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Date: Sunday, 19th May 2002

DAFC.net, simply the best Pars fans web site on the net. The site is run by Pars fans for Pars fans.

The original Pars Message Board was first established in 1996 by Brian Duncan and Douglas Scott. In 1999 we were approached by Rivals.net to join a European network of Sports sites. During this period much of this effort by Douglas Scott, Andrew Pattison and Johny Wardlaw saw a dramatic rise in popularity of the site. We are indebted to them for putting DAFC.net where it is today. After a buy-out from Football365 in 2002 Rivals decided to drop all their Scottish Sites.

It was decided that DAFC.net should revert to being an independent site and so we developed the site as we see it today, although we are continually updating and improving the features on the site.

We have a dedicated team here in place who spend many hours every week working on the site.

Brian Duncan is the editor, "technical guru" and also maintains the sites server as well as putting up small news items during the day.

Andrew Meldrum is another "technical guru" who works away in the background to ever improve the sites structure and it`s facilities... a real unsung hero.

Jason Barber provides valued match previews as well as the ocassional match report. He also provides a lot of relevent information that is asked for on the messageboard by the members.

Stephen Taylor provides excellent match reports for the majority of the games home or away.

Neil Farrell takes the pictures for the majority of the games home or away as well as providing the occasional match report when Stephen is absent.

Stuart Meldrum is the youngest member of the DAFC.net team. He attends and writes up post match interviews and also writes the occasional match report.

We also welcome any support to help maintain the site with News, Pictures and information that would be relevant to Pars fans.

Send email to editor@DAFC.net

This site is not the official site which can be found at www.dafc.co.uk and none of the views of this site reflect the views of Dunfermline Athletic or anybody associated with the club.

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