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Live Updates ~ SPFL Championship ~ DAFC v Greenock Morton
By dafc.net - Tue, 21st Nov 2017


Dunfermline Athletic

1 - 1

Greenock Morton


  Ref: Select referee
  Crowd: TBA  Position: 3rd

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Free kick by Morris - I was too busy gassing to see what the foul was - but RyanW wasnt watching either and it went straight to the Morton midfield. They have a player down at the moment - OWare - and Gaston seems concerned.

Smith chasing Gaston after a pass back from OWare. Came close too.

Pity he`s not going to be on the field that long - I like Smith, he`s a good wee player and has done really well in the Scotland squad too.

Apologies it`s Clark off no Ryan.

Great defending and stop by JasonT. Ball passed back to Gaston. Both keepers wearing neon coloured strips tonight.

RyanW crosses, a fresh air kick from Ryan goes astray and a shot on goal from Paton is too wide of the left hand post.

Sub for Pars off is Ryan on is SMith.

Nat to OWare, long pass to Tiffoney, Morris cant catch him. Gets him second time though.

Through ball to Murdoch.

It`s serious noo - the hood is up.

Good wee chance there from Paton, who if his beard gets longer he`ll get anither job next month.

Clark fouls OWare. Free kick in their half for Morton.

Taken quickly, goes nowhere except Morris, and offside flag up for an advancing Paton.

Gaston to Tiffoney. Offside flag up as the Ton advance to oor box.

I`m gonna have ma cat chewing ma leg aff the night when I get hame seeing oor late kick off means Ive nae chance of going to Aldi post match. It was nice knowin ye aw.

Pars deep in Ton half. Blocked shot from Aird. Goal kick Gaston.

Anyone else for I think we`re alone now? No? Just me then. Heehee.

Morton sub also - off is Harkins on comes Tiffoney.

Good ball in, fell to Forbes but he puts it behind.

Sub for Pars off goes Joe on comes Paton.

Forbes to take from the left.

Nat heads down and backwards, and out for a second corner.

Morton again.

Gasparotto through to Russell. Corner for the visitors.

Ash twists his ankle on the pitch, throw in for Morton at the NW.

Great save by Murdoch after the ball hits the left foot of Oliver. Wow what a save!

Morton deep in the pars half with Russell. Ryan marks OWare and the ball is straight to Gaston again from RyanW.

Gaston long punt. RyanW heads down. Aird to Ryan nearside wing. Chips the ball towards Joe but blocked cross. Back down to Shiels. Over the field to Ash then JasonT who pings it straight to Gaston.

Pars throw in after Gaston`s long ball. JasonT to Joe but he impeded by Harkins. No foul. Out wide for a pars throw in. Aird to RyanW. Clark to RyanW on the nearside wing. Cross to JasonT. Picks up wide. Now to Joe, chips it to Clark in front of goal but it`s too high and wasteful.

Out wide for a pars throw in.

Long ball to Ryan but way too far.

Sub for Morton off is McHugh on is Robert Thomson.

Nat to RyanW. Over to JasonT, chip forward to Ryan by Aird. Then to Joe. Good run, leaps over a Ton player and RyanW cant control the ball from Joe and it`s behind for a goal kick.

Aird, from the left, right footed cross. High in headed away by Harkins. Back in by Aird. Blocked. OPut wide for Joe.

Short to Ryan, chips to Clark but Gaston there first and punches it clear. Morton on a run to our half, down to JasonT just ahead of Forbes.

Clark is knocked over as the ball flies upwards. RyanW throw in. Chipped up to Clark, then to Joe, crosses in and rebounded out for a pars corner.

Sorry for spelling mistakes - Im flaming freezing.

Morton in our half, cross in from the wing by Harkins, over the bar.

Morton fire to our half.

Gasparotto to Morris who takes it out wide tpo Jason Rm then to Ryuan shjot on goal is soft and Gaston makes a sliding save.

Headed backwards by Lamie to Forbes, but run against Aird. Ball back to RYanW, he tried to get it through three players and failed. Joe is offside says lineswoman, even though he argued against it.

It was inside the box but the free kick is being taken outside it.

A poor cross by Ryan and it all seemed set for a goal set up too. Ah well.

Morris again up for the long keeper`s ball. Then in to Joe off of OWare, out wide to Aird who claims for a handball, it certainly looked like it from here. Joe is being spoken to by the ref, the assistant ref is being spoken to by two other pars players and all hell has broken loose here at EEP

Morris brings down the long ball, it ran on to Russell who got into our box but Murdoch saw it first and clears.

Mchugh cant get to Ash, in to Nat, then a long ball down the wing to Joe by Shiels.

Attendance is 4,816

Harkins flings the ball downfield, to Murdoch.

Long punt to the head of OWare. Shiels to JasonT. Up to Aird, pushed over and a free kick to the pars 25 yards out.

Joe takes.

Blocked cross. RyanW crosses, headed clear by OWare.

Eventually over the byline and a Morton goal kick.

Aird, right footed cross, from the left, hits the first man. Down to RyanW, long ball towards Ryan, his shot in the box is blocked, ball downfield. Another throw in for the pars. Morton running out of steam?

Nat from JasonT. Ocver to Morris, then to RyanW. Short to Shiels, out wide to JasonT. Good ball to AIrd, shot on goal is blocked 20 yards out. Back to RyanW. On the wing takes it inside and earns the pars a corner.

Goes nowhere. JasonT with a pars throw in.

Best wishes to OzPar on his recent illness. Get well soon sunshine. xx

Offside flag for Morton. Morris with the free kick in the pars half. Over to Nat, long ball to Joe but too high for oor wee yin. Down to OWare to clear.

Good run on the wing by Doyle. Taken off him by Clark. Chipped ball to Joe but nowhere near him.

Long ball to Ash who puts it into the NW. Throw in Morton.

Aird takes, and its just a smidgeon past the right hand post. Goal kick Morton.

Short to Forbes, turns, crosses, played awat. Morton in our box, close call for Gasparotto, ball to RyanW out wide on the near side. In to Nat then to Aird. Tries a shot - blocked. Foul on Shiels. Free kick Pars 25 yards out on the right hand side.

Lovely ball to a waiting Gasparotto, RyanW couldnt get to him, eventually it`s crossed and headed wide to the NW.

Throw in Morton.

I`ll take either, Im no fussy.

Pars up to the Morton half, great play by Ryan and Clark. Offside flag up. Free kick taken by Morris. Ryan stopped by OWare, ball back in the Pars half.

Im looking for a hot body or a pair of mittens masel.

Andy Ryan ends up in the NE after leaping over the ball, a high ball is down at Morris, and now to Joe who is upended but not fouled says ref. A shot on goal by Oliver reverberates off Ash and a downfield cross is out for a pars throw in. It`s all go here at East End Park. Both teams looking for that second goal.

Murdoch long punt. Headed down by OWare, on to Gaston, kicks out and the ball is off to Forbes. Great run, good pass out wide but the offside flag is up. I spoke to a few Ton friends who said they would be happy with a draw.

Morton with a chance of a second goal as a flying tackle comes in from Morris, allegedly, but it`s the Ton player (McHugh) who gets the telling off from ref. Murdoch takes the free kick.

Joe crosses in, rebounds off the back of OWare, now to RyanW but he is stopped on the Ton 18 yard line, and the ball flails away over the byline with a little help from the high wind.

Joe has run his wee socks - and gloves - off tonight.

Long spare ball from Oliver is too far for his teammate Oliver. Murdoch with the long punt.

Hola to Becky who is suffering from girly flu - hope ye feel better hen. xx

Russell takes, goes long, and then returned. Throw in Morton. Lamie takes.

Nat heads up, into the middle for McHugh, over to the NW. Pass back from O`Ware to Gaston.

Down to Ryan, great run, stopped only by OWare, away downfield to the pars half and Murdoch is there ahead of Ash.

Another of my personal butlers has delivered two mini pies ---- kudos Stanza, yer a star.

Free kick Pars. Foul by Doyle. Taken by JasonT, and flicked out for a pars corner.

Fraser Aird - I asked Potts who our corner taker was - takes from the left but its cleared downfield with a foul happening too. Free kick, despite the boos from the pars fans and a yellow card brandished to Shiels (I think). Morton free kick just inside the Pars half.

Harkins long wide pass to Forbes, into the pars box, for Oliver, out to JasonT who clears it to Ryan. Great run. Given away to Doyle. Down to the Morton half and a throw in for JasonT.

Second half just getting underway. Morton kicked off heading towards the Norrie.

Morton with a good long ball from Lamie and the halftime whistle goes.



AJ shouting at oor defence. Ye can hear a pin drop the night.

Joe clears downfield, Potts is away for ma pie - here`s hoping - I suspect not but ye nivver know.

I think it`s Aird taking the corners, high ball, police car whizzing along Halbeath Road, neenawneenaw, and Morton have it upfield. Good play by JasonT. Throw in for the Ton.

Low in from the left and rebounded over the bar. Second corner.

Joe chests down a long ball, turns gives to Ryan in front of goal but surrounded by Morton defenders. It`s played away. JasonT to RyanW on the left wing, runs and a deflected cross wins the pars a corner.

Morton back in our half. Pars fans no happy.

Im needing a pie. Im noo so cauld Im chittering faster than I can type, which is something I tell ye.

Morton throw in at the halfway line.

Now a handbag moment. Murdoch has fouled an advancing Morton, after coming way out of his box, and there`s a free kick taking place just outside the wee half circle at the 20 yard mark. If someone could inform me what the name o the wee half circle is I`d be chuffed. It`s escaped ma brain.

Free kick taken and it rattled off the leg of Murdoch but it appears there was an offside flag up too and play has gone on to the halfway line.

Im always amazed at folks` eyesight - all the way fae the back of the East Stand the morton fans are shouting for a handball, deep in the Morton half.

It wisnae but Im just saying.

That`s the jaiket on after I started to shiver.

The wind has picked up.

Throw in Pars. JasonT down to Joe, in to Forbes, away to Ash who clears to Joe. Another pars throw in. JasonT to Clark, chests down and across to RyanW. Shiels has the ball taken off him, Joe crosses, nicely done but headed away from the right hand post. Back to RyanW and his cross is defended at first then on to the safe hands of Murdoch.

Well ah thought it was a corner and I`ve just noticed a lady lines person. Nearest to the main stand.

So far it`s been all Pars.

Ah, now a Firefox update has me back in. Blooming computers.

Pars win a corner.

Morton score with Gary Oliver putting a good pass by Murdoch into the bottom right hand corner past our defence.

Pars 1 - 1 MORTON

OH WELL make that 1-1

I sincerely hope ye got the pars goal! It was a cracker!

Still currently 1-0 to the Pars.

Sorry for the delay tonight folks. Im having some trouble with the ol netbook.

That boy needs to start in the first 11 every time!

Great timing to get back in LOL


sorry folks im having a lot of problems getting on tonight.



Server going v slow tonight with the amount of folk online, please dont shoot the messenger!

Ok to sum up in the interim, Joe crossed in and then tried his own shot on goal from 20 yards out but it ricocheted off the defence.

Then JaseyT fired one in but it went behind for a goal kick. Williamson won a corner but it was cleared to the halfway line.

Ryan who starts tonight is fouled, 20 yards out, he took the free kick and it lovingly curled towards the left hand corner but Gaston got his fingertips to it and punched it clear for a pars throw in.

Another free kick for the pars, this time at the NW. Went nowhere and an easy save for Gaston.

Server going v slow tonight with the amount of folk online, please dont shoot the messenger!

Ok to sum up in the interim, Joe crossed in and then tried his own shot on goal from 20 yards out but it ricocheted off the defence.

Then JaseyT fired one in but it went behind for a goal kick. Williamson won a corner but it was cleared to the halfway line.

Ryan who starts tonight is fouled, 20 yards out, he took the free kick and it lovingly curled towards the left hand corner but Gaston got his fingertips to it and punched it clear for a pars throw in.

Another free kick for the pars, this time at the NW. Went nowhere and an easy save for Gaston.

Pars in black and white and Morton in their red away number.

The Greenock fans are housed in the East Stand and are very vocal. I`d say a couple of hundred are here. Thanks for making the journey folks.

Free kick to the visitors, approx 35 yards out on the right hand side.

Good evening folks from a very mild and windy East End Park for tonight`s match v Morton.

Apologies for the late kick off - there was a ten minute delay at the turnstyles.

Pars kick off this half playing from right to left - towards the Norrie.

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