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Live Updates: Irn Bru Challenge Cup 2017/18: DAFC v Arbroath FC
By dafc.net - Tue, 15th Aug 2017


Dunfermline Athletic
ANDY RYAN (20)(43)

2 - 0




  Ref: Euan Anderson
  Crowd: 1461  Position: 2nd

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Thanks for reading folks, see you on Saturday for league business against Falkirk.

Over n oot

Buffy xx

Give them their due, Arbroath have constantly attacked us despite their ten men.




Free kick 20 yards out.

Denholm takes, off the bar.

Duthie got involved in a scuffle between Kader and Prunty after Morris fouled the former.


Morris now fouls



Murdoch to Duthie, over to Morris from Nat.

Down to RyanW, plays it back to Morris.

In to Splaine, long ball out wide to Lochhead, crosses to the box but played away by Kader. RyanW to Splaine, then to Paton and back to Nat.

Nat puts in a good pass to Paton and Lochhead has to jump clear of Hutton.

Yellow card shown for Duthie as he takes out Kader. Free kick Arbroath at the halfway line.

Free kick goes long but comes back to Nat. Chests it down. Off to Duthie on the wing, up to Lochhead, out for a PArs throw in. Duthie to McManus, over to Nat then to Morris.

Paton mispasses and Arbroath forward. Free kick to the visitors after Kader is fouled by Duthie. Hmm.

Free kick 25 yards on the left hand side.
Curling shot and is headed over the bar from close range. Goal kick Pars.

Arbroath forward again. Kader out wide, left, does well past Duthie and Paton. Morris knocked over by Denholm, but it`s off to Duthie. Pulled over by Prunty. Duthie has a sore face too for his troubles. Prunty should have been carded for that. Free kick Pars in our own half.

McManus is holding his right thigh. Hope he`s ok.

Long high ball bounces over Nat, and on to Murdoch and I could swear I`ve just seen a Dothraki solider passing in front of me in the main stand. Honest!

Smith makes a cracking run to the Arbroath box, but a good save from Hutton as he comes off his line.

Arbroath forward, out wide with Prunty. Back to Whatley, cant get past Duthie, but Splaine loses his pass and Arbroath forward. Shot for a goal by Kader is blocked by Murdoch coming off his line.

Free kick Arbroath, 40 yards out. I didnt see the perpretrator for the column.

Whatley takes, goes out wide to Kader but his shot is straight at Murdoch.

Ball to our half, stopped by Morris. I can hear his engine running fae here. He never stops running. I must get mair biscuits fur him.

Paton to take.

Chips it over the wall and just a smidgeon over the bar. Oooft.

From the left it`s Aird.

Right footed high cross headed down by Prunty, down to Splaine, away to Lochhead who is fouled. Free kick Pars 25 yards out on the left hand side.

Nat gets the ball away downfield, trouble for McManus as he is surrounded by four Arbroath players. Who on earth is marking them?

Nat over to RyanW forward by Splaine, long ball to Smith out wide. Dealing with O`Brien and wins the pars a corner for his troubles.

Denholm takes, and it lands on top of the net. Goal kick Pars.

Whatley heads it down, then into Kader, but cleared by Morris. Misplaced pass by Duthie to Morris and a free kick for Arbroath after a foul by Splaine.

Free kick 20 yards out.

Free kick Pars, Aird takes, and fires it to the near post but well saved by the body of Hutton.

Long ball upfield from our former sub keeper.

Returned to him.

Talbot to McManus, long ball upfield from Morris goes nowhere.

Sub for Pars off comes Jason T on comes Nat Wedderburn

RyanW loses pass to Kader, shot on goal from Denholm and a close call with a rebound by Kader is dealt with by Murdoch. Good ball down to Smith who ran to the Arbroath box but the offside flag goes up.

McManus through to Smith, but he cant turn quick enough for Whatley. Away to the halfway line for Arbroath. Long punt forward to an advancing Linn, ball taken off him by Talbot, then down to Smith. In to the Arbroath box, well defended and out for a goal kick.

Triple subs for Arbroath off comes Linn, McCord and Doris, on is Kader, Prunty and Skelly.

Morris does well up this end as Arbroath fired forward, passed to Duthie but his pass to a running Aird is poor and on to Hutton.

Long ball from Duthie to Smith, edge of box, does well but Arbroath quicker and ball to Hutton.

Long up the other end to Linn, with a shot on goal straight to the keeper by Whatley.

Callum Smith puts a powerful shot on goal and Hutton has to parry it round the left hand post. Corner PArs.

From the left it`s Aird, right footed cross is pinged over the byline by Lochhead.

Ball to Linn, a long ball just over the bar from Denholm keeps the scoreline 2-0 to the Pars.

McManus came close after a good shot on goal from 20 yards out but it was a good stopping save from Hutton. Up the other end whilst I worked out how I managed to put the updates in the middle of the blooming page - Arbroath came close (and have done so again as I type this) with only Hamilton to beat the keeper and he managed to sclaff it.

Morris to Ryan has to chase the spare, crosses over to Lochhead but too far.

McManus has the ball taken off him after the goal kick. Down to Doris, taken off him by Talbot, away to McManus, who runs rings round the Arbroath front men, out wide to RyanW, crosses in and just over the bar from close range by Aird after falling in the box.

Nice long ball to Linn who, the visiting fans say was impeded by Duthie, but the ball is cleared over the byline.

Crowd 1,462 tonight

Arbroath deep in our half, a good cross to our box by Doris, but cleared upfield.

Throw in Arbroath. McManus over to Paton then to RyanW. In to the middle for Splaine, a chance for Lochhead but the pass is poor and the visitors are up in our half. Heading backwards however.

Pars sub - off Hoppy replaced by Declan McManus

Thank you for tweaking the server, Brian.

Duthie makes sure back to Murdoch ahead of Denholm.

RyanW cant get his pass to Aird on the wing, and Arbroath forward to our box. No finishing touch though as Murdoch lumps it forward to Duthie then to Hoppy. A sliding but good challenge on Splaine at the 20 yard mark, Arbroath away past RyanW on the far left wing, cleared from danger by Morris.

Morris misses a header with O`Brien nearby, but picked up by Murdoch to Talbot., Long ball to Aird, who is offside says the assistant linesman.

Long ball from Murdoch. Hoppy to Lochhead, rebounds off of Whatley, up to halfway line.

Ball out wide for a pars throw in at the NE.

Taken by RyanW over to Talbot, forward to a running Hoppy by Slaine but too far and Hoppy draws up quickly. Long from Hutton to Talbot`s head, high ball bounces upfield. Duthie to Hoppy out to Lochhead crosses in and headed to the left by Whatley. Chipped back in by Paton from outside the box, and Arbroath clear easily.

Pars forward from the off, into the Arbroath box, Lochhead is dealt with by Whatley and the ball is up in the Pars half.

Foul on Yule, free kick 30 yards out, right footed cross, headed down by Duthie, then to Paton then out over the byline by Linn.

Goal kick Pars.

Pars to kick off this half, facing to the Norrie.


Both teams out for the second half.

Duthie does well on the far left hand side and the halftime whistle goes as I`m about to tuck into a braw scotch pie.



Pars defence having to deal with Arbroath deep in our box, eventually goes down to the halfway line. Out wid for Liuttle, crosses in and Talbot clears. Headed down by O`Brien, all the way back to Hutton. In to the middle for a nifty play by Swankie, out wide to Whatley. Short passing by the front men in plum, Talbot has his feet taken from a sliding tackle but the ball is off upfield for Aird, into the Arbroath box and RyanW gets a throw in.

Goes nowhere.

He`s doing awfy well on his debut!!

Paton long to Aird, on the left, crosses over but far too far for any of our players to get to however Whatley couldn`t keep it in either so it`s a Pars corner.

Aird takes, headed into the net by ANDY RYAN!



Corner Arbroath.

RyanW with a pars throw in, down to Aird, crosses but it`s cleared at the near post by the head of Whatley. Ball to Hutton.

Lots of people on dotnet - having trouble updating the pages.

We think the red card was a bit harsh, a yellow and a free kick aye, but there ye go.

Free kick , not a penalty, as it happened just outside the 18 yard line, and to be taken by Splaine who puts it over the bar.

Denholm to McCord, Paton tackles

Hoppy is pulled over at the Abroath 18 yard line and LITTLE who pushed him down is red carded .


Hutton long ball to Talbot, runs off him, on to Murdoch. Short to Duthie, then to Aird.RyanW down to Hoppy on his own, to the Arbroath 18 yard line but taken off him eventually by Little. Ball to O`Brien and this time Talbot takes it back. Arbroath cant get past our defence.

Aye, I know, hailstones in August. Whodathunk it? Ma poor wee flooors.

Throw in Arbroath after re-start. High ball, out of play. Throw in for Pars. Aird to Paton, great run, out to Splaine, then to Hoppy but he loses it and it`s backwards to Talbot. Now to Splaine long ball and a lovely pass to Lochhead. Out for a Pars throw in at the NE corner.

Lochhead to Splaine, but he cant pass forward as the defence for Abroath kicks in.

Out to RyanW, in to Splaine, down to RyanW and he cant keep hold of it either.

Fantastic goal by new signing Andy Ryan.

In case ye missed it, it`s PARS 1 - 0 ARBROATH

Hutton long ball to the pars half. Hoppy to Aird, short to Paton great pass. He takes it, and a GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL by RYAN!


Corner Pars.

From the left it`s Aird. Right footed cross, low in cleared but off to Splaine. Shot from Ryan is blocked, cleared to the pars half for Paton from Talbot. Back to Aird, in to Morris over to Duthie on the wing. Gives to Lochhead but his cross to a waiting Aird is poor and past the left hand post.

Denholm takes the ball from RyanW. Out to Whatley. Good run by Little but he just misses out on a corner.

Long ball to the pars half, returned by Duthie. Down to Hoppy but his pass to a waiting Splaine is poor. On to Ryan, pushed but play on. Now Splaine, in to Lochhead and Hoppy but Abroath defence too strong. Ball goes nowhere but to our keeper on their advance.

Ryan can`t keep his feet as he takes the cross, the pitch may be slippery from the hailstones we encountered earlier this afternoon. Ball to Hutton.

Duthie takes. Over to Splaine then to Morris. Looks up gives to RyanW back to Morris. In to Paton, back to SPlaine and a great ball to a waiting Ryan. A throw in for the pars at the NE.

Whatley gives it to Hamilton, high ball forward and out of play at the NW. THrow in Pars.

Talbot long to the Arbroath half but an offside flag up with the nearside linesman.

Goal legend Joe Cardle is out warming up to a ripple of applause from the main stand.

Great ball to Hoppy, out wide to Aird, into Splaine, then to Hoppy back to Splaine, out to RyanW, gets past Hamilton, but his cross is lost to our players who cant get it in the box. CLared to the halfway line.

Hutton long ball to Talbot`s head. IUn to the middle for Aird, out for Whatley. Talbot clears high and rebounds out for a Pars throw in at the NW.

From the left it`s Aird.

Right footed cross headed down to Duthie, and his shot is blocked and goes to the right hand post for Hutton.

Murdoch down to Hoppy`s head, a slight push in the back but play on says ref. Out to Aird, he is pushed off the ball by Little, and it`s a cross field pass for their middlemen.

Hoppy chases the spare, headed down by Duthie. In to Little, down to Whatley, and plucked forward by Yule.

Talbot picks up the spare, launches it towards Hoppy, in to the arbroath box and his shot is just wide of the left hand post via the feet of Hutton. Corner Pars.

Hutton long to the pars half, down to no one but RyanW. Talbot puts in a fast pass to Morris who has to cut back to get it and a foul by Splaine on Hamilton gives the visitors another free kick, this time 35 yards out.

McCord takes, curls high and headed over the byline. Goal kick Pars.

Right footed cross cleared with a few pars feet but came back in, cleared downfield now and Ryan loses his footing whilst on a run to the arbroath half.

Denholm loses it to Splaine, out wide and the first corner of the match to the visitors.

Murdoch to Morris, over to Talbot and a long ball goes to a running Hoppy. Splaine also catches up, the ball is cleared from danger in front of goal and Aird tries an excellent shot on goal but it goes wide of the left hand post.

Long ball from Hutton, down to Morris, out wide to RyanW, up the wing and Splaine is deemed offside. Free kick the visitors in their own half, Hutton to take.

Ball over the byline as it travelled down the wing, over to Talbot and then to Duthie. Ryan slips as the ball is passed to him but Hoppy got in between him and Little. Ball away to an advancing McCord near our box but a tad too high for the burgundy suited player.

Hutton takes, to Morris, over to Splaine. Long ball across field to Aird, he crosses, blocks, short to Splaine, on to Hoppy whose shot is over the bar from 20 yards out.

Denholm fouled, free kick Arbroath in their half. Hutton to take.

Talbot is fouled on the pars 18 yard line, free kick.

Fraser Aird with a good run to the Arbroath half, only stopped by Little. Long ball from the halfway line goes to Hutton. Sunshine causing a problem for their keeper never mind us typists!

Talbot headers forward the hoof from Hutton after the throw in came to nothing. Free kick Pars after Talbot is fouled. Talbot to take from the pars half, lost to McCord, and downfield by Swankie. Out wide and a cross to the box for an easy save by Murdoch.

RyanW to Morris, takes it well and down the wing to Aird. He is held but keeps it well. RyanW loses it to Little, Lochhead cant get the ball back and it`s a throw in for Arbroath in their half.

Long punt to the Arbroath half, and on to their keeper. The saltire displays on the pitch seem much fainter than Saturday.

Throw in Arbroath at the NW. Cleared downfield to Paton, picked up by Aird, and he fouls Whatley. Hutton to take.

Long to the pars half headed down by Swankie, away to Talbot and up to the visiting half with a clearing header by Little. Great play.

Played forward from the start, and a free kick to the visitors. Taken by Denholm, 25 yards out, and cleared by Morris to Linn. His spare went nowhere but to our keeper.

The teams are out for the first half of this cup game. Leading from the front Cal Morris. Pars in their black and white tops, black shorts and white socks. The visitors, Arbroath, in an all plum ensemble from top to socks, with a white edging.

Their keeper, David Hutton, is bedecked in tango orange - no again! - and Smurdoch is in his err lime green.

Arbroath to kick off.

With a few minutes to go until the teams emerge, I note the main stand is very busy.

I hope the sun goes behind the clouds tonight as it is very bright coming from the west and I cannae see ma screen.

The main stand only open tonight and the away fans are housed to the right of me.

Very good to see our new signing, Andy Ryan, on the teamsheet in the first 11 tonight.

Good evening form a very sunny and breezy East End Park for tonight`s Irn Bru Challenge Cup match between Dunfermline Athletic and Arbroath FC

Dunfermline_Athletic: Murdoch Williamson Talbot (Wedderburn 75) Morris Duthie Hopkirk (McManus 20:55) Splaine Paton Lochhead Ryan Aird
Subs (not used): Gill Shiels Cardle Higginbotham Smith

Arbroath: Hutton Whatley Hamilton Little O`Brien Yule Linn McCord Doris Swankie Denholm
Subs (not used): Prunty Kane Kader Gold Henry Skelly Gomes

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