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Live Updates: SPFL Championship: DAFC v Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC
By dafc.net - Sat, 12th Aug 2017


Dunfermline Athletic
SMITH (04)
CARDLE (44) (90+1)
HOPPY (74)

  5  v  1  

Inverness CT


  Ref: Steve McLean
  Crowd: TBA  Position: 4th

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Callum Smith wins the Sponsors Man of the Match

Thanks for reading folks, enjoy the rest of your weekend and see ye next week.

Over n oot, Buffy x

It`s been a while since I`ve sung we want six as the final whistle finally comes round.



Re-start and Murdoch has it in his clutches. Free kick Pars after Smith is downed in the centre circle. Taken quickly by Higgy. Joe now is clocked and is holding his right lower leg. Walking off his injury. Free kick Pars 25 yards out.

Right footed free kick and it`s wayyyy over the bar by Higgy.



Morris to higgy who cant get to it but Aaron Splaine can. He`s off and running and passes to Joe who fires it into the net from 20 yards out.



Free kick Caley, curls into the box and just a smidgeon past the right hand post. Goal kick Pars.

ICT forward, stopped by Ash who gets it to Smith but Caley have it back.

Chalmers out wide to Raven.

4,391 crowd today - brilliant!

Corner taken, goes nowhere. Goal kick Pars.

Throw in Pars in our half. RyanW takes.

Off to Caley, out wide to the right hand side of the box. Cross in from Seedorf and just wide of the left hand post. Rebounds out so a corner for the visitors.

Joe to Shiels, back to Hoe, curls it in to Higgy stopped on the 18 yard line but his curling shot is just a few feet above the left hand post and the bar.

Headed down by Polworth but it`s back to Murdoch via Ash.

RyanW forward to Higgy, down to RyanW croses in but Seedorf heads it clear ahead of Smith.

Higgy to take, short to Shiels, crosses in to the box headed away at the near post.

Ash over to RyanW on his own. Short to Shiels, back to RyanW then to Morris. Lochhead is tripped but play on. All the way back to Murdoch.

Not a lot of love for Nat from the Caley fans. Oh well.

Seedorf high ball to the pars box. Joe takes it off him, and Lochhead runs to the Caley end.

Out wide to RyanW, down to the caley box, and Shiels gives to Lochhead.

Forward to Smith in the box but just too long for him. Put out for a pars corner.

Sub for Pars off goes Nat on is Splaine

Another Caley sub off goes Viguirs on is Raven

Pars throw in with Martin to Shiels. Free kick Pars after Higgy is fouls, he takes it and a shot on goal by Smith is saved at close range.

Seedorf up to Cooper long ball to Morris in the box who heads it out wide for Martin.

Morton 4 - 1 St Mirren
Dundee United 2 - 1 QoS

Ash leapt at the near post but it`s wide as Mckay puts the spare out for a pars throw in.

RyanW to Lochhead, rebounds off Oakley and another for the pars.

Over to Martin his pass to Higgy is good but he loses it however big Nat gets it back.

He punches it forward to Smith and it`s another throw in for the pars. Martin to take.

Short to Joe on a run on his own and his shot curls just past the left hand post from 20 yards out.

Free kick Pars 35 yards out. Higgy to take. Nat ok.

SHort to SMith in the box and a cracking try at goal from the right hand side is blocked.

Out for a Pars corner.

Higgy from the right.

McKay trips up Nat who goes to ground. I felt the tremor fae here.

Fresh legs on.

A blatant push in the back of Lochhead in the box , seen by everyone here but is ignored by McLean. I was oot oer the shelf there. My language can be a bit choice at times but I`m glad Spencey has his heid phones oan!

Another pars sub off is Hoppy on is Lochhead.

A good stop by RyanW after a chance for Caley from close range by Baird. Murdoch clears downfield.

McKay on the end of a Murdoch punt. Long to Oakley, who fights with Morris at the Cowden corner flag. Out for a Caley throw in. Oakley takes, long to the pars box and a spare for Cooper who punts it across the face of goal but too far for Chalmers.,

That`s it, number 19 it is. I`m no even going to attempt to type his name oot.

Double substitution for Caley off is Mulraney on is Zschusschen, and Oakley replaced by Cooper.

Sub for Pars off Talbot on is Lewis Martin

Re-start and ICT are not getting any chances this time.

A cracking goal came out of nowhere for David Hopkirk as he took control of the fast moving play, first by Higgy then straight to Hoppy who put it away into the bottom left hand corner from just outside the box. Cracking scoreline!

PARS 4 - 1 ICT

Joe is fouled on the right hand side but the ref is not giving us anything here.



Ash annoying the hell out of Brad McKay.

Caley forward to Mulraney and there`s a clash between Mulraney, Ash and Oakley.

Corner Caley. Talbot clears.

From the right hand side it`s Oakley, a close call for Caley. Goal kick Pars after a good defensive action by the pars.

A terrible foul has taken place on Jason Talbot by Calder but no yellow card for the Caley player. Talbot was bent over but thankfully is running off his injury.

Joe loses it to Seedorf, then Mulraney runs the left hand wing. The linesman has his flag up despite Mulraney having the last touch. Hmm, throw in Caley. They`re deep in our box, and Morris put in a poor pass to Higgy who loses out to Mulraney and the visitors have a corner.

Throw in Pars. Joe takes the ball from Seedorf.

Joe crosses in but Hoppy cant get to the end of it as he came into the box.

Morton 2 - 1 St Mirren
Brechin 2 - 2 Livvy

Long high ball headed down by leaping lizard Higgy.

McKay through to Oakley and a long ball to Morris whilst a shot from the right by Oakley is just wide of the pars left hand post.

Long ball down to the pars half, stopped by Ash. McKay gets it back and Morris defends well as the ball goes over the byline for a Pars goal kick.

McKay long to Morris, held by Oakley. Away to Polworth, taken back by RyanW and down the wing to Higgy but on to Ridgers ahead of a waiting Smith.

He clears out wide. Pars throw in with RyanW just inside the Caley half.

Short to Smith and an offside flag up - not sure who was off, and the crowd was perplexed too.

Higgy to take, right footed free kick cyrls it high and headed over and out for a pass by Ash. RyanW is taken down but perhaps slid on the wet grass. Ball to Ridgers for a goal kick.

Ball away to Caley who fire to our half, Calder slips on the now wet surface.

He is up again and Caley are still deep in there.

Boos from the home crowd after the diving sensation that is Viguirs makes his olympic debut yet again. Free kick Caley 15 yards out on the left hand side.

The captain takes, cleared at the near post by Higgy and downfield for a running Hoppy. He takes on Seedorf, and is fouled in the process. Free kick and a yellow card by Polworth. Free kick Pars 20 yards out on the right.

Joe on the wing, crosses in, falls to the feet of Higgy at the left hand post but he went down to his knees in a quick turn and anyway the offside flag is up.

Long punt to the head of Elsdon and out for a pars throw in at the NW.

RyanW to take, ye gods their shirts are wringing noo. It`s a terrible sight.... ahem.

Throw in further down the left wing for RyanW as the rain has got heavier.

RyanW to Higgy, held back by Calder, nothing given. Away to Caley who fire to our half. Spare ball to Murdoch and I`m glad I didnae put ma washing oot.

Another round of hands on Smith this time by Calder, Nat gets through the middle and the ball is played out by the head of Elsdon. Throw in Pars at the halfway line.

Last touch by Oakley but the linesman says nope ,Throw in for Caley, taken quickly. Joe deemed to have fouled Mulraney. Free kick Caley 40 yards out.

Viguirs to take.

Low ball in missed by Higgy but saved by the feet of Murdoch who comes off his line.

Pars fans lamenting Brad McKay`s hands all over Higgy, nothing from McLean. Ash does well with Polworth taking it from him deep in our half, and its over to Morris and then to Murdoch.

Rain is on now, albeit rather soft.

Throw in for Caley after RyanW couldnt catch up with a loose ball.

Played long back to their defence. McKay all the way through to Murdoch who clears easily. Foul on McKay who goes to ground in the centre circle. Free kick taken but goes nowhere.

Pars forward with Higgy gives to RyanW chips to Smith in the box but he is blocked and the ball is away. Nat wins it back and is fouled in the process. Free kick Pars with Joe to take, gives it quickly to Talbot.

Long to the head of RyanW. High ball bounces in front of Hoppy but rebounds out for a pars throw in.

Sliding tackle by McKay sees it briefly away.

He gets it back and thumps it downfield. On to Ash who gets it past Oakley no problem.

Joe takes it inside. Out to RyanW. Now to Morris over to Ash and Talbot clears it for safety to Murdoch.

First corner of the match to the pars after McKay puts it over the byline.

From the left it`s Higgy, curls in and a push in the box sees play stopped and a Caley free kick by Ridgers.

Hoppy short to Higgy. Ball forward to Smith, does well but surrounded by three middle men for Caley.

Smith heads it forward but picked up McKay. Long to the head of RyanW who flicks it back to Murdoch. Down to Morris long to a running Hoppy and out for a pars throw in. RyanW to take deep in Caley half at the NW.

Pars to kick off !


How about Tequila lime green for oor keeper - a touch of salt, a tasty tequila and a sook of the ol lime.

Ok noo I`m thirsty.

Teams out for the second half.

other half time scores from the scottish championship

(McMullan sent off)

Murdoch to take.



PARS 3 - 1 ICT

McKay loses it to Nat, long ball to a running Hoppy but no where near our front man.

Halftime coming soon methinks as Caley have a throw in at the NE.

Calder cant keep hold of it and it`s into the middle for Shiels. Then to RyanW, now to Higgy doing well with McKay. Down the wing it goes. Smith cant get there as Calder is fouled by Higgy. Free kick just inside the Caley half is taken quickly.

Long to the head of Morris and out for a Pars throw in after the linesman raises his flag for offside.

That`s more like it Pars, get intae thum!

ICT deep in our half from the re-start but RyanW puts paid to Polworth. Joe to Talbot who is pushed over by Oakley. No foul says ref who turns his back and play on.

Talbot to Nat, away to Ash who lost it to Viguirs who has to jump the sliding body of Murdoch who came off his line to clear. Phew!

JOE JOE SUPER JOE - what a song, what a player!


PARS 3 - 1 ICT

He cant get it back and its fired forward to the pars half. Only to Murdoch who clears it long.

Bounces down to RyanW who is handled by Calder. Nothing given.

Joe on the right shoots and it`s in off the inside left hand post.


Talbot with a throw in at the NE. Short to Hoppy, down and out for another pars throw in. We`ve got everyone forward.

McKay takes control and Wedderburn nips it in the bud from his former team.

RyanW deals with a spare on to Morris. Back to RyanW, shot to Higgy, but lost to Elsdon who bounces it off the lovely face of Hoppy.

Long to the head of Higgy, but Ridgers.

If you didn`t catch my previous paragraph from 5 meens ago I only just noticed the braw Scotland flag design on the pitch. Fab!

Higgy out to RyanW and Shiels at the right hand post cant get there so the Caley defence fire it away downfield.

Long ball heads out and a Caley throw in takes place. Morris defends and it`s out for another corner.

New Caley Manager stalwart John Robertson has a word with Mulraney as the corner is taken. Comes close with a shot by Viguirs but defended well. Down to the captain yet again but goes wide of the right hand post this time. Goal kick Pars.

Throw in Caley. Short to Elsdon, over to Polworth, and cleared by Wedderburn. Down to Elsdon, with Smith chasing.

Long ball all the way down to Murdoch.

Viguirs to take from the left, right footed cross, bounces in front of Calder, headed down by Ash and out to Viguirs, booed by our fans. He is downed again, seriously min just sit doon.

Smith gets to the ICT box but is handled by Calder ahead of McLean. Nothing given and the ball is deep in the pars half.

ICT still prevalent in our half, short to Chalmers blocked pass but a corner for the visitors.

Kermit disnae do him justice.

RyanW with a throw in nearside, down to Hoppy, held en route to the Cowden corner flag but out for another pars throw in.l

RyanW takes, Higgy accepts the short pass but it`s away to our half by the visitors as Ash is fouled. No free kick for us though despite an early intervention by McLean. Wedderburn with a high kick, and a foul says the ref. Jeesh he`s no very consistent is he?

Viguirs to take from 30 yards out.

Played to McKay who heads to Polworth but its over the bar. Goal kick Pars.

Kermit disnae do him justice.

RyanW with a throw in nearside, down to Hoppy, held en route to the Cowden corner flag but out for another pars throw in.l

RyanW takes, Higgy accepts the short pass but it`s away to our half by the visitors as Ash is fouled. No free kick for us though despite an early intervention by McLean. Wedderburn with a high kick, and a foul says the ref. Jeesh he`s no very consistent is he?

Goal kick Pars .

I`ll try to think of a better way to describe the lime green apparition of our keeper.

Right footed cross it`s headed over the bar from close range by Seedorf.

Free kick ICT after Viguirs is down again. Taken quickly, its a good run to Chalmers and fired out wide by Morris for a Caley corner.

Spencey chuffed at yer text Antonio! :-)

The sun comes out and shines brightly on Ridgers. We will lose him if it keeps shining. He`s a slim space hopper, if ye get ma drift.

Throw in for Caley at the NE.

Some delightful non helpful words coming fae the visiting fans. I`lll no` repeat but they`re not darn or goodness gracious.

Long ball from our throw in, back to Talbot, forward to Higgy then to Jason T again, Out wide to RyanW short to Higgy turns but his cross is blocked and curves out to Smith. Higgy makes a poor pass and Ash has to chase Viguirs as he slides at the byline. He was looking for a penalty I think but didnt get it as McLean has a word for his acting abilities in front of a baying booing pars crowd.

It`s Spencey doing the BBC Twitter feed by the way - men cannae multitask as he`s just confirmed to me!

Ridgers clears it to the head of Calder, goes inside buit away to Hoppy and Joe cant keep his feet as he slides at the right hand post. The ball goes over the byline for a goal kick.

Higgy to take free kick, long to the head of the Mummy aka Ash but the assistant linesman raises his flag for offside.

Murdoch clears after the poor free kick from Caley.

Smith is fouled in front of the ref but nothing from McLean.

Talbot dealing with Oakley but not having a good time of it and Higgy is fouled by Elsdon and the pars fans are on their feet. The blue and red shirted player is yellow carded for his challenge.

Free kick Pars 40 yards out.

Chalmers is fouled by Higgy and it`s a free kick for Caley taken quickly by Polworth.

Free kick Caley came to nothing and Viguirs is booed by our fans with every touch of the ball.

Got a bit of a rep for water activity I`m presuming....

Morris yellow carded for a foul on the Caley captain after the corner was played short and easily defended.

Well Spencey and I are debating on Viguirs and I think I`ll change the scorer. So there.

RyanW wins another corner for the Pars after a sliding cross is blocked.

Re-start and Hoppy is off and running to the visiting end and his shot is a mile over the bar.

I thought it was Viguirs who took the free kick n aw. Oh well.

Polworth to take.

The ref is lining up the wall with his wee white line. Polworth takes and bounces into the net,.

PARS 2 - 1 ICT

Inside pass from Polworth to Viguirs but Murdoch ahead of him.He punts it down to the centre circle.
Higgy is pushed over for his troubles but play on says McLean, hoping for a peaceful match.

ICT forward with Mulraney who goes down from a touch by Talbot and it`s a Caley free kick 25 yards out on the left hand side.

A cracking header from Ashcroft makes it two nil in 17 mins.

Re-start and the Caley fans aren`t happy, as you`d imagine.

PARS 2 - 0 ICT

From the left it`s Higgy. Right footed cross headed down by Ash and into the right hand corner. Over the line it goes.


Right footed cross to the box, headed upwards and then downfield as a stonking run by Hoppy is on the cards. He shoots from close range and tipped over the bar by Ridgers. Corner Pars.

ICT forward and take a pot shot at our goal. Blocked by Morris and then another one over the bar from close range with a touch by Morris on the way out. Corner ICT>

Shiels plays a backheel pass to Higgy, stopped and fouled by Oakley. Free kick by Morris long to Joe on the wing. Down to Talbot back to Joe.

In to Shiels, nicely done, but loses the heid and it`s away to Ash who looks like he came oot a commando film with a bandage wrapped roond his heid.

A spare ball is headed downfield and McKay clears it out wide.

Ball played back to the Pars half and on to our kermit keeper.

Hoppy chases a spare and it`s out for a Pars throw in as the ball was played backwards to the Caley end by their defence.

Throw in taken, it`s down to Joe who cant quite get there. Over nearside to Chalmers, long ball to Murdoch ahead of an advancing Calder.

Foul on Higgy sees a free kick for the Pars 40 yards out. Shiels takes, out to Higgy, back to Shiels.

Long punt from Higgy to Smith in front of goal, his shot is blocked, out to RyanW crosses in and headed away by Oakley. Still in the PArs possession and a shot on goal from Joe is saved well by Ridgers.

Spencey remarking on the brilliant pitch and asking for the name of Groundsman Kev.

I`m no sure if he`s looking to hire him oot for a Dundonian patch o gairden or anything....

Free kick Caley and taken quickly by Chalmers. Long to the feet of Seedorf but he cant control it and it`s out for a pars throw in. Talbot to take at the NW.

Short to Shiels, long punt to the feet of Hoppy but it reverberates off him and into the path of Mulraney. Taken off him by Hoppy, and he fouls Polworth along the way. Free kick ICT

Short to Polworth, a foul by Oakley on Smith sees a free kick to the Pars taken quickly by Higgy and an offside flag is raised in the box.

Ridgers, resplendent in tango orange and seen fae space, lumps it down the right hand wing and Talbot is fouled in the process. Free kick Pars in their own half. Taken by Ashcroft, down to Joe by Talbot and out for a Caley throw in at the NE.

Throw in deep in the ICT end. Oakley takes, punted long to the pars half, down to Wedderburn and away downfield by RyanW. It`s out for a pars throw in deep in the visitors half.

RyanW to take.

Short to Shiels, over to Talbot then to Joe on the right wing. He looks up shoots and his shot is just short of the right hand post.

Re-start and ICT are forward to the pars half. Out wide for Polwarth and nearly a chance for an ICT goal but for the legs of Morris in front of a caught out Murdoch.

A terrible decision by Mark Ridgers to come off his line to stop Smith coming forward earned the Pars their first home game goal in less than 5 mins.

Free kick from a foul by Higgy, it`s just at the halfway line for ICT. Elsdon takes, goes long and down to Joe, He pings it to Smith, has a one on the keeper who comes off his line and Smith puts it away from close range.


PARS 1 - 0 ICT

Viguirs kicks everything off, plays it back and then a long ball is played to the NW stand. Throw in Pars, Talbot, great to see him back, takes. Forward to a running Hoppy but stopped en route by Polwarth.

Here we go ---- both teams enter the field of play to rapturous applause from both sets of fans.

In their new black and white stripe kits are the mighty Pars.

Caley Thistle are also in their new strips, in their traditional colours of blue and red.

The referee today is Steve McLean, and the visitors win the toss to start the game off, playing towards the Norrie this half.

The pitch is looking great.


12th man today is Fraser Meldrum

The home end is filing up nicely, I hope the new ticketing system is good to go and the bumps are ironed oot.

No security issues here today thank goodness. I`ll try no` to raise any when I take to the pitch at halftime in ma birthday suit..... kidding! Seriously! We need mair fans no` pit the wans off that are here!

Ola Antonio - ma wee ray of sunshine in Barca as well as the sunflower fae the Beeb sitting next to me today. Acht ye ken who I mean :-)

There`s a wee crowd fae the northern part of scotland sitting to the right of me here in the main stand, and a nice bunch they are (well the ones I ken onyway! --- I was oan their forum last night with some lovely messages from auld pals). I telt them to enjoy themselves today, but no` too much!

Good afternoon folks, it`s a cloudy but awfy warm day here at East End Park for today`s first home game against Highlanders, Inverness Caley Thistle.

Dunfermline_Athletic: Murdoch Williamson Talbot Morris Ashcroft Hopkirk Higginbotham Wedderburn Smith Shiels Cardle
Subs (not used): Gill M`voto Splaine Paton Martin Lochhead Aird

Inverness_CT: Ridgers Oakley Chalmers Elsdon Polworth Baird Viguirs Mulraney Calder Seedorf McKay
Subs (not used): Esson Raven Zschusschen (let`s hope he disnae come oan!) Bell Cooper MacDonald

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