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 Dead bunny
Topic Originator: sintv  
Date:   Wed 1 Apr 13:05

Took my unresponsive rabbit to the vet. He took one look and felt its body and said ' It's dead. That's £20 pls'. ' You only gave it a quick look. Can you double check'. He goes out and comes back with a labrador who licks it, sniffs it and shakes its head. ' OK it's dead' he says. 'I'm still not convinced' I said. He goes out again and comes back with a cat who licks, sniffs and shakes his head. 'OK now are you convinced' he said 'your rabbit is definitely a dead rabbit.' OK I'm convinced'. He then hands me the bill. ' £150? How come it was originally £20'. ' Ahh but you wanted a lab report and a cat scan' he said.
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