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 Pars Supporters Groups
Topic Originator: brian  
Date:   Wed 22 May 15:59


Over the past 2 years, DAFC has tried different ways to communicate with supporters. One of the most popular has been the meetings held in the Purvis Suite with David Cook, James McPake, and players in attendance providing updates and taking questions from the floor.

Unfortunately, this event is restricted to only 150 supporters due to the size of the suite, with the places reserved online within a matter of hours of going live.

To open this out to even more supporters, DAFC would like to encourage the creation of Pars Supporters Groups (SGs).

They already have some groups such as DASC, DADSC, PST, supporter buses (and DAFC.net) etc., but this would involve setting up new groups such as a group of friends who sit together on matchdays, travel together to away games, meet in the pub before the game, share the same workplace, school friends, are based overseas, and so on.

Any new Pars Supporters Group will be most welcome. Full info on link above

contact: email me
File Share: https://share2.co.uk
ParsTV: https://ParsTV.co.uk
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 Re: Pars Supporters Groups
Topic Originator: Stanza  
Date:   Wed 22 May 18:39

So it doesn`t get lost among other posts, the COWS article gives notice of a meeting at 7pm next Tuesday to discuss this:

"So, if you’d like to create your Pars Supporters Group come along to our information evening at KDM Group East End Park on Tuesday, 28th May at 7pm, or get in touch with SLO Drew Main on andrew@dafc.co.uk or 07809 176509. Existing SGs are also welcome to find out more about how to Make Your Voice Matter."


Support Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters` Club (DADSC) when you shop online with one of 8000 firms: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/dadsc[
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 Re: Pars Supporters Groups
Topic Originator: buffy  
Date:   Wed 12 Jun 13:12

Many thanks to CallumPar who posted this update on P and B

[ I couldn’t make it myself on behalf of .net ]

“For those interested, I was at East End tonight for a meeting with Drew Main, along with members of supporters groups. A few things I thought was worth reporting back on/letting people know.

2 new members of media team joining from Stenhousemuir (think this had been reported). One will be for videography trackside. [neither will be involved with parstv]. Both have other jobs, so not full time employees.

Josh Edwards - there is/was a release clause in his contract, part of the optional extension that we triggered. If/when he is sold, money will be invested in the first team squad.

New Kit - delayed at customs, but should be here shortly.

2 new directors appointed recently - both in unpaid roles. One of them is a lawyer, who has worked with clubs across Europe and has dealt a lot with contracts. It is hoped he can help to overcome issues with work permits for foreign players.

Training ground - modular units being installed next week for changing rooms, showers and toilet facilities, ahead of pre-season. KDM group helping to install the plumbing and electricity for them. We have applied/will apply for grant funding to refurbish the buildings at Rosyth, in the same way we got the grant for the artificial pitch.

Question was asked around what we get from KDM group, as part of their sponsorship. Other than money, they have provided a number of services at East End - including refurbishing the changing rooms and the tunnel at East End and replacing a lot of internal doors free of charge. They are also helping a lot with the training ground. Not ‘news’ as such, but I thought this was interesting and worth sharing, good to see sponsors providing these services.

I may have missed/forgotten a couple of things. But wanted to share some of this info with the wider fanbase.”

Get in touch with Callum if you are interested in joining the pie and bovril Pars supporters group.

”Buffy’s Buns are the finest in Fife”, J. Spence 2019”

Post Edited (Wed 12 Jun 17:03)
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 Re: Pars Supporters Groups
Topic Originator: red-star-par  
Date:   Wed 12 Jun 14:24

I guess Drew Main and Ian Laing are the new directors. Ian sounds like he could be a handy man to have on board, hopefully some good contracts and can help draft up contracts that don`t have 90k release clauses (no doubt Drew will be useful as well)


Drew works as a mechanical design engineer specialising in product design. His clients include multi-national companies such as Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems and NCR. Drew lives locally with his family and has been a Pars fan since relocating to Dunfermline in the mid 80’s, following the team home and away. He has been on the Board of the Pars Supporters’ Trust for a number of years and was appointed Vice-Chair in 2013 before stepping up as Chair at the start of 2017.


Ian is a solicitor, working in-house for Lombardi Associates, a leading sports regulatory advisory boutique where, among others, clients include one third of Italian Serie A clubs as well as the league itself.  Ian is a trustee of the charity Trefoil House (SC013744) and in 2023 joined the council of the Society of Writer’s to His Majesty’s Signet.

Ian was born and raised in Dunfermline and is a life-long Pars supporter.
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 Re: Pars Supporters Groups
Topic Originator: steaua  
Date:   Wed 12 Jun 14:57

It would be something else if we could build up the Supporters groups like we had when we had The Federation Of Dunfermline Athletic Supporters Clubs with 26 Supporters groups travelling to the away games. It was brilliant.

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