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 Cold War Joke
Topic Originator: The One Who Knocks  
Date:   Wed 15 Aug 00:14

Okay so it's not exactly topical but it's one my favourites.

After a hard day negotiating with the Russians at a summit Ronald Reagan is sitting in the hotel bar after hours sipping on a scotch and looking teary eyed and emotional.
One of his secret service body guards comes over and says "Mr President, if you don't mind me asking is everything alright?"
Protus replies, "No actually it isn't. After I had finished talking to Gorbachev I went up stairs to my suite and Nancy was in bed with the Secretary of State!"
The bodyguard gasps "Kissinger?"
To which Reagan answers "It was worse than that, he was shagging her!"

And although my eyes were open
They just might as well be closed
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