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 4th July
Topic Originator: LochgellyAlbert  
Date:   Mon 29 Jun 10:28

Well BJ going to open bars and restaurants on that Saturday, it's American independence day.

He has been criticised for not reopening them midweek when it would be quieter and staff could get used to the routines.

I wonder if there is an element of mischief here, as it also is the Orange Walk season and those unionists will want us to be on par with Engerland!

It might be just to appease his DUP pals in Belfast, but I see there is a march planned in Glasgow, will it still go ahead?
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 Re: 4th July
Topic Originator: dafc  
Date:   Mon 29 Jun 11:27

If Glasgow are allowing demonstrations to go ahead every weekend with no social distancing I can't see they will stop these walks goin ahead
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 Re: 4th July
Topic Originator: sammer  
Date:   Mon 29 Jun 12:34

The date means little to us - as pointed out above, the 12th of July has a greater recognition factor.

Johnson has the veneer of an upper class toff but he was born in the USA and clearly identifies with that country. The 4th of July will mean more to him than the average UK citizen. Today he was quoted as planning a 'New Deal' of Rooseveltian' proportions, references which are meaningless in terms of what happened to the UK in the 1930s.

Opening bars on a Saturday seems a very bad idea as the police have pointed out but it might suit Johnson in a way. He can claim to be the great liberator, a man who wants us all to have fun. Then when the inevitable drunken behaviour occurs he can stand aside and let Tory moralists like Patel threaten life sentences for puking in the street. That way he appeals to both of his voter bases.
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