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Live Updates: SPFL Championship: DAFC v Falkirk FC
By dafc.net - Sat, 19th Aug 2017


Dunfermline Athletic
CARDLE (12)(93)

3 - 1

MCKEE (16:40)


SIBBALD (16:09)
MILLER (16:19)

  Ref: John Beaton
  Crowd: 5751  Position: 2nd

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Joe gets MoM - well played Sir!

Thanks for reading folks - I`ll be at Dumbarton next weekend.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Over n oot

Buffy xx






Murdoch saves ahead of Blues.

Ash makes sure when the ball is retured upfield.

Murdoch to Kerr, ahead of Aird.

Down to Shiels, shot on goal is over the bar from 20 yards out.

Aird takes, headed into the top net by Ash.

Goal kick long to the pars half, stopped by Nat. Down to Aird, then to Shiels back to Aird, crossed in to Hoppy but he cant get there.

Now to Ash, down to Talbot then Joe. Offside flag up. Free kick Falkirk to be taken by Thomson, Long ball to Ash, down to Talbot and clears high into the main stand.

Throw in Pars. Talbot back on, takes on to Murdoch via Ash. Long ball to RyanW, has to clear it out wide. No one helping.

Falkirk down to Aird, then to Joe on a run. Down to Hoppy in to he box for Ryan but it`s over the byline for a corner. Great build up.

Aird to Joe, crosses in but too high and out of play.

Gentleman pass to Thomson.

Talbot being looked at. Holding his left eye.

Ball to RyanW, forward to Aird. Throw in Pars at the NW.

Backwards to Morris, then forward to Ryan punched in the back but nothing from ref as Falkirk fly to our half. Stopped en route. THrow in Pars.

Falkirk fans singing their hearts out . The players body language showed how determined they were to get a goal.

Physios on for Talbot who has been hit in the face.

From the right it`s Aird, high ball headed down by Ryan past the left hand post. Goal kick Falkirk.

Absolutely ridiculous that nine men can get a goal.

Ball to Talbot and a corner for the pars.

Gaspa takes a throw in.

Long to Ash, over to RyanW, ball out of play for a pars throw in. RyanW to take.

Short to Shiels, runs gives to Joe. Loses it to Gallacher. Good passing by the nine Falkirk players who now head to our half, shot on goal comes off the left hand post and goal for the visitors.


Falkirk fans heading for the exits.

Talbot cant keep the ball in. Throw in for Falkirk. Foul on Blues - ah that`s the other sub. Kerr takes a free kick for Falkirk inside their half.

Strangely enough he is booed every time he has the ball. Falkirk in our box, out wide for Austin. Back to Gaspa but Shiels presses and it`s away downfield for THomson. Hoofed back upfield and on to Murdoch.

Short pass to Talbot, then to Ash. He`s lost his bandaged heid I see.

Down toRyanW great run and great cross and a push for Ash in the box sees nothing from the ref.

Sub for Falkirk off O`Hara replaced by Harris

Ball down to Nat, then to Talbot, come on guys we want anither goal.

Cross to the falkirk box, headed away by McKee. HE seems to be everywhere lol

Free kick after Gasparotto does a Hippo. Free kick goes nowhere but long and over the byline at the NE corner. Goal kick to Murdoch.

CROWD 5,751

Throw in for Falkirk. Not sure what happened there as the ref takes the throw in back. Falkirk pressing our box. Oooer.

Talbot on the end of the spare. Throw in to Murdoch. Over to RyanW via Morris.

Back to Morris. Now to Talbot then to Shiels long ball through to Hoppy but he gets a backheel to it only as it goes out of play.

Rain on again.

Im actually chittering! It`s August for goodness sake.

RyanW fouled. Free kick pars on the halfway line. Morris takes, down to Aird, over to Joe crosses in to the box and is headed down by McKee on to Thomson.

Corner taken by Aird, cleared to RyanW shoots in the box but a tad too soft. Thomson saves and clears downfield. All the way through to Murdoch.

Thomson to Ash`s head. Ovder to Morris long ball to a running Hoppy trips up and on to Thomson.

Talbot to Kerr, chips the ball past Shiels. Out wide to McKee. Long ball down the far wing and out for a pars throw in. RyanW to Morris back to RyanW. In to Nat, over to Talbot and then to Shiels.

Higgy cant jump high enough as Falkirk get the ball back. Nat intervenes but Thomson has to clear as he comes off his line.

oe to Hoppy good run for Joe give s to Higgy and his shot on goal is rebounded out for a pars corner.

Pars sub off goes Higgy on comes Aird

Ash to Talbot long ball to Hoppy, does well on to Higgy, turns puts a shot on goal but it`s wayyyy over the bar.

Watson all the way through to Thomson. Talbot has a close encounter with McKee, ball to Ash and Austin misses out on a corner.

Falkirk forward. Throw in deep in PArs half.

Joe gets it clear to Hoppy, downfield to Ryan, gives to Higgy crosses to the box but Hoppy misses a chance at the left hand post. Falkirk run to our half but our defence kick in.

Ash clears to Joe and his shot on goal is blocked by Thomson.

McKee takes, goes wide to Austin and down to Kerr. Joe chases as does Shiels but Gaspa forward. His shot on goal is wide of the left hand post.

Double Sub for Pars off comes McManus and Smith on comes Hoppy and Andy Ryan.

Stopped by Talbot, but away to Gasparotto.

Throw in Falkirk. Gaspa takes. Down and out for another.

In to Kerr, out to Muirhead, nodded forward to Talbot and fouls McKee. Free kick Falkirk 22 yards out on left hand side.

Absolutely disgusting play by Falkirk - their discipline is non-existing.

Nat is ok.

Talbot pushed in the back at the Falkirk 18 yard line, nothing given as the visitors run to our half. Throw in for Falkirk at the NE.



Long ball fae the orange keeper - seriously what`s with the tango strips? Has there been a job lot aff the back of a lorry?

Ochity weel.

Over to RyanW, cleared forward by Ash, out for a pars throw in at the NW.

RyanW to Higgy, back to RyanW. Shiels to Morris over to Ash in to Joe through to McManus but he is blocked en route to the 25 yard mark.

Throw in Pars. Talbot to Ash over to Morris and forward to Higgy. Good play keeps the ball crosses in and it was in the net from close range by mcManus but the offside flag was up as we all rose from our seats.

I`m awfy posh the day, splendid - falters - and perchance.

Nat heads down and Talbot chases a spare. Out wide to Joe, and down the wing it goes. Throw in for Falkirk.

Falkirk in our half, long ball to Morris and falters the chances of a corner for the visitors.

Throw in Pars. Talbot takes.

Short to McManus, through to Talbot turns gives to Higgy then to Nat out wide to RyanW.

Now to Joe past Kerr, makes a belter of a shot on goal but it flies past the left hand post.

Talbot rattles the ball off the face of Taiwo. Ouchy I could feel that fae here!

Player ok and play goes on.

Ball to RyanW down the wing, crosses in but Falkirk up the anty after their reduction to ten men.

Tempers flaring again with Miller taking out Talbot on the nearside byline. A strict word or two with the ref and Murdoch takes the free kick.


A silly laddie Craig Sibbald - one of Falkirk`s best players.

Joe through and it`s a chance for SMITH in front of goal again but it`s over the bar.


RyanW on asa great run through to Joe in the box, loses it to McKee and a TERRIBLE KICK AT JOE ON THE BYLINE WHICH MEANS A RED CARD FOR SIBBALD.


Pass to McManus, lost it to McKee and a throw in for the pars further up the NW byline.

Shiels takes, down to Joe, crosses to Higgy bounces in front of him and lost it to Gallacher but gets it back. Pars still in possession. Throw in for RyanW at the NW corner.

Thomson hoof to Ash, Joe through but fouled by O`hara. Free kick Pars in our own half.

The jaiket is on, it`s chilly with that wind.

Joe takes the spare, on to Smith who is fouled. Free kick Pars 35 yards out. Higgy to take.

Curling cross, headed down by Morris and the pars fans booing as the ball goes over the bar thought to be by a Falkirk player but no corner says ref.

Low in, headed down by Miller and it`s past the right hand post. Goal kick Pars.

Falkirk kicked off, throw in deep in the pars half. Cross to our box cleared and it`s down to Higgy. His pass is blocked and alleges to have fouled Sibbald who was in the way of his pass. Free kick Falkirk 30 yards out.

Cleared by Ash, down to Taiwo and then to Joe who has fouled Miller - ah one of the subs.

Free kick Falkirk to be taken by Sibbald, on the left hand side of the pars 18 yard box.

Two subs for Falkirk at halftime - but the tannoy announcer sounded like a dalek and I never caught the players names.


Both teams out for the second half. Boy o boy I`m looking forward to this... and tea at Mither`s later too.

A mince roond no less. Get in!

There`s toty wee pars players on the pitch, they had a wee game and now having their photos taken. I cannae believe ye get strips that size!

Getting a good round of applause from both sets of fans.


Dundee United 0 - 0 Brechin
Inverness 1 - 0 Morton
Livingston 1 - 1 St Mirren
QoS 0 - 0 Dumbarton

Free kick Falkirk on the far left. Not sure what happened, too many bodies in the way. McKee takes, goes long ot the pars box and Morris is pushed just as the halftime whistle goes.



Austin cant get past Talbot, ball to Nat and a throw in for the Pars at the NW.

I can see AJ perhaps taking Higgy off - he`s hot heided.

Austin heads down, Higgy clears and McManus chases the spare. All through to Thomson, then to McKee, Higgy came close with a tackle and McKee gets it back to Thomson.

Long ball to Austin, headed down to Talbot and a foul by Higgy sees a free kick for Falkirk just inside their half.

ALl the way through to Murdoch, Joe gets the spare at the NW and a throw in for Falkirk. Ref having a word with Joe after he chucks the ball down but it bounced over the ad boards and into the stand.

Kerr through to Ash who clears out wide. Throw in for Falkirk as the clock ticks down to halftime.

Talbot high ball clearance, into Smith in the centre circle. He is off and running, passes to McManus crosses to Smith in front of goal but it`s too far and over to the near side for a Falkirk throw in.

Comes back into MOrris, heads it to Higgy, but off to Sibbald. HE gives to Gallacher chested off Nat and over the bar by Sibbald.

McKee to take.

The wall is being taken back to ten yairds. Boos from the Pars fans.

Joe is being hassled by Sibbald. Ref has to intervene.

Keep the heid lads.

Free kick off the wall and cleared down to the halfway line.

Murdoch comes off his line to clear a spare and it`s all the way through to Thomson at the other end.

Good ball to a running Taiwo, in the pars box, cleared by Morris, goes to Falkirk and it`s a free kick for the visitors 22 yards out after Sibbald goes to ground. Joe is also down holding his ankle and is trying to walk it off.

Long hoof from Thomson. Austin heads down but his pass is blocked and Joe chases the spare to Thomson who clears. Cross to the pars box from O`Hara, blocked and cleared and away to McManus but on to McKee.

Gallacher takes, chested down by Austin, away to Joe. Long ball to McManus but he sclaffs his shot in the box and it`s past the left hand post. Goal kick Falkirk.

RyanW on the wing, cant keep the ball. Falkirk throw in. Taiwo takes, over Higgy`s head as it goes backwards.

Spare to Murdoch hoofs it to Higgy on the halfway line and out for a Falkirk throw in.

McKee to take, Low in to the box and all the way through to Murdoch. No danger.

Long ball headed down by Gasparotto. Higgy cant keep control of the spare but a cracking play by RyanW, crosses to the Falkirk box but blocked ball. Falkirk on the attack. Austin goes to ground and a free kick for Falkirk on the left hand side in front of the NW 30 yards out.

Free kick Falkirk after a foul by Ash. Free kick just outside the centre circle in the pars half. McKee to take.

Long ball headed forward by Gallacher on the 18 yard line but on to Murdoch and his safe hands.

Joe to Higgy, back to Joe, out to Higgy cross for Smith in front of goal. Blocked and the ball is down to Morris. Austin goes to ground nothing from ref. Nat turns and twists around three Falkirk players, bliss.

Joe on the wing, through to McManus, back to Joe and fouled on his run. Free kick Pars from 35 yards out. Higgy to take.

Short to Splaine, Joe crosses, headed away by McKee and Falkirk on a run to our half well until theyre stopped by Talbot then to Ash then to Murdoch.

RyanW with a throw in. up to Higgy, McManus is blocked and it`s on to Muirhead.

Good ball from Taiwo but RyanW returns. Long to the feet of McKee.

Did I actually use the word splendid there? Jeesh.

Kerr heads to Austin on the wing, but Nat makes a sliding tackle to get the ball clear to Joe.

Kerr loses his pass to Higgy who puts in a splendid shot on goal from 25 yards out but it`s just over the bar and no more.

Jeezo Smith ma granny coulda taken that yin better - and she`s been deid fur years min.

Kerr looking for trouble after a no contact fall. Free kick Falkirk 35 yards out.
Nat headers it away, down to McKee and all the way to Thomson.

McManus fouls Taiwo and it`s off to Thomson for the free kick.

Gallacher takes, away t o McManus and a great ball through to Smith and he hits it off the post with only the fresh air of a goal to take.

Nat back to the box and out wide for a pars throw in.

Ball to Thomson.

High ball down to the head of Nat, then away to Watson. Kerr long ball to Higgy who does well in front of Gallacher. Away to Murdoch but a terrible pass from Morris sees Falkirk with a throw in deep in our half.

Both names going in the book by the looks of it. Kerr is arguing with the ref but no cards for either player. Both of them are very luck I think.

Short to Higgy, and a slap in the face for Talbot then HIggy is fouled. Nothing from ref although a Falkirk player is now on his back in our half

Tempers flaring between Higgy and Kerr. Ref calls them over.

Free kick Falkirk with Thomson taking.

Down to Talbot, looks up gives to Ash who was in a dangerous zone with Gallacher and O`Hara.

Ball forward to the Falkirk half. Shiels to McManus but he has to chase it as the ball heads to Thomson who clears. Austin heads down the long pass from his keeper. On to Talbot then Ash. Joe cant get to the ball on the far left hand side and it`s punted long.

Pars throw in at the NE.

Talbot takes.

Inverness 1 - 0 Morton
Livvy 1 - 1 St Mirren

Throw in Falkirk at the NW.

Goes nowhere.

Long ball over Higgy`s head and out for a Falkirk throw in.

Gallacher takes, Shiels cant get to it and it`s over to the left hand side of the ield. Poor pass back from Talbot and Murdoch has to chase the wayward ball.

Murdoch to Taiwo, and Kerr is fouled. Free kick taken quickly in the Falkirk half. Long ball goes nowhere but to Murdoch.

Throw in Falkirk deep in our half.

Kerr to Muirhead, spare through to O`Hara who goes to ground on the pars 18 yard line but no free kick says ref Beaton.

Talbot to Morris over to RyanW nearside. Good ball to Higgy, AJ shouting time and it`s a good ball up to Smith. Ball out for a pars throw in via Kerr.

RyanW to Higgy back to RyanW heads it down, Joe cant get the spare, and it`s off to Austin over to Muirhead and a cracking cross to an advancing O`hara.

Sibbald in the box and Morris puts in an excellent tackle to stop Gallacher from the goal mouth.

Throw in Falkirk with Muirhead to take.

Long overhead high ball to the head of Ash, another high ball this time to Kerr, and lceared to the halfway line.

Falkirk in possession. Down to Watson, over to Gasparotto, and keeping it tight.

RyanW to Higgy, on to the feet of Gasparotto, then to Nat who struggled with McKee, Falkirk with Austin and crossed to Sibbald egde of box and out of play by morris into the NW.

Long ball to the head of Higgy who is inadvertently hit in the face by McKee. mcManus chases a spare down the nearside wing but it`s away to Muirhead. Long ball goes out of play in the pars half. Throw in for RyanW to take.

Curling ball, headed down by Nat, and he is fouled in the process. Free kick to be tsaken by Murdoch.

RyanW to Higgy but headed out by Kerr. Throw in pars. Over and away to Muirhead, good cross to the box for Austin but the pars have it away upfield by Higgy. His pass to Smith is poor and Falkirk have a throw in, and now a free kick after Sibbald is fouled. Free kick to be taken by McKee, 40 yards out on the right hand side.

RyanW to Nat, and out for a pars throw in on the nearside byline.

The NW is jumping, the Norrie is jumping and we are awfy excited too here in the Main Stand.

Nat takes the ball from the centre after the re-start. Spare to Thomson who punts it long. Down to RyanW then to Morris who gets it to safety after a good attacking run by Gasparotto.

Another brilliant cross in and handled so well by Joe in front of goal and past the keeper into the bottom left hand corner.


I knew I shouldn`t have commented on the weather ... it`s peein doon.

RyanW out wide, short to Shiels, does gret and the ball to RyanW and a SECOND GOAL FOR THE PARS WITH THE EVER SUPER JOE !!!!!!!!


Goes nowhere. Throw in Pars. Talbot to Shiels, down to Joe, does great and over the field pass to RyanW high cross and a good jumping save for Thomson.

A Falkirk player was on the deck a minute ago but seems ok and is up running off his knock / slide.

Throw in Falkirk at the NE.

Halfway line beckons. Falkirk take it to their back line. McKee to Taiwo, forward to our box and a good shot on goal by Gallacher is saved at the right hand post by Murdoch.

Re-start and Falkirk head to our half but our defence are on the ball and it`s on to Murdoch. Long ball downfield. Falkirk throw in.

Headed down by Austin. High feet by Kerr but nothing from ref.

Ash long cross to a running Smith but it`s too far again. I suspect the wind is going to cause problems today. The flags are going mental.

Falkirk head to our half, good play down the left wing by Austin, away to Joe but back to Murdoch.

And we`re off! Cracking goal past the hapless Thomson who never saw it coming.


NOW there`s an atmosphere!

Ash headers down the long punt. In to the middle for Higgy, long to MCMANUS AND A CRACKING GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


Nice to hear the two sets of fans singing at each other. A good atmosphere.

Spare to Smith, over the field cross to a running Splaine from Talbot but he cant catch it. Goal kick Falkirk.

Thomson long to the halfway line. Missed by McManus who goes to ground with a bump. Free kick for Falkirk in their half after a pull from Higgy.

Long from Gallacher. Returned and out for a falkirk throw in.

From the left it`s Higgy. Right footed cross, low in and down to Ash who cant control it and it`s out for a goal kick.

Long punt upfield, out wide to Joe, crosses in and missed by Smith in front of goal. Out wide to Higgy short to RyanW crosses in and wins a corner.

Ball long to Murdoch who hoofs it to the head of Higgy but it`s too far and carried by the wind. Throw in Falkirk.

Muirhead takes.

High ball down to the pars half for Sibbald.

Over the middle to McKee in to the box by Austin and saved by Murdoch.

Away we go!

Long ball out of play and it`s a pars throw in.

Falkirk fans in good singing voice.

Big roar for the teams heading out on to the braw green pitch.

Leading out the pars as ever is Cal Morris.

Falkirk in red tops, red shorts and red socks with a black trim.

The Pars in black and white tops, black shorts and white socks.

Mark Kerr is the opposition captain.

The Pars win the toss and start off this half facing the away end where the visiting support are today.


Congratulations to Adele (fae the Commercial) on the birth of Cameron! A bonny wee lad he is too.

Also worth reporting on is a delightful Stag party here in the main stand - and the happy chappy is wearing a pars top omplete with pink tutu and pink leggings! Fair dandy!

Also a big hiya to my lovely readers all over the rest o the "small" world - and back hame in Dunfy too. It`s always an absolute pleasure to provide the live updates to you all. :-)

Hope you all enjoy the game today - there`s a mahoosive crowd already here inside Fortress East End - ready for battle!

A big hello to an auld school pal of mine in Auckland, New Zealand - we caught up with each other today after 37 years!

Jeez, I`m that auld. Harrumph

I`m a right clert --- the straw broke on the ol Capri-Sun and I`ve had to sook the juice oot the carton and it`s aw doon the front of me.

I shouldnae be let oot min.

Please note Hippo is not on the teamsheet for the visitors today.

Ach Nat will just hae to tak the legs err I mean play alongside Sibbald instead....

Good afternoon from a very blustery East End Park for today`s SPFL Championship match between Dunfermline Athletic and Falkirk.

Dunfermline_Athletic: Murdoch Williamson Talbot Morris Ashcroft McManus (Hopkirk) Higginbotham (Aird) Wedderburn Smith (Ryan) Shiels Cardle
Subs (not used): Gill Martin Splaine Paton

Falkirk: Thomson Muirhead McKee Taiwo Kerr Austin Sibbald Gasparotto O`Hara Gallacher Watson
Subs (not used): Mitchell Grant Harris Miller Shepherd Blues Craigen

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