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Live Updates: SPFL Championship: Livingston FC v DAFC
By dafc.net - Sat, 5th Aug 2017



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Dunfermline Athletic
HIGGY (PEN) (60)


  Ref: Alan Newlands
  Crowd: 2301  Position: 4th

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Thanks for reading folks. Apologies for the intermittent connection losses.

I`ll be at Ibrox on Wednesday for the Betfred League Cup. See you then.

Over n oot Buff x

Scoreline remains 1-1 after Livvy fail to convert a penalty.


Long ball downfield. Headed down by Jacobs. Then to Hoppy, good pass to Joe but he is blocked as the ball is back in the pars box and it`s a penalty for LIVINGSTON


Free kick taken, curling round and a good save by Murdoch.

Sub for Livvy, off goes Mullin on comes Cadden.

Cleared at the near post.

Out for a Livvy throw in at the halfway line.

Lithgow to take.

Long to RyanW, down to Higgy who backs into Lithgow. Free kick Livvy.

Corner Livvy.

Free kick by ALexander. Dive by Divita doesnt see him get a yellow but a free kick taken quickly by Higgy. Goes nowhere but out of play and its a livvy throw in.

I`m livid, can ye tell?

Ball top the pars box and despite a plethora of feet Mvoto clears it to Murdoch. Higgy takes the long ball from his goal kick and it`s a pars throw in for RyanW. Joe is offside as it heads out wide to RyanW.

Disgrace from Newlands, absolute disgrace.

Paton pushed in the back and then goes to ground after another foul. Free kick Livvy deep in the pars half.

Tempers rising on the pitch and that kick on Joe should have seen Gallagher getting a red not a yellow.

Pittman through to Longridge, crosses over the pars box, cleared by Martin, and down to Joe who is fouled and KICKED by Gallagher. Meanwhile a touch of heads between Higgy and Gallagher. Ref speaking to Gallagher and Joe. Gallagher shown a yellow for his foul on Joe.

Corner Pars.

Down to Mvoto, headed down, then to Joe tries a shot, blocked in the box, back to Alexander and he saves at the right hand post.

Lithgow to take.

Curling right footed free kick, cleared by Martin. Down to Joe but its through to Alexander. Came off Longridge but the linesman says it was RyanW which it most certainly wasn`t. Terrible refereeing. Terrible.

RyanW clears the spare through to Mvoto.

Long ball from Murdoch, down to RyanW, takes it himself, crosses in and just missed by Shiels as he slips in the Livvy box.

Higgy deemed to have fouled Byrne, yellow card for our player. Free kick Livvy on the halfway line.

Livvy deep in our half, a muckle kick from DeVita sends the ball wide of the right hand post and a goal kick for the Pars.

Chance for Livvy - ball to the pars box, cleared by Ash, but RyanW gets it downfield. Free kick Pars after Higgy is fouled. Higgy takes, down to Joe, out wide to RyanW crosses in and its through to Alexander eventually.

Free kick taken by Murdoch, down to Higgy but he is outjumped by DiVita. Bet he disnae sell ice cream.

Mullin gets past Paton easily, then Martin blocks his cross. Throw in Livvy deep in our half.

Mullen is offside.

Shiels crosses but its blocked by the head of Pittman. Away to Martin, loses it to Mullin. Oyut wide to Mullen, his cross is blocked and out for a livvy throw in.

Wedderburn heads down, Devita heads it back and RyanW is fouled on the nearside byline but no foul. RyanW takes the throw in, short to Higgy, forward to RyanW and his cross is blocked. Another throw in for the pars deep in the livvy half.

Higgy cant get to the end of it but its another throw in.

All seasons happening here at Livingston as I am considering removing the flowery kagoule and replacing it with a flaming bikini. It`s boiling!!

Livvy throw in, Lithgow to RyanW, then to Higgy. Turns and down to Shiels but he cant get there. Cleared long ot the pars half, with Mvoto doing better than the first half.

Down to Mullen, in to Paton, away to Lithgow. Longridge cant control and its on to Murdoch.

Hearing Paul McMullan has scored a penalty for Dundee United; and St Mirren are beating Falkirk.

Sub for Livvy off goes Carrick on comes DeVita

And the sun comes oot....

Martin takes the throw in, crossed in, cleared from the box, down to the pars half and out for a pars throw in after Mullin couldnt control it.

RyanW to take.

Sorry not a corner, but a throw in at the corner flag. Martin takes and is cleared out wide.

Sub for Pars off Smith on is Shiels

Ball to Hoppy, in to the middle as he is jumped over by Mullen, play on says Newlands.

Out wide to Joe, boos from the Livvy fans, forwa4d to Martin crosses in but cleared out for a Pars corner.

Joe on the far wing, out for a Livvy throw in.

Now we have some singing ..... at long last.

Sends the keeper the wrong way and into the bottom right hand corner.








Lithgow again as it comes back to him. Out for a Livvy throw in.

Short pass to Alexander, up to Mvoto and Murdoch gathers ahead of a chasing Carrick.

Long ball to Joe, blocked, Hoppy turns croses to Hoe and a PENALTY FOR THE PARS

Mullin clears long ball to the pars box, Murdoch saves well and it`s down to RyanW. He loses it, up to Mvoto, over to Ash and clears it downfield to the head of Lithgow

Nice weather for ducks.

From the left it`s the right footed cross by Higgy, high ball, headed clear by Pittman, down to Jacobs on the right and down to the halfway line for Byrne.

RyanW crosses to Smith who earns a pars corner.

Hola Antonio x

Alexander clears again after it goes nowhere from Murdoch`s clearance.

Back to our keeper as the sun has gone for this afternoon.

Paton takes the ball over the field, back to Mvoto but his forward pass to Smith in the box is over his head and on to ALexander.

Halkett gets it upfield, but stopped by Martin.

From the right it`s Mullin.

Right footed cross, touched down by Pittman, off the line by Joe and on to Murdoch.

Corner to Livvy.

Higgy is fouled - free kick Pars as tempers heat up on the pitch. Free kick to be taken by Higgy, 25 yards out, curls round gets Hoppy he is blocked, falls to Wedderburn but its downfield, RyanW tries to get it from Longridge but the home side have the advantage.

Rain has come on, and Im going to have to get the old kagoule oot the bag as the wind is blowing it in to the stand.

Smith to RyanW, nice passing, down to Joe blocked. In towards Hoppy, and RyanW gets the ball and yet another foul on our winger but nothing from the ref.

Livvy run to our half, but a poor last touch for Carrick as the ball flies over the bar from 30 yards out.

Higgy to take, 20 yards out, curling in but cleared from the box.

Joe crosses to Hoppy who was pushed over in the box - a clear penalty from everyone here but Newlands doesnt give it. The atmosphere is electric and pars fans are NOT happy.

when it was on its way out.

Free kick taken quickly in the Livvy half. RyanW down to Hoppy and it`s a throw in for the pars deep in the livvy half. RyanW takes, short to Higgy back to RyanW, he is fouled on the byline and Newlands has given us a free kick. Whoopeee!

So much timewasting for their throw ins. Carrick goes down easily on the halfway line and it`s a free kick for Livvy. He went down himself by the way, no one touched him.

Lithgow takes, long ball to Gallagher and cleared by Mvoto.

Murdoch hoof to Smith, over his head and behind to Hoppy. Inside to Higgy then to RyanW, he crosses but it`s cleared by Longridge, ref ignores a two footed challenge on Paton, and the ball is over the byline for a Livvy throw in. The ref is giving us nothing and our fans are enraged.

Lithgow to take.

Martin to Paton to Joe. Has the ball taken off him by Pittman, and on to Murdoch ahead of a running Mullin.

Hoof to the middle of the park.

Joe chases the spare on the far side, down to the back men of Livvy and on to Alexander who clears to the head of Mvoto. Higgy cant quite get there but it`s down to Mvoto who clears it out wide for Livvy throw in.

Long ball from Murdoch, Higgy overhead kick to Hoppy who is then stopped for taking the ball off of Lithgow. Shouts of cheat from our fans. It was a poor decision and Alexander to take the free kick.

Pars to kick off with Higgy in the centre circle.

Higgy out wide to RyanW. His pass down the wing is blocked by Jacobs. RyanW gets it back for another pars throw in. Down to Smith who is upended but nothing given by Newlands as Livvy fire to our end.

Goal kick after Longridge`s cross to the box is blocked.

Pars playing from left to right this half, so hopefully see some goals in front of us.

Teams out for the second half.


Other half time scottish championship scores:

Dumbarton 0-0 Morton
Inverness CT 0-1 Dundee Utd
Queen of Sth 2-0 Brechin
St Mirren 1-1 Falkirk

The whistle goes early.



2 mins to half time I reckon.

From the right it`s Mullin. Curling right footed shot over the box and out for a goal kick.

Wedderburn puts the ball out after Murdoch`s clearance and Livvy punch forward. Back again this time by RyanW. Down to Paton who loses it to Mullen, run to the pars half and over the byline but wins a corner in the process.

A second pars throw in. Paton is fouled. Free kick just inside our half for the pars.

Lewis to take, pulls his socks up, then kicks it long to the head of Higgy, Into the box for Mvoto, who is blocked and Livvy fire down to our end. An offside flag is raised as Mullen races to our box and puts the ball wide of the right hand post and is yellow carded for his troubles.

Free kick Livvy, 20 yards out. Curls to Higgy, cleared by Joe down to Hoppy. Cant quite get there. Livvy throw in. Timewasting already.

Longridge taking his time, terrible stuff, Wedderburn clears, away to the middle for no one.

Lewis cant keep the ball in nearside and it`s another Livvy throw in. Gallagher puts it off Joe so Lewis takes the pars throw in.

Sub for Pars off Aird on is Hoppy

Ash clears the ball out wide. Down to Halkett, over to Byrne then fowrd to RyanW who slips as he attempts to pass to Higgy. RyanW throw in. Rebounds out for a Livvy one.

Pittman scored a cracker to put the home side one up on the pars. Pars were all over the place and our fans were rightly booing their performance so far. Livvy have come to us very quickly every time.

You probably know that Livvy are one up. I lost connection. It`s going to be a long day.

Long to Higgy, every time. and out for a pars throw in. Martin to Higgy who pointed to his head. He didnt get there despite his directions. Poor last touch by Aird and it`s headed back from Lithgow to Alexander.

Goes nowhere but off to Murdoch.

No sure if Im hearing thunder or a plane. Keeping an eye on the weather that`s for sure.

Joe to Martin, in to Ash, then to Paton. offside flag up for god knows who. Free kick to Livvy with Alexander to take.

Feels, so far, like a pre-season game....

RyanW long ball to Lithgow who clears down to the head of Wedderburn. Byrne heads forward but it`s out for a Livvy throw in on the halfway line. Forward to Byrne, who takes it down the far wing, Martin cant clear it and Livvy are tight in and a chance for an opening goal from Gallagher is just a smidgeon over the bar.

Poor passing by Wedderburn from Mvoto sees Livvy down to our half after goal kick. Ash clears it to Mullin, he heads inwards and Wedderburn is fouled in our half. Murdoch to take the free kick.

And yet another leaping save from our keeper. Cracker however our defence need their behinds kicked for the corners in the first place.

Cracking leaping save by Murdoch to get the ball clear but the play is stopped after Mvoto was pushed off the ball before the corner was taken. Corner to be taken again. ANother punch away by our keeper at the near post and down to the head of Lithgow. Another corner for Livvy.

Good turn by Halkett, the captain, and fouled in the process by Higgy. Free kick to Livvy 25 yards out on the right hand side.

Through to Lithgow who looked like he had the last touch but Freelands says it`s a corner.

There`s more of us here than there are Livvy fans that`s for sure. A poor home crowd for the 2016/17 champions.

A good diving save by Murdoch sees the scoreline remain nil nil, 15 mins in.

Murdoch in kermit green humps it forward, to Higgy then to Hoe, good tyurn, looks yp stops and giuves it out wide to Higgy. Short to Joe again, cant get past the defenders, on to Mvoto, then Smith cant get it. Newboy Aird does well to block a clearance but it`s a goal kick to Livvy.

Long hoof from Murdoch. Caught by the breeze and out for a throw in to the home side. Lithgow takes.

In to the middle for Byrne, over to Longridge. Down to the head of Mvoto and out for a pars goal kick.

Martin takes a throw in, over to Higgy, gives it away, and Livvy have a throw in over on the left hand side in front of the dug outs.

Lithgow to take.

Long high throw, out over the byline for a goal kick.

Joe takes a lovely cross across from field from Williamson. His touch is poor to the box and cleared downfield.

Higgy with a close call at the left hand post but Alexander comes off his line to save from Higgy`s feet.

Long ball down to the pars end from Alexander but Martin nods it down to Murdoch

Ball long to Byrne, foul on Jacobs and free kick for the home side, 40 yards out.

Martin does well to get the ball from Gallagher, throw in Pars. On to Mvoto, long ball to a running Joe but on to Alexander.

Gallagher takes, down to Ash and on to Murdoch.

Paton chases a spare ball but it`s too far and goes out for a Livvy throw in deep in their half.

An offside ball lands in our box but M`voto lets it go over his head and on to Murdoch who clears.

Mullin throw in for Livvy, Joe chasing. Bouncing ball headed forward by Byrne, good to see Shaun, and down to Joe who is fouled in the process on the halfway line but nothing given by ref Newlands.

A massive pars away support has meant the stewards have had to open an extra part of the stadium.

Im tucked into the middle section of the stand, with some rather excitable chaps in front meaning a few blocked moments today.

Throw in Livvy deep in the pars half.

Lithgow to take, long to the near post, headed into the air but went nowhere by Gallagher and on to Murdoch.

I`ve got a very poor mobile signal here folks so please bear with me.

I do however have a team sheet - yay!

Livvy kicked off this half, with a spectacular double chance at opening the scoring early on. Stopped by Murdoch firstly then blocked and cleared by Lewis Martin.

Good afternoon from a very breezy and sunny Tony Macaroni Arena for today`s First game of the new season 17/18.

Livingston: Alexander Longridge Lithgow Byrne Mullin Pittman Mullen Jacobs Carrick Halkett Gallagher
Subs (not used): Todorov Cadden Knox Robinson Maley DeVita Peters

Dunfermline_Athletic: Murdoch Williamson Martin M`voto Ashcroft Higgy Wedderburn Cardle Paton Aird Smith
Subs (not used): Hoppy Splaine Talbot Duthie Lochead Gill Shiels

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