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Live Updates: SPFL Championship: Greenock Morton v DAFC
By dafc.net - Sat, 9th Sep 2017


Greenock Morton
Thomson (47)
Harkins (73)
Quitongo (93)

3 - 2

Dunfermline Athletic
Cardle (9)
Higginbotham (32, pen)


  Ref: Select referee
  Crowd: TBA  Position: 1st

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Or possibly a hand-ball? Pars not happy; that`s me signing off. Hopefully the Buffster will be back next week

Final Score 3-2 Morton.

Dubious winner - foul on Ashcroft at the long ball.

Ash eased off the ball by Quitongo who runs through and scores

93 Goal Morton

92 Corner Pars - Ash header is cleared

91 Yellow for O`Ware as he trips Hopkirk

Yellow for the Morton sub as he pulls back Smith. f/K comes to nothing

Chance! Missed Morton put over from 3 yards

McManus is on for Oliver of Morton

86 Mins gone Still 2-2 Server slow

Corner hit long but Ash is held off and Gaston claims

Corner hit long but Ash is held off and Gaston claims

Corner hit long but Ash is held off and Gaston claims

80 Ryzo wins a corner on a rare foray upfield

1918 is the chat behind me - the crowd size, I assume?

77 Hopkirk and Cardle liaise - the latter draws a good save from Gaston, but htere is no follow-up

76 Higgy has a tactical head injury as Morton break. Play has to be stopped...

Two each now. Murdoch didn`t move for the free-kick; typical Harkins magic

Hopkins is on for Clark

Cardle charges the ball down and the freekick is awarded 10 yards closer. Harkins takes and scores

71 Another mistale from Morris as he turns into trouble. Foul 30 yards from goal

70 Jin Duffy is barking instructions. Deep cross ftom the right but Sean comes out to claim

69. Good tackle from Martin who promptly misplaces his pass.

68. Not as comfortable as we were. Morton have the bit between their teeth.

66 Cardle tackle concedes a corner. Ton win the header but Ryzo hooks clear, Higgy fouls. Ash hooks out for shy

66 McManus off and Callum Smith on

65 Morris fouls 30 yards from goal . Harkins delivers but is snaffled easily by Sean

Think I was getting McHugh and Russell mixed up all game - it`s harder than it looks this updates malarkey

63 Double sub - off McHugh and Forbes - on Harkins and Quitongo

62 As I type he draws a foul from Lamie

61 Our Declan is not having a good game. Trying too hard against his old team mates, or do they just know his game?

60 Another foul by Higgy on Russell. Gets away with it this time

58. Higgy booked for being late on the number 17

57 Williamson with a cross on his left - but too deep, He hasn`t been attacking much, young Ryzo

56 Close! Cardle slips, Doyle gets away, cuts back to Andy Murdoch, who turns on to his right and his namesale saves at full stretch.

55 Clark gets away from O`Ware but McManus can`t collect in good position. Jeers fromn the crowd

53 "Not too high Higgy" is the instruction from the bench

53 "N

51 Close at the other end - Cardle nearly gets his head on a long diagonal ball with Gaston coming out but both miss and the ball is cleared

51 Morton attack againt but Oliver pass is too firm for Tidser

Error from Morris - header back wasn`t firm enough, and Ashcroft couldn`t retreive with a tackle. Thomson scored from 7 yards

47 Morton score - Thomson

oops - put the Morton team in as scorers

46 We`re back under way

Buffy has enormous shoes to fill. Metaphotically speaking, of course.

Second. It`s my first go at thie in about 4 years, I think (and then I got hooked at half-time). I feel like John Potter trying to make a playing comeback, but with less mobility or ytouing ability.

Several apologies due.

First, I keep losing the connection. Usually at key moments.

Correction - think it was Forbes who got booked at the penalty. (Couldn`t see him - he was behind a pillar). Clark still had his tuppence-worth

And that`s half-time, with the Pars two goals to the good. Slightly flattering, but I won`t complain

46 - ball up to Higgy on hte right - cuts inside, onto his right, but bis driven cross is high and deep and behind.

45 Clark slices an attempt from a Cardle cross.

45 Hooked pass from Cardle to Clark on hte left but no-one in the middle so he has to turn back

44 More Ton pressure but Ash backheads to Murdoch

42. Morton come forward, Thomson tries to get past Morris, but bounces off him ,=more, and it`s a goal kick

42 Sean has to look lively to deal with a through ball 0 gets there easilt enough and McManus falls over trying to wn the clearnce.

41 Foul from Higgy 40 yards from goal. Forbes fires it in and Lamie gets a header on target -straight at Sean

40 McManus turns like a battleship there, still finds he has time and space, but pulls his shot from 25 yards well wide

39 close to being another chance as the ball wont fall for Clark

38 Pars had a couple of chances there - Higgy couldn`t find the right ball fron the bye-line, then Cardle wanted too much time

37 Home fans feel they are not getting any decisions as Martin gets away with a high foot

35 Martin is on for Talbot. Couldn`t see what the problem was, but it was obvious to the players

Slow run up, keeper doesn`t move, Higgy hits it left and Gaston gets a hand to it but can`t keep it out

33 gOAL (just)

Deep Higgy cross saw defender collide with Talbot. Clark bookd for mouthing. Higgy to take

31 Penalty Pars!

29 Oops - Gaston comes to claim and the ball is sent over his head, but he has time to recover

28 Ash gets in a fankle near the right corner flag, but plays the ball of his opponent for a bye-kick

28 Charging run from McManus wins a corner as the clearance bananas out

27 Again close for MOrton - cross from the left, Ash nudged to the ground but hooked over by Doyle

25 Nat has to use his strenght there to hold off Russell and deal with a half-hit clearance - but he has plenty to spare

24 long ball back to Sean who chests down outside his box before clearing.

22 Tidser was away there, but the ball was out for a shy

21 Shiels to Clark who makes rom for a shot but drags it left.

20 Cardle tackles Murdoch as he`s about to shoot and the ball loops harmlessly to our Murdoch

19 Half chance for Higgy - had more time than he thought

18 Long ball casually flicked from Ashcroft to Morris and Pars come away

16 Good play by the home teamends with Doyle shooting off target from the overlap

16 Norton also 4-4-2 but no team sheet so I`m guessing at their players - you won`t know the difference

15 other than a throw. Williamson has it but can`t make headway

14 Clark takes a tumble but nothing given

13 Keep losing connection. Ton freekick in hte middle of the park, but Pars win it back

Russell nearly through but the flag is up

McManus lost hte ball, Cardle won it back took it into the area and slipped it under Gaston

09 Goal from Cardle 0-1 Pars

08 Another chance for Ton but Forbes sweeps over for 20 yards

06 Pars 4-4 -2 as usual. Morris struggles to deal wiht a through ball but eventuall outwits Russel

04 Sitter missed by Morton - run down the left and Murdoch fires over when it seemed easier to score

03 Morton break and Doyle shoots over

02 Again Higgy with the cross but cleared.

01 Higgy makes slow progress up the right but Cardle can`t get head to cross

Pars to kick off - shooting towards the Wee Dublin (open end) housing 3? hundred Pars fans

Pars line up with Clark in for Smith

Jeepers - it`s taken me half an hour to get logged on. Had to move seats 3 times which hasn`t helped.


Subs (not used):

Dunfermline_Athletic: Murdoch; Williamson, Morris (c), Ashcroft, Talbot (Martin, 35); Higginbotham, Wedderburn, Shiels, Cardle; McManus, Clark
Subs (not used): Gill, M`Voto, Hopkirk, Splaine, Ryan, Smith

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