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 The Continuity Candidate
Topic Originator: Tenruh  
Date:   Sat 28 Oct 21:04

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 Re: The Continuity Candidate
Topic Originator: jake89  
Date:   Sun 29 Oct 10:14

I think this may be a rare occasion I agree with WoS/Tenruh!

Whilst I`m pretty confident what HY has said is probably right, it`s not the most professional way of saying it. Wish her the best and leave it at that.

Unfortunately, Reagan has just ended her political career. She won`t be elected as an Alba candidate. Nothing to do with her as a person, more that people tend to vote for the party rather than the individual.

I`d love Alba to be a potential SNP alternative and for independence parties to work together, but that simply won`t happen. Alba are small and the Salmond involvement raises many questions (not suggesting this is right/fair).

Whoever is elected, I would hope they would review the Bute House agreement. I`m very much in favour of supporting green initiatives, but also question how green some of them actually are.
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