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Live Updates ~ SPFL Championship ~ DAFC v Dundee United
By dafc.net - Sat, 30th Sep 2017


Dunfermline Athletic

1 - 2

Dundee United
FYVIE (36)(60)



  Ref: Don Robertson
  Crowd: 7585  Position: 1st

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Thanks for reading folks, I wont be in attendance next Saturday for the Falkirk match as it`s Beer Festival time again.

Have a nice rest of weekend, over n oot Buffy xx

Comes to nothing however as the full time whistle goes.



Ash clears ahead of N`Koyi, the pars are off and running to the United end.

CROWD 7,585

Fyvie to take.

Sub for United off goes McDonald on comes N`Koyi.

King out wide short to N`Koyi and by the time I`ve spelled oot his name the baw is doonfield.

Flood long high ball to Fyvie, but on to Murdoch who punches clear then fouled. Free kick taken by Murdoch. Pars fans on their way out, United supporters are singing.

Free kick United after a dive by King, free kick 20 yards out.

Splaine loses it to Flood, spare ball to Murdoch.

Edjen puts the ball out of play after Smith chases. Throw in Pars.

Talbot takes.

Talbot to Higgy but he ignores it completely.

Free kick United in the centre circle.

King to take. Low in, goes to the right hand side. Crossed back in and past the byline. Goal kick Pars.

I make it one minute to go plus any injury time.

Sam Stanton manages to stay on his feet despite a sliding tackle by Ash. Throw in Pars. RyanW takes, over to Ash. long ball down to the head of Ryan.l He slips as he gets the ball back. They`ve been losing their footing all game.

Lewis to Ash, stops King, away to Splaine, he fouls Fyvie. Free kick United, 40 yards out.

Fyvie takes, long ball to Morris who heads down, not cleared but Morris heads past the left hand post for a corner.

Smith with a long rthrow in, goes over to RyanW and the pars are absolutely livid behind the goal as they deemed that a corner. RyanW thought so too alas the ref didnt;

Offside up for Flood. Free kick Pars, Murdoch takes.

Long to Splaine, good run and a long ball to Ryan, high ball clearance by Durnan. Throw in Pars.

Lewis punts it long, the clock is ticking down to full time and the pars are only now looking more like themselves - I say that as United are deep in our half. Talbot with a throw in.

In to Ash then to Splaine and away by Talbot. Down to Ryan, he fouls Flood and a free kick for United just inside their half.

Long ball from Lewis, headed down by Splaine and the resulting return is on the roof of the main stand. Foul on Splaine, nothing given.

Forward to Ryan, cleared by Lewis, out wide to RyanW. Crosses in, and Edjen clears at the near post. Over the byline for a goal kick.

Sub for Pars off is McManus replaced by Andy Ryan

Splaine does well with the ball, fouled by Flood. No need for that.

Free kick PArs with Higgy to take.

Pars fans in good voice cheering the team on.

Long bal, cdown to the head of McManus and on to the top of the net from close range. Ooft that was close.

Lewis time wasting and the ref getting impatient with him.

Free kick to be taken by Splaine.
Low in and headed clear, up to the halfway line for Ash, forward to a running Clark and Lewis has to come out for the ball.

A cracking goal by Smith, a brief celebration before the ball is run to the centre circle for the re-start.

Out wide to United, headed down by CLark to Smith, crosses in snd shouts of a handball now a free kick for the pars after McManus is fouled by McMullan. Edge of the 18 yard box.

Murdoch to Morris then to Ash. Talbot to Clark, then to Splaine, McManus to the box chips to Smith andinto the net it goes GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


Sub for Dundee United off goes Keatings replaced by Sam Stanton.

From the right it`s Splaine, cleared at the near post, and down to the halfway line for Ash who has made another monumental mistake in kicking the ball high into the air instead of forward. United take advantage.

mcMullan to Keating and a United corner beckons.

Long ball to McDonald, and a good run by RObson with a cracking shot on goal is stopped by the feet of Murdoch. Throw in Pars at the NE.

Down to the head of Edjen, away to McManus in to Splaine and his shot on goal is rebounded off Edjen`s head and out for a pars corner.

Bouncing ball to Nat, away to McManus, he fouls Flood and a free kick for United deep in their own half. Yellow for McManus.

Lewis to take the free kick.

United fans now sitting bright sunshine.

Pass to Higgy, downfield to Splaine but too far.

Nat to Higgy, knocked into Edjen. RyanW cant get the spare to Splaine. United forward with McMullan and a good tackle by Talbot. Throw in United.

Flood to take.

Out for another.

Flood to take.

Left footed cross, headed over the box by Higgy, then to the head of McManus, cleared down to the halfway line.

Higgy poor pass to Splaine, away to Flood.

Splaine to Higgy easily knocked off the ball but its away to Murdoch.

Flood takes the throw in.

Fyvie good pass to Flood on the right hand side. Cross blocked by RyanW and out for a United corner.

Lewis puts the ball out wide, headed down by McManus.

Throw in United.

Lewis intervenes ahead of Smith, down field to Flood, good play by United.

Out wide for a pars throw in.

Talbot to McManus but it runs off him. It`s not been his day today.

McMullan bothering Nat. Ball to Higgy on the far left wing. Throw in Pars. RyanW to Higgy, foul on Higgy nothing given.

Ball away to Keatings, down to Splaine, now to McManus then to Splaine again.

Gives to McManus blocked shot edge of the 18 yard line.

Shot over the bar by McManus from 20 yards out.

I think the United fans are getting us mixed up with Falkirk supporters if ye could hear the songs they`re singing....

Sub for Pars off is Shiels on is Splaine.

Spare down to Lewis. McMullan should have been booked for that simulation. Saw it coming a mile away.

Long spare ball to McMullan who dives in the penalty box. No card or foul takes place.

Some of our fans have left, I kid you not.

Throw in United at the NE. Away to the centre circle, out wide to King, but his pass to an advancing Keatings is poor and on to Murdoch.

He punts it long downfield, managing to keep it in play this time.

Long ball to the chest of Flood, out wide to KJing in to Keatings and down to Edjen.

United fire ahead again to our half, stopped only by Ash and on to Murdoch.

Dundee United away to our half again. Murdoch puts the ball out of play. Tempers rising in the black and white half.

Re-start sees the ball with RyanW as the United fans dance and sing their hearts out.

They`ve been all over us since the start and thoroughly deserve the scoreline as it is.

Free kick just outside the 18 yard line.

Wall being lined up.

A goal scoring opportunity, hits off the wall, then cleared by Ash in front of goal, in to Robson and a cracking shot on goal is in the back of the net by Fyvie.

An absolute belter of a goal from 20 yards out.


Shiels takes the free kick, short pass t oMcManus crosses in and a good save at the left hand post by Lewis.

Long ball all the way up to McDonald and a free kick after he goes down from a foul by Talbot.

Long ball headed down by Ash. Out to King, up to a running Fyvie but stopped by Talbot. Cleared high into the air by Ash after Fyvie came close. Murdoch clears downfield.

In to the middle for Ash. Loses it to McDonald, Then Talbot gets it back to McManus, and he is fouled on the nearside wing.

Hands up from Briels and he is yellow carded for his stupid foul.

Free kick Pars 45 yards out.

Ash to RyanW down the wing pass to Higgy, tripped up but gets the ball back and it s out for a pars throw in deep in the United half.

RyanW to McManus, loses it, United get it away and a great stop by Nat on Flood.

Nat loong ball to Higgy but it`s too far and on to Lewis.

Throw in Pars. Talbot to Smith, wins a corner for taking on two defenders.

From the right it`s Shiels, Nat has a shot m then Ash, and Mcmullan cant get close to RyanW as he punts the ball up field to Murdoch.

He is up, being walked off and looks ok from here. Taking some water on board.

Gentleman pass to Lewis from McManus.

Murdoch long to Higgy, a foul on Shiels and our physio is on as our team crowd around him.

From the left it`s Keatings.

Left footed shot, and tipped past the left hand post by McMullan. Goal kick PArs.

Shouts of handball, nothing given as United run to our half and win a corner for their troubles.

Lewis long ball to the pars half, and the spare goes to Murdoch. The rain is battering down by the way.

Shiuels getd the ball to MCManus who is then fouled by RObson. Free kick Dunfermline 35 yards out.

Nat chests down a rebound, on to Murdoch hoofs it upfield.

Rebounded off Edjen, Smith marks to Biggy., crosses in a high ball and a good leaping save for Lewis.

Talbot takes, but fouls at the same time. Throw in for United deep in their own half. Ref whistling at Keatings to take it back a few feet.

Keatings long to Briels, now to Robson and his long ball to the pars half curls out of play. RyanW with the throw in.

Low in, cleared at the near post, back to the 18 yard line, headed away by Edjen.

Pars throw in. RyanW to Morris, high all to Clark, heads it fdown, rebounds out off Flood for a pars throw in./

Edjen heads away a cross by Clark. Out to RyanW on the left hand side. Now to Nat Nat then to Shiels.

HIggy takes it to the corner flag and rebounds it out for a pars corner.

Pars to kick off this half facing the Cowden end.
McManus centre circle.

Long ball to Clark, rebounds out for a pars throw in.

Sub for Pars off Hoppy on is Callum Smith

Pars out for the second half ... just waiting on United.

Cmon Pars must do better!


Inverness CT 0-0 Queen of Sth
Livingston 1-0 Dumbarton
Morton 0-0 Falkirk
St Mirren 1-1 Brechin

Cleared at the near post, Ash gives the ball away and Unite fon to a fantastic run to our half Morris defends, United fire again, this time Murdoch keeps it off the bar and the Pars are down to the halfway line for a throw in.

Throw in goes awry as the half time whistle goes.



Long ball from the re-start, down to Clark, then to RyanW for a pars throw in nearside.

Nat stops two midfielders, down to Higgy but he is too slow. United off to our half again, and on to Murdoch.

Gives to Morris, then to Nat out wide t oRyanW, He passes it wide to Ash then to Talbot on the right. In to McManus, back to Ash and Morris.

RyanW in to Clark, poor pass to Higgy and the ball is up to Murdoch.

Morris to Ash. Long ball to Clark, chests it down, on his own crosses in and blocked. Pars corner.

Scott McDonald runs away celebrating another outstanding goal for the visitors.

King down holding his face, now another United player on the deck. Boos from the pars fans. Free kick after the second player foul. Free kick United, 40 yards out.

Keatings takes, and a second goal for United.

Pars 0-2 Dundee United

St Mirren 1-1 Brechin

Lewis takes the free kick, up to Nat, headed behind, foul on Ash. Free kick Pars with Murdoch to take.

Long ball to the United half, headed forward by Edjen. Out for a Pars throw in. Taken quickly by Ryanw, down to Higgy crosses to the box, headed clear and United on a run to our half with Flood, then to King, back to Fyvie, aiwht Talbot fouled.

Yellow card for his fouler. Free kick Pars just inside their own half. Goes too long and on to Lewis.

Long to the head of McMullan. Down to Nat, then to Higgy, up to McManus who is once again flagged for offside.

Curling ball, hands all over Ash by Flood and play is stopped. Free kick Pars Murdoch to take.

United fans in good voice.

Long ball from Lewis, down to Nat, Morris is in trouble with the ref here after a tussle with McDonald who went tumbling over him. Handbags from all the players.

Morris still being spoken to and yet McDonald is on his feet. Free kick United, yellow card for Morris.

Fyvie to take, from 40 yards out.

A good opening goal for the visitors with a cracking pass from McMullan to Fyvie who pounced at the back post and fired it low past Mcurdoch.

Corner Pars at the other end of the field.

Higgy, from the left, right footed cross, low in, Clark came in but it`s away.

Long ball to Clark over his head and the linesman puts his flag up. Free kick United with Lewis to take.

United up to the halfway line.

Keatings to McMullan and Robson passes to Fyvie who puts it past Murdoch.

Pars 0-1 Dundee United

I suspect the wind is not helping.

RyanW takes, down to the head of Edjen, foul on Shiels by McDonald. Free kick Pars 40 yards out.

Higgy to take.

Along the ground pass, RyanW tries a shot on goal but it`s high past the right hand post.

Robson takes, in to the middle for Shiels, passes straight to Fyvie. Long ball to the head of Ash, out to Clark and won to Hoppy. He cant catch it. Over to Edjen then to Lewis who puts it out of play.

Keatings takes, a plethora of United players forward in the box but the ref sees a push and it`s on to Murdoch.

Long ball to Higgy but over his head. United throw in.

Robson takes, McDonald is fouled. Free kick United 30 yards out.

Murdoch hoofs the ball straight to McMullan, out for a United throw in further up the wing.

McDonald takes, down to Higgy and another United throw in.

United out wide with Keatings, crosses to the pars box for an advancing McMullan but Murdoch there first. Foul on Clark, no card for McMullan. Wee blighter.

Free kick Pars with Higgy to take, from 40 yards out.

Long ball punched out wide by Lewis then up to Flood, on a good run up to our half.

Back to the halfway line, over to Edjen, forward by Robson, but a good save at the right hand post by Murdoch.

Long to the head of Edjen, on to Clark chases it but Lewis there first. Punts it upfield, Robson brings it down, out wide to RyanW from Shiels. Higgy passes to RyanW heading to the United box but their defenders are on their toes.

Long ball to a rynning Hopppy, on his own, cross nblocked, Fyvie is upended and a shot from McManus is straight to the keeper.

Long ball headed down by Ash. Backpass to Murdoch and Mcmullan asking about a foul nothing from ref.

Durnam`s long pass to his frontmen is poor. Murdoch returns it and Higgy puts it out of play for some reason. His temper is rising, I can see it fae here.

United throw in, Higgy loses it, Morris picks up the spare and on to Murdoch.

Higgy plays it along the ground, got to take it again says ref. From the left it`s a high ball and the assistant linesman raises his flag. Pushing in the box says the ref, United keeper takes the free kick.

Another pars corner.

I`m doing my Sportsound bit here....

If you`ve just joined me, it`s currently nil nil.

Throw in for Dundee United deep in the pars half.

Ash clears, foul on Shiels, nothing given. Higgy cant get to the spare as United turn the tables, RyanW clears well and it bounces down to Flood. Awya to Shiels, then to Hoppy turns and passes to the chest of McManus. Short pass to Hoppy, a good pass then to Talbot crosses to the box, Higgy heads it high and out for a pars throw in. RyanW takes, over to Nat then on to Talbot.

Taken off by Hoppy, over to Morris and his pass to RyanW is poor.

Livvy 1 - 0 Dumbarton
St Mirren 1 - 0 Brechin

A great pass from Clark to Higgy sees our number 7 try a shot on goal but it was just wide of the left hand post.

Long ball to the pars half, Talbot heads down to Nat, he loses it, away to McMullan before a sliding tackle by Morris on Flood.

Ball out for a United throw in at the NE.

Durnam to take.

He chips it to Edjen, back to Durnam. Now to Lewis.

Long ball to the head of Ash. Out for another United throw in.

From the right it`s Higgy. Curling ball easily saved by Lewis.

Long ball out wide headed down by Talbot. Rebounds off Flood, out for a pars throw in at the NW.

Down to Durnan, then to Shiels. nopw to Nat and a great cross field pass to RyanW. Long ball to Higgy, up to Hoppy does well despite sliding on the pitch. A long ball to Clark and headed out by Edjen for a pars corner.

RyanW takes.

Short to Higgy pushed off by McMullan, but away backwards to Shiels. His pass to Clark is poor and United fire forward. Ash stops and gives to Murdoch, Offside flag up for McManus. Free kick United in their own half. Edjen to take.

SHort to Higgy, out to RyanW on a good run, crosses in and blocked out for a throw in.

Murdoch out wide kick, then to Clark in to Shiels, short shift to Hoppy and Shiels cant get it back as UNited are forward again with Flood. Out wide to Durnman, stopped by Talbot then Nat. United again with Fyvie and then off out to the pars for a throw in.

RyanW easily tackled by Durnam, then to Flood but a poor cross easily picked up by Talbot and fired down the far right wing. In to Higyg, slips. loses the ball to McMullan, away to Flood.

Back to McMullan, out wide to Flood, slide by Robsaon, Nat tackles well and away again to Fyvie.

Ball back to Clark, in to Shiels out to Higgy and he ryuns to the United half. Doeswell past two midfielders.

Shiels asking for it, too tight a pass to Clark who slides and the ball is away to Murdoch.

High ball to the centre circle, returned to Lewis. ANother long hoof, headed forward by Ash and back to Lewis. It`s like Wimbledon with a bigger baw.

Out wide to Talbot, long ball to the United end but too far for Clark and over the byline for Lewis goal kick.

Higgy from the left, right footed cross, headed away by Edjen, down to the halfway line for Talbot. Up to the head of King, turns passes it wide to the head of Talbot on the right hand side. Edjen returns it.

Foul on Higgy not given as RyanW puts in a short cross to Clark who was dealt with easily by McDonald who gets the ball to the pars half with ease.

However he put in a poor cross to an advancing McMullan and it`s over the byline for a pars goal kick .

Long from Murdoch, Higgy heads down, but it`s inside to Talbot. Sloppy back pass to RyanW who rebounds the pass off McMullan. Throw in Pars, RysnW to Clark, and another pars corner after a rebound from Higgy off Flood.

Long ball from the throw in.

Nat heads it forward, down to Clark but he cant catch the tight pass from Clark. Down to the pars box and an offside flag up for Flood as he made his way past Morris.

McDonald takes the United throw in at the NE.

Down to Flood, but stopped by Morris. Offside flag up nearside. Free kick United in their own half.

Lewis to take.

Away to Keatings on to Morris and then to Murdoch. Hoofs it downfield. Talbot long ball to Hoppy but it`s too far.

Durnam takes, defended and cleared by Higgy, and out for a pars throw in. RyanW to take.

Shiels shouting for it but McMullan impedes. He is fouled in the process. Free kick United 35 yards out on the right hand side.

Boos for our former player McMullan.

United fire forward once more, out wide to King, crossed over and out of play by RyanW who initially thought it was over the byline anyway. Alas no, United have their first corner.

Durnam takes, high ball down from Morris, Edjen gets it down, but it`s away to McMullan with a good run down the nearside wing, well defended in the pars box by Ash and away to Murdoch after the linesman at the NW raises his flag.

RyanW makes a safety call and returns the ball to Murdoch. Long ball down to a noisy United half.

Out for a Pars throw in nearside.

RyanW to Higgy back to RyanW but its over the byline for our called up U20s Scotland player.

From the left hand side with a right footed cross its Higgy. Over everyone and foul takes place. Free kick to United with Lewis taking.

Long to the halfway line.

Ball away to Hoppy who is fouled. Free kick taken quickly and the first corner of the match to the Pars.

I think United kicked off -t it happed so quickly I didn`t see it!

Dundee United bring it in to the middle, Morris defends and the ball is out for a United throw in deep in the pars half.

Both teams enter the field of play ---- to a huge audience and a fantastic atmosphere.

Both sets of supporters singing their hearts out.

Pars in their black and white tops, black short and white socks.

Dundee United in their tangerine outfits from top to socks; also noted is their goalie Harry Lewis bedecked in tango orange too ! Could be quite confusing!

Oor man in the sticks, Mr M, is in his usual lime green.

Away we go!

Holymoly the size of this crowd!!!

Well I hope no!

Of course, with it being allocated seating, people are spaced out.

No` like that !

I came in early today because I was thinking a big crowd... and by chove it is. A huge away support filling up the Cowden end, and the Norrie is packed, the NW is filling up, the main stand is stappit foo (nearly) and there are even pars fans to the right of me; the hospitality will be joining us soon as well and it was a sell out weeks ago (and the Rennie suite).

It`s going to be a bumper crowd as well as a great match.

I`ve got Des McKeown from STV behind me today, with a cameraman and we understand they may be doing online highlights (I`m presuming goals only).

I jokingly tweeted two weeks ago, after the St Mirren game, that Jim Spence and I were offishully engaged - the best partnership in scottish football... his immediate reply was "the wife is sending ye a cheque in the post for taking me aff her hands!"

I`ve yet to receive said cheque, even if it was just a fiver min.

I had a lovely lunch at Marv`s cafe earlier - and beautiful it was too. Had a good wee natter with some visiting Dundee United supporters. They`re well up for this game, and we`re laid back. Allegedly.

I`m fricking hyperoony!

Good afternoon from a very sunny and breezy East End Park for today`s SPFL Championship fixture between Dunfermline Athletic and Dundee United

Dunfermline_Athletic: Murdoch Williamson Talbot Morris Ashcroft McManus Higginbotham Wedderburn Clark Shiels Hopkirk
Subs (not used): Gill Martin Aird Splaine Lochead Ryan Smith

Dundee_United: Lewis Durnan McMullan McDonald King Edjenguele Flood Robson Keatings Briels Fyvie
Subs (not used): N`Koyi Fraser Stanton Allardice Mehmet Smith Davidson

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