long ball out wide to Martin. Great ball to Joe, past two defenders. Out for a pars throw in.

RyanW to take but a sub for Pars about to take place.

off goes to a standing ovation is Joe on is M`voto. 3-5-2

Long ball through to Smith, takes on two defenders, wins, now t oHiggy chips it to McManus in front of Fleming but the red suited keeper does well. Clears to McAllister downfield, then to McLean, but away to the safe feet of Murdoch.

Save for Murdoch and Ive just noticed there`s nae floodlights oan. Says it all really. Im just oot ma pit an hour afore I leave the hoose lol.

CROWD 1,878

Higgy takes from the left, cleared at the near post, down to Joe crosses back in, headed away, long ball to Shiels. Wide ball to RyanW, in to Higgy and a great run. Passes to McManus, but a tad too short. pars have it back. McManus to Higgy, fires it in and just a smidgeon past the right hand post.

Splaine to RyanW crosses in and a slide by McManus goes out via the hands of Fleming, Corner Pars.

McAllister sent Murdoch the wrong way and put the ball into the net from the penalty spot.

Joe tries to get in, blocked shot, long ball to Ash, but his pass goes astray. McAllister to Gibson blocked pass by Joe.

Down the wing to Martin, up to Joe and over to Morris.

Splaine to Joe, McManus is fouled. Free kick Pars 35 yards out.

McAllister to take.


Pars 4-1 Peterhead

Cairney to Stevenson, blocked pass by Splaine.

Higgy cant keep his feet as Peterhead edge forward.

Jason Brown to McAlliuster through to the pars box and a penalty for Peterhead after Smith brings him down.


Throw in for Peterhead at the NE.

Tight pass intercepted by Morris. Smith cant get the spare, Splaine goes to ground on the slippery surface snd a great double save for Murdoch after Gibson tries twice.

Gibson goes down despite using his hands on Martin. Ref has a word. Free kick Pars. Shiels takes.

Ball away to RyanW, and cleared out wide by Morris.

Free kick Peterhead, after a foul nearside. Goes to the right hand post and then cleared out by Stevenson. Murdoch with the goal kick.

Looks more like November today....

Fleming punts to McAllister, with Morris behind. RyanW to Higgy on a run far side. Robertson defends well and clears it to Jason Brown. Long ball to the head of McAllister and way offside for Gibson who punts it over the bar into the Cowden end stand.

Sub for Pars off comes Paton and Clark replaced by Splaine and Smith.

From the left its Higgy.

Kicking into this swirling wind, its low in, cleared from the middle of the box and away to McLean. Martin does well jumps over one midfielder but loses it on the next one lol. Away to Murdoch.

Down to RyanW on a good run, in to Higgy, tackled well as he slides.

Fleming gathers ahead of McManus.

The rain is absolutely teeming down now. Yucky having to play in that never mind facing it down the tunnel. Hope their shirts are rain proof!

Martin ran out of steam on the nearside wing, Shiels is brought down and his hands nearly got the better of him on his attacker but he thought better of it. Corner Pars.

Shiels to Morris, short misplaced pass to HIggy, away to Ferry, and Gibson runs to the prs half, stopped by Morris, Higgy puts in a long pass to Joe, cross blocked, takes it out wide, throw in for pars. Short to Paton, now to Shiels, good touches, Paton to Martin then up to Ash out to Morris.

RyanW runs past Stevenson stopped but gets it back, shot on goal by Joe cleared off the line by Scott Brown.

Peterhead fire ahead, Gibson in to McCracken, out wide to McAllister, and his shot is wide of the pars right hand post. He is booed every touch he gets for that dive earlier.

Long ball down the far wing past RyanW and on to Fleming who clears to the halfway line.

Curling cross past the left hand post. Goal kick Peterhead.

Subs for Peterhead - off Gabriel and Jordan Brown replaced by Paul Cairney and Russell McLean

Nice pass by Joe to McManus then to Clark out Shiels whose shot on goal is parried away by Fleming. Corner Pars.

Good ball to a running RyanW after the re-start but Gabriel gets it back. In to Gibson, he is tackled well by Morris then to McManus out to Higgy back to McManus but he is blocked. McCracken away to Clark, over to RyanW on the far left hand side.

RyanW cant get past the peterhead defence, they pass to Gibson on a run to the pars half and slips as he tries a shot on goal via the feet of Morris. Murdoch takes.

Long to Paton, out wide to Joe but not close to our number 11.

If you could make out my rambling I meant to say McManus chipped it over the head of Fleming and into the net. A fabby goal!

I got a tad excited - sorry!

Fleming, punts long to Morris who heads down. Stevenson up to 14 then to McManus wsho chpos it over the head of fLEMING and into the net



Long ball to McManus cross to Higgy who puts it high and fast over the bar from the 18 yard line.

Out wide to Shiels but he mis kicks out for a visitor throw in. Stevenson to Morris who heads down. Long ball to Gibson and a shot on goal by McAllister from 25 yards out is saved well by Murdoch who dives to the left hand post.

Peterhead to start.


See that Jim Spence gaun on aboot summer fitbaw....

Teams out for the second half.

Pars playing towards the Norrie.

Ola to ma hunnybun in Barcelona x


Clyde 0-1 Dumbarton
Forfar 0-2 Stirling
Hearts 1-0 East Fife
Dundee 1-0 Buckie Thistle
Arbroath 1-0 Montrose
Annan Athletic 0-1 Kilmarnock
Inverness CT 0-1 Falkirk
Motherwell 2-0 Morton
Queen`s Park 1-0 Edinburgh City
East Kilbride 0-2 Albion
Hamilton 0-0 Queen of Sth




Peterhead not doing themselves any favours with fast free kicks.

A bit too high a jump for Ash as he holds his side. Overstretched by the looks of it. Great tackle by Higgy on Stevenson but a throw in for the visitors. Gibson takes, down to McAllister and he wins a free kick after Morris gets a yellow card also. Free kick 18 yard line, taken too quickly and nowhere near the net when taken by Stevenson.

Gibson gets a spare, but it`s away to Ash then out wide to Martin. In to Joe, long to McManus but over his head and on to Fleming.

Morris was unsure what card Madden was going to take from his pocket and for who, but it was a blatant dive by McAllister.

Long ball to Higyg, long pass to McManus, up to Martin, bounces it to Ash, down to Higgy but the play comes to an end when it`s stopped by Stevenson. Long ball to McAllister who dives into the pars penalty area, and is rightly given a yellow card by Madden.

I should try to stay calm whenever Cal is on the ball --- he was my "business partner" at the Open Day on Sunday, helping with my cake stall.

I made an absolute bundle !

Gibson takes and its just over the bar.

Long ball to McAllister but he is outjumped. Throw in Pars. Over to Morris, then to Paton. Short to Ash but back to Murdoch. he puts it out wide to RyanW. He is tackled, Peterhead fire ahead and its McAllister who is fouled. Free kick Peterhead on the 18 yard line. Booking for Morris.

Long ball into the wind and picked up by RyanW. In to Higgy, long pass to a running McManus but over the byline.

From the right it`s Higgy. Right footed cross, higher this time and headed behind by Ash. Goal kick Peterhead.

Murdoch long to Gibson. Clark fouls, free kick Peterhead, Gibson takes. Goes all the way back to their defence. Great play by Paton, down to the peterhead box for McManus and out for another Pars corner.

Morris to Ash, passes to Joe. Ash then pings it long to Higgy, a lovely backheel to Clark but the ball comes off Joe for a Peterhead throw in. Over to Jason Brown, hoofed it forwrd and despite hands all over Ash nothing from ref. I think he`s forgotten his cards today.

Partick 3-0 St Mirren

Fleming with the goal kick.

Stevenson to take.

Short to McCracken, over to Brown, and Martin has the throw in at the NE. In to Paton, zway to McManus, then to RyanW on the nearside wing. Gibes to Higgy whose shot is just a smidgeon past the right hand post.

Ash gets a long ball from Fleming. Good challenge from McManus earns a Pars throw in. RyanW takes but it rebounds out for a throw in for the visitors, deep in their half.

Murdoch to Martin. Then to Ash, in to Paton with Gabriel chasing. Long high ball to Clark, and the spare to Fleming. He clears ahead of Clark, down to Robertson who slips. Down to Higgy and he is fouled but no recompense from Madden. Paton to McManus, back to Morris and in to Higgy. He is chased but keeps the ball.

Gibson to take, from the left hand side.

Right footed cross low in and cleared for a pars goal kick.

Higgy to RyanW but he wasnt looking in the same direction and it`s out for a Peterhead throw in.

Long play up to the pars half. Corner for the visitors, their first of the game.

From the left it`s Higgy, with Joe nearby.

Right footed cross lowin, chips at the near post by McManus but cleared down to Peterhead. They got as far as the halfway line. Morris heads forward.

Back to the visitors, with Stevenson tackled well by McManus. Shiels to Paton then on to Martin. Shiels always looking for the ball - like it.

Ball to Clark, out wide to Martin, then back to Higgy over nearside to RyanW who wins a corner.

Out wide to Joe on the left hand side, takes it inside, good ball to Martin, then to Higgy, looks up past three defenders, short to Shiels, takes a chance and his shot is blocked in the box.

It`s getting a bit cool here in the main stand. It`s packed to the gunnels with pars fans and to the far right of me is a small group of Peterhead supporters who have made the long trip down the road.

Morris to Higgy then to Paton, He passes to RyanW but tad too far. Fleming clears ahead of him and McManus.

High ball bounces in front of Higgy, he cant keep it but Peterhead defence kick in.

Up to Stevenson, humps it forwrd to a waiting McAllister in the pars box but Murdoch has it.

Out for a Peterhead throw in at the nE.

Ash to Paton, Joe gets a tap, then on to Morris. Long ball to McManus but a tad too far and on to Fleming.

No yellow cards shown to the foulees so far.

Hearts 1-0 East Fife

Higgy fouled, free kick Pars on the halfway line. Play went on but ref brought it back.

Long ball to Clark but Fleming there first.

Re-start and Peterhead are smarting from the scoreline so far.

Gibson is fouled by RyanW, free kick taken quickly. Gibson to Stevenson. Out for a Peterhead throw in deep in the pars half.

Short to Higgy, over to Paton, does well, but he is tackled and fouled by Stevenson. Free kick taken quickly. Another free kick and Higgy takes, Goes nowhere.

Another cracking goal from our number 11!

A well worked goal.

Twice off the chest of Higgy and a slide from McAllister sees the Pars back into the fray. Morris to Paton, Joe gives to Martin back to Joe and then out wide to the nearside for RyanW. Short to Higgy great play back to RysanW and the second of the afternoon to SUPER JOE



Paton to RyanW back to Paton and in to Splaine. He has the ball taken off him by McAllister, whilst Joe is injured, holding his right arm, after a clash with a Peterhead player. He seems to be ok and the ref is having a word with him.

The rain is now battering down.

Higgy slides on the wet pitch as Peterhead advance with Gibson taking a shot from the 18 yard line and a good diving save from Murdoch.

Long ball out wide. Throw in Pars. Over to Paton, turns gives to RyanW down and crosses in as Joe comes flying in. Over his head and out wide. Ball is cleared by the visitors to nowhere in particular.

Ash takes the free kick, out wide to Martin. Nice pass to Clark but he is pushed off the ball easily. Free kick Peterhead after a foul by Ash.

McAllister to take from 25 yards out. Into the hands of Murdoch who drops it at first.

Fleming hoofs it to the pars half, MOrris gets a touch with his left foot, and McManus chases the spare to Fleming who clears. Down to McManus, out to Martin and on to Murdoch who clears just as McAllister comes close in the pars box.

Shiels gets the ball from Gibson who then goes to the deck after Morris fouls. Free kick Peterhead taken quickly through to Jordan Brown who is deemed offside. A close encounter there for the visitors.

From the right it`s Higgy. Right footed cross, falls to the peterhead defenders and out for a throw in to Pars. RyanW to take, short to Shiels, all the way back to Morris. Over to Ash then to Martin. Down the wing and keeps it well. Clark to Paton and his shot on goal is just wide of the right hand post.

Nice cross by Joe, cleared at the near post and Jason Brown misplaces his pass to Clark who puts it out via the head of Stevenson. Corner Pars.

Forfar 0 - 1 Stirling
Motherwell 1-0 Morton
Annan 0-1 Killie
Partick 1-0 St Mirren

An absolute stoater of a goal from Joe ---- at long last - so CHUFFED for him!

He put it in at a tight angle at the left hand post. Sublime



Free kick Peterhead with Stevenson. Long ball to Ferry, up to McCracken but its past him on to Murdoch.

Williamson to Higgy, long ball back to RyanW crosses to Paton but he is stopped en route. In to Joe, short to Paton but missed by him. Clark chases the spare but Peterhead get it away up field.

Former pars keeper Fleming lumps it up to the halfway line. Down to Gibson, out to the left hand side for Jason Brown. Morris heads it out of danger at the 18 yard line, down to Simon Ferry. Long to Morris again, and in to Shiels who is kicked to the ground. Offside flag up for an advancing McManus.

Long ball to Morris who was fouled in the process. Free kick Dunfermline who take it quickly. Out wide for Martin, then a throw in for the pars at the halfway line.

Long to Joe on the wing, cant get past Jamie Stevenson, and who is then upended by McCracken but nothing from ref. Cross from WIlliamson goes astray. Goal kick Peterhead.

Murdoch comes out to clear from the re-start after Peterhead attemps to come close.

Down to Jason Brown and all the way back to Fleming.

Brilliant link up between Clark and McManus and a superb goal for one of our new lads. A cracking goal!

Throw in for Martin at the NW.

Short to Paton, back to Martin, good run down the wing, down to Clark and on a run to the peterhead box pass to McManus and in the GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


Long ball all the way through to Murdoch, the green cross man by the looks of it.

East Kilbride 0-2 Albion Rovers

Long ball goes too far for Martin to uplift on the far side wing.

Ash to Joe, down to Martin but its too far and out for a peterhead throw in at the NE.

Fleming, bedecked in red, humps it forward. Picked up by Higgy and out for a visitor throw in.

Shiels long ball to Clark, out to Joe, he tried to get through to the box but it`s past the right hand post .goal kick Peterhead.

Peterhead fire forwrd, a good pass to Rory McAllister however he slipped and Morris got it away. Long ball to Joe, down the far wing, cant get a cross in. Peterhead take it down but back to their 18 yard line for Clark just ahead of Fleming but its the keeper who gets it first.

Ball out wide to Martin, over to Morris and it`s Shiels who is chased by Ferry. In to the centre circle for Jordan Brown. Too many Broons today!

Away we go!

Pars with a good first touch, out wide to Williamson, passes to McManus who is then brought down in the Peterhead box but nothing from ref. He had slid on the wet grass we felt.

Ref today is Bobby Madden....where`s the fog?

Teams out for the start of this Betfred League Cup round.

Pars in their black and white tops, black shorts and white socks.

The visitors, Peterhead, in blue tops, shorts and socks.

It`s dreich, with rain and a strong breeze, much like last weekend.

However the pitch is looking great.

Nice to see a former pars player playing for the visitors today - Wullie Gibson.

It will be using electric sounds, colour, tactiles, everything you could possibly want a child to learn, understand and have fun in.

I`ve got those pesky PA1S lads beside me again....

actually if you`ve read the Dunfermline Press this week you`ll see a fantastic report on the new and exciting Inclusive Playpark to be built in the Glen ---- the PA1S group have raised monies to have this playpark built - it`s for all children of all abilities and disabilities. A wonderful achievement.

Good afternoon from East End Park for today`s BETFRED League Cup fixture between DAFC and Peterhead

Dunfermline_Athletic: Murdoch Williamson Martin Morris (c) Ashcroft Shiels Higginbotham Paton (Splaine 60) McManus Clark (Smith 60) Cardle (M`voto 70)
Subs (not used): Gill (GK) Duthie Wedderburn Lochead

Peterhead: Fleming Brown Stevenson Robertson McCracken Ferry Brown Jordan (Cairney 45) Brown S McAllister Gabriel (McLean 45) Gibson
Subs (not used): Hobday GK Smith Ross Adams Lawrence

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