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Pars Fans Mailing List

Date: Monday, 14th May 2001

The purpose of this email discussion list is to allow supporters of Dunfermline Athletic F.C. to discuss matters relating to the club, and football in general.

Pars Fans Mailing List

New members are always welcome and are encouraged to contribute whenever possible.

Please note that the main list is moderately high-traffic so take care to accurately describe the nature of your message in the subject header of your mail so that those not interested in following a particular line of discussion can delete the mail quickly. Off-topic subjects are not discouraged as such, but please observe the above guidelines when deviating from football. Please note that the message format for all messages should be set to PLAIN TEXT and not HTML etc.

SUBSCRIBING Send a message to this address: majordomo@fife.biz with the message body containing the text subscribe dafc. No Subject required.

You will be sent a message asking you to confirm by replying to the message (we have to do this to ensure that it is actually you trying to subscribe and not somebody pretending to be you).

Replying to this response will result in your address being
added to the mailing list and from that point you will begin receiving messages from the list.

UNSUBSCRIBING is a similar process. Send a message to this address: majordomo@fife.biz with the message body containing the text unsubscribe dafc. No Subject required.

We will unsubscribe you from the mailing list if your mail server starts throwing up errors when we try delivering mail to your address. You will need to re-subscribe yourself if this happens.


To send a message to the list, type your message and send it to this address- dafc@fife.biz
Us ethe REPLY to reply to the message and it will be sent back to the list. All members of the list will then be sent a copy of the email.


the SUBJECT field will contain the text [pars] so you can use your email to route them automatically into your Pars Email Group folder.

The list is largely self-regulatory and there are no specific "rules" as such. The administrators of this list encourage members to use common sense to decide what is acceptable and what is not, so please bear in mind that this is a list for football supporters and at times the content may be controversial and potentially offensive, as it would be on the terraces or in the pub. But personal bickering and attacks are not welcome and members are encouraged to criticise constructively and treat other members respectfully.

Remember - we are all Pars fans!

Please do not send any attachments (picture files, sounds, programs) to the list as doing so causes technical difficulties with the list server. They will be removed automatically

Also, do not send administrative requests or queries about the list to the list. send to

Supporters of other teams (even Falkirk) are welcome to subscribe to the list but we only advise doing so if you are of a thick-skinned nature!


The administrators TAKE NO responsibility for any messages sent to the list, as submissions are not censored or monitored in any way before they appear on the list. Submissions are the sole responsibility of the sender. In legal terms, the contents of an email are viewed in the same manner as a written letter. Be aware of that the laws of slander, defamation of character etc. apply just as they would to the spoken or written word.

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