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Live Updates: SPFL Championship: DAFC v St Mirren
By dafc.net - Sat, 16th Sep 2017


Dunfermline Athletic

3 - 0

St Mirren




  Ref: Craig Thomson
  Crowd: 6636  Position: 2nd

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Thanks for reading folks.
Have a great weekend!

Over n oot, Buffy xx





Dumbarton 2-1 Brechin City
ICT 1-3 Livvy
QoS 1-2 Morton
Falkirk 0-0 Dundee United

McManus puts it over the bar from a few yards out after the free kick.

Silly laddie.

The scoreline remains Pars 3 - 0 St Mirren.





Dumbarton have turned their scoreline around and are now leading Brechin City by 2 goals to 1.

Clark fires one over the bar from 20 yards out as the ooos and aaahs from the North Westers ring out.

Nat blocks a close call from Morgan, then it`s all downfield for the mighty pars.

What a fantastic crowd tally!

St Mirren fans sneaking oot.

Buchanan fires a ball forward to the pars half. Cleared by Ash. Then to Shiels. Long from JasonT but off to Eckersley.

Headed out the box by JasonT, down to Hoppy but away to Duffy.

Taken off him by JasonT, great move. Now to Hoppy in the middle but he is blocked at every angle.

Splaine to JasonT.

CROWD 6,638

Now to Hoppy, crosses in and just missed by a running Clark.

Morgan gets past Shiels and a shot on goal from a few yards out by Baird is pushed out wide. Throw in Pars.

Sub for Pars off goes Higgy to a standing ovation ---- on comes Aaron Splaine.

Throw in Pars. RyanW to Shiels. Back to RyanW for another. Down th wing and out of play. HIggy this time to take.

Gives it away straight to Eckersley unless he came aff and I`m talking nonsense.

Nice play by Higgy to McManus.

Sub for St Mirren off comes Smith on Josh Todd

He is ok, thankfully. No need Buchanan, no need.

JasonT with a great tackle on Cameron Smith but the linesman says otherwise. Ref having a word with MOrgan who used both feet - what we could see anyway. Free kick St Mirren whilst Buchanan impedes our goalie who is down on the deck after saving his shot.

Throw in St Mirren.

Headed down by Sutton - ahh noo there ye go. Sutton on for ..... Reilly.

Sub for St Mirren - one off and one oan. Professional aye? You betcha.

Nae chance of a fourth goal by 100 mile an hoor Higgy that`s for sure. That knocked the brambles oot the bushes on the cycle path!

From the right it`s Higgy.

Cleared in the box, out to Hoppy, back to the box but cleared again. St Mirren fire to our half, with Morgan. Stopped by Morris. Now to Higgy then to mcManus. He is held back by McGinn, free kick and a yellow card for the St Mirren player as tempers rise.

Pars free kick to be taken by Higgy, 15 yards out on the right hand side.

Poor pass to Shiels by Ash however the resulting cross over the Pars box by Reilly is poor. Pars throw in. RyanW to Nat. Chested down pass to Shiels. Away to McGinn, but a great tackle by Hoppy. Ball away to RyanW, backwards to Morris then to Murdoch.

Sun in his eyes he launches it forward to Nat. Played back again. Throw in St Mirren. Shiels clears from danger.

Downfield to McManus whose shot on goal is parrie away by Samson. Corner Pars.

Poet and I know it !

Ahem, blatant plug, buffysbuns.wordpress.com :-)

Lewis Morgan to take.

Three in the wall and out goes the ball.

Throw in St Mirren. Just about knocks out Ash. Foul on McManus but play on says ref. Ball up to McGinn who is fouled by Nat, nae wonder given the speed he goes - free kick St Mirren 20 yards out.

HIggy to take. Rebounds out with a help from the strong wind. Goal kick St Mirren.


Higgy takes, his cross is poor but out for a pars throw in. JasonT to Higgy, in to Nat, on to Hoppy and Shiels is blocked by Duffy. Throw in St Mirren. Buvhanan to McManus to Nat then to Higgy. Now out wide to RyanW.

Back to Hoppy who is fouled. Free kick Pars 18 yards out on the left hand side.

McManus to RyanW to Higgy. Cross to Goppy and his shot on goal is rebounded out for a pars corner.

Throw in Pars. RyanW to take. Crosses in, headed down by Buchanan, Talbot cant get to it, bouncing high and down to Shiels. Looks up gives to Hoppy. Short to McManus and his shot from 25 yards out is blocked. St Mirren on the attack and Buchahan gives to Baird. Out wide to Eckersley. Takes on Higgy, goes round our number 7 and a spare ball is easily picked up by Murdoch

From the right this time,. Curling ball and cleared off the line by RyanW, Cleared to Buchanan who fires it past the right hand post.

Comes in high and out for another.

Long ball from Eckersley from the St Mirren throw in. Now to Morgan, crosses in and Ash clears out for a St Mirren corner.

Waiting to hear the crowd tally....

St Mirren with Cameron Smith. Down to Duffy. A close call with Buchanan and Clark but its on to Samson. Away to JasonT, down to McManus and a good pass to Hoppy but the NW linesman raises his flag as he advanced.

From the left its Higyg. Right footed cross low in to Hoppy then to Clark (I think) but it`s opver the bar from very close range.

The St Mirren fans may be sitting in the September sunshine but it`s the Pars support who are shining the brightest.

Our team are playing fantastic!

Forward again for Higgy. Cant get to RyanW on the left hand corner of the St Mirren box but a cross is out for a Pars corner.

Free kick St Mirren, after a foul on the far right hand side.

McManus flying away again to the St Mirren end whilst Shiels clears to Murdoch at the other.

I had to wait rto make sure for the scorer because he was at the bottom of a huge pile of pars players lol!

Re-start and St Mirren have a shot on goal by Reilly but Murdoch make a cracking dive to the right for it.

Taken from the left, its over everyone in the box and out for a pars goal kick. Murdoch to Higgy headed down to Buchanan only. Dean Shiels whose shot on goal is deflected out by Samson. A cracking run by Shiels.

Corner Pars.

Higgy clow in and its in the net for MORRIS



Good ball in from Clark to McManus but he turned too quickly in the box and Buchanan cleared downfield. Throw in Pars in our own half. JasonT takes. SHort to Shiels, rebounds off McGinn and Morris is booed by the visiting fans for taking out Reilly in the box. No foul says ref. Nat clears ahead of three midfielders. down to the halfway line for Morgan, and up to the box where Murdoch has come off his line. MOrris clears again, thankfully, and it`s another corner for St Mirren.

The ball lands on the roof after a poor clearance from Morgan - at first I thought oor seagulls need to go oan a diet.

Murdoch hoofs the ball to the head of Higg, turns and out for a pars throw in at the NW.

Goal kick Pars.

The young St Mirren lads ahind me are awfy quiet.

High ball to Morgam, out wie to Liam Smith, a good attack on the Pars goal area, but away to Higgy, long ball to Buchanan ahead of McManus. Only falls to Shiels, over the field to Baird who gets muddled up with Clark. Free kick by Higgy. A good shot on goal by our number 7 but it`s high over the bar.

Ash leans over Morgan, and Morris cant keep the ball in as St Mirren get the first corner of the second half.

From the left it`s Eckersley.

High bal, headed fover the bar from the right by Reilly.

Long ball from Samson to McGinn, stopped by Morris.

Free kick St Mirren. Morris heads down at the right hand post as The Roy Barry Fan Club hands me, via Spencey (oh the face oan him lol), a cake.

Buchanan booked for a few sweary words.

Off we go - and Pars have a free kick on the halfway line.

Taken by Higgy, it`s down to the right hand patch of the St Mirren box. JasonT crosses, cleared by Duffy and an offside flag up follows. Not sure who for.

Both teams out for this thrilling second half.

Sub for St Mirren - off goes Stelios (awww) on comes Duffy

I`ll be getting orders soon lol

Well I fed the masses from the Press Box today with a dozen freshly baked Buffy`s Buns. Like vultures they were! Bet they didnt even touch the sides gaun doon!



From the left its Eckersley, cleared from the left hand post by Ash, and down to JasonT for a Pars throw in.




Re-start and St Mirren have a throw in at the NW as the sun makes an appearance.

Clark rebounds the throw in, out for another.

Corner St Mirren.

Another cracking goal for the mighty pars!

Hoppy fired it away from 20 yards out, no chance for Samson and the St Mirren defence all over the place.

Goal kick St Mirren. Samson to Liam Smith. Bounces up to Ash, long ball to Hoppy, turns gives to McManus. Away back to Nat, Hoppy fouled but play on says Thomson. Higgy to Shiels, down to RyanW, crosses in and Hoppy has it and into the net it goes.



Ma belly`s rumbling. I bet ye can hear it too, Myra!

Throw in Pars. Higgy takes. Short to RyanW and out for another. RyanW takes this time. Short to Shiels, blocked by Stelios. St Mirren throw in. Eckersley takes.

Bounced off Higgy, away to Reilly over to Morgan, up the field to JasonT who clears. A stray ball in the St Mirren half and a throw in for the Pars.

Eckersley again, from the left, high ball, headed down by Morris, out to McManus turns and has it taken off him by Morgan but away to Clark and then to Nat who deals with two midfielders easily. Like a knife through butter.

From the left it`s Eckersley, right footed shot cleared by a header from Higgy. Goes out wide and JasonT cant get to it. Throw in St Mirren.

Rebounds out for another, and another. Morgan takes it the pars box, in to McGinn and a corner for the visitors.

Murdoch, in lime green, wellies it to the halfway line. Headed down by Higgy. Blocked pass to Hoppy, and Nat stampedes Morgan.

McGinn shot in the box, cleared by Ash and out for a corner to the visitors.

Cameron Smith takes and headed over the bar from close range by Reilly. Goal kick Pars.

Eckersley takes, short to Stelios, high ball to our box but cleared by Ash. Long ball away to Hoppy on a run, blocked by the feet of Morgan. Throw in St Mirren at the NW. Offside flag up. Free kick to the visitors on the 18 yard line to the left hand side.

Throw in for St Mirren. Eckersley takes, Morris clears from around 20 yards out. Reilly chests the ball down, Shiels clears downfield but St Mirrren are there also, with a cracking clearance from Morris a few yards from goal. Reilly was the advancing St Mirren player. Corner St Mirren.

Free kick Pars after a foul. Morris takes, long ball, down to Higgy who has lost his hair. I`ve just noticed, ah ken.

Our former player, Gavin Reilly, getting a mixed reception today but by all accounts a good player for St Mirren with his constant poaching at the goal area.

Throw in Pars. RyanW takes, short to Hoppy, back to RyanW, over to Hoppy, great tackle with Reilly, high ball then cleared to Morris and the ball is fired forward to Hoppy. Higgy to Hoppy, blocked by Morgan, but back to Higgy. Oyt to RyanW crosses in and another corner for the pars after Stelios cant keep it in despite sliding.

Higgy to Ash, heads it high and over the bar but rebounded on the way out. Higgy again, galls to Reilly, cleared to McManus and back to Higgy. This time the offside flag is raised but the ball is en route to the pars half. Out with Morgan, crosses in, and no where a waiting Reilly at the right hand post.

Corner long and curling, and rebounded out for another, this time from the right hand side.

Higgy to take.

Pushing in the box, the ref has to have a word, and Samson punches it clear as the ball curls in.

Good pass to McManus and another corner for the Pars.

Samson to Stelios, ahead of him is RyanW. Good play by our winger, in to Higgy in the pars box, and cleared downfield to Clark. Back to Higgy, Stelios annoying him and McManus is fouled by Baird. Pars fans on their feet. Free kick Pars in our own half. Higgy to take.

Samson takes the free kick, down to Ash`s head. Cant get it to Nat but the run by Morgan is stopped by JasonT. Throw in for Pars at the NW.

JasonT to Nat, back to JasonT, over to Shiels who back tracked with a super twist around an advancing Reilly. Hoppy couldnt get his feet to the ball in the right angle and it`s out for a goal kick to St Mirren.

From the left its Higgy. Right footed cross, low in, caught by CLark, back to Higgy and the offside flag is up for a foul in the box.

Samson punt to the pars half, out for a Pars throw in at the NW. JasonT to Ash, long high ball to the head of Morgan. Shiels to Hoppy, and out for a Pars throw in at the NE.

JasonT to take.

The wind is strong here today, and may cause problems later on. Took too long to take and the ball is out. JasonT has another go further down to the pars half. Long high ball headed down by McGinn. Over to Ryan chased by Stelios. Nicky out to Higgy on the left wing, chips it to RyanW and another corner for the Pars after Buchanan clears it out high.

Short play by Stelios, over to McGinn but blocked by Higgy, good play to Hoppy and its a smidgeon past the left hand post. A great chance for another goal for the Pars and worthy of the ovation he received for his chance.

RyanW gets it down to McGinn, cleared high ball and a throw in for St Mirren deep in the pars half. Stelios to take.

Short to McGinn, cleared by Higgyt and then Shiels has the ball taken off him by Stelios and cleared in front of goal by Morris. Corner St Mirren.

Morris down to Shiels, then a throw in for RyanW. Backwards to Shiels, over to JasonT, and on to Murdoch.

Ball goes out of play, throw in for Stelios. Wonder if he flew here... heehee

Long ball headed down to JasonT then to Nat.

A good run by McManus who is eventually toppled in the box but no penalty says ref nor claimed by our player.

Foul by McShane on Shiels. Free kick Pars to be taken by Murdoch.

Atmosphere is electric!

Re-start and Ash hands the ball to Murdoch after a good attacking run by McShane.

Ball to RyanW on his own, rebounds his shot towards goal off Stelios and it`s on to Samson who was quick at the left hand post.

Fantastic goal by Declan McManus as he turned the ball round the defenders and into the bottom right hand corner of the net past a hapless Samson.



re-start and Hpppy fires to the St Mirren end. Blocked in front by Buchanan, he plays it out wide for RyanW but his shot to the left hand post is cleared by Stelios.

Apologies for saying Splaine earlier - he is on the bench. It`s McManus Im getting mixed up with.

Sub on for Joe is Hoppy.

Meanwhile waiting for a stretcher, and Joe is up and is hopping off the pitch with the physio. He is seriously having trouble walking. Looks painful.

He`s going off sadly. The players and physio are asking for a stretcher.

Long ball down the far left wing,. JasonT gives to Murdoch.

Curling high ball aims for Higgy. Nat takes it and then over to a running Joe only two defenders to beat but he is down on the deck instead. Not a dive for a penalty more he`s injured - and looks like the hamstring from here. He was hobbling after the foul earlier.

Samson long ball. Nat to JasonT. Throw in for Pars. McManus gives to JasonT. Over to Morris, has to be quick, long ball to McManus but his overhead kick at the byline is stopped by Baird who clears.

Higgy to take.

Right footed curling shot, headed down by Clark and the offside flag up for Ash in the box.

Ash over to JasonT. In to Nat, away to Splaine and Joe is fouled, 25 yards out. Free kick Pars on the right hand side in front of the NE.

A drum is in full flow in the away end.

Joe makes his way into the St Mirren box, but their defence surrounded him and the ball is downfield at the Pars half.

Stelios to take.

Down to Splaine, then to RyanW, now to Cal Morris but he cant keep it in. St Mirren throw in, Stelios again.

Morris gets a touch, away to Nat and over to JasonT, thankfully recovered after his head injury last week at Greenock.

Throw in St Mirren deep in their end. Stelios takes. Upwards header from RyanW. Away to Cameron Smith but tackled by Higgy who was then fouled on the return.

Free kick Pars, taken by Higgy and RyanW is then fouled at the Main / Away end flag. Not a foul says ref and instead gives a pars throw in. Rebounds out and a throw in for the visitors.

Murdoch punts to Higgy but falls to the head of Stelios instead. Shiels fouled but play on says ref.

St Mirren on our 18 yard line, yet again, and a shot is fired over the bar by Eckersley. Shiels is booked for feigning.

The St Mirren support are in good voice.

McShane to take.

Low ball in and headed over the bar by Reilly.

Nat fouls Cameron Smith, free kick St Mirren 40 yards out on the left hand side.

McShane takes, off the wall, not cleared but falls to McGinn cut across hte pars box by Baird and cleared high from Morris.

Low ball downfield cleared by Samson. Into the middle and away to the pars end for Cameron Smith but an easy save for Murdoch. Long pass to Higgy in to Clark but he wasnt looking and St Mirren have it away again.

Free kick St Mirren 25 yards out. Foul by Shiels on Buchanan.

Higgy took from the left hand side, and curled out past the byline by Clark. However the ref deemed it another corner and it was cleared and then fouled after a high boot from McManus.

He has no.20 on his back but he`s listed as 28.

Nat puts a shot past the Mirren left hand post and it`s the first corner of the match to the Pars.

Free kick after Higgy is upended. Morris to take.

Long to the head of Higgy who is fouled but play on says ref. Turned into the middle by Reilly. Gregor Buchanan clears from the St MIrren half as a shot on goal is wide of the right hand post by Reilly.

Looks a great crowd in the Norrie, the NW and the Main Stand including a packed hospitality.

Away visitors are here in their hundreds too.

Kick off and the Pars start first.

Wahey we are on the go --- both teams run out to a fantastic reception.

St Mirren in black tops, black shorts and black socks.

The Pars in their black and white tops, black shorts and white socks.

Uh oh I spoke too soon....

Ola TonyMacaroni!

5 min delay for the game today - let`s hope it`s no fur the noo entry system ;D

A good crowd is filtering in today, I`ve got Spencey to the left of me. Boy I got a guid kiss fae him earlier, then he telt me he had man flu. Midden.

Good afternoon and welcome from me Buffy at East End Park for today`s SPFL Championship fixture between DAFC and visitors St Mirren.

Dunfermline_Athletic: Murdoch Williamson Talbot Morris Ashcroft McManus Higginbotham (Splaine) Wedderburn Clark Shiels Cardle (Hopkirk 25)
Subs (not used): Gill Martin Aird Ryan Smith

St_Mirren: Samson Demertirou McGinn Buchanan Morgan Smith Baird McShane Reilly Smith Eckersley
Subs (not used): Stewart Irvine Duffy Sutton Todd Kirkpatrick Stewart

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