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Has BBC Political Correctness Wrecked  `Sportscene` ?Has BBC Political Correctness Wrecked `Sportscene` ?Has BBC Political Correctness Wrecked  `Sportscene` ?Has The Split Hit The Fan ?
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  Dunfermline High School  new charlie1  Fri 18 Jan 15:23 
  Conversations getting a bit boring on here so...  new PARrot  Fri 18 Jan 00:56 
  Crawford v Khan  new richie5401  Sat 12 Jan 12:45 
  Anyone on here work for Sky?  new bournetobeapar  Fri 31 Aug 15:51 
  AirMexico  new dave67  Sat 19 Jan 07:34 
  Carpet Fitter  new parathletic  Wed 16 Jan 17:18 
  FAO any pest controllers  new PARrot  Wed 16 Jan 18:24 
  Link between brain damage and religious fundamentalism established by scientists  new sadindiefreak  Sat 12 Jan 03:35 
  Only an Excuse  new donj  Mon 31 Dec 23:27 
  Mental Health  new PARrot  Mon 14 Jan 00:03 
  Air pollution.....  new Bertiesback  Mon 14 Jan 18:25 
  Andy Murray  new parsmad68  Fri 11 Jan 02:13 
  Questions over Schools Business department  new DAFC2015  Thu 10 Jan 17:10 
  Boiler installation recommendations  new parathletic  Wed 9 Jan 18:04 
  Don't try to rob her.......  new Bertiesback  Tue 8 Jan 11:30 
  Fat Cat Friday  new ipswichpar  Fri 4 Jan 07:58 
  'mean' Gene Okerlund (d)  new dpard  Wed 2 Jan 21:01 
  American Football Tryouts!  new tonyreid  Wed 14 Nov 20:47 
  China moon landing  new The One Who Knocks  Fri 4 Jan 09:38 
  Dean Ford (d)  new saudi  Wed 2 Jan 18:45 
  Space saver wheel  new Ianoappar  Tue 1 Jan 10:28 
  American Football Tryouts 2019  new tonyreid  Tue 1 Jan 19:44 
  Ray Sawyer (d) Dr.Hook  new Raymie the Legend  Tue 1 Jan 01:38 
  Hurrah  new Raymie the Legend  Mon 31 Dec 19:51 
  The new Yanni dress  new Big T Par  Sat 29 Dec 10:21 
  Dame June Whitfield (D)  new OzPar  Sun 30 Dec 04:30 
  Summer holidays and Brexit  new ipswichpar  Sat 29 Dec 19:30 
  Financial advisors  new fifepar  Fri 28 Dec 14:18 
  Gun Laws  new renegade master  Fri 28 Dec 12:21 
  Over 50s' Chat room?  new onandupthepars  Fri 28 Dec 17:00 
  Edinburgh airport taxis  new londonparsfan  Fri 28 Dec 16:14 
  Drones shut down gatwick  new dave67  Thu 20 Dec 09:37 
  Billionaire in front of a gold piano gives speech on poverty...  new Rastapari  Tue 25 Dec 21:04 
  Re: Danny Denholm - [Moved]  new dave67  Wed 26 Dec 21:04 
  Drones  new BigJPar  Fri 21 Dec 18:06 
  Queen Anne Connection  new PARrot  Wed 19 Dec 15:56 
  Xmas number 1  new dave67  Sat 22 Dec 09:23 
  Free non-genuine Canon and Epson Printer Ink  new parforthecourse  Fri 21 Dec 12:48 
  John Reid Timber. End of an era.  new renegade master  Thu 20 Dec 18:44 
  Xmas holidays  new widtink  Tue 18 Dec 19:02 
  St Columba's Connection  new GG Riva  Mon 17 Dec 09:55 
  Eleven sports  new ipswichpar  Wed 12 Dec 17:04 
  What is the origin of matter?  new onandupthepars  Wed 12 Dec 17:59 
  Canelo v Fielding  new richie5401  Sat 15 Dec 00:46 
  Valley bypass  new WORST  Mon 10 Dec 09:24 
  £19 Nordmann Fir Trees  new magners  Tue 30 Oct 09:39 
  Metallica tickets  new ipswichpar  Tue 25 Sep 10:34 
  Driving lessons  new pippy-par  Thu 13 Dec 22:14 
  Ben & Finlay's '12 Days of Christmas' Auction  new Snevets  Mon 26 Nov 22:13 
  Escape from Dubai  new calpar  Mon 10 Dec 19:16 
  Should life mean life?  new The One Who Knocks  Tue 4 Dec 09:09 
  The Spider's Web-Britain's second empire  new richie5401  Tue 11 Dec 17:17 
  Good riddance  new calpar  Sat 1 Dec 13:04 
  Inter serve the next Carillion  new renegade master  Sat 8 Dec 16:40 
  Vic and Bob  new calpar  Sat 1 Dec 02:10 
  Reply with quote...  new PARrot  Sun 9 Dec 09:07 
  Taxi tomorrow morning  new shrek par  Sun 9 Dec 21:46 
  Best sports books  new saltonsgonagetu  Fri 7 Dec 15:27 
  Town.....  new DRFC_no1  Sat 8 Dec 04:00 
  Fury vrs Wilder  new Berry  Fri 7 Dec 21:22 
  Pete Shelley (D)  new Rastapari  Thu 6 Dec 21:18 
  Moray East consortium places order for 100 wind turbines  new Bertiesback  Thu 6 Dec 23:18 
  Some sickos out there.  new Sierra Nevada  Sat 1 Dec 20:21 
  RIP Paul Sherwen  new GG741  Mon 3 Dec 02:09 
  Einstein's letter  new richie5401  Wed 5 Dec 12:30 
  Landing on Mars  new richie5401  Mon 26 Nov 13:36 
  Wilder V Fury  new richie5401  Tue 27 Nov 16:03 
  Speed cameras near Queensferry Crossing  new Raymie the Legend  Tue 13 Nov 18:31 
  painter/decorator  new Barnstoneworth  Wed 28 Nov 14:10 
  Used Cars?  new neilholland999  Thu 22 Nov 08:30 
  Black Friday  new Captain Desmond Fancey  Fri 23 Nov 12:38 
  architect recommendations  new DBP  Sun 25 Nov 19:22 
  Scotland v Argentina.  new PARrot  Sat 24 Nov 16:29 
  Any Cokeheads on here?  new PARrot  Thu 22 Nov 20:05 
  Inverkeithing primary school  new WORST  Tue 20 Nov 07:38 
  6 seater taxi  new Captain Desmond Fancey  Fri 23 Nov 12:35 
  Hoverboards  new calpar  Thu 22 Nov 09:26 
  Mouse problem  new rmcallister-qh  Tue 20 Nov 07:58 
  Booking a Cruise  new GG Riva  Tue 20 Nov 14:02 
  New boiler installation  new babs woodhouse  Sun 18 Nov 13:16 
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