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Live Updates : SPFL Championship : DAFC v Dumbarton
By dafc.net - Sat, 25th Nov 2017


Dunfermline Athletic
CLARK (46)

2 - 2

WALSH (55)



  Ref: Nick Walsh
  Crowd: TBA  Position: 3rd

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half time noi score


Thanks for reading folks - chittered to the end.

MoM is Callum Smith.

I would have said Morris myself. Anyhoo, keep cosy folks and will see you soon.

Over n oot Buffy xx


Frox to take the free kick.

Curled in, cleared by Morris and the FULL TIME WHISTLE GOES.



Ball from Gallagher all the way through to Murdoch, brought down by Nat. RyanW with a throw in. Over to murdoch, fans shouting for his long kick., Out wide to JasonT but too short for him. Dumbarton fire into our half, out wide to Stewart, in to Nade in front of goal and cracking stop by Morris. Poor clearance and down to Froxylias who goes down edge of the 18 yard box. Free kick Dumbarton.

Paton with a long range shot but its way over the bar. Goal kick Dumbarton as most fans are now making their way to the exits.

Full time at Brechin - it ended 1-1 between them and DUndee United.

Atmosphere has picked up somewhat from the second pars goal....

Still roaring the lads foward, RyanW chips it in the to the box, down to Nade and then to Morris.

I make it way past the full time clock.

Free kick as a yellow card comes in for Nade for a terrible tackle on NAT.

Free kick Pars 40 yards out.

Paton through to Joe just short and Dumbarton fire it away from danger. Nat chases and keeps it in. Nat to Smithy iver his head but just short off the pace is RYanW.

crowd 5,185

Apologies for the spelling mistakes --- and it was CLARK who scored.

The cold has really set in and I was really excited for the build up and the goal!!

AJ shouting to his team.

Morris to Nat, punts down to Joe and kept in by Paton. Back to Nat. McManus to JasonT, over to MOrris and then to RyanW.

In to Paton, vforward to Joe, then to Ash. Moving forward, MavcManus to JaonsT levct to Joe shot on goal by SMithy missed and in to theden nsdt by JASONT



Nat heads down to JasonT who is knocked flying by Nade. Free kick Pars. JasonT takes.

Goes to Nade, then to Paton. A poor pass to a hopeful Smith is just that and the pars are on the defence as Dumbarton head to our half.

Throw in for the Sons at the halfway line.

It`s bitterly cold now.

Ball through to Murdoch, long kick upfield, cleared out wide by Nade.

Down to Morris, ovedr to Paton, through to JasonT, now to Paton shot is rebounded off the derriere of Barr, now to Joe, on his own. Chips it towards Clark but too short and Dumbarton are off to our end in a frenzy of players. A shot on goal from Froxylias is poor and out for a Pars goal kick.

Sub for Dumbarton off goes the injured Tom Walsh replaced by Chris Johnston.

Gallagher takes the free kick which goes nowhere.

Gallagher takes, past Morris and on to RyanW. Nice header by Clark, out to Paton crosses in, cleared down to Nat. Ash loses it midfueld and a clash between Joe and Tom Walsh. Walsh not looking steady on his feet as the ball is kicked out of play. He is limping and should be taken off the park. RUnning it off.

From the left its a high ball, headed down to Stewart and as push says the ref. Free kick Dumbarton. More timewasting. Ridiculous.

Corner Pars after a cross by Joe is headed behind.

Murdoch long to MOrris who has gone deep. Out to RyanW, crosses in cleared out, down to the halfway line for Morris and back to Murdoch.

Over the bar and on top of the net it goes.

On to Murdoch long punt. Joe tackled by Stewart, surrounded by three Sons players, downfield to Murdoch. Short to Nat, then to ASsh now to Morris. Over to RyanW. Long to SMithy, runs off him, he`s been crowded out the whole game.

Spare ball to Nade. Edge of Pars 18 yard box. Goes down after foul by RyaNW. Free kick Dumbarton. 6 yards out on right hand side.

Paton fouled, no free kick. Eventually gets to his feet. RyanW with a throw in.

Backwards to Morris over to Ash out to JasonT who wasnt watching.

Joe cant catch the spare, down to Ash and out for a Pars throw in.

From the left its a high all headew down to the right hand post and cleared to Morris. Does well out to RyanW down the wing, in to Paton, good run, out wide to Joe.

Takes it inside, passes to Nat, then to Paton, chips it forward to Joe who slips in the box, away by Nade.

Corner Dumbarton

Goal kick Pars after a poor throw in from Dumbarton goes over the byline.

Long punt through to Ash heads it back to Murdoch. Long kick to Morris, away to Dowie. Froxy to Wardrop. Chipped to JasonT and out of play for a Sons throw in.

Another sub - Dumbarton - off comes CGallager replaced by Nade.

Time wasting by Gallagher. Ref chases him up.

Pars back and an offside flag up for McManus as he heads to the DUmbarton 18 yard area,

MOre time wasting by Gallagher as he goes behind the goal to collect the ball.

MOrris to Paton forward to Smithy does well and through to McManus out to RyanW headed in by Paton and just past the right hand post, What a cracking build up.

Sub for Pars off Aird on is McManus

Short to Ash then to Nat who punts it downfield.

In to Joe over to SMithy but there are four Dumbarton players around him and it`s cleared upfield.

It`s now very dark here at EEP.

Throw in Pars. RyanW to Morris, held back by Stewart. Free kick Pars taken by Murdoch.

An absolute cracker of goal from Froxylias.

Their small group of supporters in good voice whilst some of ours have already left.

Ball downfield with the visitors.

Out wide to Froxy, an absolute peach of a goal from the sub from 25 yards out.

Goal Dumbarton


Dumbarton through our midfield to the pars goal area and Murdoch has to dive to his right hand post to save from close range.

Long ball down to Smithy but he is blocked and outjumped. Throw in Pars. JasonT to Paton, then to RyanW into the Dumbarton box and a close save by Gallagher at the left hand post.

Murdoch comes off his line for the long free kick, saves well and clears downfield. Back to Ash then to Murdoch.

Another long ball. Behind Paton, on to Stewart. Bounces up to Ash and Morris chases. Gets it to Murdoch but its played out wide to Stewart. Foul on JasonT by Stewart. Clark gets it away past Wardrop but Dumbarton get it back.

Sub for Dumbarton off MOrrison replaced by Froxylias.

Joe has his wee black gloves on. Bless him.

Free kick Dumbarton, at halfway line. Morrison to take.

Free kick Pars. JasonT over to RyanW, loss it to Stewart. In to Dowie over to Wardrop. Joe gets in between. Throw in Dumbarton in their own half.

Free kick Pars again. Morris to take.

Long ball to Aird but he is covered and its out for a Dumbarton goal kick.

Free kick taken by Morris, Stewart on the deck, Nat gets the ball away from yet another hapless two Dumbarton players.

In to Morris then Nat, back to Morris. Throw in RyanW, at the NW, crosses deep,. Clrared out wife, Nat to Joe then to JasonT and his cross to Smithy is headed down in front of goal picked up by Aird, then to JasonT and his cross is askew to Smithy and out for a Dumbarton throw in. What a great build of play. Jeezypeeps the difference from the first half is like chalk and cheese.

Bounce ball and Dumbarton fire into our half, down to Stewart and sa touch in for Barr at the right hand post is thwarted after the offside flag is raised.

Ball short of the right hand post. Goal kick Murdoch.

Throw in Dumbarton after re-start. Time wasting. Wardrop to Hutton, kept out by Ash, now another for the away side. Wardrop again.

Off Cardle, down to Barr, and a good save at the left hand post by Murdoch ahead of an advancing Morrison.

Nat stops a spare, down to Carswell, then to Dowie, out wide to Stewart. Good play here by the Sons. Morris clears at the left hand post, throw in Dumbarton.

Right after the substitutions Morris carved through the Dumbarton midfield, passed out wide to RyanW, back to Morris who pelted it into the net from a few yards out, Cracking goal!



Double sub for Pars off is Higgy and Shiels replaced by Paton and Cardle

A lot of noise from the away support despite a small group.

Throw in for Dumbarton deep in Pars half.

Wardrop takes, short to CGallagher, past Aird but clears to Shiels.s Long punt downfield, returned and a free kick for Pars after Morris is fouled.

Free kick to Morris, down to CLark heads it straight to Dowie, foul on CGallagher. Free kick Dumbarton in their own half.

Our defence? No where to be seen.

Re-start and the Pars have a shot on goal from Smithy around 25 yards out but over the bar.

Saw it coming a mile away, a great build up by Tom Walsh who slotted it away from a few yards out past a hapless Murdoch.

Long ball from Gallagher. Ash to Smithy but outrun by Stewart. up to Walsh, and a shot on goal and into the net for Dumbarton.


From the left Higgy, Right footed cross, cleared at first man. Back to HIggy, croses to Smithy manages to get a head to it but down to the hands of Gallagher at the right hand post.

In to Higgy great run loses it to Shiels taken out by nothing from ref. Throw in Dumbarton halfway line.

Smithy gets it before Sons return to Gallagher.

Spare through to Morris then Murdoch.

Higgy heads to ASird, good play, then to RyanW on the left. Takes on one player rebounds out for a pars corner. Great build up.

Long high punt to the head of "Wardrop. Murdoch returns the ball. Stewart heads down this time, back to Murdoch via Morris.

Long ball to Stewart, and again returned to our keeper. It`s like flaming WImbledon.

In case ye didnt get it Pars kick off this half.

Free kick after a foul on JasonT nearside, Shiels to take. 45 yards out.

Shiels to Higgy, outjumped in the 18 yard box. Nat takes the spare, out wide to RyanW loses it to Stewart who runs to the pars half.

Good play by the SOns ansd a chance on goal from Barr sees a chested clearance by Murdoch. Out wide to Ash who is fouled in the process. Free kick Pars with Murdoch to take.

Teams out for the second half, Pars to kick off.


Wall being lined up.

Aird to Gallagher who punches the ball clear whilst ending up on top of Higgy. Corner Pars.





Smith pass to AIrd who is fouled on the edge of the 18 yard box. Free kick Pars.

There`s no much happening on field, ye can tell eh?

Ive got chocolate on the brain. I skelt some hot chocolate earlier on ma jimjams, the cat tried her best to lick the most of it aff afore I leaned over the coffee table to pick up what was left of a box of chocolates my sister gave me for my birthday and I tipped that over the rug.

I shouldnae be let oot min.

CGallagher slices through our defence like a hot knife through chocolate but his last touch was poor and over the bar by a mile.

God Im needing a pie.

Or a hot body.

Tam`s too far away.....

JasonT heads down to Nat. Morris to Higgy crosses in, same thing every time towards Smithy and he`s covered every time. Sons anticipate it and clear it downfield.

Perhaps it`s the weather or folk are skint after the dreaded Black Friday yesterday but the crowd looks rather sparse today.

Ball to Murdoch.

Knocked clear from the box, out wide to Dowie.

In to Stewart, on to Hutton. Sons advancing. Nat stops them going further with his two hands on two players thingy. I love that!

Clark is fouled by Hutton and another yellow for the Sons. Free kick Higgy, 30 yards out.

Free kick Pars after Aird is fouled by Stewart who is rightly carded for his challenge. Free kick comes to nothing.

RyanW over to Aird, up to Clark, runs all the way back to JaSonT. Loses it to Dowie, then to Stewart out wide.

Nat has the spare, cant get it to Clark up front.

Sons take out Higgy no foul forwrd with WALsh crosses to the left hand post cleared by Ash and out wide to JasonT. Aird to Jason cant even get a straight pass in to Smithy. Across the face of the goal by Barr, Murdoch leaves it for Morris downfield and a corner for the pars.

I need to take my gloves off.

Higgy headed down Aird and a cracking shot on goal from 20 yards out by Morris is over the bar.

It`s going to be a long day.....

Im chittering. Im a professional chitterer.

Morris heads down, Smithy cant get to the end of his pass.

Murdoch deals with Barr, a few feet in front of him. Clears out wide.

Nat stops a long ball, then RyanW gives it away.

RyanW to Higgy, tackled by Dowie. Back to HIggy. Pars throw in. Higgy to Smithy, cant get there and the ball goes high. Pars throw in deep in the Sons half.

RyanW to Higgy, back to RyanW, fouls Stewart and free kick for Gallagher to take.

Taggart in the main stand today "that`s murder"

Aird fouled. Free kick Pars just inside Dumbarton half.

JasonT to take.

Long cross into the hands of Gallagher.

Morris runs upfield, tries to get Clark in the 18 yard box, he is outjumped. Sons keeper Gallagher lumps it downfield. Long ball goes nowhere but to Murdch.

a really good link up between Higgy and RyanW sees a poor cross from Ryzo in the end. He seems imo to be lacking in confidence with his crosses.

Nat loses the ball nearside, Dumbarton are off to our end. Morris makes a great stop again and tackle this time on Tom Walsh. Makes it look so easy.

Out wide to AIrd, crosses in, his shot punched away from Gallagher, now to Shiels. In to Higgy who loses it at first touch, and the Sons try to play it wide only as far as JasonT for a throw in.

Clark returns the ball to Gallagher in gentlemanly style.

Stewart ok and back on. Shiels shakes hands with
Dumbarton manager Stevie Aitken.

Physio on for the Sons player.

Lost to Stewart, taken off him by Morris down to Higgy then to Smithy who loses the pass in the 18 yard box, Away to Dowie on to Gallagher who clears out wide. Dumbarton player Stewart still on the deck after the tackle by Morris.

JasonT pings it forward to Clark but it goes on to Gallagher.

JasonT loes it to Stewart, in a pile up with the two players, and played out for a Pars throw in. JasonT to take. Good work Jason.

Higgy side heads to Clark, who chases Wardrop all the way to the East Stand flag. RyanW with the throw in. Aird to RyanW, now to Higgy crosses to Smnithy covered in the box, then to AIrd now toRyanW past one player and his cross is too high for Smith constantly covered and it`s played away out wide for a throw in for JasonT.

I`ve counted 35 Dumbarton fans.

Smithy tackled well at the Sons 18 yard line, ball out wide for a pars throw in. RYanW takes, loses it to midfield Walsh, Nat cant catch him, but he gets it back. Aird fouled by CGallagher, ref doesnt show a card despite it being pretty crap on Nat.

Free kick to be taken by Murdoch.

Long ball to the head of McLaughlin, on to Morris and back to Murdoch.

Two Gallaghers on the Dumbarton team so the keeper is just Gallagher and the player is CGallagher.

Higgy deals with two Sons players, ball away to Hutton shouts for an advancing Dowie but it`s Morris who heads it clear from danger.

Tom Walsh shot on goal blocked by Morris. Upfield pass to a waiting SMith, who chests it down but it runs off him and to Dowie who passes out wide to Stewart.

Nat to Smithy heads towards Higgy but not even close to our player.

Punt from Murdoch goes all the way through to Gallagher.

SMithy made a great leap for the header.

HIggy cant keep it in and Dumbarton throw in nearside.

McLaughlin to Higgy, back to McLaughlin and a foul by Clark sees a free kick for Dumbarton. Dowie leaves it for their keeper.

Long ball all the way to the pars box, headed down by JasonT. Cracking header.

Throw in for Pars, RyanW to take.

In to Shiels, over to Murdoch and then to SMithy. JasonT cant get to it but it`s back to Murdoch.

Morris makes sure this time and it`s a goal kick for the pars.

From the left. High ball headed away by RyanW, down to Jason T, great pass over the field but only on to Gallagher. Throw in Dumbarton again at the NW.

Ref orders the player to take it back a bit, a wee bit walking forward was a no no.

A left sided kick from Murdoch sees a header down from Higgy. Out for a Dumbarton throw.

McLaughlin takes, to RyanW to head down, passes to SMith cant catch the spare and it`s down to Morris. He makes sure to Murdoch, out wide to JasonT. Pars throw in. Smithy held back but nothing from ref. A nice back header from a leaping Callum Gallagher and Dumbarton have a throw in at the NW.

Clark fouled - free kick Pars in their own half.

Taken quickly and poorly Dumbarton get through the legs and earn a free kick on the edge of the 18 yard box. Aird being the culprit of the foul.

Ref lining up the wall.

Curled in and Ash heads it past the byline for a Dumbarton corner.

Long high ball from the turquoise suited Dumbarton keeper. High feet on Smith but no foul says ref.

Dumbarton through the middle with Wardrop, Nat cant stop and a shot on goal from Walsh (hope he`s no related to the ref!) goes wide of the pars left hand post.

Gallagher clears downfield with a good punt. Smith chases the ball backwards and it`s a throw in for RyanW deep in the Dumbarton end.

Short to Shiels, back to Ryan on to the feet of Smithy a few yards out and his shot on goal is rebounded out for a Pars corner.

From the right it`s Clark, curls down and despite a good foot in from Morris it`s past the left hand post for a goal kick.

Higgy takes, past the wall and trundles past the right hand post with no real force behind it.

Dumbarton fire in to the pars half. Throw in for JasonT at the NW.

Long ball up to Smith, headed down by Dowie, cleared by the feet of Wardrop and on to Murdoch who is wearing a Princely purple outfit today.

Pars run the length of the field to the away end, cross comes in from Clark, cant find Higgy but he is fouled and a free kick to the Pars 35 yards out.

You`ll probably know already, that the weather here today is very cold. The wind has also picked up from this morning. The sun is shining but it`s that wintery sun with nae heat behind it.

The mittens are not on as yet, I can feel the heat coming along to my feet from the portable heater at the end of the row courtesy of Tammy-clad Tam McManus. Bless his cotton socks.

Dumbarton have their first corner of the game, from the left it`s Carswell.

Right footed cross to the pars box, cleared by Calum Morris, and out for a Dumbarton throw in.

Walsh cant keep it in and it`s on to Murdoch for a goal kick.

No Andy Ryan today, injured in training after going over on his ankle. We wish him a speedy recovery, as well as a huge blow to young Aaron Splaine who broke his leg in the Burntisland Shipyard game through the week. Get well soon Aaron.

Dumbarton witha free kick at the NW after a foul by JasonT. Taken quickly it`s gone nowhere but to the feet of Calum Morris who clears it out wide to RyanW and it`s a throw in deep in the away end.

Nat heads it down, takes control and passes it wide to JasonT. Into the middle again for Nat, out to RyanW, short to Higgy, good to see him back, and a long ball goes too far for Ryan WIlliamson to catch. Goal kick Dumbarton.

Away we go!

Dumbarton in their away orange strip colours with the Pars in their traditional black and white number.

Pars with a throw in deep in the away end. Shiels makes it through to JasonT, out wide, cuts inside to Higgy then to Aird who puts a shot on goal from 20 yards out but which is easily saved by Scott Gallagher.

A huge thank you to the very kind words from faraway pars fan Neil Wilson. Alan gave me a copy of the matchday programme, courtesy of Dave in the club shop. It is an absolute privilege and pleasure to let the global pars family know what`s going on at the weekends and I hope you enjoy today`s match.

By the way ita a coca cola, Sir :-)

Good afternoon from me Buffy here at East End Park for todays match between the Pars and Dumbarton.

Dunfermline_Athletic: Murdoch Williamson Talbot Morris Ashcroft Higginbotham (Paton) Aird (McManus) Wedderburn Clark Smith Shiels (Cardle)
Subs (not used): Gill Martin Mvoto

Dumbarton: Gallagher McLaughlin Dowie Carswell Gallagher (Nade) Stewart Walsh (Johnston) Wardrop Hutton Morrison (Froxylias) Barr
Subs (not used): Ewings Hill Roy Prior

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