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Live Updates: SPFL Championship: Brechin City v DAFC
By dafc.net - Sat, 23rd Sep 2017


Brechin City

0 - 3

Dunfermline Athletic
CLARK (75)



  Ref: John McKendrick
  Crowd: 1214  Position: 1st

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Corner Brechin.

Over everyone, out wide, Murdoch saves the returned ball.



Thanks for reading folks, see ye next weekend for our game v Dundee United.

Over n oot Buffy xx

Long high ball from the Brechin keeper.

Back to him with Smithy chasing.

Pars throw in deep in Brechin half. Talbot to Smithy, up to Ash then to Clark. Back to Talbot croses in and Splaine puts it over the bar from 20 yards out.

They should have a ball retrieval service like a ten pin bowling alley. A wee channel roond the outside of the ground.

Smith hoofs to the halfway line.

Talbot puts the ball out for a Brechin throw in.

ONeil crosses to Higgy, heads down, then to Ryan. Headed out for a pars throw in and another new ball required as that yin landed in the famous hedge.

RyanW to Nat, bac kto RyanW then into HIggy. Loses to Crighton but his final touch was poor and another new ball please. Jings crivens.

Splaine forweard to Higgy and the offside flag is up as his shot rebounds off the keeper and wide of the left hand post.

Dundee United 2 - 1 Morton

RyanW to Nat. Nicely done to Talbot crosses to Ryan who heads into Smith.

Down to Splaine, out wide to Talbot. Ryan is fouled with a kick to his nether regions by the looks of it - oh to be a magic sponge - andhe takes the ball back once he got to his feet, he played the ball backwards instead of to the left for Higgy and Brechin get it downfield.

Clark`s pass was blocked by the derriere of ONeil

Rebounded out and over the byline for a goal kick.

We`re needing rugby style goals for us. No for them though!

Smithy to ZClark, now to Ryan nice move.

Short pass to Higgy but too tight and its away to the halfway line.

NIce play by Nat to Ash and on to Murdoch.

Lovely ball to Ryan, out for a pars throw in. Talbot to Higgym now to Clark and off the bar shot from our no.10.

Lovely ball from Higgy to RyanW, into Smithy, but loses it to the Brechin hyenas who surrounded our Scotland u-19 star.

Brechin player down, caught late by the high boots of Splaine. Ref having a word but no card shown. High jinx only.

Sub for Brechin off goes Graham replaced by Watt

A round of applause for our former youngster.

Higgy crosses in, corner Pars.

Higgy again, and Smithy impedes Smith, Free kick Brechin. Hoofed to the halfway line.

Hoofed to the halfway line.

Shot on goal from Spark wide of the left hand post.

Double subs for Pars off Shiels and McManus replaced by Splaine and Andy Ryan

Crighton fires it forward to Graham but it goes straight to Morris instead. Out wide to Talbot.

In to Higgy, back to Talbot good run, on his own, crosses to Higgy stopped by two defenders and a short pass inside to Smith.

Actually looks like Ryan with Splaine.

Ash loses the ball deep in the pars half, falls to Graham, cross is blocked, played out wide.

Across goal to Graham on the right, down to Nat who makes sure of it to Murdoch.

Still some fire left in Brechin`s belly.

Splaine and Aird are stripped to come on.

Ash to RyanW, in to Nat, long ball to a running Clark but over his head and on to Smith.

RyanW to Higgy, loses it to Sinclair, and down to the head of McNeil with a close call for a one on one between Smithy and Smith. Smith got there first.

Brechin in trouble now. Higgy to Nat, great play, around two defenders, out wide for a pars throw in.

Higgy from RyanW, short to McManus, but loses it on the 18 yard line. Pars throw in.

Dundee United 1 - 0 Morton

Re-start and the pars are off to a flyer again.

What a goal from Nicky Clark - absolute peach, headed down from RyanW`s cross, perfectly past Graeme Smith.

Ash down to SMithy, on a run but Graeme Smith is there first. His pass is straight to Morris however and the Pars are forward again. Giggy crosses to Clark, shot on goal from Talbot is in the back row of the main stand

Sorry Ryan crossed in. Everyone stood up in front of me lol

Sub took place for Brechin earlier -

Smithy chases the poor clearance from the Brechin keeper, up to the cecnte circle, Ash runs circles round the advancing forswards, cross from Higgy to Clark and its in the net from close range



Throw in ,Talbot to McManus, fouled on the byline but nothing given.

Smithy fouled further up. Free kick Pars, Higgy takes, down to SMithy but its too far over the byline.

Free kick Brechin with Smith taking.

Morris to Hoppy, good tunr, through three players, out wide, and out for a pars throw in.

Sub for Pars off goes Hoppy on comes Smith.

Dumbarton 2-1 ICT
Falkirk 0-2 Livvy

Murdoch takes, Higgy is fouled, and yet he is the one with the foul against him. Bizarre refereeing.

Over to McNeil, long ball across field to Graham. Throw in Pars with RyanW.

Smithy warming up on the touchline.

Clark runs out of steam as the ball travels to the byline. McLean clears it. Brechin playing fast and the ball is up to HIggy who is fouled. Free kick Pars.

a short pause there while I enjoyed my Brechin pie. It was braw

Throw in for Brechin.

Down the byline and out for a pars throw in.

Morris hands it to RyanW.

Short o Higgy. long high ball cheased by Clark, but it`s on to Graeme Smith, albeit straight to Hoppy. Talbot crosses in headed clear by McLean and out wide it goes.

Free kick Brechin after an offside flag up for Higgy.

Smith takes the goal kick. Long ball as twa pigeons fly past my eyeline of the pitch.

THrough ball to Hoppy and out over the byline for a pars throw in in line with the brechin 18 yard line.

RyanW to Clark, turns, does well but Brechin fire it downfield.

Clark fouled on the re-start but nothing given.

Higgy loses it to Graham as tempers start to rise in the Brechin team.

Long ball headed down by O`Neil., zway to Clark, then to Higgy crosses to Clark, then back to Higgy and Higgy is fouled. McKendrick accuses him of diving but it was a blatant push in the back on our player. No cards shown.


Fantastic goal!

Long ball to Hoppy, loses out to Smith, who humps it forward. Down to Clark, then to Higgy shot is blocked, out wide to RyanW, great tackle, crosses in and its a GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


Good jumping save from Murdoch. Talbot was on a run down the wing but Murdoch keeps it.

Long very high ball down to Shiels, throug hto Hoppy and played out wide. Shiels loses it to Graham, runs and crosses over to McLennan, but his final touch was poor with his shot saved easily by Murdoch.

O`Neil takes. Out for a Pars throw in at the dug outs.

McManus fouls and it`s a free kick to Brechin, at the same place as the throw in. Crighton takes.

Long to Graham, over the ref to Morris, heads it back to Nat, he loses his footing and the ball is away to Brechin.

Higgy takes, cleared from the brechin box, Morris tries a shot and it`s rebounded out for a pars corner.

From the right it`s Higgy.

Right footed cross, low in headed clear at the near post.

Down to Brechin for a throw in.

A succession of throw ins for Brechin, all the way to the halfway line. Clark makes a breakthrough and is only tackled well by the Brechin defence close to the 18 yard line. Away to Hoppy, in to Nat, takes on two players but gives it away next pass.

In to O`Neil, Nat tries to get it back but Finn Graham takes out McManus. Free kick Pars in the centre circle.

Long ball from Murdoch. Hugs on McManus from McLean. Pars throw in. Taken down the left hand wing by RyanW but over the byline. Brechin throw in.

I`ve managed to get a team line up fae the Beeb. Nae chance I`ll keep going with it lol

From the right it`s too far away for me to see but I think it`s Finn Graham.

Crossed in, chested down and then fired over the bar from 20 yards out.

Long ball played downfield from Graeme Smith. Brechin fire the ball past our left hand post and out wide for a throw in to the home side.

Corner Brechin.

I`d like to type another word to describe how close that is but I`m no allowed!

Throw in for Brechin, up to Graham. McManus keeps the ball and it`s a corner for the PArs.

Cleared out wide, from the box, comes back in and Nat just heads it a smidgeon past the right hand post. Jeezo that was close!!

Second half and both teams out and ready.

Waiting for their keeper to come out - I said we dinnae need him lol

Whistle blown and away we go!

Dumbarton 0-1 ICT
Dundee United 0-0 Morton
Falkirk 0-0 Livvy

St Mirren v QoS tomorrow at 1610 covered by BBC Alba




Ash makes a good stop, long ball to Clark but his header forward to a running McManus was deemed offside. Brechin player down on the deck.

Brechin punts it forward, Morris heads it down to Shiels. Ovedr to Ash low to McManus, Shiels long to the head of Brechin no.3 and on to Graeme Smith.

Free kick Pars after a foul by Brechin no3 on Morris. Taken quickly, it`s over to the right hand side for another pars free kick. Again taken quickly, out to Talbot low cross in, down to Clark, shot fired in by Hoppy, blocked, and a close call for Shiels as he fires it past the left hand post.

From the right it`s Higgy. Right footed cross, and headed just past the left hand post by Clark.

Brechin no.8 fouled on the halfway line. Free kick Brechin.

No.3 to take.

LLong ball to the head of Brechin no.20, cleared by Nat, down to Hoppy, tackled and a shot fired in from McManus from the right and rebounds out for apars corner.

It`s a tad cloudy now. Lovely sunshine on the way up from Fife earlier, too.

Car temp read 18 degrees.

It`s no that noo!

RyanW to Clark, out for another throw in. This time to Shiels, played into Nat, Talbot shouting for it as he runs down the right wing but Nat has to let it go. Graham crosses in, and it`s over the byline for a goal kick.

RyanW with a throw in, travels back to Murdoch, long to the halfway line.

Brechin play it wide. Up to Graham, does well past Morris, great shot on goal and well saved by Murdoch. Out wide to RyanW for a Pars throw in.

High ball, out for a pars throw in. RyanW to Clark, turns, lets it go and Brechin forward. Well until Higgy, then back again to the red team.

Over the field play to Brechin no.2. Long cross ball to their no.3 and it`s way out over the byline and oot to the car park. New ball.

I`m missing ma lad Spencey today - although he`s a spit away in the wee stand across the right hand side.

Long spare ball to Murdoch.

Out wide again for RyanW.

Throw in Pars.

Short to Shiels, gives to MOrris. Over the field to Ash. In to Nat, then toHoppy good turn, good run too, crosses in low, and a good save by Smith at the right hand post.

WIde ball to RyanW. In to Clark, good turn give es to Hoppy who is fouled on the 18 yard line but nothing from McKendrick.

Ball played away, Murdoch fires it straight to Finn Graham, Nat gets it away from the wee yin`s feet, and Shiels does well. Away to CLark in the middle, out wide to Higgy, 18 yard line, skins the two defenders, over to RyanW then to Shiels, back to the box and out for a Pars throw in.

Rain has started, play goes on and out for a pars throw in.

Taken and goes long and out of play. Goal kick Dunfermline.

Kudos to the handy pars fan with the guid eyesight in front of me.

Free kick as Morris is deemed to have fouled, 40 yards out. Shouts of "you`re a joke, referee".

Free kick taken, cleared from our box, down to Hoppy who is fouled on a good run to the halfway line. mcKendrick instead books Hoppy !!!! Another free kick for Brechin. Unbelievable!

It`s been hailed as Ashcroft. RyanW crossed it in, and Ash was sitting just in front of the left hand post and put it in from close range.

From the right hand side. Right footed cshot falls to RyanW, GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


Long kick from Graeme Smith. Shouts of handball as Finn Graham fouls, free kick for the pars on the halfway line.

Shiels takes, down to Talbot, slips in the box but out for another PArs corner.

This time from the right hand side, Higgy cheered on by the pars fans behind the goal on the covered terracing.

Right footed cross, playing into ther wind, cleared at the near post. Down to Hoppy, shot too low and blocked. Out to Shiels, down to Talbot and Nat takes the cross, cleared high back to Nat but it runs off his chest for a goal kick.

It fell to Nat before it was played out and he was hopeful of a goal but his shot was blocked.

Higgy playing it deep, cleared off the line and behind for another pars corner.

From the left it`s Higgy, right footed cross, high ball, headed down by McManus, shy of the right hand post, blocked and out for another corner.

Graham to take.

Bounces down to Brechin no.8, Talbot intervenes and its out for a throw in.

Graham long ball to the head of Brechin no.20, Shiels plays it away and a good ball to McManus, out to Higgy but his cross to the brechin box is too far. Talbot picks it up wide on the right, played short to Hoppy, all the way back to Morris. Out wide to RyanW, blocked to Higgy but he does well and gets another pars corner.

Graeme Smith with the goal kick. Out wide for a Brechin throw in deep in the pars half.

Brechin no.3 to take. I wish I knew their names.

Down the line and out of play but the ref says it was a Brechin player`s throw in. Humph.

No.18 crosses past RyanW, played to Ash cleared to Talbot but over his head and out for a Brechin throw in.

Morris long ball to McManus, just ahead of the Brechin defence, but it bounces to Smith.

Long ball from their lime yellow outfitted keeper.

GRaham slips behind Talbot, throw in Pars. Short to McManus, over to Morris on his own and a long ball to Higgy, turns great pass to a running Hoppy round the goalkeeper has to go wide, headed clear in the box, talbot to Shiels and his shot is just wide of the left hand post.

Higgy again, cleared out wide this time, down to Murdoch and long to Higgy. High ball back this time to Ash but over his head to our keeper.

Higgy, from the left, right footed cross, headed down ny Morris, cleared at the near post, back to Higgy, back to the box, a shot from McManus is blocked and out for another corner.

Murdoch takes. Long ball curling out to Higgy`s head and fired out of play for a pars throw in. RyanW to HIggy, back to RyanW, takes it to the box and out for the first Pars corner.

Brechin no.3 takes, down to Graham, then to Morris who heads it down. In to O`Neil away to RyanW, back to Higgy who gives it away but Brechin foul on a close call near Murdoch.

Brechin hoof it to the pars end, out wide for a throw in eventually.

Keeper Smith to take.

Long ball down to the pars half and out for a Brechin throw in, off Talbot.

Short to Graham, then to Nat who defends brilliantly and down the wing to RyanW. great pass to Clark and his pass to RyanW is too short as our no.2 makes a cracking run to the Brechin box. He is rightly applauded for his effort.

Out wide to RyanW, and a throw in for the Pars in their own half.

Down to Higgy, jumps heads it backwards, McManus cant get there.

Brechin put it out for another Pars throw in, this time in front of the wee stand on the right hand side.

Ball to Talbot crosses to McManus but his shot is blocked from 18 yards out, falls to Clark but he is also blocked. Morris plays it safe after a long ball to the pars half, and lumps it back downfield.

RyanW to Nat, fouled, but play on says McKendrick.

Shiels high ball to McManus, who is deemed to have backed into a Brechin player. Free kick to the home side.

Great save by Murdoch at the right hand post as Brechin no.7 comes close. Shiels gives the ball away but it trundles back to Murdoch. He`s in his usual lime green outfit.

In Brechin-esque commentary, it was totallyfullyoertheline.

Brechin no.8 to take. Wide ball to Brechin no.3, into the pars box, cleared by Morris, Brechin still on it and Hoppy takes it clear out of danger. Goal kick Dunfermline.

Higgy, right footed, long ball to McManus right hand post but his jump is poor and the ball is cleared downfield. Foul by Nat on Brechin no17, free kick Brechin 40 yards out.

Throw in Dunfermline. RyanW to Higgyheads it backwards to Clark and McManus is fouled 35 yards out. He is down, but slowly getting back up and walking. Free kick for Higgy to take.

Short to Brechin no.17, Clark was fouled and the ball is returned to Murdoch who then fires it down to Shiels who takes the free kick from just inside the Brechin half.

Out wide to Talbot who slips, loses the ball, it`s down to Nat and Hoppy gets it to Higgy. Nat to Shiels over to Morris whilst McManus gets it wide to RyanW. Great passing, 18 yard line and no penalty despite it looking like a push in the back for our no.2

Brechin no.6 throw in. High and rebounds out for another on the halfway line this time.

High ball falls to Dods, helped over the byline by Ash, throw in Pars says linesman. Talbot to Ash, long ball to Clark but the offside flag is up. Free kick Brechin to be taken by Graeme Smith.

Long ball to RyanW on the left hand byline, down to Morris who puts it out for a throw in for Brechin.

Pars throw in.

Down to McManus who chests down, blocked by O`Neil, then to Nat easily deals with it and Talbot fires it down the wing, but it`s carried out by the gusty wind. Brechin throw in.

McManus cant get past the hands of Brechin no.5, played into the middle, away to Dods, he fires it forward but Talbot is there for the pars.

He looks up, short to Hoppy and over the field kick to Morris, down to RyanW and out for a Pars throw in.

Short to Higgy back to RyanW, blocked and back to the pars half. Short to Ash.

Quick reactions by our keeper, as he punts the ball downfield. Morris has tochase, down to RyanW but he gives it away. Brechin lose it to Hoppy, running down the right flank, and gives it away in the process.

Ash gets it off an advancing Dods, and plays it long. Out for a Pars throw in deep in the Brechin half.

Long over to RyanW on the left. He hoofs it over the head of Brechin no.4 to Higgy. He loses it as he slips on the damp pitch, and the ball ends back at Murdoch.

Long high throw in, headed behind by Talbot. Corner for Brechin.

From the left hand side, it`s no.21. Right footed cross, headewd down by 17 not cleared but a fantastic double stop by Murdoch before being punted over the bar from close range.

Goal kick Pars.

KO and Brechin have the game underway. Long ball up to the pars half and out for a throw in to the home side.

There`s a very good crowd of supporters both home and away.

Throw in taken and it`s headed down into the path of Nat Wedderburn. Over the pitch to Higgy who is fouled but play goes on. Down to Talbot who loses it and its crossed to the box, by Dods, and headed away by Morris. Throw in Brechin.

Teams out for the start of this match, with the Pars in their home colours and Brechin in red tops, black shorts and red socks.

Brechin to kick off facing the away end here in the main stand.

I`ve not got a team sheet but was told it`s the same Pars team for last weekend with the exception of Hoppy being on first.

I`ve just copied the first team for Brechin but have no idea who is playing in order - please have patience with me once I figure it out from the pitch line up. Cheers.

Good afternoon from Glebe Park for today`s SPFL Championship fixture between Brechin City and Dunfermline Athletic.

Brechin_City: 1 Smith 20 Crighton 5 McGeever 2 McLean 12 O`Neil 8 Graham 6 Dale 21 Sinclair 3 Dyer 18 Orsi 17 McLennan
Subs (not used): 4 Fusco 7 Love 10 Layne 11 Watt 15 Spark 19 O`Neil

Dunfermline_Athletic: Murdoch Williamson Talbot Morris Ashcroft Wedderburn Shiels (Ryan 80) McManus (Splaine 90) Hopkirk Clark
Subs (not used): Gill Smith Lochhead Martin Aird

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